Exposing the Lincoln assassination cover-up in time for an epic anniversary

 dunhamfixApril 15th, 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and well-known investigator Steven Hager cracked the case wide open with his mind-blowing book Killing Lincoln: The Real Story.
New York City, NY (PRWEB) March 20, 2015
Why was President Abraham Lincoln left unguarded when the War Department knew there were serious plots against him? Why was John Wilkes Booth killed when he was discovered locked inside a tobacco barn and surrounded by 25 soldiers? Why were two innocents swiftly hanged by a military tribunal and not allowed to testify in their own defense?
In 1988 Steven Hager wrote a cover story for High Times magazine detailing CIA involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It was an explosive best-selling issue and the article went viral in the early days of the Internet. Judge Jim Garrison, the only prosecutor to investigate the case, cited it as “the best article written on the assassination.”
In February 2014, Hager watched The Conspirator, a film about Mary Surratt’s trial. Realizing the 150th anniversary was upon us, he began researching the murder full-time for 11 months before writing Killing Lincoln: The Real Story.
The book documents dozens of incriminating threads of evidence that have been swept out-of-view, especially the original confession of George Atzerodt, as well as the John Wilkes Booth diary fragments. He pays special attention to the suspicious behavior of some of the major power brokers in Washington DC, and his investigation extends into New York City, a major piece of the puzzle that has been historically ignored as it leads into the heart of Wall Street war profiteering.
Most Americans are not aware Congress held an investigation after it was revealed the original military tribunal that hanged four people had been packed with paid perjuries. There was only one Democrat on the Judiciary Committee placed in charge of the investigation, but rather than rubber stamp a bogus committee whitewash, Representative Andrew Rogers subjected the witnesses to serious cross examination and they wilted. A physician named Dr. Merritt admitted receiving the biggest bribe ($6,000) for his testimony.
Only a handful of scholars have shown any interest in this Congressional investigation, which sheds so much light on the plot, and the Lincoln assassination is clouded by faithful allegiance to the official story.
“The cool turpitude of the whole crew sickened me with shame,” wrote Rogers in his dissenting statement, “and made me sorrow over the fact that such people could claim the name American.”

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  1. As an amateur Lincoln historian, and also a relative, I am intrigued by the subject of this book and will read it with great interest. I have long been curious about the Stanton connection and hope to more fully understand the motives and impacts this has had.
    A particular interest that I have is regarding the Pike connection, an intriguing story of the Freemason conspiracies of that time; Pike’s plan appears to be continuing to unfold today.
    The content of the book ought to be made into a movie, particularly when you realize how profound an effect the Freemasons’ conspiracy has had on our nation and the entire world. After Pike was pardoned by Johnson, he went on to plan three world wars. Pike, who was a satanist, has literally set the stage for the ultimate battle of good vs evil. In comparing history to Pike’s plan, written around the 1870’s, is quite disturbing. Pike’s plan indicated what the cause of the three wars and the objectives would be; the causes and objectives of the first two world wars have been achieved. The third cause of the third war appears to be poised to begin anytime; its objective is most chilling!
    An interesting footnote for you and your readers: I spoke with a relative of Booth about ten years ago who assured me that the rumors that he was never captured and killed are true. Booth’s niece saw him in San Diego weeks after the assasination; this information (family secret) was passed down to her granddaughter, and then on to the granddaughter’s daughter in law, and then to me.
    Feel free to contact me to discuss any of this…..

    1. I don’t buy the “Booth lived” meme and you have to confront the reality this case has been heavily salted with disinfo. I would not really describe Pike as a “Satanist” which is really the propaganda at work, because it’s always an op when they try to scare you with religion, whatever side of the divide it comes from. Satan is a construct of Christianity, so you have to believe in both to accept them as anything but the hoodwinks they are. Both Stanton and Johnson were Masons, as were almost all judges, politicians and police chiefs across the land during this time. The Masons were probably an emanation of the East India Company picking up where the Templars left off. However, the New York connection is the most important missing element from the official narrative.

  2. More about Booth. Google “John Booth David E. George” for more information. (There are a lot of internet content on this.) David George made several confession to being Booth before his ultimate death. Apparently, no one claimed his remains, which were mummified, and eventually sold and resold a few times. Rumors were that he was last seen on a carnival sideshow in the 1960’s.

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