My New Jerusalem Project

newethemeparkIn an effort to promote peace on earth, I’m creating a theme-park called New Jerusalem as an alternative to the Disney-style experience I so abhor. The only rides at this park are bikes, go-carts, golf carts, water craft, (anything electric, low speed, and non-toxic). I envision horses and carriages with guides as another option for exploring the site. I’m looking for a mountain valley anywhere where cannabis is legal. This is not a “cannabis resort” but the Pot Illuminati will have a temple there, so they are insisting on a cannabis-friendly zone, so I require a country where cannabis is legal. Colorado, Spain, Jamaica are at the top of my list, but it would be somewhat appropriate to pitch the flagship in Israel as it appears pot may be legal there soon.
A big part of the magic of cannabis is not broadcasting the plant and shielding children from early attachment. We are not worshiping cannabis. But we recognize it’s role in the history of religion and cannot exclude it entirely. New Jerusalem contains ceremonial spaces for all religious cultures, and the structures are made of hempcrete or a hemp-based styrofoam or plastic.
In the center of the park is Tipi Circle, and the tipis are made of hemp. The Greek-like temple on the nearby hilltop is known as The Temple of Fun and has the world’s largest set of magic chakra candles. All the avatars, icons and sigils are represented on the altar of the Temple of Fun because no one is excluded from the Fun Vibe.
There’s a replica of Stonehenge. And we’ll have to eventually re-create a pyramid complex somewhere. Of course a Christian chapel and Synagogue would be built early on. Even before the structures go up, we can put a yurt or tipi on site with pictures of what will manifest eventually. That’s part of the magic of making things happen.
I’d like to find some cannabis companies to invest in the project by sponsoring pavilions, like at a World’s  Fair. I envision a Hemp Pavilion, Medical Marijuana Pavilion, and a Cultivation Pavilion at a minimum.
My vision is to allow pilgrims to camp near any temple for free for as long as they remain peaceful. There would even be a public barter square where anyone could vend anything legal to barter or sell. But only sponsors would have the right to sell goods and services at pavilions and they could build condos to rent out as long as they passed our standards and enhanced the environment, while causing no harm.
My concept park is to mix all classes and cultures, so there must be a 5-star option that will rival the greatest resorts in the world. But then again, you could just pitch your own tent as the other option.

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