Ed Hoffman is a key to the JFK assassination

The most important witness to the JFK assassination never made an appearance in the Warren Commission Report, but why would that surprise anyone? Ed Hoffman was easily dismissed at the scene because he was a deaf mute who couldn’t communicate what he’d witnessed. Hoffman happened to be seated on the triple overpass near Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

Hoffman did tell his uncle, who was a Dallas policeman, as well as his father. The story alarmed his father, who encouraged his son to keep quiet. His uncle filed no report. During the summer of 1967, however, five years after the fact, Hoffman went to the FBI and over a few weeks met at least twice with agents who filed reports. These reports were designed to minimize the information and cast doubt on Hoffman’s story. Six years later, Hoffman wrote a letter to Edward Kennedy, who also dismissed his story. In March of 1977, Hoffman returned to the FBI once again.

What Hoffman saw was a puff of vapor or smoke from the picket fence, which he mistook for someone lighting a cigarette. The man wore a stylish black hat and dark blue suit. He turned and tossed a rifle to another man wearing the uniform of a railroad worker. The railroad worker twisted the gun, breaking it in two, and deposited it into a tool box before casually walking towards the railroad tracks.

In the pandemonium that followed, Hoffman had tried vainly to communicate with the first policemen on the scene, and quickly lost sight of the two men. However, despite pressure from his family, who seemed to have realized how dangerous this info was, Hoffman refused to bury the story and kept trying to force it into the open. You can watch the testimony he gave to a British film crew below.

Hoffman is one of the most credible witnesses to the event, a list that also includes Richard Carr, Buell Frazier, James Tauge, Lee Bowers, S.M. Holland, and Amos Eunis, among others.

If you spend enough time sifting through the evidence of this case, eventually the pieces will fall into place, and Hoffman’s testimony is supported by numerous other crucial pieces of evidence.

JFK’s murder had been in the works for months, and at least two previous attempts had been aborted due to leakage. The first attempt had been planned for Chicago and was aborted when an FBI informant known as “Lee” dropped a dime to the Chicago Secret Service. The second attempt was scheduled for Florida, and was aborted after an FBI informant wearing a wire picked up a rightwing extremist talking about the impending hit. That extremist was Joe Milteer, and among other details, he noted that the shots would come from a tall building, the rifle would be broken down, and a patsy would be immediately picked up to close down any investigation.

The weapon used to murder JFK was the same one Milteer had likely been made aware of since Milteer was visiting Miami at the time he was wiretapped. And Miami is where the CIA’s largest station outside Langley had recently been closed down by JFK. This station, JM/Wave, is where the JFK assassination team was assembled and trained. The station had originally created this hit squad to murder Castro, but when Kennedy ordered that project shut down, the team responded by targeting JFK.

The identity of the grassy knoll gunman who delivered the fatal headshot has become Excalibur as far as the media is concerned and more smoke and mirrors have been applied to prevent extracting the sword than almost any other aspect of the complex story. But pay attention to Hoffman, and realize none of the tramps fit this description, so Woody Harrelson’s dad and CIA assassin Charles Rogers are off the hook.

I’m convinced John Roselli was a shooter, simply because Handsome Johnny was working so closely with JM/Wave at the time, and had been the first professional hitman recruited into the CIA’s secret executive action program. Roselli never hid his involvement. As a result, he was railroaded into jail, and wound up in pieces floating in a barrel in Biscayne Bay after being released. But Roselli claimed he had been hiding inside the triple overpass, inside a storm drain, and had fired the first shot, which hit JFK in the throat, not the kill shot from the knoll.

Over the decades, the name Lucian Sarti, a Corsican hitman and drug runner, has popped up over and over. Like Roselli, Sarti (left) appears to have been a dapper dresser and might fit Hoffman’s description of the shooter. Sarti was killed by Mexican police in Mexico City in April of 1972, reportedly the result of a collaborative effort by the men-of-honor working with the intelligence agencies in order to “shatter Corsican influence in the worldwide narcotics traffic” and replace it with one dominated by Florida crime boss Santos Trafficante.

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  1. If what JFK assassination witness Ed Hoffman says he saw actually happened, then that would seem to be an ideal starting point from which to reinvestigate the JFK assassination.

    It is critical in my opinion to determine as best we can exactly what were Ed Hoffman’s earliest desriptions of what he saw behind the picket fence atop the grassy knoll. This is because for any witness to just about any crime, that witness’s earliest recollections and descriptions are bound to be the most accurate and truthful. This is at least partly people tend to exaggerate over time, and party because because a witness’s earliest recollections haven’t had a chance to become influenced or corrupted in any way by reading or hearing about other witnesses’ testimony, statements or recollections.

    Members of Hoffman’s family said the deaf mute had a tendency to exaggerate what he saw. And it’s fair to say Hoffman’s recollections ‘evolved’ somewhat over the years, after inevitably becoming influenced by other witnesses.

    It would also be interesting to try to determine which rifle manufacturers or gunsmiths in North America and Europe an assassin like Sarti could have gone to, in order to obtain a rifle that could so easily and quickly be “knocked down.” And then immediately be hidden in a tool box behind the picket fence, as Hoffamn claimed, before a single witness could climb the knoll and look over the fence.

    It might be useful to go back and read what those Dealey Plaza and Triple Overpass witnesses said, to try to lean more about the movements of the man in the blue suit and the man in the railroad uniform. Of course, a man in a railroad uniform in a rail yard wouldn’t exactly seem suspicious, but a dapper-looking man in a blue suit and hat would be a lot less common dress in a railyard, don’t you think? Maybe someone on Houston Street, north of the book depository, saw one or both of them get into a car.

    It would also be interesting for JFK investigators to try to pour through all of the available photographic evidence of the area behind the picket fence, the parking lot, rail yard andHouston STreet, to search for photos snapped of men in blue suits with fancy hats and men in railroad uniforms in the area near the north side of the book depository. Then pour through the recollections of any rairoadworkers whom investigators have determined were on the triple overpass or in the parking lot or rail yard behind the picket fence tolook for clues.

    I also find the fact that the parking lot behind the picket fence from which many believe JFK was shot at was mostly used by Dallas PD members. That’s too much of a coincidence to ignore, given all the admitted KKK members and good ole boys, the white racists who were employed by the notoriously corrupt Dallas PD in 1963. Just sayin …

  2. Always follow the money!!!!
    1. CIA Florida base closed by Kennedy – Drug shipments re- directed to different controlled airports where CIA had control. Lost Revenue.
    2. Firing of CIA Department heads by Kennedy probably at the urge of Robert Kennedy which effects left the Mob searching for new affiliates within the US Government.
    3. Didn’t invade Cuba which was the Las Vegas at that time controlled by the mob – Kennedy said no.
    4. Didn’t kill Castro as the mob wanted for Millions of Dollars Lost.
    Didn’t like or trust his vice president.
    Was bringing Crime charges against his vice President which would have destroyed him politically.
    5. Tried to force Hoover to retire at 70 as was required by law.
    6. Against the Vietnam war Initially, then changed directions
    Millions of Taxpayers Dollars to be made by Banks, Oilmen, DOD contractors. Then wanted to stop and pullout. More lost Revenue

    He had a lot of Enemies in his Government and outside of it.
    The only people who lose are the American Taxpayers, wars cost and the American Taxpayer foots the bill, and Business recoup the profits.

    The Question isn’t who killed Kennedy, The Question is who hired someone to kill Kennedy.
    All you have to do is look at who prospered after his death.

    1. LBJ Became President
    2. Bush became President
    3. Thurgood Marshall went on to the Supreme Court
    4. Bill Clinton Became President
    5. The Mob had total control of Las Vegas
    6. CIA still bringing in Drugs
    Countless Others had chips in the game, the rule: play the game right or die like Oswald.

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