Debunking Zeitgeist

If you are going to investigate the origins of Christianity, it’s useful to examine the lies of Zeitgeist, a propaganda film released in 2007 that gives a distorted view of history, and ignores the cannabis component, while creating a personality cult around the film’s director, Peter Joseph. So understand Zeitgeist is part of the mind war and intended to lead you into a rabbit hole and not enlighten you about the truth. But once you know where the magician wants you to look, you can sometimes figure out what he is hiding with the other hand.

Zeitgeist states the obvious: Jesus (like most avatars at the time) was constructed from previous solar myths. The film draws most analogies from  Egypt.

Most of the inspiration for the Old and New Testament was not coming from Egypt, but the opposite direction, the east, which birthed a religion that swept the world, born out of great fire temples where cannabis flowers and hot milk had been mixed for centuries to make the world’s greatest medicine.

The prophet Zoroaster had an epiphany after drinking this elixir, and suddenly realized everything in the universe was related by some great spirit flowing through all creation. He named this great spirit the Mind-Being, “mind” being female, and “being” male, and together they made the great Mind-Being spirit found in all things. Zoroaster also believed in an Evil One, not related to the Mind-Being. He wrote these beliefs in the Avesta five hundred years before Zachariah rediscovered the oil in Judea.

There’s a central sacrament for his ceremony, and it looks exactly like the sacrament of the Rig Veda, Soma, which predates Zoroaster, but in Iran where Zoroaster lived, they had changed the name to Haoma.

If Zeitgeist truly wanted to enlighten us about the origins of monotheism versus the goddesses and gods of paganism, the film should have been talking about how the active ingredient in Soma and Haoma is the same as in the Holy Anointing Oil, created by Moses, rediscovered by Zacharias, made popular by John the Baptist, and employed by Mani to heal the blind and the lame.

All my research indicates Jesus is a myth Constantine invented to replace Mani. Mani was the real peace avatar who had successfully combined all religion in a quest to end war. What he didn’t understand was that most religions are constructed to help wage war.

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  1. This is very interesting and critical to what I am interested in.
    I partially disagree with what you have said regarding Jesus NOT being “Divine”. I am NOT saying he actually was God, but that Jesus(son of God) with ET DNA, performed more miracles on Earth than ANY known “Human”(Not an Angel).
    There are books of information that show Jesus did Heal people with incurable diseases and raised Lazarus from the Dead, etc…Not everything was recorded in the Bible. Allegedly, there were too many things done, it would take a library full of books to document them all.
    I am NOT a “Bible thumper”, but a former law enforcement official with an investigations background.
    I think you need to seriously consider ALL the facts that Jesus was the greatest Prophet and performed miracles.(P.S. I believe in the use of Nature in healing and Cannabis or THC…)
    Then from that point prove that Jesus used “Cannabis Oil” in “ALL” of his healings?(Jesus must have carried quite a bit of it wherever he traveled??? Why is THAT not documented anywhere???
    I’m not trying to challenge, but I think it is a valid point. Can you document any sources??
    The Catholic Church has hidden a lot of information.
    If I knew what Herbs and oil’s Jesus used to heal and what proportions, I’d use it myself.(I have a Medical Marijuana card too!) The anointing Oil had special proportions of “HERBS” and Olive Oil, but I have never seen it listed.
    Please don;t stop here. I think you are on to something that is ground breaking!!!
    Most People don;t seem to care or do not have an interest and yet other people are
    falling victim to death and disease.
    Have you seen any of Ron Wyatt’s research regarding the Ark of the Covenant and the “Blood” samples alleged to be from Jesus which was tested and had “Foreign” DNA that was not Human ???
    Keep up the fine work Steven !!!

  2. Hi Steve,
    Have you or anyone brewed or concocted the tea of milk and cannabis? ’tis soma? Does this “milk and cannabis” ingredient- mixture remind you of the VERY powerful Budwig procedure where cannabis extract is mixed with cottage cheese, flax oil and lechitin? Supposedly this creates a water solubility quality of the medicinal cannabis oils. Very quick absorption creates a miraculous effect so say some people I’ve discussed this with. Had you commented about this similarity before? I am struck by the similarity…..and the incredibly powerful effect of a Budwig treatment which I’ve been told gets the power right squarely on the cancer cells like no other method…..

  3. Just Reinstated my Medical marijuana card form a few years ago and wanted to try the Marinol THC 9 which is Federally Approved by OUR Government at 2mg, 5mg and 10mg(I think???Or it was ML/??)
    The problem is the price for one pill was about $10.00 Ea..OMG !!! 6 Months is 180 pills or $1,800.00 ??
    No wonder People have to go an buy if off the street or grow their own!!!
    I’d rather buy it from someone and smoke it!
    When I get situated where I can grow it, I will do that and live Healthy.
    In the mean time, I have to try something else cause my Body craves it and I’ve never illegally ingested anything.I want to try some of that HEMP Oil I have been researching about.

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