Origins of the Jewish Conspiracy Theory

Sometime around the year 1000, rumors of Christian children being abducted by Jews (who allegedly drained their blood to make matzoh) began circulating around Europe, leading to some mass executions and ethnic cleansing. Images of babies being tortured by Jews were painted on cathedral walls to incite the hatred. For centuries, most Christians had been intentionally kept illiterate and only priests, monks and those of noble birth taught to read and write. Most Jewish children, on the other hand, had been highly educated all along, an imbalance that undoubtedly created envy and suspicion, and may have been a contributing factor to why Jews soon rose to prominence in science.

Manipulating people with “blood libel” scams worked for a long time and kept peasants focused on hating Jews rather than toppling the predatory status quo that enslaved them, but eventually, the story began to fade simply because there never was a shred of truth involved.

But in 1903, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion appeared and alleged that a secret council of Jewish leaders was planning to take over the world by fomenting war for profit, a document initially circulated by Russian secret police. Russia was the world powerhouse in oil at the time and were pumping half the world’s crude, an operation divided between a Russian oil company, the Rothschilds and the Nobels. In America, Rockefeller was making similar moves to capture the North American oil industry.

In 1905, Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Bogdanov created the Bolsheviks, who quickly attracted immense funding from Wall Street, specifically J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller. Within a decade the Czar was dead, Lenin in power, and control of the Russian oil fields up for grabs. Armond Hammer was installed as the go-between for American big business and the new regime.

On November 13, 1918, a strange document (SDDF 861.00/5339) was circulated at the highest levels of the State Department titled “Bolshevism and Judaism.” It included various memes lifted from the Protocols and also alleged the Russian Revolution had been financed primarily by Jacob Schiff along with the Kuhn, Loeb & Company, known agents of the Rothschilds. According to a British intelligence source, there was definite proof Communism was an international movement controlled by Jews. This meme also appeared in Germany, and would eventually be deployed to assist the rise of the Nazis.

If fact, Schiff had been a strong opponent of Lenin and Trotsky and the Rothschilds lost their Russian oil connection with the murder of the Czar. And while it is true nearly 20 percent of the original Communists in Russia were Jewish, most (like Trotsky) disappeared early on and were deported, murdered or sent to Siberia. During WWI, the oil fields of Russia, once the largest producer in the world, remained dormant, something that undoubtedly benefited Rockefeller’s rise to power.
In 1924, after Lenin’s death, Stalin took power and began investing heavily in revitalizing the oil fields. He hired the Koch family to build a series of refineries, which is why they are among the richest in the world today.

So when you pass along those facebook posts alleging the Rothschilds own all the central banks, or that Jews are the source of corruption and evil, just keep in mind this is a well-worn trail blazed by intelligence agents and designed to confuse you. Whenever racial issues are deployed to incite fear, it’s always a hoodwink. Religion is a tool for keeping people brainwashed and by pitting religions against each other, war-for-profit is easily manifested. The masters of war and munitions companies have been running these games for a long time.

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  1. If The Protocols appeared outlandish, it may have been because they were a Russian forgery plagiarized from a 1869 German novel which, itself, was plagiarized from a 1864 French political satire. The original French work, entitled Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavelli et Montesquieu, was intended by its author; journalist Maurice Joly, to be a savage indictment of Napoleon III. 26 The German novel, To Sedan by Herman Goedsche, replaced Joly’s world domination plan of Napoleon III with one schemed by a group of Jews in Prague. Eventually, Czarist agent, Sergei Nilius incorporated this work into his 1905 effort entitled The Great in the Small. Nilius’ work was designed to deflect the misery of Nicholas II’s policies onto a scapegoat–the Jews of Russia. This work was, in turn, further elaborated on in 1917 by a group of Czarist officers living in Berlin and re-titled The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.27
    Source: (and somewhere I forgot, here’s a copy of the play, GREAT dialogue)

  2. Except that Jews do not identify themselves as a religion, but as an Ethnoreligion. Most Jews are agnostic or atheists, and do not subscribe to religion. They do, on the other hand, subscribe to tribalism and nepotism. This is in direct contrast to people raised in the Christian tradition where sharing and kindness are paramount, whereas in the Jewish tradition, you are encouraged to place Jews above all else. The reason this is becoming more and more prominent, is that powerful Jews have thrust “diversity” onto the world stage, and most can see that in their won state of Israel, not only is immigration all but impossible, but the small minority that exists there is being quickly displaced. This makes the world see them as hypocrites.
    It also does not help that they wield great control over the media, thus allowing them to control narratives, and these narratives almost always suit their financial or political needs. They use it as a vehicle to portray arguably the most powerful group of people on Earth as “the most persecuted people on Earth”. The fact that they are using their immense power to portray that they are anything but powerful is frustrating to many.
    And finally you have the general history of usury. The generalizations we make about cultures and races tend to be true, if not exaggerated at times. The Jews have earned their stereotype of being greedy, and much of that stems from the aforementioned nepotistic practices. They have been at the forefront of almost every banking crisis since the dawn of time, and show no signs of stopping. At the top of every bank, you will likely find a person of Jewish origin. So much for diversity.
    And don’t even get me started on the holes that started showing in the Holocaust story. Every one who is a “denier” did not start that way, we all accepted it as the utmost fact. But when researched with even an inkling of rational thought, you come to understand why they are frantically drafting and signing laws into legislation making such examinations an imprisonable offense. That in and of itself should raise all the red flags one has to see to know there is something more than meets the eye. For, the truth does not fear examination, as a man much greater than myself once said

    1. You sound like a CIA psychologist. First, any exaggerations in the Holocaust are dwarfed by the lies and deception of the Holocaust denial movement. Yes, the Jewish culture is quite remarkable, probably because Jewish kids were so much better educated than their Christian counterparts, but your emphasis on banking and usury ignores the amazing contributions in science and the arts. Every successful culture looks after their own, and in the Eastern Establishment, a Boner from Yale will always be chosen above all others if they are available. Every banker is involved in every banking crisis, and there are more non-Jewish banks than Jewish ones. Instead of agitating against them, you’d be better off marrying into the culture like Trump’s daughter. No pogroms will succeed in North America, and you are leading people into a rabbit hole to nowhere.

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