Invasion of the Right-Wing Super Hotties

SuperhottiesofthefarrightI can’t help but notice two attractive beacons of far-right ideology are in the news today, although their backgrounds are somewhat different. Sarah Palin is getting ridiculed by many this week for her goofy style and frequent malaprops, although her low IQ is what endears her to the far right, so the more flubs she makes, the more loveable and accessible she becomes to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack. And you certainly have to give Sarah credit for keeping remarkably well-preserved for her age. Sex appeal is everything in politics.

On the other hand, there is Jeannette Bougrab, whose college credentials surpass even Obama’s, as she has multiple advanced degrees from top institutions in France. Jeannette catapulted to the front pages after being one of the first arrivals on the scene of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, where she announced to the press that the assassinated left-wing cartoonist Charb was her significant other and she’d been begging him to leave France to avoid assassination. If this was the case, why wasn’t the Charlie Hebdo office provided with adequate security to repel the attack?

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.02.18 PMHere’s a photo of Jeannette arriving at the scene. The really strange part of this story, however, is that Charb’s parents immediately denied there was any relationship between their son and Jeannette and banned her from attending their son’s funeral. Jeannette’s father was a Muslim who fought for the French in Algiers and moved to France after Algiers became liberated. She has quickly emerged as a rising star in the far-right UMP party, which holds the reigns of power.

Did you know the lead investigator on the Charlie Hebdo shooting was reportedly interviewing Jeannette when he decided to go home and shoot himself? Personally, I found it odd that a detective would kill himself in the midst of a life-changing, front-page investigation. But then, I suppose it’s possible he didn’t kill himself and instead may have stumbled into a deep-state operation.

2492AAD900000578-2904897-The_editor_of_Charlie_Hebdo_Stephane_Charbonnier_also_known_as_C-m-12_1420928825138Jeannette responded to the “no-relationship” allegations by releasing a photo of her resting her head on Charb’s shoulder, which at least proves she knew him, but it’s weird, this left-wing cartoonist takes up with this far-right politician. A few years ago Jeannette made headlines in France by announcing there was “no such thing as moderate Islam.” Despite being half-Arab, her sympathies in the Middle East seem to lie entirely with Israel. I predict Jeannette’s star will continue to rise until she assumes a post similar to the one Condoleezza Rice assumed in our country, and, in fact, Jeannette reminds me somewhat of Condoleezza, as she also rose from a minority culture to take command at the top of the National Security State.

The other fact I find so strange is not a single journalist anywhere is talking about the bizarre death of Heldric Fredou. I guess it’s plausible he killed himself in a sudden fit of depression after being saddened by hearing Jeannette’s laments, but somehow the story rings phony to me, but then so does the official story on many of these terror incidents that are sprouting up. Certainly, the political landscape in France has changed forever and the French are rapidly abandoning any support for a separate Palestinian nation and erecting a National Security State to rival our own.

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