The Lost Secrets of Nathaniel

a-2031Anyone with two ears, better listen!
It has been said Jesus was born of a virgin and three Wise Men attended his birth in Bethlehem. These are representations and not to be taken literally. The Wise Men are the three prophets: Moses, Zoroaster, Pythagoras, but also the three brightest stars in the winter sky, known as the String of Pearls in the East and Orion’s Belt in the West. But even those stars are representations for the Kings of the Healing Plants: Cannabis, Frankincense and Myrrh. Did you know there are 7 stars of Orion, and the other four represent Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Poppies? These are the real secrets nobody is talking about. Our movement learned to distill the essences of these plants, and we used different combinations mixed in olive oil to achieve all our medical miracles, including healing the blind and the lame.
After Jesus passed from the visible realms, James wanted to share the wisdom of the healing flowers, but there was a schism in our movement, and James and his followers did not survive, but died savagely one-by-one. The ones that survived flipped the script, and have disappeared the chrism, while transferring the ancient myths of Apollo and Dionysus onto the life of Jesus. They are constructing a personality cult around him. Jesus was a great prophet, the Moses of his time, but he did not create our movement, which was manifested by Zacharias, father of John the Baptist, who taught John the wisdom of the sacred flowers.
After John took up residence on the far side of the Jordan River and manifested a gathering that never stopped, he began his Baptisms. But there were five stages in his ritual, and Baptism just the first, and intended to wash off dogma and preconceptions so you could accept the vision all great religions are the same, and none have a monopoly on the truth, but if you unite them all through love, which was our representation for Sophia, the first Thought of the One, you will bring peace upon the earth. This revelation was the foundation of our movement and probably came into many minds at the same time. We do not worship idols, but ridicule idolatry. When we pray, it is to Sun or Moon or Stars or one of the five planets, although we use these as representations for all manifestations of the One. Jesus prayed to the moon as Sophia, the first thought of the One, mother of the Father and the Sun, and prayed to the Sun as the Father, as well as the path of souls departing the visible realm. Jesus on the cross has become an idol, something he would have detested, and worse, they sell these idols for profit and place them upon every altar in every temple by the use of force.
Anyone with two ears, better listen!
When you pray to Jesus, you should pray to the sun or the moon, because Sophia is the mother of all. Why are they so busy removing all traces of the First Thought of the One from their gospels? And why is our peace movement suddenly being used to foment wars of conquest?

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