Inside the Vaccination Wars

Andrew Wakefield just won’t go away. The former British doctor and medical researcher can’t practice medicine anymore and refuses to admit to the 12 charges of fraud he’s been convicted of. There are two possibilities: 1) Wakefield is a fraud; 2) Wakefield is a legitimate whistle-blower trying to clear his name.

One thing we should agree on: There’s been an alarming rise of mental disorders in children and this epidemic is growing fast. Whatever toxins are causing this trend should be identified asap but there doesn’t seem to be much attention on solving the problem. The vaccine debate instantly degenerated into two polarized sides with their own sets of data and experts, neither of which recognize validity in the other side. Meanwhile, in the 1970s, one in 2,000 children had autism, and now it’s one in 45 and climbing with a bullet.

Wakefield directed a film and Robert De Niro wanted to screen it at his Tribeca Film Festival, but as soon as the film’s inclusion was announced, a pressure drop came down and the film was pulled. A major part of the film deals with a CDC whistle-blower named Dr. William Thompson and phone calls he made to Dr. Brian Hooker, wherein he described fraud at the CDC.

Unfortunately, the website carrying Wakefield’s flag is NaturalNews, run by the mysterious Mike Adams, aka The Health Ranger. Adams runs a health supplement business (i.e. scam) using a click-bait website to drive sales. His headlines tell people what they already suspect while promising explosive new info that always turns out to be speculation with no basis in fact. Adams runs enormous link farms with over 86 sites under his control. The purpose of this net is to artificially inflate traffic to his main site.

Adams is a critic of Monsanto and believes 9/11 was an inside job. So far so good, but unfortunately, he also promotes stories Sandy Hook never happened, the Aurora shooting was a CIA plot, and planes are spraying chemtrails to poison us. This appears to be the standard disinfo op of mixing mud into any waters of real investigation. His scope of operations is immense, but Adams doesn’t seem to have an office and employs a mail drop. His past is rather murky and his gut-sucking self-portraits might be better suited for a dating site.

Adams might be doing counterintel for Monsanto or Lilly or the CIA. One thing for sure, he’s not a legitimate source of info, so if Wakefield wants to appear legit, Adams is the sort of person he should steer clear of. The credibility of the film depends on Thompson to a large degree, so a rug might be pulled out from under Wakefield’s film fairly soon.

Someday in the far, far future, independent supervision might be installed at the CDC and the revolving door with Big Pharma closed forever. Do vaccines harm some kids? Why else would our kangaroo vaccine court pay out millions in damages? Could we produce safer vaccines? No doubt, but that won’t be on our national agenda as long as they they keep us focused on a war between “vaccers” versus “anti-vaccers.” And that, Virginia, is what dialectical social control is all about.

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, the world-renowned pro-vaccine pediatric neurologist specializing in autism gave testimony as an expert witness for the government defending vaccines in vaccine court in 2007 and said he told the government vaccines can cause autism in exceptional cases, but says the government hid the information and misrepresented his opinion. He’s only the top specialist in the field so move along, nothing to see here.

In the 1980s, the vaccine industry was in grave danger after a barrage of lawsuits were filed involving the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine. The vaccine cartel threatened to pull out of the US market, so Congress agreed to shield them from future lawsuits, thus saving the industry by creating a vaccine court with a $3.5 billion fund replenished with a 75-cent tax on vaccines.

In September 1995, young Jeffrey McCord was riding in a car involved in a minor accident, and received a precautionary brain scan. Days later, Jeffrey was given a DPT shot, and two days afterwards, the seizures began. Another MRI now showed lesions where none had been before. For three years, Jeffrey’s parents struggled to stay afloat while seeking expensive remedies. Only after they met with Dr. Yuval Shafrir were they told the vaccination could be the cause. So in 1998 Jeffrey’s parents filed with the vaccine court.

Meanwhile, in 2004, a pair of courageous reporters published The Virus and the Vaccine, detailing how a monkey virus was accidentally inserted into the 1960s polio vaccine through sheer incompetence. Countless monkeys had been murdered so their kidneys could be harvested to grow a vaccine that could as easily have been grown in agar. Just as disturbing, other researchers began looking into a CDC vaccine trial involving gay men in NYC, a free hepatitis B shot in 1978 made with human hepatitis-B-infected-blood injected into chimpanzees.

Unfortunately, those chimps had the same monkey virus that had contaminated the earlier polio vaccine. Within a few years, the men who participated in that trial became the epicenter of a rapidly spreading worldwide AIDS crisis. I don’t know if there is a connection, but I do know the media avoids this topic like the plague. Meanwhile, the inner workings of the vaccine court are private and clouded by mountains of propaganda. As more Americans became educated, they grew wary and vaccination rate dropped accordingly, sprouting another industry panic. So the Tin Foil Hat Patrol created an anti-vaccine movement, while the industry created a propaganda machine to swat down that movement. The vaccine court was flooded with suspicious cases, all easily dismissed, and the lawyers submitting them got paid by the government whether the case succeeded or not. Meanwhile, legitimate cases, like Jeffrey’s, could take a decade to litigate. And even when the court awarded $7 million in damages, it took three more years to squeeze any money out of the fund. It’s a sordid history blanketed by disinformation.

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