Paul and the Healing Oil

“Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”  James 5:14

The book of James was one of the earliest written parts of the New Testament. Although references to healing with oil are sparse (yet abound in the Gnostic Gospels), the anointing oil plays an enormous role in Old and New Testaments, as there are 90 references. A complete list can be found here:

Yet, anointing with oil for the purpose of healing is only mentioned one other time in the New Testament.

“And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.” (Mark 6:13)

Paul prayed for the removal of a thorn (2Corinthians 12:7), gave a prescription to Timothy (1Timothy 5:23), kept the physician Luke close by (2Timothy 4:11). If the anointing oil had healing properties, why did Paul never use the oil nor refer to it even once?

Imagine yourself living at the time these events took place. A wonderful healing oil has been rediscovered by John the Baptist, and after John is killed, the Christian movement emerges. Suddenly, a Harry-J.-Anslinger-type appears and starts throwing all the leaders in prison and torturing them for more names.

The torturer’s name is Saul and he soon discovers he is dealing with a non-violent movement, something Rome is unfamiliar with. These people are easily rounded up and confess everything and have no weapons nor any desire to fight back except through words, and meekly accept whatever judgments are handed down.

But after most of the leaders are dead, Saul changes his name to Paul and becomes a Christian. Imagine Anslinger joining a jazz band and smoking reefer in public, and you might understand why I have difficulty accepting this conversion. He was, after all, the chief Inquisitioner for many years.

Same as it ever was.

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  1. This subject of the “Anointing Oil” has me very interested in my various research into Religious subjects as there aren’t many public writings available, Or, you have to dig really far and wide to find it.
    I am particularly interested in ALL things related to Jesus(Yeshua) and the Middle Eastern as well as the Far East when it comes to Healing and Herbs and natural plants and Oils.
    How many children can still quote the famous Frankincense and Myrrh as it was related to Jesus since his birth and later used in great quantities at his burial and processed with Aloe???(200 pounds of it?)Hyssop was also used in cleansing, etc..(I do not see any mention on any THC related plants, but do not rule them out)
    I also understand Jesus may have been exposed to a knock out drug(not Red Wine Vinegar or “Posca”) in which he was exposed to when he was thirsty on the Cross? (Not sure if it was supposed to deaden the pain but it was like Ether)
    I AM more interested in the Healing properties of ANY plants or foods that Jesus may have eaten on his Middle Eastern diet….(I’m not even sure if He ate the meat of a lamb?) Gyros ? Hummus? green vegetables? Etc…?(Or the Jewish diet??)
    Maybe 33 years of a certain diet helped Jesus to maintain a very strong body and mind? After all, He didn’t have the same pollutants we have to deal with today.(Car exhaust, fluorides, bad water, chemicals GMO, etc….)
    If Jesus was a Vegan, then maybe combined with the fact that his DNA was totally different than ours,. maybe there were different reactions to his nourishment than ours?(ref: Ron Wyatt..Google his name as it relates to the Ark or other related Bible subjects as he went all over the middle east to prove occurrences in the Bible with Positive Results)
    Even the anointing Oils (REF: ) are mostly made of Olive oil, but there is no guarantee on the exact ratios or mixtures unless you were a Priest.
    I have read other research that indicates THC was abundant in the middle east but also Tibet and all along the same routes that Jesus had traveled.
    I wonder if there is a documentary of this?
    I know from my own experiences in the martial arts and Chinese medicine that THC is used in many treatments of the body.Food for thought?

    1. Here is a little P.S. to what I was looking for. Very interesting in deed.
      Jesus Used Cannabis – Tree of Life – Holy Anointing Oil

      Please let me know what you think?

      1. Is there a “recipe” for this Cannabis/Olive oil (with all the other spices) that WE can use today? I am NOT aware of the total inclusive list of Herbs necessary to make this.
        Or, do We just mix a little of it, or just do Cannabis? This video shows at least 12 pounds or so of each. Absorbed thru the skin when “totally” immersed in it?
        Makes you wonder how many measurable “units” of THC are being absorbed into the Blood stream and into the Brain???(Pineal gland?)
        This is where the “Third Eye” is and it must be noted that the Hebrew Temple priests also had the Sacred Pine Nuts and sacred Pomegranates which were also used in their secret ceremonies.(Pine nuts open the Third Eye) Pomegranates are a powerful anti-oxidant(Notice the sacred Robes that are worn my the Temple priests. They have certain Pomegranate designs and golden Staffs with the Pine cone on top..
        These are all part of the Secret Sacred rites and practices of the Hebrew Temple Priests or anyone who was “anointed” and recognized.

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