Fare Thee Well Cannabis Cup

The Temple Dragons, the original crew that ran the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam for 25 years, reformed for a few hours in NYC for a funeral for their participation in the event they created.

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  1. Since I will not be able to attend this event, I was wondering if someone could send me my “FREE”420 sample via FEDEX or UPS since the USPS is still part of the Federal Government and the Feds still haven’t recognized Marijuana in such states that have “Decriminalized” Marijuana for Medical and recreational use. I have a medical marijuana card and have not utilized it yet due to such discrepancies in the policies of the DEA as a Licensed Doctor with a DEA Number has issued me a prescription for my severe arthritis, neuropathy in my feet, Heart condition, Diabetes#2 and weight gain at age 64 now.
    I am an Ex-NARC Fed and I have done the research and there is a good book called “Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible” by Chris Bennett and Neil McQueen ISBN: 1-55056-798-5 which outlines the True nature of Marijuana as a Healer and was/is also used in the Anointing Oil of Hebrew Temple Priests, King David and Jesus(Yeshua) of Nazareth.
    I am also former U.S. Customs and a Whistle-blower exposing corruption at the highest levels and I have suffered retaliation for my honesty and hard work. Anyone willing to contact me for the Truth can contact me thru my email at: john.a.carman@gmail.com

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