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Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.34.37 AM“In 1998 at the NORML conference in DC I asked Hagar (sic) to help me with a Cannabis church and he and Keith Stroup laughed at me. ( Never did Hightimes cover this topic back then except to laugh.) Now he’s claiming this – he’s a minister.” Edward Forchion on Facebook
It’s sad how the cannabis movement is filled with factionalism and jealousies. It only takes is a smidgen of media coverage to bring out the worst in some. My project to explore cannabis in ritual and ceremony began in 1987 and I’ve been pursuing the path rigorously ever since. Obviously, Forchion never read my article “The Big Bhang,” or any of the excerpts from Cannabis Spirituality by Stephen Gaskin, a book I commissioned and edited. Or any of the groundbreaking articles by Chris Bennett I published while editing a national magazine.
A few months ago, I put out a call on social media for all cannabis ministries to gather in Colorado and form a federation. Forchion did not respond, so I can only surmise he’s not interested in meeting other like-minded individuals.
I’d like to clear up his misconceptions, however. There are no “ministers” in the Pot Illuminati as we consider ourselves equals and none have any special access to spirituality. We take turns wearing the big hat during ceremonies and pass the energy around as much as possible. We have no dogma nor rules beyond: “Don’t hurt anyone.”
I’m not seeking funds, nor trying to construct a personality cult, and if you read my free ebook The New Pot Enlightenment you’ll discover my concept is for people to band together and create their own democratic, non-dogmatic cannabis ministries. You can use some of my concepts or feel free to ignore them, but there is no need to bash me.
Religion is not something written in stone, but something constantly evolving, and we have had precious little evolution over the last 2,000 years to the point religion has become a secret monopoly ruled by oligarchies and fraudsters as a tax shelter and to help foment war for profit. In order to level the playing field, we need to create democratic forms of religion that reject dogma and pyramidal structures employing fear-based mind-control formulas.

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    1. As i also said it wasn’t an attack on you – I just found it ironic that in the past as others tired to bring the spiritual side of this war on pot to the front-lines ( we were called names, ridiculed and not given much mention by HIGHTIMES or NORML ) — I personally remember trying to get HIGHTIMES to cover the creation of the (UCM) United Cannabis Ministries in 2005 to no avail. — //// So yes I commented.
      BYTHEWAY – i didnt receive any invite and if i had i may have come.
      P.S. – Dont get Butthurt i been criticized and spoken negatively about since i came outta the cannabis closet and tried to join the legalization movement. ( Never could break that glass ceiling) –

      1. When I met you at that NORML conference many years ago, it was already eleven years after I’d created the Freedom Fighters, which in three years had become the largest and most active cannabis legalization group in America. Aside from the free campgrounds with free food near major rallies in the Midwest, the group met at Rainbow Family Gatherings, especially the National and the Ocala regional in Florida. Started in 1970, the Rainbow Family is the heart and soul of the Sixties counterculture and one of the greatest repository for peace energy and enlightenment. Over the years, I’d imagine a million people have been involved at one time or another. The Family has no official leaders, runs on consensus, and believes cannabis is an important sacrament of our culture. We discourage alcohol on the other hand. I realize many people over the decades have created their own personal religions, some of which declare cannabis as a sacrament. Some of these people are sincere spiritualists, while many others are hucksters looking to make a fast buck building their own personality cults around themselves. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. After being forced to give up the Freedom Fighters, I eventually began developing concepts for a new culture designed to be eternally incorruptible. It has become known as the Pot Illuminati, and we now hold ceremonies in Colorado. I published a free eBook, “The New Pot Enlightenment” laying out the principles of the group.
        When a newspaper website covered our latest ceremony, you posted a comment on a media website saying the article was utter bullshit because it ignored your role in inventing cannabis and religion. You implied I’d changed my position and was now following the trail you had blazed. Ed, I can assure you our trails are not on the same trajectory. And you should not be insulting me, nor making comments here like my being “butt-hurt” because insults offend me. And yes, you can come to the next World Congress of Cannabis Ministries, but don’t expect me to sign up to join your congregation, because that likely won’t be happening. Ever. Everyone with two good ears better listen. Amen. Om.

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