Vaccinate or Die!

infant_deathHave you’ve noticed the hysteria being fomented around the measles outbreak in Disneyland, and the amount of disinfo being floated around the press?
Because of a growing awareness of the flaws in our CDC’s vaccination protocol, more and more people are opting out of vaccinations, so industry profits have been flat, something that is obviously a cause of great concern. The “anti-vaxxers” have become the designated culprit for the incident, but it’s funny how zero is being written about who introduced the virus to Disneyland. All I’ve seen is a theory it was a visitor who’d just recently arrived from overseas. If so, why haven’t we identified this individual? If we truly want to stop the spread of dangerous viruses, then protocols for people vacationing here from other countries need to be established quickly.
Did you know that of the original infected group, six were already vaccinated for measles and got the disease anyway? That’s one of the facts they don’t share in the media. Getting vaccinated is no guarantee of anything, although it is a huge improvement on your statistical odds. The number of vaccines being added to the CDC schedule has exploded over my lifetime, and reportedly hundreds more are in the pipeline. At this point 115 antigens are injected into most children before they reach the age of two, a list that just continues to grow.
Meanwhile, the propaganda and hostilities employed against anyone critical of the vaccination protocol now rivals that once found in the abortion movement. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny cancelled a tour of Australia yesterday because of bomb threats at every venue. Yes, some pro-vaccination people now feel it is proper and necessary to assassinate anti-vaccination people. The time for dialogue and discourse is officially over and war has been declared.
Like most intelligent people, Dr. Tenpenny does not reject all vaccinations, but only wants to revise the current one-schedule-fits-all approach, as well as debunk the insistence vaccines have caused no harm. It’s interesting how your vet’s approach to vaccines differs so drastically from your pediatrician’s. Here’s their official stance: “There are insufficient data available to scientifically determine a single best vaccination protocol regimen for application to all animals globally. Despite significant advances in our knowledge of antigens and antigen presentation, gaps still remain in our under-standing of the immune system’s acute and chronic reaction to multiple vaccinations. The body of knowledge surrounding the genetic variability within individual breeds or species and the resulting idiopathic responses to vaccination (including vaccine-associated adverse reactions), is increasing but remains too inconclusive to make specific recommendations appropriate for all patients. Consequently, COBTA believes that a customized approach to recommended vaccination protocols is the safest and most effective method to medically address the increasing diversity in patients presented for immunization.”
This is the sort of cautious approach Tenpenny would like to see enacted for humans as well. So she is painted as a lunatic and threatened with violence? I shudder to think someone like her might be assassinated by rabid pro-vaccine forces, and it’s sad because so many of these people are just victims of the media propaganda.
There has always been a radical fringe against all use of needles and injections, a list that includes Christian Scientists. Are these people going to be forced to surrender their religious beliefs as well?
I imagine some portion of the radical fringe of the anti-vaccination movement is secretly manipulated by agents of the vaccine industry because that’s the way corporations do counterintelligence when billions of dollars are at stake. They create a fringe element they can attack. And that element is used to sheep-dip all vaccination critics as equally crazy.
But if you think vaccinations are completely safe, I suggest you do a little research into SV-40, a monkey virus accidentally slipped into the polio vaccine of the 1950s and 60s. Two reporters from the Boston Globe wrote a book on the subject and their investigation proved that scientists knew about SV-40 and tried to stop the use of monkey kidneys to grow the virus. We slaughtered millions of monkeys just to harvest their kidneys. The strange part was that the vaccine could just as easily be grown in agar (as it is now), and not a single monkey needed to be sacrificed. But someone was making hundreds of millions of dollars selling those kidneys, and they obviously were able to game the system to their financial benefit. Since SV-40 causes cancer, the result has been a health care catastrophe, but one you’ll never find discussed in the media.
And that is just one of the dirty secrets of the vaccination industry, which currently rakes in $25 billion a year and is expecting an 8% growth rate through 2016.
Of course you can just buy into the propaganda that all vaccination critics are insane, and that anti-vaxxers should be shunned as sub-humans, and refuse to listen to anything beyond the propaganda/science provided by the industry shills, but keep in mind, this is basically the same industry that’s been insisting marijuana is not a legitimate medicine for the past 80 years, and they produced an avalanche of propaganda/science to support that view as well.

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