John Brown and the Weather Underground are the same

John Brown’s body lies mouldering in the grave.

On this date in 1859, terrorist John Brown was hanged.

Brown had taken hostages and seized an armory with the intention of sparking a slave revolt.

His terror campaign was financed by William Huntington Russell, recently graduated from Yale, who had founded a secret society called “The Order” at Yale University based on a fraternity he had joined during a summer in Bavaria. This likely would not have happened except that Phi Betta Kappa went aboveground, which greatly annoyed Russell, who was a member and valedictorian of his class. Due to the secret fraternity’s bizarre rituals involving human remains, the group soon became known as Skull & Bones.

Without Brown, there might never have been a Civil War. The rush into war was orchestrated on several fronts, but the most important was creating fear in the hearts and minds of Southern slave owners.

Strange the Russell family had benefited greatly from slavery, although their emphasis had shifted to opium after England banned slavery. The family was close with the East India Company, the world’s most powerful corporation at the time.

Aside from funding Brown’s terror campaign, Russell had also founded an officer training academy in New Haven to provide officers for the coming conflagration.

If you know there is going to be a war, you can make a lot of money by getting out in front on the profit schemes.

The possibility The Order is actually the Illuminati is very real, which would explain the deluge of tin foil hat material involving the group.

Strange a similar pattern would play out in my time. The Weather Underground launched a terror campaign against straight people. They targeted blacks either recently released from prison or returned from Vietnam, and gave them weapons and explosives, and filled their heads with Communist propaganda.

Bill Ayers, leader of the Weather Underground, after being arrested for provoking a window-smashing riot in Chicago, does not appear the least bit worried and shares a smirk similar to Brown’s.

One of their ops was the SLA that kidnapped Patti Hearst.

The Weather Underground put enough fear of hippies in the hearts and minds of middle America to keep Richard Nixon and the war continue far beyond what was necessary, resulting in the death of millions, mostly through the sideshow in Cambodia, also fomented by Communists.

Charles Manson was the major player in sheep-dipping the hippies as psychopathic serial killers.

Not only was the Civil War (which permanently divided the nation in two) an Illuminati operation, but so was the creation of Communism.

See, when you buy up all the best horses in the race, it doesn’t matter which one wins.

Brown manipulated white fear of blacks to start a war, while the Weather Underground deployed the same fears in order to keep a war going. The dialectical nature of the op is obvious if you consider John Kerry and W. Bush, who ran against each other for president, were both boners.

But the most telling detail is that after over a decade on the run while fomenting terror ops, the Weather Underground leaders came out of the cold and stepped into cushy university gigs with pensions. Not a fate that typically awaits real social revolutionaries.

Nomenclature of an Octopus Cabal

What is history but a fable agreed upon? —Napoleon Bonaparte

Major historical events, such as revolution, assassination, and war, are usually presented as random events created through chaos and chance. Should any suggest these seminal events are more likely the result of plots hatched in secret, they are quickly dismissed as conspiracy-theory crackpots. Yet anyone who studies the methods for absorbing and maintaining power understands it’s far more likely war and political assassination are the result of hidden conspiracies than random accidents involving isolated loners.

The true study of history is largely a study of secret societies. Not surprisingly, one finds little mention of these societies in history books, at least not in any school textbooks. However, a few hours on the Internet may be enough to convince one of their importance.


By far the oldest and largest secret society is Freemasonry, which claims over four million members worldwide, most of whom are in the United States. Today Masonry is a fraternal group that supports many charities. Overwhelmingly, its members are decent, honest people who enjoy the theater and symbolic trappings of the organization.

The average Freemason is not an evil Satanist, as some church groups would have you believe. However, Masonry has been manipulated as an intelligence asset for centuries. The organization has a remarkable ability to create spin-off societies that claim no connection to Masonry but could be examples of freestanding, off-the-shelf operations possibly under control of high-ranking Masonic councils. Some of these spin-off organizations have undoubtedly become among the most dangerous in the world. Rudyard Kipling’s The Man Who Would Be King was made into a brilliant film by John Huston. It tells the story of two former members of the British Army, stranded in India, who decide to invade Afghanistan for the purpose of crowning themselves kings of a land not conquered since Alexander the Great. They are fully prepared to foment bribery, murder, pillage, and plunder. But they are also devout Freemasons.

The first historical record of a Masons’ guild comes from Germany. In 1080, the Steinmetzen, or stone masons, organized a craft guild with rules, ceremonies, and titles. In the Middle Ages, most craftsmen were organized into such guilds and jealously guarded the secrets of their professions.

Fifteen years later, the first (and only successful) Crusade to seize Jerusalem was launched. At the conclusion, the world’s most influential secret society was born: the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, otherwise known as the Templars. Only men 21 years or older could receive the highly secret initiations. Although sworn to poverty and celibacy, they organized an international banking system and became among the richest men in the world, building and maintaining an elaborate network of castles and cathedrals throughout Europe. The Holy Roman Empire had forbidden loans at more than minimal interest, but the Templars created loopholes in these rules and employed them to become the bankers of Europe, with the power to create war and fund Crusades. For 194 years they dominated trade between East and West.

John J. Robinson, author of Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry, Knights Templar “were known to maintain intelligence agents in the principal cities of the Mediterranean coast, and they necessarily have employed covert communication.”

Eventually, after the King of France became deeply indebted to the Templars, and feared they were planning to create their own kingdom in Southern France, he managed to move the Vatican to France after installing his puppet as Pope. In 1306, Pope Clement V requested a conference with Grand Master Jacques de Molay as a means of luring him into a trap. On October 13, 1307, when de Molay appeared in France, all known Templars were ordered arrested and subjected to torture, whereupon many confessed to the crimes of homosexuality and devil worship. Five years later the Pope outlawed the Templars and seized their assets. After nearly seven years of torture and imprisonment, de Molay was burned at the stake on March 18, 1314. As legend goes, an armada of Templar boats filled with gold managed to escape to Scotland, where they found refuge with the enemies of the King of France. They allegedly were instrumental in helping Scotland win its independence from Britain in 1327, through their financial support of Robert the Bruce. According to Masonic lore it was during this period that the Templars created Freemasonry as a secret society, with special handshakes and codes of identification—a society that would remain completely underground for nearly 400 years, until its public emergence in 1717.

Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries was a dangerous place for progressive ideas. The continent festered with secret police, spies, and informants, and inquisitions and pogroms could be convened at any moment to deal with rabble-rousers who threatened the status quo. Secret societies developed as a result of this persecution. “Liberty, equality, and fraternity” were the principles of revolutions that swept through Holland, North America, France, and the Masonic secret societies.

Masonic lodges became the primary incubators of revolutionary thought because most carried no dogmas, allowing lodges to create and interpret ritual through their own consensus. They also allowed people of different religions and backgrounds to mingle freely as equals. Consequently, Freemasonry was able to morph as it spread through Europe and North America. But it always maintained a pyramidal structure that allowed a small upper cell to conduct intrigues not revealed to the general membership.

“Because of the increasing effectiveness of the political police, secret societies tended to move even further underground,” writes James H. Billington in Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith. “Historians have never been able to unravel the tangled threads of this tapestry—and in recent times have largely given up trying. The most important recent study confines itself to tracing the history of what people thought about secret societies rather than what the societies in fact were….The story of secret societies can never be fully reconstructed, but it has been badly neglected—even avoided, one suspects—because the evidence that is available repeatedly leads us into territory equally uncongenial to modern historians in the East and the West.”


The oldest still-existing Masonic lodge was established in Edinburgh on July 3, 1600, a year that also saw the creation of the East India Company, a firm that would become infamous for opium running and slave trading. For centuries the East India Company would be closely linked to British intelligence and Freemasonry. In 1664, Edinburgh Lodge No. 1 admitted Lord Alexander and two other nobles. English royalty would eventually dominate the upper councils of British Freemasonry.

In 1694, the Bank of England was created. Four years later, the first public leaflets warning the populace about the dangers of Freemasonry appeared in London. In 1719, two years after Freemasonry went public (and all lodges organized around a central Grand Lodge), the Hell Fire Club was created by two prominent Freemasons, the Duke of Wharton and the Earl of Litchfield. Devoted to debauchery and sinful activities, Hell Fire clubs spread throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland, exclusive secret societies for those of noble birth. The Dublin chapter was organized by the Earl of Rosse, who would later be named Grand Master of Ireland’s Freemasons. The clubs became notorious for drug use, black masses, and orgies.

Although the Hell Fire clubs were officially condemned by the Grand Lodge (as well as the English churches), the fact that the Duke of Wharton was named Grand Master of the English Grand Lodge in 1722 reveals there may have been a hidden connection. The duke would also introduce Freemasonry to Spain and later become Grand Master of French Freemasonry. Did the public emergence of Freemasonry demand the creation of new secret societies submerged from public view?

Anti-Masonic sentiments first erupted when the Society of Gormogons appeared in London. Outspoken critics of Freemasonry, the Gormogons claimed the emperor of China as their founder and the czar of Russia as their most powerful initiate. Disaffected Freemasons were encouraged to burn their aprons and gloves and become Gormogons. Strangely, the Duke of Wharton was a prominent member. And thus begins the saga of anti-Masonic groups, some of which seem to have been secretly controlled by Freemasons. (One must always keep in mind that the creation and manipulation of two sides of a conflict would  become standard operating procedure for secret societies.)

According  to books released recently, the most prominent of which is Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln, and Richard Leigh, the highest initiates of British Freemasonry are taught that Jesus was king of Britain and that he was stoned to death at the location of St. Paul’s Cathedral. While Jesus’ evil twin brother, Judas Thomas, was killed by the Romans, the true Jesus sought refuge in England where he learned the secrets of the Druids, married four women, and produced many children. The current Prince of Wales is a direct descendant, as are much of Europe’s royalty. While this fanciful story may seem ridiculous, no doubt it was taken seriously by some royal Freemasons, since it firmly established their divine right to rule. And no doubt a few believe this tale even today.


In 1790, Mayer Amschel Bauer was an anonymous merchant specializing in rare coins and antiques who lived in the crowded Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt, the banking hub of Germany. Ten years later, he was one of the richest men in Germany and would go on to create the Rothschild dynasty, one of the most powerful multigenerational banking families in the world.

Whenever one finds such a meteoric rise to wealth, the potential influence of secret societies needs to be examined. Bauer had a powerful patron in Wilhelm IV, reportedly one of the leading royal Masons of his day. In fact, Jewish culture became an inseparable part of Masonic tradition from the beginning. Because Jews were exempt from the Vatican ban on usury, they could be helpful in waging war or establishing monopolies in commerce. Some Masonic rituals seem influenced by the Kabala, a school of Jewish mysticism some scholars trace back to 1 A.D. Some historians believe Pythagoras [c. 530 B.C.] received his training from the Zoroastrians, and Pythagorean numerology played a major role in the occult rituals of secret societies during the Revolutionary period. Mysticism in Judaism was strongly influenced by Zoroastrianism, just as Christianity was strongly influenced by Buddhism. According to Jacob Katz’s Jews and Freemasons in Europe, 1723–1939, the Rothschilds began appearing on Masonic membership lists in 1811. “Special Jewish lodges were created,” writes Katz, “such as the ‘Melchizedek’ lodges, named in honor of the Old Testament priest-king.”

Some have suspected the Rothschild dynasty of being a major supporter of Grand Orient Freemasonry, the primary incubator of the French Revolution, which ultimately brought Napoleon into power. Napoleon’s membership in the Grand Orient was never proven, but his brothers and sons all became initiates. Napoleon’s island home, Corsica, has a long history of conspiratorial activity, as does Sicily (more on that later).

Grand Orient, or French, Masonry had similar codes, secret handshakes and rituals as English masonry. In fact, members of either organization were always welcome at each other’s ceremonies, which made Freemason lodges the ideal setting for spy activities. French masonry was the more rational, since it permitted atheists to join. In Germany, however, the Masonic movement went in the opposite direction, becoming more magical and occult-based. German Masonry was also mixed with elements of the secret Rosicrucian Brotherhood, which claimed access to secrets of the East and an unbroken chain of Grand Masters almost as long as the Templars’.

As the story of secret societies unfolds, a pattern becomes clear. Whenever a new lodge or branch of Masonry was created, there was often an attempt to create a fictional history linking the new society to the Crusades or biblical times. Napoleon went further. After conquering Egypt, he became initiated into an Egyptian secret society supposedly older than the Templars. Or was this just another Masonic spin-off trick?

The Rothschilds have also been suspected of funding the Illuminati, perhaps the most notorious Masonic-style organization, founded in Germany by Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit-trained lawyer and expert in Catholic law who had also been initiated into the Rosicrucian Brotherhood and Freemasonry. After Martin Luther’s Reformation shook the foundations of Catholicism, seven Spanish knights responded by creating the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), whose primary job was to roll back the Reformation. This operation was realized largely through the creation of universities throughout Europe, schools that undoubtedly became breeding grounds for Jesuit attempts to undermine Masonry from within. No one can be certain whether Weishaupt was a Jesuit secret agent or a real revolutionary, but it seems far more likely the former was true. In fact, many Masons of the time often wondered if their lodges had fallen prey to Jesuit conspiratorial control. The Jesuits grew fantastically rich and powerful by dominating trade with the New World, so much so that a movement circulated in Europe to petition the Pope to dissolve the order.

Aside from the Jesuits, the Vatican had a military order under its command, known as the Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem. Naturally, this order traced its origins to an earlier date than the Templars. They became known as the Knights of Rhodes in 1309 and have been called the Knights of Malta since 1530, according to their Website However, the Malta Knights split into many Masonic-style organizations over the years, most of which were never recognized by the Vatican. The most infamous lodge was created after Napoleon invaded Malta. This order sought refuge in Russia and later, after the Russian Revolution, in Pennsylvania. Although branded as a “false order” by the Pope, the Shickshinny Knights of Malta of Pennsylvania are legendary for their far-right political activities, as well as for having British and Russian nobility in their membership.

Weishaupt was one of the only secret society leaders convicted of plotting world domination, in a trial that created reverberations in Masonic lodges around the world. A Bavarian court outlawed the Illuminati (and all other secret societies) several times, but historians believe the highly publicized cases only drove the organization deeper underground. Today, many researchers understand the importance of Freemasonry in the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party was organized out of St. Andrew’s Lodge, of which John Hancock and Paul Revere were prominent members. Hancock was a smuggler who rose to become the richest man in the Colonies. He was a primary instigator of the Revolution and author of the Declaration of Independence, something reflected in the size of his signature on the document. Revere became Grand Master of Massachusetts. George Washington was Grand Master of Virginia, and 33 of his generals were members of the secret society, as were the two most prominent nobles arriving from Europe to support the Revolution, Marquis de Lafayette and Baron von Steuben. Technically, any rebel lodges separated from the Grand Lodge during the war but were reinstated to British Freemasonry after the conflict was settled. Many lodges remained loyal and sheltered Tories. In New York City, the richest Tories moved their assets into Trinity Church to protect them from confiscation.


One of the more interesting episodes in Masonic history concerns the simultaneous creation of the Anti-Masonic Party and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon church. After Ret. Captain William Morgan signed a contract with the publisher of the Advocate of Batavia, New York to write an exposé on Freemasonry, he was arrested, kidnapped from his jail cell on September 19, 1826, and taken to Canada, where he disappeared. His exposé, Illustrations of Masonry, was published in his absence, with all proceeds going to his wife, since it was presumed Morgan had been murdered by Masons.

With all the publicity surrounding Morgan’s disappearance, Illustrations of Masonry led to the creation of the Anti-Masonic Party, the first third party in the United States. The new party grew rapidly, electing members to national and local offices, mostly in the Northeast, and campaigning on the belief that Masonry was controlled by European aristocrats working with old Tory families in a royalist plot to take back America. Today the Anti-Masonic Party is remembered primarily for creating the first political convention featuring open voting on candidates. The party also created the first national party platform, and required candidates to support it.

On September 22, 1827, Freemason Joseph Smith claimed to have been visited by an angel named Moroni, who directed him to uncover some golden tablets buried near Palmyra, NY. These tablets became the basis for the Mormon religion. Due to hostility to both Masonry and Mormonism, Smith was forced to move his lodges west, first to Ohio, then to Nauvoo, IL. The story took an even stranger twist when William Morgan’s widow Lucinda, married Freemason George W. Harris on November 23, 1830, which just happened to be the same year Smith founded the Mormon Church in a nearby New York town. The couple moved to Nauvoo and converted to Mormonism, leaving some to wonder if the entire Morgan affair had not been stage-managed for some hidden purpose.

Antagonism toward the Mormon/Mason lodges in Illinois was so intense that a neighboring town decided to invade Nauvoo, with the intention of killing Smith and his followers. At the time, Smith was being held in protective custody in jail. A mob descended upon the jail and murdered Smith as he displayed the secret Masonic sign of distress in a failed bid for rescue.

The Mormons moved on to found Council Bluffs, Iowa, a key strategic point for crossing the Missouri River into Nebraska, and later, what would become Salt Lake City, where they created a new state (Utah) founded on Mormon principles. Located near their grand temple is an almost equally grand Masonic temple built around the same time.

Masonry continued to leverage astonishing political power in North America. In fact, the Civil War may have been a Masonic plot to divide the country. The Rothschilds, who had departed Germany to take up primary residence in London, loaned money to both sides during the war, and British agents of the East India Company helped foment antagonism on both sides. Bostonian Albert Pike rapidly ascended to the leadership of American Freemasonry and became a general of the Confederacy, charged with enlisting the help of the Native Americans in conducting terror raids on pro-Union towns. Pike also helped create the Knights of the Golden Circle, whose initiates included members of the Confederate Secret Service, as well as John Wilkes Booth and Jesse James. Legend has it that after the war, these knights took a stash of gold to Canada to fund their secret attempts to revive the Confederacy. (Or was that gold taken to Mexico? Like many tales involving Masonry, alternative versions compete for historical accuracy.)

After President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, President Andrew Johnson, a Freemason, pardoned Freemason Pike for his role in organizing Native American attacks on northern towns. This pardon was seminal in sparking impeachment hearings against Johnson in the press. In fact, however, the real reason for the impeachment was the firing of Freemason Edwin Stanton, who had taken defacto control of the country after the assassination. The actual plot came out of New York City, most likely fomented by Jay Gould. Evidence points to Stanton, Gould and Thomas Eckert profiteering off their advance knowledge of battle outcomes before the rest of Wall Street. Stanton had a huge network of spies, one that included Simon Wolf, the leader of B’nai B’rith, a masonic-style organization founded by recently-arrived German Jews on New York’s Lower East Side. Wolf was one of the last people to speak to Booth, a fact ignored in every history book except for Wolf’s autobiography.

After Johnson survived his impeachment trial by one vote, Pike allegedly helped create a new secret society designed to foment terror in the northern-controlled South, the Ku Klux Klan. He would go on to rewrite most of the Masonic rituals and re-create Masonry as we know it today in America. An 11-foot bronze statue of Pike stands at Third and D Streets in downtown Washington, D.C., although few outside Masonry seem to know anything about him. The statue has been owned and maintained by the National Parks Service since its placement was mandated by a joint session of Congress on April 9, 1898.


In 1833, William H. Russell and Alphonso Taft created an elite secret society at Yale University that has become known as Skull and Bones, after the emblem worn by its members. Soon, Russell began funding the abolitionist movement, which included the domestic terrorist John Brown, who became crucial to sparking the South to secede. At the same time, Russell created an officers’ training school in New Haven. After the war broke out, he became the most influential correspondent in the European press. His family would grow to become the biggest opium smugglers in North America, a family tree that includes the famous Forbes family. Most of what we know about Bones comes from the work of the late Antony C. Sutton, former research fellow at the Hoover Institute of Stanford University.

In 1968, Sutton published Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, a book that documented enormous technological transfers between the United States and the Soviet Union. Sutton proved that Russia at the end of World War II was a backward, bombed-out shell of a country, and her rise to international power was accomplished only through hidden assistance from the US. When Sutton promised to continue his research, he was fired from the Hoover Institute and warned not to “break his rice bowl.” Sutton would go on to write 26 books detailing the corruption of US financial, medical, educational, and political systems. Although these books would sell tens of thousands of copies, none would ever be reviewed in any newspaper in America.

As Harvard Professor Richard Pipes wrote in Survival Is Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America’s Future, “Sutton comes to conclusions that are uncomfortable for many businessmen and economists. For this reason his work tends to be either dismissed out of hand as ‘extreme’ or, more often, simply ignored.”

Sutton suspected a secret cabal was orchestrating events, but the key to unlocking their identity did not arrive until the early 1980s, when he received a letter asking if he would care to examine the membership list of Skull and Bones. “It was a ‘black bag’ job by a family member disgusted with their activities,” revealed Sutton. The membership list arrived in two volumes, black-leather bound. Living members and deceased members were listed in separate volumes. “I kept the stack of Xerox sheets for quite a while before I looked at them,” recalled Sutton. “When I did look—a picture jumped out: THIS was a significant part of the so-called Establishment.”

As Sutton investigated the Skull and Bones apparatus, he was shocked to discover that the society had played important roles in funding the rise of the Nazis, as well as in assisting the Russian Revolution, which had been organized primarily through Masonic  lodges in  Switzerland, England, and Russia. (Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky—Freemasons all.) Since Skull and Bones was a chapter of a German-based secret society based on the philosophical principles of Georg W.F. Hegel, with its oppositional dialectic, Sutton soon began documenting how war and revolution had been manipulated for profit. When asked what German fraternity Bones had been based on, Sutton replied, “Most likely, the Illuminati.”

Although Skull and Bones was dominated by old-money families, two new-money families—the Harrimans and the Rockefellers, respective patriarchs of the Democratic and Republican parties— had taken on important roles.

Near the end of World War II, the occult and Masonic-styled Nazi SS secretly surrendered to Allen Dulles in Operation Sunrise. The massive transfer of Nazi war criminals to safety in North and South America was handled with the assistance of the Vatican. Churches became sanctuaries for Nazi spies and scientists, many of whom would end up inside the newly created American Gestapo, the CIA, which Dulles was placed in charge of. The escape was orchestrated through the Knights of Malta. Not only was Hitler’s intelligence chief, General Reinhardt Gehlen, a Malta Knight, but so were Dulles and many highly placed members of US military intelligence. The Nazis who were spirited to safety included experts in rocket science and mind control. Brainwashing had been a major field of study at the concentration camps, and the results of these grisly experiments had obviously been deemed of important national interest.


Although countless Masonic lodges throughout the world have undoubtedly participated in political plots, few have been unveiled since Weishaupt was exposed in Bavaria. The one notable exception is Italy’s P2 scandal.

The story starts with the rapid ascension of Licio Gelli to Grand Master of Propaganda Massonica, a lodge recognized by the English Grand Lodge in 1972. Six years later, a journalist and disgruntled member published an article titled “The Great Vatican Lodge,” which claimed the Vatican Bank was being manipulated by 121 Freemasons inside the church. The list included cardinals, bishops, and high-ranking prelates. Since numerous papal bulls had forbidden Catholics to become Masons, these allegations were big news in Italy.) While investigating the bank’s financial improprieties, police stumbled onto P2’s complete membership, which included three cabinet ministers, eight admirals, 43 members of Parliament, 43 generals, heads of all three of Italy’s national security agencies, numerous judges, made mafia members, and hundreds of public servants and diplomats. The public officials were forced to resign after the lodge became linked to assassinations, terror attacks, drug-running, and a plot to stage a Fascist takeover of Italy. Their sordid list of activities included the kidnapping and murder of Prime Minister Aldo Moro, and perhaps even the untimely death of Pope John Paul I, who’d supported the investigation, and whose reign lasted a suspicious 33 days, the most important number in Masonic numerology.

According to a 1993 report on Mafia influence in Italian politics, “The admission of members of Cosa Nostra, even at high levels, in Masonry is not an occasional or episodic one, but a strategic choice. The oath of allegiance to Cosa Nostra remains the pivot point around which ‘uomini d’onore’ [men of honor] are prominently held. But the Masonic associations offer the Mafia a formidable instrument to extend their own power, to obtain favors and privileges in every field: both for the conclusion of big business and ‘fixing trials,’ as many collaborators with justice have revealed” (Commissione Parlamentare Antimafia, Relazione sui rapporti tra mafia é politica).


In 1990, the US version of the P2 scandal threatened to unfold in Omaha, Nebraska, after the collapse of a relatively unknown bank, the Franklin Credit Union. Although this scandal could have brought down the leadership of the Republican Party, news never reached far outside of Nebraska. Most of what is known about the case comes from The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, by former state senator John W. DeCamp, another book that has sold tens of thousands of copies, despite never having been reviewed in any newspaper in America.

After several children in the Omaha area independently revealed to different police agencies that they’d been subjected to sexual abuse, torture, and illegal drug use, the cases were quietly swept under the rug. But on February 8, 1984, Edward Hobbs, a teller for five years at the Franklin Credit Union wrote a memo to state banking officials detailing massive fraud and improprieties inside the bank, which was controlled by Lawrence E. “Larry” King.

King immediately fired Hobbs, and his allegations would not be investigated for another four years. When the bank was finally raided by federal agents, it was discovered that $40 million was missing. The agents also discovered that King had built a bedroom inside the bank, stocked with child pornography. At the time, King was widely celebrated as the fastest-rising black star of the Republican Party, a man who had been permitted to open the National Republican Convention twice by singing the national anthem. Knight of Malta and CIA head William Casey was Larry King’s personal friend and mentor.

By 1990, Gary Caradori, who’d been hired by the banking committee of the state legislature to investigate the case, documented over 30 children who claimed to have been subjected to occult brainwashing, sexual abuse, and drug addiction. His research revealed that many of the children had been recruited directly out of Boys Town, the most famous Catholic orphanage in America. Warren Buffet, the second wealthiest man in America, has ties to Boys Town, and his wife worked at the Franklin Credit Union.”

On June 11, 1990, Caradori was killed in a suspicious plane crash. His briefcase, reportedly containing highly explosive photographs, was never found. However, most of Caradori’s videotaped interviews with the children remained. Here is what Paul Bonacci told Caradori on May 14, one month before Caradori was killed:

“We were picked up by a white limo and taken to a [Sacramento, CA,] hotel…. Nicholas and I were driven to an area that had big trees—it took about an hour to get there. There was a cage with a boy in it who was not wearing anything…. They told me to fuck the boy and stuff. At first I said no, and they held a gun to my balls and said do it or else lose them or something like that…. We were told to fuck him and stuff and beat on him. I didn’t try to hurt him. We were told to put our dicks in his mouth and stuff and sit on the boy’s penis and stuff and they filmed it. We did this stuff for 30 minutes or an hour when a man came in and kicked us and picked us up and threw us. He grabbed the boy and started fucking him and stuff…. The boy was bleeding from his rectum, and the men tossed him and me and stuff and put the boy right next to me and grabbed a gun and blew the boy’s head off.”

Bonacci was examined by psychiatrists and found to be suffering from multiple personality disorder, a splintering of the mind that occurs when children are subjected to sexual abuse, trauma, or brainwashing.

Enormous forces were mobilized in Omaha to shut down the Franklin investigation. The children were threatened if they did not recant their stories. People involved in the case began mysteriously dying all over Nebraska.

The children had identified many notables (including Omaha’s police chief, a major newspaper publisher, a prominent judge, and the treasurer of Ak-Sar-Ben, an exclusive Masonic-style organization for Omaha’s business elite) as being involved in their torture and abuse, but only Larry King would be convicted of child abuse. Strangely, one of the two children who refused to recant, Alicia Owen, would spend more time in jail than King, after being indicted of perjury by a kangaroo grand jury. According to DeCamp, the mechanism for controlling the jury came from the Union Pacific Railroad, a company built by E. H. Harriman using Freemason Rothschild funds. Harriman’s two sons would go on to become members of Skull and Bones. “Executives of the Union Pacific Railroad have been known for two things,” remarks DeCamp. “Homosexuality and Freemasonry.”

In 1959, 44-year-old Richard Condon published his second novel, The Manchurian Candidate. Condon had spent 22 years as a publicist, most notably for Walt Disney. His novel was written after several US soldiers captured in Korea signed statements supporting Communism while in prison camps. Most Americans had never heard of brainwashing until these cases were revealed in the newspapers. Condon detailed much of the science behind brainwashing, but mostly he wrote a savage indictment of America’s ruling elite.

The villain of his story was a 50-something Nordic beauty, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Eastern Star (a Masonic society created for wives of high-ranking Freemasons.) In the book, she mainlines heroin, holds parties for the leaders of both political parties, meets with the Pope, orchestrates multiple assassinations, and employs her 25-year-old brainwashed son as a sex slave. The book created an enormous sensation in Washington. Strangely, no Hollywood studio would touch it.

Director John Frankenheimer heard that Frank Sinatra was a fan of The Manchurian Candidate and bought the film option for very little. He signed Sinatra to play a lead role, and Sinatra’s involvement was the only reason the film got studio funding. When Sinatra called President John F. Kennedy to tell him the news, JFK had one question: “Who’s going to play the mother?”

The film appeared to mixed reviews in 1962. One year later, immediately after the assassination of JFK, the book and the film disappeared for 25 years. Why? Because they came far too close to the truth. (The book has been rereleased by Four Walls Eight Windows, and a remake of the film was released in 2004.)

In 1970, “Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal,” a.k.a. the “Torbitt Document,” was circulated in Washington. Written under the pseudonym William Torbitt by a Texas lawyer who did not wish to be identified, the document claimed that the JFK assassination was orchestrated by Division Five of the FBI, working with the Defense Industrial Security Command. The head of the FBI (and Division Five) was homosexual Freemason J. Edgar Hoover, the first and only public official to create a Masonic lodge inside a federal building. Throughout his life Hoover held Masonic ceremonies on Monday nights in his office building, and it was widely believed that promotions depended on participation in these ceremonies. According to Torbitt, the assassination was funded through Swiss company Permindex and funneled through a liaison in Canada, L.M. Bloomfield, a sexual deviate. After more than four decades years of scrutiny, the Torbitt document was discovered to have been seeded with disinfo, although a few tidbits brought interesting leads to the case.

In fact, the assassination ran through a CIA base in Florida known as JM/Wave and the funds were provided by the Texas oil cartel that wanted JFK dead so he wouldn’t retract their oil depletion allowance which had made them among the richest people in America. Since JFK had closed JM/Wave and ordered its head fired (he wasn’t), and since JFK was promising to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and cast them to the wind (after the next election), all the executives at the base, as well as their entire Cuban refugee army had plenty of motivation for carrying out that murder most foul.

After the Franklin scandal erupted, DeCamp was visited many times by former CIA head William Colby, who encouraged the investigation and monitored it closely. Colby had run the CIA’s largest assassination program in Vietnam and was the attorney of the Nugan-Hand Bank, which had close ties to the heroin syndicate that flooded the US with drugs during the Vietnam War. Colby knew about the CIA’s MK-Ultra brainwashing program, undertaken with the assistance of Nazi scientists, and told DeCamp the program had gotten out of control. “Children were only supposed to be used with the permission of their parents,” said Colby. Eventually, however, Colby warned DeCamp to get away from the investigation. “This is much bigger than you ever dreamed,” he said. “Sometimes things are too big, too powerful, and the best thing we can do is survive. Write everything you know in a book, and then there’ll be no reason to kill you.”

After DeCamp self-published his book, Colby sent a copy to Attorney General Janet Reno, urging a full investigation. Shortly afterward, Colby mysteriously turned up dead.

Today most researchers on the JFK assassination agree that Lee Harvey Oswald was a real Manchurian Candidate, first subjected to mind control in 1955 when he entered the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol at age fifteen and fell under the command of hypnotist  and sexual deviant David Ferrie, whose library card would be found in Oswald’s wallet eight years later at the time of his arrest in Dallas.

On June 6, 2003, Lawrence Teeter, lawyer for Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, announced that Sirhan had been a victim of hypnotism and mind control and requested a new trial. He never got it. Sirhan remained incarcerated for 53 years before being paroled in 2021. He claims no memory of the assassination, despite having pled guilty.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Dick Cheney, a Freemason, is a former director of Union Pacific Railroad. A long list of Cheney’s relatives have been inducted into Bones. President George W. Bush is a third-generation Boner who flew to the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command on September 11, 2001, where he met Warren Buffet, one of the largest stockholders in the CIA-connected Washington Post, although Buffet divested his 28% after the company was sold to Jeff Bezos.

The land on which the towers once stood is leased from Trinity Church, which owns much of the property around Wall Street. The Strategic Air Command is located near Omaha, Nebraska, the city with the most documented cases of multiple personality disorder, as well as the highest percentage of CIA personnel in the country.

Guide to Some Famous Fake Whistleblowers

When intel wants to lead independent researchers into a rabbit hole, they start by manufacturing a lightning rod. A fake whistleblower. Every major crime committed by the CIA is dominated by a fake whistleblower. Mark Lane is a great example.

The Apocalyptic Mike Ruppert

The fake whistleblower will get all the headlines. The fake whistleblower will be attacked through staged confrontations. These flame wars only serve to buttress the fake whistleblower’s position at the top of conspiracy mountain. I am reminded greatly of the feud between Mike Ruppert and Chip Berlet.

Ruppert exposed the war games on 9/11 that shielded the hijackings with fake radar blips blanketing the East Coast and then led his followers into Peak Oil, which was a scheme to double oil prices by falsely claiming we were about to run out. He also dug a 9/11 rabbit hole called “Lt. Vreeland.”

Berlet led the primary attack on 9/11 conspiracy theory, while the “truth” movement was deeply embedded with spooks of all stripes from day one. This should be considered evidence of an inside job.

Chip Berlet invented the word “conspiracism” and promoted the idea that all people who thought 9/11 might have been an inside job belonged in insane asylums. Berlet was briefly made Washington DC correspondent for High Times due to his connections to Michael Kennedy. Both were tutored in intel ops by Leonard Boudin, whose uncle had founded the American Communist Party with John Reed. Of course Louis and Reed were both spooks, as was Leonard as well as anyone connected to his “Committee on Public Safety.” In this case,  protecting “public safety” involved setting off hundreds of bombs and terrorizing America with leftwing violence for over a decade. Shades of 1984 newspeak.

Right after 9/11 the internet was flooded with conspiracy theory. Mostly crackpot info, but the more intellectual element pointed towards the Mossad. The leader of this meme called himself “Sean McBride” and he posted out of the Boston area. He never resorted to the racist language of his acolytes. I spent weeks debating McBride right after the event on a discussion board while getting pounded by haters.

One day, I posted fragments from Chip Berlet and McBride, revealing they were most likely the same person. Berlet was the chief debunker in the media of any Israeli connection to 9/11, a strong defender of Israel and considered an expert on Mossad operations. Berlet was a close associate of both Michael Kennedy and A.J. Weberman. Strangely, McBride went silent for hours. Typically, he was all over my posts. And when he did come back he explained he’d been busy “playing tennis.” Before long, Berlet lost his cushy paycheck from the CIA-connected Ford Foundation. I had to wonder if the two events might have been connected.

Walter Bowart

Walter Bowart was the first fake whistleblower on MK/Ultra. I have a letter or two from him in the archives. Bowart had a connection with Stephenson, indicating an MI6 component to exposing mind control.

The CIA was all over the LSD explosion and were behind much of the manufacture, distribution and profiteering. Their key operative was Ron Stark. Good luck finding anything real about him. The CIA’s alternative counterculture included Kerry Thornley, who put a smokescreen over the Boners involvement in the JFK hit. Thornley was assisted by Robert Anton Wilson in that regard.

Jan Irvin (right) turned Joe Rogan (left) onto DMT. I pay little attention to Rogan’s conspiracy-laden podcasts because he has a history of being played by intel stooges like Irvin.

I did podcast interviews with Jan Irvin and Ed Opperman some time ago after getting dumped by High Times. They sought me out and I was unaware of their Tin Foil Hattery. Irvin was involved in shifting Jack Herer away from cannabis and into amanita muscaria, a well-worn trail blazed initially by Gordon Wasson, a VP at JP Morgan. Irvin was greatly assisted in this mission by a pedophile named James Arthur (aka James Dukovic), who committed suicide after his crimes were exposed. Arthur abused some of Herer’s kids. Since Irvin has spent time in mental institutions, it’s possible he got programmed in the process. He’s a raving lunatic on the order of Mark Passio, and obviously those two support each other. In a nutshell, Irvin promotes the idea an Aleister Crowley sex magic cult run by Jews secretly runs the world. You have to pay Irvin to listen to my interview, but I undoubtedly went after McGowan and his theory that the entire counterculture was a CIA op from day one. McGowan was the one who invented the crisis actors rabbit hole.

Ed Opperman

Along these same lines, you’ll find the phony baloney Opperman Report. I think my interview with Ed got scrubbed. I did my best to call out the real intel operators infesting the counterculture movement. They involve lawyers, like Mark Lane, all members of the Communist-created National Lawyers Guild. On the super dark side of this group stood Michael Kennedy whose radical activities begin while stationed at Ft. Knox, KY, before he was relocated to Berkeley after getting mustered out. He was a secret leader of the terrorist Weather Underground.

I only saw Kennedy scared twice. The first was after he discovered New York magazine was investigating him for a potential cover story. I didn’t know it at the time, but Kennedy was connected to the murder of a San Francisco police officer. It was the first of numerous bombs set off by his unit, although they probably weren’t expecting a fatality, which is why they never took credit. During the planning, Kennedy’s wife was meeting with Bernadine Dohrn, as they had the same gynecologist and appointments were timed to coincide. This is spook ops 101.

Lance Taylor (center) changed his name to Afrika Bambaataa and began grooming kids entering Middle School.

Kennedy was terrified this might come out. His trajectory had moved swiftly from jousting with the government in numerous high-profile cases, to living in the Boner enclave in Wainscott and rubbing elbows with billionaires.

Funny thing about Opperman. He hung out with Yippies and Zippies in the early seventies and also knew Lance Taylor, who would later morph into Afrika Bambaataa. Unfortunately, Bambaataa was a pedophile who created a bizarre cult stuffed with Tin Foil Hattery. It’s dangerous to speak out about him because at least one insider who tried to expose the real story ended up getting murdered. Bam was able to get the center of gravity on hip hop for a brief time thanks to Planet Rock, his homage to Kraftwerk. Sadly, I played a crucial role in building up Bam’s reputation.

Towards the end of my Opperman interview, after I realized Ed was a McGowan fan and also supported Alex Jones’ outrageous lies that nobody died at Sandy Hook School….it was all crisis actors…. I cornered and roasted Ed over that issue. I can’t find that interview and it may be behind a paywall or scrubbed. I did make my own copy though. The list of people appearing on the Opperman Report gives a solid map to the Tin Foil Hat Patrol.

This may become my greatest lasting legacy. Far into the future, researchers may untangle intel’s massive campaign to manufacture lightning rods and unmask the network of intel sock puppets supporting ops like Alex Jones.


Kennedy had zero experience with divorce litigation and Trump had a bulletproof Roy Cohn pre-nup. Kennedy began by telling Ivana to claim Donald had raped her against her will during their marriage. That was just the first of a long line of absurdities that back-fired. After it was over many months later, Ivana called Kennedy’s office as she had some questions about the bill he’d submitted.

Ivana and Kennedy’s wife seemed to go from best friends to no longer friends, and a rumor spread Ivana was happy with the final settlement, conveniently hidden behind a non-disclosure agreement.

My analysis in a nutshell is a coalition of East Coast old money and European royalty are working on keeping the status quo, which is why so much blather in our media on the Crown and the Pope as those magic shows require constant promotion to keep their hoodwinks going. All royals of the world are watching closely and most of them are related, so status quo is all in the family.

In order to manage the opposition, they must run all reform movements in secret. When you have a centuries old power structure, the secret police come with the territory, and the most effective leader was Adam Weishaupt, an orphan raised by Jesuits. But in my time, I may have clashed with his second coming in Kennedy, also raised by Jesuits from age 4.

Weishaupt ran the fake opposition against the Vatican during the Enlightenment Era, but upon his death, the church was called in, and he was granted full absolution.

How similar Kennedy received a full military funeral with army brass in attendance after running the terrorist Weather Underground and jousting with the CIA and Pentagon in numerous litigations. In other words, the fake opposition against the government. I submit this is evidence Kennedy began his career as a Vietnam war dissident while working secretly for G2.

Mark Passio’s Satanic Hoax

Mark Passio treads a well-worn path of demonization.

To fully understand Mark Passio, one need only study the history of conspiracy theory, a term invented by the CIA following JFK’s assassination to spread confusion over that murder most foul. The spin experts at Langley were working a great media Wurlitzer and realized the value of flooding America with “Elvis is Alive,” “We Never Landed on the Moon,” and “The Aliens have Landed.” These stories were manufactured to divert attention away from Kennedy’s murder and most of the seeding involved the popular supermarket tabloids.

Two of the most influential members of intel’s Tin Foil Hat Patrol were Kerry Thornley and Art Bell. Thornley wrote an outlandish fake narrative concerning the Illuminati that unfortunately got swallowed whole by Robert Anton Wilson, while Bell became the first promoter of the chemtrails, in which globalists are allegedly fomenting death and disease by releasing toxins from airplanes at great heights. Suddenly, that white cloud vapor created by jet engines (which is made entirely of water) became a source of great consternation to a gullible minority. The story got a lot of traction when a former FBI official from LA confirmed chemtrails were a plot to kill off a large percentage of our population.

Why would anyone spread toxins at great heights when the wind carries them hundreds of miles away and they could instead be cheaply inserted into vaccines? The chemtrail conspiracy never made sense and never had a shred of evidence. Meanwhile, a monkey virus called SV-40 had been accidentally inserted into the polio vaccine, something that could have played a role in the later emergence of a cancer-causing monkey virus called AIDS. Tragically, that did not need to happen at all because monkey kidneys were never required to grow vaccines. That can be done cheaper and easier with agar. So why kill all those monkeys? But the most important detail is both Robert Anton Wilson and Art Bell initially ridiculed Jim Garrison’s efforts to blame the CIA for JFK’s murder, while supporting the wackiest of conspiracy theories.

By the 1990s, the misguided belief a vast satanic conspiracy was running the oligarchy was already well-established, as well as the fear these elites were kidnapping children for mind control experiments. We know drug-induced brainwashing flourished in the 1950s and 60s, but after some in the CIA (including William Colby) sought to expose some atrocities, the evidence was erased during a Rockefeller-led investigation. The person pushing the original satanic conspiracy was that same former FBI official, Ted Gunderson.

Today, Gunderson has been replaced by “Q” of Q-Anon. The dumbest among us are easily hoodwinked into crackpot conspiracies, and the more outlandish the more likely they are to be swallowed. The flat earth society and Q-Anon represent the pinnacles of this operation.

President Trump was never interested in exposing the deep state because that would involve releasing the JFK documents on JM/Wave, and he would have launched a new investigation into 9/11, and sought to identify those who profited, including the ones who placed wagers on certain airline stocks. But that would attract serious blowback from the real deep state. Fake whistleblowers like Gunderson always emerge first to snag the center of gravity after deep state operations. Real whistleblowers get disappeared quick while the fakes typically wind up on the cover of Time.

When President Reagan deregulated the banking industry, the CIA stepped in and busted out a string of banks, one of which was in Omaha, Nebraska: the Franklin Savings & Loan (which had links to squeaky clean Warren Buffet.) The bank was run by a pedophile named Larry King who had a bedroom installed inside his office. King deployed the most famous Catholic orphanage in America (Boy’s Town) as a recruitment center for his child sex slaves. The kids were given drugs and subjected to trauma. Toddlers later claimed to have witnessed the murder of older kids deemed no longer useful. The children knew they could easily be killed too and that fear kept a lid on the story for years. But eventually, some of them began talking and a state representative launched an investigation.

The Franklin Savings & Loan conspiracy stretched into the upper ranks of the Republican Party, which is why it was completely discredited after a sham grand jury ruled the children had fabricated all the horrific tales of abuse. The victims became victims once again as they were charged with perjury and forced to recant or go to jail. In many respects, Franklin was a mirror of the operation run by Jeffrey Epstein. Children were sexualized and then turned over to prominent people so the abuse could be secretly videotaped.

I spent a lifetime investigating these operations, and unfortunately got hoodwinked into a few rabbit holes myself along the way. Eventually, I concluded war is the driving force behind all this, as well as our greatest economic engine, which is why wars are so carefully engineered. The winner is always the one with the most resources. Fomenting war is a matter of state security. On September 11, 2001, the internet was flooded with crackpot conspiracy theory,  all obviously prepared in advance and dropped like chaff and flares. This instant internet campaign was evidence of a conspiracy. The same Tin Foil Hat network that spread paranoia about chemtrails and satanism also spread the fake memes on 9/11.

Nothing excites nationalistic fervor like war. It’s no accident most are waged in the name of one religion or another. Religion is a form of magic, and for those who don’t buy into the mainstream magic show honoring the meek and mild, there’s an alternative magick show for opening the floodgates of desire. Historically, wars are instigated through false-flag operations.

The primary psychological control mechanism over the masses has always been religion, and since many of our schools and universities are run by religious institutions, the system has a corrupting influence on education, which is why the belief a man called Jesus really walked the earth flourishes in some universities as fact. When people buy into a magical Santa Claus story as fact, their judgment becomes compromised.

Passio was a devoted Satanist who apparently got kicked out of his coven. His current world view was lifted from David Icke. According to Icke, the central banks are run by shapeshifting aliens from another dimension. Passio’s version is a bit different as it revolves around a satanic conspiracy. Demonizing old money is a misdirection because most of these elites worship in mainstream religion, something they already own and control, even if they do play around with occult ritual in secret societies like freemasonry and college fraternities. Passio’s satanic conspiracy and Icke’s alien conspiracy serve to place a protective bubble over the real story because these satanists and aliens don’t exist.

Passio’s theories are rife with errors of judgment. He supports the idea that soma of the Rig Veda is a reference to a mushroom (and not cannabis). He supports the idea anger is an expression of “true spirituality.” He supports the idea the covid pandemic is a psyop but provides zero evidence to support this claim.

Certainly Covid could have been a planned event designed to force populations to become compliant with vaccinations and isolation. However, just as the first to talk about explosives in regard to 9/11 were fake whistleblowers, the “plandemic” meme was initially advanced by disinfo agents. 
We know the virus most likely came from a lab and the CIA held a war game concerning an escaped bat virus just a few months before it happened. That war game was organized by Bill Gates, who partied with Jeffrey Epstein.
We know Fauci funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab, and that he has always been in the pocket of Big Pharma and he played some devious roles in the AIDs epidemic, the response of which was a tragic fiasco.
Sadly, AIDS also bears signs of a planned event. RFK Jr is the only person of influence who has any grip on the real situation.
The first people to reveal something closer to the real story will lead people off a cliff or down a rabbit hole (get guns and kill police). They will amplify violence and discord and destroy any semblance of unity. That is why I sense the word “plandemic” was initially created and deployed by the CIA’s Tin Foil Hat patrol.
You will find characters like Alex Jones and Mark Passio and David Icke were likely the first to deploy the word “plandemic.”
By tying his Tin Foil Hat nonsense into everything he says,  Passio actually helps cover up the plandemic possibility as nothing he says will ever be taken seriously by the mainstream media. He supports the idea we must arm ourselves and wage violence in the name of protecting our freedom. Leading people into violence is the easiest way to disarm any effective opposition to the real deep state.

Satanism and Christianity are flip sides of the same coin and obey the same rules. You can worship a benevolent deity or some power deity, but both are entirely in your imagination. The important thing about magic is it only works on believers. Magic manipulates telepathic energy and that energy runs through us all naturally. You can’t do ceremonies without it. But magic can be twisted by predators and deployed to ensnare acolytes.  Some people crave the comfort of a guru, just like they crave belief in eternal life and want desperately to reunite with past loved ones. In reality, nothing is eternal and the dead are gone. And paying a psychic won’t bring them back. There’s no heaven nor hell, nor any sort of nirvana afterlife. To be truly enlightened, one must accept this uncertainty and stop seeking magic formulas, incantations and gurus.

The king of dark magic is undoubtedly Aleister Crowley, although few realize Crowley was often deployed as an MI6 operative. His secret society (OTO) began in Germany as a revival of the Illuminati. Crowley was able to penetrate and take over that society, similar to the way a German military intelligence officer named Hitler penetrated and took over a racist rightwing society. Hitler got crucial support from the biggest corporation in Europe (IG Farben), which was constructed by John Foster Dulles using Wall Street loans. The company was designed as a mirror of Standard Oil, which was owned by Dulles’ in-laws. These two mega corporations did business throughout WWII and afterwards Farben splintered back into five pieces while valuable patents were given to American corporations. Today, one of those pieces owns Monsanto.

You won’t find anything close to the real story of mind control in Passio’s vast satanic conspiracy because his story is just another form of mind control. The original Illuminati never discussed politics nor religion because they sought to manipulate all sides. They recruited the virtuous and the non-virtuous equally and kept those two separated. Their goal was acquisition of power in secret and had nothing to do with advancing satanism. The founder was a lawyer of canon law at a Jesuit university. But then, the Catholic church has long maintained masons are satanists, which is why they are officially forbidden to partake in communion.

Like his mentor David Icke, Passio manufactures paranoia for profit and ego attention while leading people away from real enlightenment by steering them onto a well-worn trail of demonization. The real psyop of our time mostly concerns magnifying violence and Passio plays a minor role in this game.

William Morgan’s Murder

In 1826, William Morgan applied to join the Freemason lodge in Batavia, New York, but the application was strangely rejected, possibly because of some recent financial difficulties. As an accepted mason from a distant lodge, Morgan took great umbrage against the Batavia lodge and decided to publish an expose of the society and reveal its secrets. In order to become a mason, Morgan had taken an oath never to reveal the secrets of the order (upon penalty of death). After quickly writing a manuscript, Morgan found a nearby publisher willing to take on the project.

William Morgan.

It’s no secret Masonry played a leading role in our revolution. George Washington was the most influential mason in North America, as well as the wealthiest landowner. Masonry was spread largely through the British military and through the world’s second largest corporation, the British East India Company, whose stock was closely held by the ruling oligarchy of the empire. In the late 1700s, however, the empire was on shaky ground. The East India Company, modeled after (and designed to compete with) the Dutch East India Company, was losing the trade war against the Dutch, who were jousting on the high seas with the British Navy. The British devised a scheme to capture a monopoly in tea away from the Dutch, but that plan backfired and created a huge glut of tea, most of which seemed destined to rot in warehouses. In response, the company got a special exemption from Parliament to ship tea straight to the Colonies for distribution. Even with a small tax, the tea was priced to undersell the smuggled Dutch tea that had greatly undercut the British prices.

There was a masonic lodge in Boston that organized a tea dump that sparked our revolution. What seems odd in hindsight is how this insignificant tax was deployed as a springboard to incite intense hostility against the crown. Wouldn’t it have made more sense just to boycott the English tea rather than destroying it? Strangely, that dumping saved the East India Company a fortune because the insurance company covered the losses. England had the power to crush the Colonial rebellion, but chose not to and soon capitulated after some misguided and poorly planned expeditions. Clearly, England’s attention was on Europe and the East. After the French and Dutch were defeated, the Russians and English engaged in a “great game” to outflank each other through the spread of spies and secret societies, and Masonry played a key role in this game.

The American Revolution was planned and instigated by some of the richest merchants conspiring with the biggest bond holders (bankers), and the purpose was removing English oversight while preserving the economic status quo. Most masonic lodges stayed loyal to the Crown, despite masonry’s celebration of liberty and equality, but the revolt was organized through a handful of rebel lodges. Since there were prominent masons on both sides of the conflict, on Tuesday nights all sides were welcome to gather, even if it was the eve of battle.

But after Morgan announced his book’s imminent publication, the publisher’s printshop mysteriously burned to the ground, and Morgan was railroaded into jail on imaginary charges. The police, judge and jury assembled were all Masons, which created controversy that soon spread like wildfire. Suddenly, some Masons showed up at the jail and bailed Morgan out and he was never seen again.

The outcry over Morgan’s murder created the first third party, the Anti-masonic Party. Meanwhile, citizen investigators began looking into Masonry and discovered another secret society was embedded deeper inside. George Washington had been well aware of the recently-established Illuminati infesting masonry in 1776 and warned of its arrival on our shores in his correspondence. But Washington probably wasn’t aware the Illuminati had been created by Jesuits during a time when a international outcry against Jesuits was sweeping across Europe.

Around this same time, less than 60 miles from where Morgan was murdered, Freemason Joseph Smith announced the discovery of two golden tablets that proved Jesus had visited North America. Upstate New York was undergoing a wave of folk spiritualism, and many fake mediums were claiming magic powers, so Smith didn’t really stick out initially. But having funds and a powerful backer at his disposal helped Smith immensely in building a flock of followers willing to support his vision of an American Zion. Not so strangely, the rituals of Mormonism look a lot like the rituals of Masonry. In a strange twist, Morgan’s widow married Joseph Smith and moved with him to Illinois, where he was murdered by a mob while flashing the masonic sign of distress.

Two other masonic-style lodges soon appeared to quickly exert great national influence, one in New Haven (1832) and the other New York (1843). Both could be suspected as possible Illuminati operations. The New Haven lodge was created by William Russell, cousin to the heir to the North American opium cartel. Russell visited Germany during the summer of his junior year at Yale, and when he returned and discovered Phi Beta Kappa had gone public, created the Order of Skull & Bones, which was soon running Yale. The Boners then moved into strategic positions in finance, education and government.

The New York lodge became known as B’nai B’rith, and was established on the Lower East Side by 12 recently-arrived German Jews. Strangely, these two secret societies would play key roles in the coming Civil War, just as a couple Masonic lodges had played key roles in fomenting the revolution. During the war, the center of American finance moved from Philadelphia to Boston and Wall Street. The war created the Robber Barons, who captured a stranglehold on the economy. A handful of men suddenly owned just about everything and it’s been that way ever since.


The Real James Bond

William Stephenson was England’s greatest spook, although his life has been, for the most part, strangely ignored. Ian Fleming was one of his thousands of secret agents, although Fleming’s James Bond was a pale, romanticized version of the real story. Perhaps Stephenson has yet to be mined by the media because his story illustrates how our own domestic counterintelligence operations have their origins in SIS and MI6 operations.

After the death of his father, Stephenson was raised by a working class family in Winnipeg, Canada. Never rising more than 5 foot two, he had two passions early in life: books and boxing. As a featherweight, he was rarely, if ever, defeated.

In January 1916, Stephenson volunteered to fight in Europe and was incapacitated by a gas attack within a week of arrival. In April 1917 he joined the Royal Flying Corp, shot down either 12 or 18 enemy aircraft, and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross the following year.

Shot down behind enemy lines, Stephenson ended up in a German prisoner-of-war camp, where he escaped with a stolen can opener. Before escaping, he told a fellow prisoner he planned to patent the can opener in every country outside German influence. His Canadian company went bankrupt, however, and he decamped to England to start over, leaving unpaid debts in his wake. He teamed with an inventor working on wireless photography and got rich in the process, elevating into the orbit of the British oligarchy. Obviously, transmitting photos via radio waves was also a subject of intense interest to the secret services. In 1924, Stephenson married an American tobacco heiress.

Stephenson and his photo-radio machine.

Stephenson seems to have been operating as a private intelligence operative for Winston Churchill in the 1930s, long before Churchill was re-appointed First Lord of the Admiralty. These two powerful characters would become forever entwined in covert ops on a massive scale. Although Stephenson was now in charge of factories building cars and radios, as well as running the largest film studio in England, he was spending most of his time in Germany gathering intelligence on the secret Nazi rearmament, while Churchill was using that information to make anti-Nazi speeches in Parliament as a way to advance his career. Before long, Churchill was Prime Minister, and among his first acts was secretly moving Stephenson to New York City, where he was tasked with the mission of getting America into the war. Very soon, Stephenson was running 3,000 operatives out of an entire floor of Rockefeller Center, provided rent-free. Among his thousands of spooks were William Donovan and the young Allen Dulles, and, of course, FDR. Stephenson was a frequent visitor to the White House and also forged a close relationship with J. Edgar Hoover. His operations included running the five types of spies as well as assassinating Nazi agents and neutralizing influential isolationists and peaceniks by-any means-necessary. Stephenson was not beyond carrying out wet work, and didn’t require a Smith & Wesson since he could dispatch targets with a single karate chop to the neck.

Of course, Stephenson had highly-placed operatives in the press to push his propaganda, and the highest among these were Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson. Pearson had a young intern named Jack Anderson who would soon play an influential role in beltway gossip. It should be noted that during the war, Pearson singlehandedly torpedoed George Patton’s career. Patton was famous for visiting his wounded warriors and became enraged when he found a soldier without visible wounds taking up precious hospital space. The Nazis were astonished when Patton lost his command. They could not believe the Allies would sideline their best general for something they considered so inconsequential as a general striking an enlisted man. But sidelining Patton could have been in the interest of British intelligence since he was upstaging Montgomery, their designated knight-in-shining-armor. Montgomery would soon be leading a tragic bridge-too-far fiasco, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths, while Patton might have easily captured Berlin earlier in the war, long before the carpet-bombing on civilian cities like Dresden or the bloody Battle of the Bulge. One wonders if all that last minute carpet bombing on civilians was actually necessary, or deployed to rack up profits for the bomb builders back home. It’s also interesting that Patton had retired himself and was on the eve of returning to America (where he would have immediately begun a political career to threaten Eisenhower’s) when he was killed by a freak auto accident. There was no autopsy and the driver of the vehicle was disappeared so as not to be available to the press.

Mark Wortman writes on the Daily Beast: Thanks to the British sympathies of Nelson Rockefeller and his family, Stephenson opened an office in Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan, on the 36th floor of the International Building North, at 636 Fifth Avenue. The sign over Room 3603 read “British Passport Control Office.”

Room 3603 housed two operational arms under Stephenson’s control. The British Information Service (BIS) ran a so-called “white,” or soft, propaganda operation that published magazines and pamphlets, paid for radio broadcasts, including over a New Jersey radio station it controlled, and broadcasted multilingual shortwave programming around the Western Hemisphere aimed at boosting support for the British cause.

Decades before the terms “viral media” and “fake news” were on anybody’s tongue, the BIS began subsidizing Overseas News Agency (ONA), a branch of the Jewish Telegraph Agency, to feed manufactured stories, often couched within factual material, about German atrocities, British pluck under the German bomber onslaught, and Hitler’s threats against the Americas, to its New Jersey Radio Station, which tagged them with the news agency label.

During the war, Stephenson’s network worked closely with the FBI to monitor domestic and international communications, including reading the mail to and from targets before it passed through the system. Immediately after the war, Stephenson’s operations were gradually incorporated into the OSS, which morphed into the CIA, both run by Stephenson operatives. And, of course, Allen Dulles organized a secret Nazi surrender and the movement of war criminals to the west with new identities so they could deploy their talents for a new master.

In 1946, Donovan presented Stephenson with the Medal of Merit, the highest US civilian honor. He was the first foreigner to receive the award. So basically, Stephenson ran an anti-German spy and propaganda operation in violation of US law while we were still a neutral nation. This included neutralizing political targets and interfering in our internal affairs by manufacturing and spreading disinfo. At the same time, Bonesman Prescott Bush was running Union Bank and funneling money to the Nazi cause, while Allen’s big brother John Foster was setting up IG Farben as Germany’s mirror of Standard Oil with loans floated from his Sullivan and Cromwell clients on Wall Street. Surely, there is more here than what they’ve been telling us so far. But even from my lowly perch it sure looks like wars are orchestrated and mined for profit and social control.


Dulles and the Protocols

There’s nothing quite like being born into an old money family, like Allen Dulles was. His grandfather was Secretary of State under President Harrison, while his uncle served that post for President Wilson. Dulles was cousin to David Rockefeller (by marriage), educated at Princeton and always a bit sensitive about his club foot.

I think Dulles became a spook right out of college, as he went directly into the Diplomatic Corps, a haven for spooks since its inception. He became sheep-dipped as a knight in shining armor by returning from Europe to help write an expose on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the New York Times. Since their appearance, the Protocols have been used as a counterintelligence tool to soften up populations by scapegoating Jews prior to instigating a violent pogrom. But Dulles didn’t reveal that truth, just that whoever wrote the Protocols cribbed material from a variety of sources which means they weren’t really the notes from some satanic world council of Jewish leaders. The Protocols claimed a global conspiracy was underfoot to secretly manifest a new world war designed to milk profits while killing millions of innocents in the process.

When old money has big plans for one of their knights, they run an op to have that person sheep-dipped into an icon quick as possible, sort of like the way John Kerry was run around the jungle in Vietnam to look like he was a heroic, dashing soldier in combat mode, when really he was just faking it for the cameras the whole time and never in any sort of danger.

When Dulles returned to New York, he went to work for the British and his job was to foment World War II and get America into the war as quickly as possible. It seems Dulles had friends on Wall Street who were funding the rise of Hitler and Communism in the hope of producing an epic clash of cultures that could be milked for profit for years. The military-industrial complex was but a glean in their eye and speck in their heart, but within a few years they would become the dominant force in America.

The plan may have been to have Germany and Japan conquer most of the world while stealing everything possible and wreaking as much terror and havoc on civilians as possible (survivors are shell-shocked and easily manipulated by propaganda and intel ops). After Germany and Japan were vanquished, conquered profit streams and cartels could be divided amongst the victors on Wall Street and inside the Bank of England, although the old money families of Germany and Japan would be left with their corporations and family fortunes mostly intact, and Europe’s dominant cartel, I.G. Farben, was merely split into a few pieces. (And by the way, Farben had been designed and set-up through loans engineered by Dulles’ brother John Foster and based off its biggest corporate investor, Standard Oil.)

Meanwhile, the stolen loot could be secretly transferred around the Bank of International Settlements in a shell-game designed to conceal who-got-when-where-why. It was a win-win for some old money families. Just so you know, the favorite banker of the Nazis invented the Bank of International Settlements, and put it into place shortly before the war started, and located it in Switzerland.

When the war broke out, Dulles was moved to Switzerland to conduct operations against Germany. The reason the German resistance failed internally was not because many Germans did not want to get rid of Hitler, a German military intelligence officer old money had put into power, but because Dulles and SIS refused to take the German resistance to Hitler seriously and let vital intelligence assets like Count Von Stauffenberg and Wilhelm Canaris dangle around helpless until the SS could round them up and assassinate them. Every single attempt to warn British and American intelligence about Hitler’s plans was ignored. The fact Stauffenberg and Canaris were both assassinated leaves no doubt they were high-ranking aristocrats working hard to neutralize Hitler, but died without receiving a shred of support from his supposed enemies. Support that could have brought an early end to the war.

When the war was over, Dulles imported the cream of Nazi scientists, spooks and assassins and employed them to help build the Central Intelligence Agency, which was constructed with the assistance of his old boss from British intelligence and modeled after MI5-6, with the key component of a counterintelligence unit for dirty tricks. Dulles put his close friend James Angleton in this crucial post because Angleton had been posted in Italy while Dulles was in Switzerland and had been trained by British intelligence and maintained close relations with the Vatican, which was providing crucial support to help shelter Nazis until they could be moved to new positions in North and South America. Before getting this job, Angleton promised never to put Dulles or any of his cronies on Wall Street on a lie detector and ask questions about their relations with German corporations during the war.

Just to give you an idea of what was going on, the Luftwaffe depended on Standard Oil for the war’s entire duration and could not have flown without it. Since Standard was owned by Dulles’ cousin (by marriage), one can see how easily these two people could have conspired to manifest and conceal illegal profits by playing both sides against the middle, which is standard black ops for British intelligence.

Another revealing detail is Farben was the dominant industrial, chemical and fuel corporation in Europe, and held a virtual monopoly in Europe on all things petrochemical, and yet its immense headquarters housing 200,000 workers was never bombed during the war. Now consider immediately after the war, the US Army Command moved into Farben’s executive offices. Hitler had tried to blow up German’s infrastructure in a fit of depression, but Hitler couldn’t blow up I.G. Farben. That was run by old money and some of Farben’s biggest investors were back in New York City.

Maybe you haven’t figured this out, but WWII was largely a war against civilian populations. To give an idea: 20 million Russians, 20 million Chinese, 9 million Germans, 6 million Jews, 3 million Japanese. American and British losses, meanwhile, were less than one million combined. So you can see which countries took the brunt impact of that manufactured event.

Later in life, Dulles would admit Japan tried to surrender before the A-bombs were dropped (see newspaper article above), a largely symbolic event that unfortunately added immensely to the suffering and loss of completely innocent civilians.

If they needed a show of force, why the hell couldn’t it have at least been a military target? Was it because shock and awe of such terrible human suffering was part of the strategy? I am reminded of a line in one of my favorite movies, The Man Who Would Be King, which tells the story of two Freemasons, veterans of the British Army, who find themselves stranded in India and after building a volunteer army they are marching into the first battle and Sean Connery says something like: “Make sure it is bloody. The bloodier the better.” Well, that’s the same attitude old money had regarding WWII, especially since most of that blood was spilled somewhere else.

Here’s another key: spooks cannot be fired or retired. That’s because when they start operations, they might be employed by an agency or corporation or anything, but once they become successful, they’re running a secret network of operatives, all of whom carry out secret missions on a need-to-know basis. So as long as these agents get some operating costs and some mission bonuses, they’ll keep functioning forever, even if their spook handler changes sides, because it’s really all about the money and not the dogmas or even the patriotic causes.

And that’s what happened in Germany because as soon as Hitler fell, his biggest spook went to straight to Dulles and changed sides and that Nazi spy network fell under operational control of Dulles.

Suspected Illuminati operations and how they work

In terms of influence and notoriety, the Illuminati remain the world’s dominating secret society, but since the topic has been drowned by disinfo ops, few have any concept of the true nature of of its evolution.

The society was devised by Adam Weishaupt, a law professor at a Jesuit University, an orphan raised by Jesuits who specialized in canon law. Weishaupt had been suddenly elevated to a leading post after the Vatican declared war on the Jesuits, a confrontation that was momentary, but one that forced some German Jesuits into Russia for a brief time to seek sanctuary, leaving their assets, businesses and schools in hands they trusted.

Because Freemasonry was the most powerful force driving an enlightenment towards democracies that would respect basic human rights, Weishaput devised a plot to infest masonry secretly from within. He was undoubtedly not the first to come up with this concept. Surely the East India Company and many of the earliest intelligence operatives in England had similar plots well underway. This is because if there’s going to be a revolution, it’s best your secret agents modulate it so as not to do damage to your bottom line.

Weishaput was a bit of a genius when it came to devising secret plots. Here are a few of his rules:

target the heads of lodges and societies, and avoid the general riffraff;

recruit virtuous and non-virtuous members, and keep those two groups separate;

never let most members know anyone but their handler;

use attractive females, not as members, but as bait to attract targets.

Prospective members provided a detailed biography that included their most treasured desires, and were promised elevation into the upper ranks of society in return. It was relatively easy to elevate a few, and use the few successes to capture bigger targets. They were also led to believe a secret counsel of magical masters ran the organization, when, in fact, it was Weishaupt reporting to the Jesuits who’d raised him from birth. It’s also worth noting that the society was founded by a list of prominent German nobles who were interested in fomenting religious freedom in order to unify the German people, indicating it was a spook operation from day one.

Dorhn declares total war on America.

The installation of Lenin to create the first Communist state reminds me greatly of the installation of Bernadine Dohrn as leader of the SDS. Relatively few people were involved in both actions, and both actions involved seizing the center of gravity quickly and demonizing moderate opposition as counter-revolutionary. Ever since the bankers installed Lenin, Communism has been the center of gravity on revolution around the globe. So you can have the CIA/Wall Street gut your economy and raid your resources, or you can have covert Russian military support for a coup which, if successful, will install a military dictatorship. Either way, democracy will not win. This is simply because the banks have no interest in democracies, only profit streams.

You’d have to be pretty naive at this point to believe the Weather Underground was anything but a CIA plot to destroy the SDS, which was a non-violent student organization bent on making the USA a real democracy. The operation really gained its momentum through the assassination of Fred Hampton, the greatest activist at the time, and the person who invented the phrase “rainbow coalition.” Fred successfully ended the gang wars in Chicago, and was then invited to become chairman of the Black Panther Party, which he immediately turned into a non-violent organization. But when Fred was obviously assassinated by the Chicago police, the Weather Underground shifted the center of gravity towards violence as the only logical response. (“They’re killing us!”).

Patti Astor, who would later create the most influential art gallery of her time, was there, and saw it all go down.

“SDS was really gathering steam at that point poised to become a real force and Weather Underground blew the whole thing to shit. It was a serious like almost body snatching scenario where one day everything was fine and the next people you KNEW were screaming about getting in cells and tons of crazy shit.”

All you have to do is follow the money. And there is another important trail: the creation of an Illuminati smokescreen, something that began with Kerry Thornley, who was posted at Atsugi with Lee Harvey Oswald and later became an important witness to the Warren Commission. Thornley introduced Robert Anton Wilson to his fake Illuminati theories, and Wilson co-wrote a softcore-sci-fi fantasy trilogy. Wilson never did much in the way of real research into the history of the society as he preferred to spread chaff and flares over the story. All this was going on during Garrison’s investigation of the JFK assassination. Thornley was flooding the alternative media with his wacky theories, such as: all the jurors were Illuminati because they all had only one nipple.

It would take decades before two researchers would open cracks in the windows: Antony Sutton and Danny Casolaro.

Sutton proved the rituals at Yale’s Skull & Bones fraternity were virtually identical to those used by the original Illuminati, while Casolaro traced the Bones involvement with the Kennedy assassination before being murdered and dumped in a motel bathtub.

Suspected Illuminati operations include:

The French Revolution and Reign of Terror

Creation of the Church of Latter Day Saints

The Civil War and conversion of the South into a banana republic

Installation of Wall Street as the financial center of America

The Serbian Revolution and destruction of the Ottoman Empire

World War I

Installation of Communism in Russia

World War II

Re-installation of Israel in Palestine

Creation of the Weather Underground


Roots of the first World War

Once one of the world’s greatest empires, the Islamic Ottoman empire began bleeding from a dozen cuts as nations surrounding it chipped away at its borders at the turn of the century. To save his empire from collapse, the Sultan made an alliance with the recently-unified Germany.

For hundreds of years, the boundaries of a heavily-divided Europe had been in flux, as had been the undivided Ottoman empire borders, based simply on strategic military interests and access to resources. But then while Europe nationalized from alliances of independent mini states into centralized imperial powers, Ottoman influence began fading fast. England had the world’s greatest navy, but Germany had the world’s greatest army, and if a Berlin-to-Baghdad railway line could be completed, it could allow German bases on the Black Sea and Persian Gulf, and permit unimpeded movement of German troops into Asia and Africa. The proposed railway line threatened economic competition with England’s control of the Gibraltar/Suez Canal route.

Prior to the invention of the steam engine, one of the greatest resources for war and trade was hemp, which was needed to outfit and propel ships-of-the-line, but suddenly the most important resource in the great game of war was coal for steam engines and dreadnought battleships. Due to her great coal reserves, England seldom looked abroad for energy, at least not until studies proved a ship run by oil was faster and more efficient than those run on coal. It was a young Secretary of the Navy named Winston Churchill who ordered the switch, something rapidly imitated by other great powers. Germany’s coal had been acquired from France as part of concessions after a recent war. Both Germany and England had sights set on Arabia, where immense oil reserves had just been located. Some of Russia’s oil fields had similarly been captured from the Ottomans. Whoever controlled the flow of oil out of Arabia would soon rule the future.

The only hiccup in Germany’s plan to take over the future world economy was the rising Balkan state of Serbia. Once a kernel in the great Ottoman empire, Serbia had established independence during the same nationalistic frenzy that had created Italy and Germany. Serbia was yearning to expand borders and unify its neighboring southern Slavic countries into one great Slavic nation. Meanwhile, Germany completed the Keil Canal linking the North and Baltic seas, a route that avoided the chokehold of getting dreadnoughts through the straits of Denmark. All these events created reverberations in the halls of military intelligence.

This is where the story gets complicated because Serbian military intelligence created a secret society obviously inspired (if not financed) by the Illuminati. They named it The Black Hand and deployed an icon not unlike the ones used by both Yale’s Skull & Bones and the Nazi SS. It appears in hindsight the Black Hand worked hand-in-glove with German, Austrian and Bosnian military intelligence to jumpstart the first world war with a carefully planned assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne, a man who had been urging greater Balkan independence, although his boss, the Emperor had just recently annexed Bosnia. The Black Hand tried first to assassinate the Emperor, but he was in his late eighties and didn’t have long to live anyway.

The Black Hand was created by Dragutin Dimitrijević after he orchestrated the murder of the King of Serbia and his wife in 1903. Officially, he became the “savior” of the nation for killing the king, as history is written by the winners, although fifteen years later Serbia concluded he was actually a traitor and executed him by firing squad in 1917. We can only wonder the full extent of the terror ops and various assassinations organized by the Black Hand, but it was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife that sparked an Austrian invasion of Serbia that led to a world war.

You can watch a great film on Netflix titled Sarajevo that goes into some of the anomalies of this case. A group of 19-year-olds with tuberculosis were recruited to do the killing. Some had pistols, others had bombs. None of them knew much about the Black Hand and most of them punked out and did nothing but watch the parade go by. They were all naive, true-believing revolutionaries who thought they were tearing down the yokes of class division, while in truth, they were likely victims of an Illuminati operation to foment war, and the Black Hand was playing its own cards in the great game of spook versus counter spook. They probably picked terminally ill 19-year-olds because Bosnian law did not allow for the execution of anyone under 20.

When Leo Pfeffer was assigned to investigate the murder, he attempted to determine why no military were posted on the parade route, why the route was published in advance with the times the Archduke would pass through various intersections, and why after the Archduke survived the first bomb thrown at his vehicle, he was later driven back along the same route to a corner where another assassin was waiting for him to arrive. Like William Greer in Dealey Plaza, the driver of this car stopped inside the kill zone, and gave plenty of time for an assassin five feet away to aim and fire two shots. When Pfeffer attempted to interview this driver, he vanished. When Pfeffer tried to follow the trail of investigation, it led straight to an army doctor who seems to have been an undercover German agent. When he pulled the doctor’s file, great swaths had been blacked-out by Bosnian military intelligence. It didn’t matter much, however, because by the time this case finally went to trial, the first world war was already well under way.

Watch the film and similarities with JFK’s assassination in Dallas may jump out, which leads to a possibility that event could have been an Illuminati op as well. But that should not surprise since Bonesmen were all wrapped up in that event, and they are the only proven links to the society, while Illuminati links to the Black Hand have yet to be uncovered.

Operation 420 Mindfuck Redux

Waldos on the wall

The First Obituary of Steven Hager by Paul Krassner
It’s a sad irony. When Steven Hager was the editor of High Times magazine, he was contacted by the Waldos — a group of high school students who coined 4:20 as the time to toke at the intermission between their classes each day. He became the first journalist to interview them. However, he chose to commit suicide today, on Mount Tam, at 4:20 a.m. on the 20th of April, sort of like a contemporary marijuana boomerang.

Robin and Sweetbryar at Hager’s wedding in Magic Meadow, Woodstock, NY

He was a prolific author. His first publication, the Cap’n Crunch Courier, was a free Xerox zine. His books ranged from Hip Hop: The Illustrated History of Break Dancing, Rap Music, and Graffiti to Killing Kennedy: The Real Story. He was the first editor to publish and promote the work of hemp activist Jack Herer. He published an e-book, Cannabis Cures Cancer?

He founded Pot Illuminati, and learned from Art Kunkin, founder of the Los Angeles Free Press, who received a letter from the “Order of the Phoenix Angel” stating the jurors involved had all been members of the Illuminati, the evidence of which was that all had only had one nipple.

Mr. Hager claimed that “Robert Anton Wilson’s fan club hounds me for saying Wilson’s Illuminati research is bunk, although they admit it’s 99 percent fantasy. In my world, it’s a sin to mix fantasy with conspiracy research. That is called fake news today, and we have too much of it.” He created events from a garage-rock revival band, the Soul Assassins, to the annual Cannabis Cup, where ceremony awards were voted every Thanksgiving in Amsterdam, where he launched the Counterculture Hall of Fame.

But even though High Times became the magazine success story of the ‘90s and his founded Freedom Fighters spearheaded the return of the rallies, re-igniting the sleeping marijuana movement, success only seemed to bring problems for Steven Hager, as he was soon forced to disband the Freedom Fighters and there were constant pressures to shut down the Cannabis Cup as well, or at least remove his supervision.

He moved home to concentrate on events and how to document them for posterity as he felt there was something important in these 420 ceremonies he was manifesting. At the time, he was primarily interested in building up WHEE! As the premiere cannabis event in North America.

Mr. Hager wrote in a suicide note explaining that “I got kicked to the curb and lost access to all the wonderful things I created. The entire cannabis scene is a great turnoff, fueled by a lot of greedy carpetbaggers, but money changes everything. I was first on hip hop and fled that scene when the corporations moved in and kicked the first generation to the curb. My death to the world of cannabis is timely and will deter any of the carpetbaggers from trying to deploy me in any of the marketing schemes.”

His family consists of a separated wife, and two teenage sons. A memorial will be announced.