Duke of York facing child sex abuse charges

dukeVirginia Roberts recently made a life-changing decision. Long ago, when she was still a teenager, she ran away from home and ended up working at a Trump casino, where she was discovered by Jeffery Epstein, a former Bear Stearns executive who’d created his own company to profiteer on the exploding medical-industrial complex (an industry that has over-vaccinated and pumped kids with paxil, prozac and ritalin, greatly contributing to teen rage and school shootings).
Upon seeing Virginia working a lowly coat check position, he immediately recruited her into his teenage harem, a harem made available to visiting dignitaries. Epstein’s favorite site for sexual ceremonies was a private island he owned off the Virgin Islands. Many famous and powerful people visited him here over the years.
That’s Virgina in the photo above with the Duke of York wrapped around her sexy waist. The person taking the photo is undoubtedly Epstein, and that’s his accomplice and sometime sexual partner Ghislaine Maxwell looking very pleased. She’s likely smiling because she knows what a compromising photo this is, a card to be held close to the vest forever. Unfortunately, the cards were confiscated when Epstein was convicted of child abuse a few years ago and given an 18-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to reduced charges. But did you know Ghislaine is the youngest daughter of Robert Maxwell, who had relations with almost every intelligence agency on earth, although no one knows where his true allegiance lay, if anywhere other than himself? Maxwell was assassinated by Mossad frogmen shortly after helping move tons of gold out of Russia into an underground bunker in Israel. So the fact Epstein made an alliance with Ghislaine is interesting as she arrived in New York with a $120,000 annual inheritance, not nearly enough to pay for the investigation of her father’s death, much less rocket her to the front lines of Manhattan social life.
So I suspect Epstein bankrolled that highly confidential investigation by former Mossad super spook Juval Aviv, a man made famous by Stephen Spielberg’s film Munich. I spent an hour with Aviv a few years ago, and he told me about the gold and the Mossad assassination of Maxwell, although he may have been speaking in probabilities and not certainties (wink, wink).
Here’s what’s certain: The people in power pleasure themselves however they please, and consider themselves above any rules of mere mortals like me and you. Thus the abuse of children is just one of many diseases afflicting their minds. Although Virginia was 17 when most of her abuse occurred, she bears testimony to girls as young as 11 being involved. Virginia escaped because once she reached 19, Epstein sent her to Thailand to study massage techniques, where she met an Australian who rescued and eventually married her. They have three children and live in California.
The British press is going beserk dealing with these revelations and it’s funny how they gloss over the Maxwell angle and keep printing he “fell off his yacht,” as if his death was some unfortunate, avoidable accident.

In defense of the Christian faith

I don’t support religious bigotry and find Bill Maher’s attempts to ridicule spiritual cultures offensive. You can find nitwits in any culture, and they make easy targets for ridicule, but you’ll also find saints, and they make better interview subjects.

I solved the Lincoln Assassination, and one of the greatest clues aiding my investigation was the rapid execution of Mary Surratt, who operated an inn in Washington DC used by Confederate spies during the Civil War. The Radical Republicans who murdered Lincoln were convinced a quick kangaroo court and hanging of a few designated patsies would seal the case forever, but as is often the case with the use of violence, karmic blowback was inevitable, and Surratt’s murder became the bloodstain the Radical Republicans couldn’t wash out of their hands.

Sophie Scholl was 21 when she faced down Hitler’s hanging judge, refusing to repent for her open disdain for the Nazi regime, and speaking out against their total war policies.

Funny how Scholl and Surratt were both devoted Christians, and throughout history you’ll find true-hearted Christian martyrs fighting for freedom and justice across the globe. In fact, most of the internal German resistance against Hitler resided in the rank and file of the Christian religion, so while we know the Vatican Bank and Opus Dei have been corrupted, those facts don’t negate the reality this religion seems to produce more amazing bodhisattvas than most cultures. And picking on dimwitted Christians for juvenile interpretations of institutional dogmas doesn’t serve a useful purpose, any more than picking on people with low IQ’s.

So when you see people tearing down religion, saying we have to exterminate all religion off the face of the earth, stop and think before you hit that “like” button.