Rig Veda creation myth

vedasIn the beginning there was nothing, no air, no sky, so where does life begin? Was water there, limitless water everywhere?
Death did not exist, nor gods nor goddesses, nor night, nor day to divide the night. Only the One, breathless, and nothing else. Darkness in darkness surrounded by limitless chaos. Only the void existed until the great power of warmth that birthed everything.
In the beginning came desire, the primal seed and germ of spirit. The ancient sages prayed with love in their hearts and discovered the One within themselves, freeing themselves from earthly attachments. They were the discoverers of the power of improvisational energy. Yet, they knew not where this improvisational energy came from. Who really birthed it?
The rest of the Gods came later. Only the One who had the first desire can be the origin of all creation, and have consciousness over all of creation, or perhaps not.

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