The True Story of Santa Claus

Here’s what a dollar looked like in ancient Persia.

According to Wikipedia, this is Yahweh, seated on a wheel with wings, holding what appears to be a bird. Yahweh started out leading a pantheon as in Vedic, Nordic and Roman mythologies. Around 800 BC he becomes the only god, and you are not allowed to make representations of him or even say his name. Yahweh becomes Santa Claus. The bird is the elves and the flying wheel is the magic sleigh.

Maybe you fell for the hoodwink Santa was a mushroom. I know I did for years. It took me decades to figure out R. Gordon Wasson was a spook seeding disinfo. Same thing for the theory Jesus was a mushroom. Yes, Siberians used mushrooms during the ceremonies (and so did some Templars). But Siberian shamans don’t worship reindeer and don’t travel in sleighs. Others try to assert Santa was invented by Madison Avenue, when, in fact Santa emerged all over Europe during the Middle Ages.

Since Santa was built on top of Scythian ceremonies, he’s really an evolution of the father god, as in Indra/Odin/Zeus/Jupiter. But the Zoroastrians dispensed with the pantheon, claiming one great spirit ran the entire universe, and that person was soon dubbed Yahweh. Both the Zoroastrians and the Buddhists evolved from Scythian culture.

Golden Scythian deer.

Scythians wore red outfits like Santa. Santa’s hat is a phygerian with a puff ball, like the Scythian hat. Scythians worshiped a golden deer with antlers. In the beginning, the Scythian god rode a magic horse with eight legs. His ravens morph into Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands and magic elves in England. The primary intoxicant of the Scythians for millennia was cannabis. No mushrooms nor mushroom iconography can be found in their kurgans, although cannabis abounds in the form of hemp clothing, hemp flowers and hemp seeds, and often a couple of cannabis kolas crossed on top of the corpse’s chest. Not to mention the elaborate golden Scythian chalices have been found to contain residues of cannabis and opium. So where do you think Santa really came from? A mushroom? Or our Scythian ancestors? It’s worth noting that like the Native Americans, the Scythians believed their ancestors emerged from the north.

Since Yahweh was inspired by cannabis users, one wonders how and why cannabis disappeared from world history, and why such an elaborate hoodwink was created to misdirect toward mushrooms.

Because the Scythians who started this didn’t have a written language beyond runes, they left no explanation for the evolution of Yahweh into Santa Claus. In fact, the only thing they did leave us were the kurgan tombs, most of which were easily located and plundered because as soon as people in Russia realized the tombs were filled with golden objects, most kurgans got raided and all the priceless gold artifacts were melted down, a tremendous tragedy because of the quality of the craftsmanship, and also because the golden cups (chalices) were employed to drink cannabis and hot milk (with a tad of opium and/or ephedra if available).

In 1716 Peter the Great was given sixty gold artifacts from a recently uncovered kurgan and issued an edict that he would pay far more money for any Scythian gold artifacts left intact and not melted down. The most common artifact in the tombs were golden deer with elaborate antlers, leading me to believe the deer was an important source of food, even though the Scythians had horses (which they ate), sheep, goats, oxen and hornless cattle. The two world wars ended kurgan exploration for a time but in the late 1940s, large-scale excavations took place around the Black Sea, and in the 1950s, kurgans were uncovered as far north as Siberia. But the first exhibition of Saka artifacts wasn’t held until 1975.

In 2002, Time-Warner published Jeannine Davis-Kimball’s Warrior Women, which detailed many females found in kurgans, most of whom were buried with armor and weapons because the Scythian women were the source of the Greek Amazon myth. Strangely, you won’t find a single reference to cannabis in her book. Instead, the author makes only one reference to a nameless hallucinogen, which she claims was either smoked or consumed orally. Now ask yourself why the most important sacrament can’t even get a proper ID. Why is our mainstream culture so resistant to giving cannabis its proper place in world history? I’d like to ask Davis-Kimball why she chose to leave the words “cannabis” and “hemp” out of her book entirely, and whether that was something encouraged by the editors at Time-Warner.

While it’s true Coca-Cola and Madison Avenue crafted the modern image of Santa, their version is not that far from Santas found all over Europe in the Middle Ages. Here’s the ancient Dutch version, where Santa’s Scythian-style hat has morphed into a Mitre like those worn by Popes and Bishops, all in an attempt to Christianize the holiday cerebrating the benevolent father god of our ancient ancestors. And, of course, the clincher in this debate is the fact that Santa emerged in Europe with a partner named Krampus, who was part demon, and part goat-man, and who carried a birch switch for punishing the wicked. Krampus was obviously the devil, but nothing like our current incarnation, for his job was punishing the evil ones, not creating them. It was a good-god, bad-god routine, with Krampus scaring kids into being good while the Santa provided the warm embrace of the universal father figure.

Inside the Process Church of Final Judgment

Very little is known about Mary Ann McClean. She was reportedly born in Glasgow in 1931 and abandoned by her parents. She claimed to have moved to the United States for a brief time and married Sugar Ray Robinson before returning to England. However, no evidence of any relationship with the boxer ever emerged. It’s assumed Mary Ann made her living as a high-priced prostitute during her formative years. At left is the only known photo, likely taken around the time she met Robert Moore at London’s Scientology headquarters, where they rapidly advanced to auditor class.

Robert was a former cavalry officer born in Shanghai and posted in Malaya who’d taken up the study of architecture. He had connections in the upper crust of British society, was a quiet lad with high IQ, but suffered from a low sense of confidence, despite his long blonde locks and smoldering good looks.

Former Naval intelligence officer and Aleister Crowley devotee L. Ron Hubbard created Scientology using a biofeedback device called the e-meter, just one element of the emerging lie detector technology. But by asking probing questions and watching the rise and fall of the meter, it was easy to explore hidden dimensions of a subject’s personality.

People hide their true feelings and darkest corners, but cannot hide the electrical charge created when sensitive buttons are pushed. So e-meters were effective tools for exploring personality hang-ups. Plus talking about your deep psychological issues does have a therapeutic effect. But Hubbard was not a trained psychologist and many of his concepts were primitive, so when Robert and Mary Ann began applying the holistic psychoanalytic techniques pioneered by Alfred Alder (who invented the concept of inferiority complexes), they were branded SPs (suppressive persons) and banished from Scientology.

They opened their own version of Scientology, calling it Compulsions Analysis and began recruiting Robert’s friends to sign up for courses. Meanwhile, dominatrix Mary Ann began working on a total makeover for Robert, fashioning him into her new age messiah. Rich new acolytes were recruited by Mary Ann’s crew of hippie goddess super hotties and encouraged to sign over their possessions and bank accounts while taking vows of celibacy and poverty. Robert was working on a new cosmology constructed on top of Christianity, one that unified good and evil as parts of a whole. It was the same-old religion hoodwink, only one that incorporated many new elements from a wide variety of sources.

The early members began doing group meditation as well as intensive self-auditing. And, of course, there were the occasional orgies orchestrated by Mary Ann. These were unpleasant affairs involving heterosexual men penetrating each other in order to break down their sexual identities. Robert and Mary Ann never participated in orgies, but sat in highly-placed chairs overlooking the action so they could better direct the activities.

Having made significant in-roads inside the highest echelons of rock royalty in London, Robert eventually got invitations to speak at Oxford University and the London School of Economics, where he was soundly jeered by almost all in attendance. His delivery was a major problem, for while he looked the role of counterculture messiah, he mumbled and appeared passionless. The lectures would be his last and the Process decamped to Mexico where they experienced a brief moment of back-to-the-land hippie paradise. When reporters from England came to check on the situation they discovered bikini-clad Mary Ann surrounded by her devoted disciples of both sexes. Paradise came to an abrupt end, however, with the arrival of the worst hurricane in a century, demolishing their primitive encampment. Soon, they were headed back to England.

Robert’s knack for public relations is evident in this photo. Not only could he place the magazine in the hands of significant celebrities, he also had a knack for pushing buttons in the collective unconsciousness. Sadly, the core group who did almost all the work of recruiting, auditing, meditating, publishing, didn’t realize their mentors (now known as “The Omega”) were employing most of the group’s funds maintaining personal lifestyles. While the group willingly experienced great privations, Mary Ann and Robert lived in the lap of luxury. I’m reminded greatly of the Weather Underground who appeared a few years later, run by Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, a heavily-armed pseudo-hippie commune that practiced violence, while the Process just preached it.

A person who seems to have been influenced by the Process literature was Charlie Manson, who picked up on its apocalyptic memes as well as the catchy slogan: “As it is, so be it.” Manson employed orgies and group meditation to break down egos of his acolytes, much the same way as employed by the Process Church and the Weatherman.

So how did the love generation move so quickly to the dark side? By the time the Process arrived back in England, they were dressing in black and employing a swastika-like sigil. “Unleash the fiend within you,” became Robert’s mantra, and rumors of sex with animals began to emerge, while their magazine specialized in images of sex magic and battlefield gore. According to Mary Ann, Jews in Germany marched willingly into gas chambers because it was their karma to do so. Robert preached love for the devil, because wasn’t the devil Christ’s enemy? And didn’t Christ preach “love thy enemy?”

The end for the Process came with the unveiling of Charles Manson. Manson played the key role in undermining the youth revolt of the sixties, a pacifist movement away from fundamentalist dogma. The media portrayed Manson and his followers as members of the hippie subculture, and the Weather Underground encouraged this confusion by hailing Manson as a revolutionary hero for killing “pigs.” In hindsight, there seems to have been a coordinated effort to turn the love generation into gun-toting, murderous thugs, or at least promote the rise of a goth generation. My question is, what was driving this effort?

It’s unfortunate Ed Sanders pinned Charlie Manson on the Process Church, a meme picked up on and elaborated by notorious disinfo artist Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI LA office, who launched the “satanic panic.” The inner core of the Process was a devoted group of pacifist monks and charges of animal sacrifice seem absurd considering the lack of evidence. Maury Terry would follow-up Gunderson’s fraudulent research with even more fantastic tales asserting the Process was the center of all evil in the world.

After Mary Ann booted Robert from his messiah role (for the crime of taking a younger lover), she eventually morphed her nonprofit corporation (registered in New Orleans) to the less controversial-sounding “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.” Her death remains shrouded in mystery.

I can’t pretend to peel every layer of this onion, but I find it telling that Mary Ann detested children. Although many babies were born into the group, they were taken from their parents instantly and typically kept in dungeons. In many cases, the fathers were never determined. One group of malnourished Process toddlers was discovered in Chicago living in filth and being tended by a heroin addict. If some of these children were being sold into sexual slavery, as speculated, no hard evidence ever emerged. But it’s clear that although Mary Ann was a devoted animal activist, she had zero interest in children. Even more disturbing was her great love for fascism, especially her favorite: the Nazis, which is why the Process emblem was designed to resemble a swastika. She only wrote one essay for the Process magazine, an attack on men attending birth, something the counterculture was pioneering. In fact, Ina May Gaskin, the most enlightened of the emerging hippie midwives realized a positive and sexually-charged connection between both parents during the birth process was helpful to alleviating the primary issue in childbirth: fear. The real hippie culture was bathed in compassion and fomenting and instilling fear was a weapon deployed exclusively by fundamentalists and fascists.

It seems possible Mary Ann may have been a carefully concealed Tavistock mind-control experiment and if so, no one else in the group (including her husband) was ever made aware of the connection. Are the similarities between the Weather Underground, the Manson Group and the Process coincidences or a result of intelligent design? And how much influence and control did MI6 and the CIA exert on misdirecting the sixties counterculture? Did the culture lead itself off that cliff, or was it a carefully planned operation?

How to occupy religion

When Tom Forcade made the bold move of relocating his commune from Arizona to New York City in a school bus filled with Mexican weed, he devised the perfect cover: a church group, with him as head pastor, which is why he wore a clerical collar—although he added a black slouch cowboy hat worthy of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti Western as his crown.

When I say magic and religion are the same thing, and run on the same rules, costumes are a great illustrator of the concept. By dressing as a Reverend, Forcade disarmed Christian opponents to hippies. It’s the same when someone puts on a Santa Claus outfit. Suddenly, they’re not a normal person, but something somehow connected to vibrations on the astral plane.

I’ve been studying the history of cannabis and religion for 30 years, and the creation of the Pot Illuminati is almost as complex and well-thought-out as the creation of Bitcoin. Constructing a corruption-free form of religion is no easy task. First, you have to strip away the useless dogma, which represents the encrusted mind control propaganda. You can download my free ebook The New Pot Enlightenment on numerous platforms for a complete picture of the religion. There’s only one rule: don’t hurt anyone.

And by the way, that includes feelings. Notice there are some who delight in wounding people with gossip, and when called out respond: ‘it was just a joke, dude.” What they are really doing is employing telepathic weapons, flying false flags. There are plenty of ways to do humor where all sides laugh heartily. But when one side weeps, that wasn’t humor at all, but a death bomb to the heart.

The Pot Illuminati, on the other hand, are experts at dropping love bombs. And a lot of our lingo and philosophy comes from Carl Von Clauswitz, the preeminent European philosopher of war, a man respected in the highest corridors of the Pentagon and CIA. That’s because if you study your opponent’s magic, you can steal his sigils and tap his telepathic energy. It’s not unlike hacking into an opponent’s website. I discovered this technique in the late 1980’s when I created the Freedom Fighters and formed a tribe wearing tricorner hats with psychedelic Colonial outfits. Within a few years we were on the Boston Common with 100,000 people cheering us, although the national news media never spoke a word.

The Pot Illuminati is not seeking donations nor converts. While I realize the Tree of Life, Burning Bush and Holy Grail all involve cannabis, I do not slavishly imitate religions of the past and also realize there is much more to life than getting stoned. Not to mention, the less you do, the higher you get. Spirituality flows through us naturally, and you only need to meditate to connect with signals. There are many flavors and vibrations to choose from but love with always be the most powerful and you should never hang endless on one vibe. My personal favorite is fun.

Somerset Maugham was a spook

Somerset Maugham was well on his way to becoming a doctor when he published a novel and after the first edition sold out in a week, he chucked his career in medicine and became the highest-paid author in England, forging a trail now ruled by J.K. Rowling. It wasn’t until recently that MI6 admitted Somerset was a spook.

While frauds like Mark Passio scare people with complex dogmas constructed out of coincidence, I will reveal the real secrets of brainwashing. Somerset had an agenda and inspired Ian Fleming to create the dashing James Bond, but that’s another story.

Very early in his career, Somerset wrote a book titled The Magician, a thinly-veiled attack on Aleister Crowley, accusing him of ritual murder and other unspeakable acts of black magic. Strange that eventually both these characters would be unmasked as agents of MI6, which leads to the possibility their little mini-war may have been staged all along. Crowley’s sinister reputation was sealed by Somerset’s book. It made Crowley famous, while splitting the world into two factions, one fearing, despising and hating Crowley; the other just wanting to learn his secrets.

After the first World War, there were a lot of PTSD-damaged Americans left behind in Europe seeking healing and many were self-medicating with alcohol, hash and opium. Somerset wrote a highly influential book about these times titled The Razor’s Edge, and that book, like his one on Crowley, left many false impressions that linger today.

When I think of Somerset, I picture him as Herbert Marshal, the English actor who played him in the original 1946 movie. In fact, a new hardback edition of the book was soon published, and it used the two lead actors from the film for the cover. Marshal captured Somerset’s homosexuality in a very understated and elegant manner, although he ignored Somerset’s stuttering problem.
But the book and film actually led people away from enlightenment, while pretending to point them in the right direction.

This is because intoxication is painted as the greatest evil. The protagonist winds up in India seeking enlightenment and is told by a swami to meditate alone in a cave until he reaches some satori moment, after which he returns to Paris an expert in mind control and hypnosis. He winds up trying to stop a friend from medicating herself and when he discovers her in a hash and opium den, gets into a huge fistfight while attempting to remove her from the scene.

Because of this film, millions of young people around the world were led to believe enlightenment could be found on a mountain top in Tibet, and not through sacramental substances.

Which happens to be the reverse of the real situation. Yes, deep meditation can be very useful and may be required to quiet a restless mind, but the magical and medicinal plants are important tools deserving respect. The guru portrayed by Somerset did not really plunge into real enlightenment at all, and was a one-dimensional caricature who paved the way for a parade of charlatans to profiteer off popularizing Eastern philosophies.

Whenever I find an effort to lead people away from cannabis and other medicinal plants, I suspect the forces of propaganda may be at work. Had Somerset really wanted to enlighten people, he would have been explaining how wars were staged for profit and social control, and the prohibition of medicinal plants was just a part of the scam to reap higher profits and construct monopolies.

This is how paradigms are actually forged and how memes are seeded into the mass media by intelligence operations. And the wonderful thing about the Internet is how all this information is gradually being filtered and processed so as to make it harder to conceal such operations in the future.

The So-ma, Hao-ma, Shu-ma connection

Qu Yuan was born around 339 BC and gets credit as the first Chinese poet to sign his name to his verse. His epic work was titled Songs of the South, or Chu Ci.

In the Chu Ci, the word shuma first appears in Chinese literature, in a series of poems titled Jou Ge (The Nine Songs), which were apparently adapted from previous shamanic legends. The poem is a dialogue between a shaman and the god of life and death and the goddess of fertility.

“Pluck the shuma and the yaohua, present them to the one who departs. We are getting older, toward the end of our lives, but we are no nearer to each other.”

Yaohua is likely a reference to cannabis flowers, while shuma became identified with the word for “sun.” In early Turkish dialects, the respectful form of a second person pronoun is “su,” and “shu” in Chinese can mean void or mystic. “Ma” is Chinese for hemp. Magu is the Chinese goddess of long life. “Magus” is the ancient Persian word for shaman, from which we now derive the word “magician.” A shaman is a mystic who uses hemp.

Zhang He of William Patterson University wrote a great analysis on these issues, a paper available on the Internet and he quotes Jin Kemu, who first documented the close comparison of the pre-Buddhist Rig Veda, Book 10, Hymn 58, with Chao Hun, known as Calling Back the Souls from the Chu Chi. Victor Mair, another scholar, made similar comparisons between Tian Wen (Heavenly Questions) and the Avesta.
Toward the end of his life, Qu Yuan became so upset by false allegations made against him by a corrupt official in his community that he committed ritual suicide by drowning himself in a nearby river. The Sixth-century book Annual Rituals of Jing Chu describe a ritual held on May 5th, when cannabis branches were to be hung on all doors like Christmas wreaths, although this event has evolved into the annual Dragon Boat festival, and cannabis strangely replaced with calamus, and although Qu Yuan remains the inspiration for the ceremony, they have removed his sacrament.

Why is it wherever the healing potential of Soma-Haoma-Shuma appears, there’s a cover-up and a fake sacrament substituted? Calamus was also employed as the bait-and-switch of the holy anointing oil of Moses, while ephedra became the bait-and-switch employed in the Zoroastrian tradition.

What is it about cannabis that always brings down the wrath of the powers-that-be, because throughout history you’ll find it causing massive waves of enlightenment, followed by massive oppression, followed by a refusal to even admit the plant’s existence.

And why is it a reporter like me can untangle these threads, while our major universities remain clouded by dogmas and misdirections of the past?

Code of Hammurabi

Written in BC 1754, Hammurabi’s Code began with a brief creation myth, and then proceeded to list 282 laws for ancient Babylon, covering all sorts of minutiae, with many violations punishable by death.

When Father Sky, sublime king of Angels, and also God of Wind, lord of heaven and earth, decreed the fate of the land, they assigned Lord Marduk, the over-ruling son of the God of Water, God of righteousness, dominion over earthly man, and made him great among the Angels.

Marduk called Babylon by its illustrious name, made it great on earth, and founded an everlasting kingdom, whose foundations are laid as solidly as those of heaven and earth.

Then Father Sky and God of Water called me by name, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who fears God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers, so that the strong should not harm the weak, so that I should rule over human beings like the Lord Sun, and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind.

1. If anyone traps another by placing an evil curse on him, and the accuser cannot prove it, the accuser will be put to death.
2. If any one accuse another, and it cannot be proved, the accused will go to the sacred river, jump in and if he drowns in the river, his accuser shall take possession of his house. But if he escape the river unhurt, then he who had brought the accusation shall be put to death, while he who leaped into the river shall take possession of the house that had belonged to his accuser.
3. If one bears false witness in a trial, and it is proven, the accuser shall be put to death.
4. If anyone satisfy the elders to impose a fine of grain or money, he shall receive the fine.
5. If a judge try a case, reach a decision, and present his judgment in writing; if later error shall appear in his decision, and it be through his own fault, then he shall pay twelve times the fine set by him in the case, and he shall be publicly removed from the judge’s bench, and never again shall he sit is judgment.
6. If anyone steal the property of a temple or of the court, he shall be put to death, and also the one who received the stolen thing from him shall be put to death.
7. If any one buy from a son or the slave of another man, without witnesses or a contract, silver or gold, a male or female slave, an ox or a sheep, an ass or anything, or if he take it in charge, he is considered a thief and shall be put to death.
8. If any one steal cattle or sheep, or an ass, or a pig or a goat, if it belong to a god or to the court, the thief shall pay thirty-fold. If they belonged to a freed man of the king he shall pay tenfold. If the thief has nothing with which to pay he shall be put to death.
9. If any one lose an article, and it is found in the possession of another: if the person in whose possession the thing is found say “A merchant sold it to me, I paid for it before witnesses,” and if the owner of the thing say, “I will bring witnesses who know my property,” then shall the purchaser bring the merchant who sold it to him, and the witnesses before whom he bought it, and the owner shall bring witnesses who can identify his property. The judge shall examine their testimony, both of the witnesses before whom the price was paid, and of the witnesses who identify the lost article on oath. If the merchant is then proved a thief, he shall be put to death. The owner of the lost article receives his property, and he who bought it receives the money he paid from the estate of the merchant.
10. If the purchaser does not bring the merchant and the witnesses before whom he bought the article, but its owner bring witnesses who identify it, then the buyer is the thief and shall be put to death, and the owner receives the lost article.

The Story of Creation

Six thousand years ago, when horses were first being domesticated in the Ukraine, the first written language appeared in Sumeria, 550 miles from where Jerusalem would be founded one thousand years later. The Sumerians had a Bible that anointed their rulers with a divine right to rule, one with a creation myth that contained a flood story mirroring the story of Jonah that would appear much later in the Old Testament.
“For the sake of Mother Goddess, I will stop the annihilation of my creatures, and return the people from their dwelling grounds. Let them build many cities so that I can refresh myself in their shade. Let them lay the bricks of many cities in pure places, let them establish places of divination in pure places, and when the divine rites and exalted powers are perfected, and the earth is irrigated, I will establish well-being there.”

After Father Sky, Wind, Water and Goddess of Fertility fashioned the humans, they made animals multiply everywhere, and made herds of four-legged animals exist on the plains, as was befitting. The builder of the universe started with a solid foundation. The right of Kings to rule descended from heaven, and after the exalted crown and throne of kingship descended from heaven, the divine rites, and exalted powers were perfected, and bricks of the cities laid in holy places, and their names announced and proper notifications distributed.

The first city was Eridug, given to Nudimmud the leader. The second, Bad-tibira, was given to the Mistress.The third, Larag, was given to Pabilsaĝ. The fourth, Zimbir, was given to the hero Utu. The fifth, Šuruppag, was given to Sud.
Something that was not a dream appeared, and it told Zi-ud-sura to build a huge boat and fill it with all the seeds of the earth and the animals.

And the Gods of Sky, Wind and Water said, “Heed our words, pay attention to our instructions. A flood will sweep over the world. A decision has been made that the seed of mankind must be destroyed. The verdict, the word of the divine assembly, cannot be revoked. The order announced by Father Sky and Mother Goddess cannot be overturned.”

All the windstorms and gales arose together, and the flood swept over the world. After the water swept over the land, and waves and windstorms rocked the huge boat for seven days and seven nights, the Sun God came out, illuminating heaven and earth. Zi-ud-sura drilled an opening in roof of the huge boat and the Sun God entered the huge boat with his rays. Zi-ud-sura the King prostrated himself before the Sun God. The King sacrificed oxen and offered innumerable sheep. More and more animals disembarked. Zi-ud-sura the King prostrated himself before Father Sky and Mother Goddess and they treated him kindly and granted him eternal life. At that time, because of preserving the animals and the seeds of mankind, they settled Zi-ud-sura the King in an overseas country, to the east, in the land Dilmun.

Walk like an Egyptian


Q: How long will death prevail?
A: As long as women bear children.
Q: Is it wrong to bear children then?
A: Eat every plant, but avoid bitter ones.
Q: When will I know the mysteries?
A: After you have trampled on the garment of shame, when two become one, and the male and female become neither male nor female.

—Gospel of the Egyptians

Three hundred years before Zoroaster drank Haoma for the first time and had his vision of the Great One, the father of King Tutankhamun had a similar realization in Egypt. His name was King Akhenaten, but he was completely lost to history until 1907, when Edward Ayrton unearthed his tomb and discovered he was husband to Nefertiti, who was already well-known as the mother of the famous King Tut.

Akhenaten abolished the imperial religion and installed monotheism. The Great One was called Aten, and the sun may have been his eye, and he was sometimes represented as a falcon head, although there was no idol to worship. For 17 years Akhenaten reigned, but he was soon overthrown by fundamentalists in his own court, who sought to restore the ancient pagan pantheon. Sigmund Freud was the first to theorize Akhenaten and Moses were one-and-the-same, and the dates certainly line-up on that theory. And don’t forget, according to the Old Testament, Moses was raised inside the imperial court of Egypt.

How strange that Zoroaster came to similar epiphanies in Persia a few centuries later, and the prophet Mani would many centuries after that update Zoroaster’s monotheism by sprinkling in bits of Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, while also employing the sun as eye of the One, just like Akhenaten but a couple hundred years after Jesus walked the earth.

The Scythians of the Caucasus Mountains were responsible for introducing cannabis and spreading fire temples from Iran to India. They invented the myth of the holy grail and never worshipped a pantheon of gods like most of the world.

We know Zoroaster had a huge influence on the development of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and it’s one of his Magi attending Christianity’s birth in Bethlehem, but I have to wonder if the other two might have been Buddha and Pythagoras, who was the Albert Einstein of ancient wise men and wrote the rule book for secret societies.

In 1945, a writer in Finland named Mika Waltari discovered the untold story of Akhenaten and wrote a book titled The Egyptian and the novel was adapted into a Hollywood movie of the same name in 1954, and inspired David McDermott to produce a tribute to the film in a spectacle called New Wave Vaudeville, directed by Ann Magnuson and staged at Irving Plaza in 1978, a show that launched Klaus Nomi, among many others.

The ancient Egyptians had an enormous influence on religion, and Alexandria became the center for Christian theology for centuries until Rome seized it. The myth of a virgin mother may have originated with Neith, the ancient Egyptian goddess of war, who carried an ankh, the symbol of life. She is thought to have been the first goddess created by the Egyptians, although she was greatly eclipsed by Isis.

Neith’s symbol was a bow, shield and two crossed arrows, while her consort became known as Set, god of the darkness. Even so, Neith had power to birth offspring without involvement of any male energy. Strange that Neith’s ankh resembles many early Christian crosses from Alexandria and the goddess of war has a reverse doppleganger in Gnostic Christianity named Sophia, the first thought of the One, who is also a virgin mother but referred to as “wisdom” and ‘love.”

The Sophia of Jesus Christ

BigBhangCoverThe Sophia of Jesus Christ is a Gnostic text from the Nag Hammadi codices, found in Egypt in 1945. It has been dated to the 4th century, although parts originated much earlier in the 3rd century. The text is composed of 13 questions in the Greek style. The questions concern the nature of reality and man’s place in it. I present my own loose translation of the first seven. This gospel demonstrates the importance of the female element in Christian theology. Sophia was the name of the primordial female energy that manifested through the mind of the One. In fact, Sophia was the first thought of the One, and she contains the Father and Son within her. But after Christianity fell under Roman control, Sophia disappeared from Christianity. According to some texts, love is another name for Sophia.

After he rose from the dead, his twelve disciples and seven women went to Galilee to the mountain called “Divination and Joy.” When they gathered, they discussed the underlying nature of the universe, as well as the power of the authorities, and everything the Savior was doing against the authorities in his secret holy plan. The Savior appeared, not in his previous form, but in invisible spirit. And his likeness resembled a great angel of light. But I must not describe his appearance, because no mortal could endure it, but only pure, perfect flesh, like that which he taught us about on the Mount of Olives.
And he said: “Peace be unto you; my peace I give you!” And they marveled and were suddenly afraid. The Savior laughed and said: “What interests you?”
Philip said: “To comprehend the underlying nature of the universe.”
The Savior said: “All men have inquired after God: who is he and what he is like? But few have found him. They say the wise men study astrology, but astrology does not provide truth. The philosophers, do not agree. Some say about the world is ruled by fate or providence, but neither is true. Again, of those three voices, none is close to the truth, yet all are from man. But I, who came from Infinite Light, I am here that I might speak to you about the nature of truth. For whatever is from itself is polluted; it is self-made. Providence has no wisdom. Fate does not discern. But to you is given knowledge; and whoever is worthy of knowledge can receive it. Whoever has not been begotten by the sowing of unclean rubbing but by First Who Was Sent, he is an immortal in the midst of mortal men.”
Matthew said to him: “Lord, no one can find the truth except through you. Therefore teach us the truth.”
The Savior said: “Who knows the Unknowable? No principle knows him, no authority, no subjection, no creature from the foundation of the world until now, except he alone, and anyone to whom he wants to make revelation through him who is from First Light. From now on, I am the Great Savior. For he is immortal and eternal. Now he is eternal, having no birth, for everyone who has birth will perish. He is unbegotten, having no beginning, for everyone who has a beginning has an end. Since no one rules over him, he has no name, for whoever has a name is the creation of another. And he has a semblance of his own, not like what you have seen and received, but a strange semblance that surpasses all things and is more splendid than the universe. It sees everything from every side, and sees itself from itself. It is infinite, incomprehensible. It is imperishable and has no likeness to anything. Unchanging good, faultless, eternal, blessed, immeasurable, untraceable, perfect, having no defect. Imperishability and blessed. This is the ‘Father of the Universe.'”
Philip said: “Lord, how, then, did he appear to the perfect ones?”
The Savior said: “He is invisible, and the majesty and authority are in him, since he embraces the whole of the totalities, while nothing embraces him. For he is all mind. And he is thought and considering and always reflecting with rationality and power. They are the sources of the totalities. And their whole race from first to last was in his foreknowledge, that of the infinite, unbegotten Father.”
Thomas said to him: “Lord, Savior, why did these come to be, and why were these revealed?”
The Savior said: “I came from the Infinite that I might tell you things. Spirit-Who-Is was the begetter, who had the power of a begetter and a form-giver`s nature, that the great wealth that was hidden in him might be revealed. Because of his mercy and his love, he wished to bring forth fruit by himself, that he might not enjoy his goodness alone, but other spirits of the Unwavering Generation might bring forth body and fruit, glory and honor, in imperishableness and his infinite grace, that his treasure might be revealed by Self-begotten God, the father of every imperishableness and those that came to be afterward. But they had not yet come to visibility. Now a great difference exists among the imperishables.”
He called out, saying: “Whoever has two ears to hear, better listen!” and “I have addressed those who are awake.” Still he continued and said: “Everything that came from the perishable will perish, since it came from the perishable. But whatever came from imperishableness will not perish but become imperishable. So, many men went astray because they had not known this difference and they got sick and died.”
Mary said to him: “Lord, then how will we know?”
The Savior said: “Come you from invisible things to the end of those that are visible, and the very emanation of Thought will reveal to you how faith in those things that are not visible was found in those that are visible, those that belong to Unbegotten Father. Whoever has two ears to hear, better listen!
“The Lord of the Universe is not called ‘Father’, but ‘Forefather’, the beginning of those that will appear, but he is the beginningless Forefather. Seeing himself within himself in a mirror, he appeared resembling himself, but his likeness appeared as Divine Self-Father, and Confronter over the Confronted ones, First Existent Unbegotten Father. He is indeed of equal age with the Light that is before him, but he is not equal in power.
“And afterward it was revealed a whole multitude of self-begotten ones, equal in age and power, being in glory and without number, whose race is called ‘The Generation over Whom There Is No Kingdom’ from the one in whom you yourselves have appeared from these men. And that whole multitude over which there is no kingdom is called ‘Sons of Unbegotten Father, God, Savior, Son of God,’ whose likeness is with you. Now he is the unknowable, who is full of ever-imperishable glory and ineffable joy. They all are at rest within him, ever rejoicing in ineffable joy in his unchanging glory and measureless jubilation. This was never heard or known among all the realms until now.”
Matthew said to him: “Lord, Savior, how was man revealed?”
The Savior said: “I want you to know that he who appeared before the universe in infinity, self-grown, self-constructed Father, being full of shining light and ineffable, in the beginning, when he decided to have his likeness become a great power, immediately the principle or beginning of that Light appeared as Immortal Androgynous Man, that through that Immortal Androgynous Man they might attain their salvation and awake from forgetfulness through the interpreter who was sent, who is with you until the end of the poverty of the robbers.
“And his consort is the Great Sophia, who from the first was destined in him for union by Self-begotten Father, from Immortal Man, who appeared as First and divinity and kingdom, for the Father, who is called ‘Man, Self-Father’, revealed this. And he created a great realm, whose name is ‘Ogdoad’, for his own majesty.
“He was given great authority, and he ruled over the creation. He created gods and angels, and archangels, myriads without number for retinue, from that Light and the tri-male Spirit, which is that of Sophia, his consort. For from this, God originated divinity and kingdom. Therefore he was called ‘God of gods’ and ‘King of kings.’
“First Man has his unique mind, within, and thought, just as he is it thought and considering, reflecting, rationality, power. All the attributes that exist are perfect and immortal. In respect to imperishableness, they are indeed equal. But in respect to power, they are different, like the difference between father and son and thought, and the thought and the remainder. As I said earlier, among the things that were created, the Great Spirit was first.
“And after everything, all that was revealed appeared from his power. And from what was created, all that was fashioned appeared; from what was fashioned appeared what was formed; from what was formed, what was named. Thus came the difference among the unbegotten ones from beginning to end.”
Then Bartholomew said to him: “How is it he was designated in the Gospel ‘Man’ and ‘Son of Man’? To which of them, then, is this Son related?”
The Holy One said: “I want you to know that First Man is called ‘Begetter, Self-perfected Mind.’ He reflected with Great Sophia, his consort, and revealed his first-begotten, androgynous son. His male name is designated ‘First Begetter, Son of God’, his female name, ‘First Begettress Sophia, Mother of the Universe’. Some call her ‘Love.’

The Secret Book of John

johntheologianWritten around the year 180, the Secret Book of John is the largest and most important of the Gnostic texts and four separate versions survived, indicating it was an important early Christian document, even though it was rejected by the Council of Nicaea. This brief excerpt is taken from the beginning of the manuscript and reveals how the female element held a dominant role in early Christianity, and was written out-of-history when the Roman oligarchy seized control of the religion.
One day John, brother of James and son of Zebedee, went to the Temple, and a Pharisee named Arimanius challenged him, “Where’s your Rabbi?” And John said to him, “Gone back to the place whence he came.”
The Pharisee said, “You realize that truther deceived you, filled your ears with lies, and closed your heart to the traditions of your ancestors?”
When I, John, heard such things, I wanted to be alone and was greatly saddened. “Who is the Father who designated the Savior? What did he mean when he said, ‘My kingdom is not of this earth.’ He left many mysteries and spoke in riddles.”
Straightway, while I was contemplating these controversies, behold, the clouds parted and the earth shook. I was afraid and behold a child appeared. But when I looked again, the child had morphed into an old man. And when I looked again, the old man morphed into a woman.
She said, “John, why doubt, why be afraid? You know these images well. I’m with you always. I’m the Father, Mother, Son. I’m the One. I’ve come to teach you what is, what was, and what will be, so you may understand the invisible world and its immovable race towards the perfection of humanity.
The One
The One rules all. Nothing rules the One. The One is invisible, over everything and uncontaminated, a pure light no eye can bear to gaze upon. The One is the Great Spirit. It is not right to think of the One as God or like God. It is more than God. Nothing is above the One. Nothing rules it. Everything exists within it, yet it does not exist within anything. It is not dependent on anything. It is eternal. It needs nothing. It is utterly perfect Light.
The One knows no boundaries. Nothing exists outside it. The One cannot be investigated because nothing exists apart from it. The One cannot be measured. Nothing external exists to measure it with.
The One cannot be seen for no one can see it. The One is eternal for it exists forever. The One is inconceivable, for no one can imagine it. The One is indescribable, no one can describe it. The One is infinite light, purity, holiness, and without blemish.
The One is incomprehensible and free from corruption. Not “perfect” nor “blessed” nor “divine,” but superior to those words. Neither physical nor unphysical. Neither immense nor infinitesimal. It is impossible to specify in quantity or quality for the One is beyond knowledge.
The One is not a being like others. It is vastly superior but not “superior.” The One is outside the realms of space and time. For whatever is within the realm of space was created in space and whatever is within the realm of time has time allotted to it, but the One receives nothing from anything. It apprehends itself in its own perfect light. The One is majestic. The One is measureless, chief of all realms, creating all realms. The One is Light, producing light. Life, producing life. Blessedness, producing blessedness. Knowledge, producing knowledge. Good, producing goodness. Mercy, producing mercy. Generous, producing generosity. The One’s realm is eternal, peaceful, silent, resting, before everything. The One proceeds all realms, and sustains them  through goodness.
The Origin of Reality
We know nothing of the unknowable, and nothing of the immeasurable.
The One is bathed in light from the spring of life that sustains all realms, self-aware, and enamored of his image in the springs of the pure light-water that envelops him.
Self-awareness came into being, appearing in the radiance of light. She stood before him. This, then, is the power of thought, prior to everything. Arising out of the mind of the One came female energy. Her light reflected His light. She is from His image in His light, perfect in power, the invisible perfect Virgin Spirit. She is the initial power, the glory of Female energy, glorious among the realms, glory of revelation. She gave glory to the Virgin Spirit. She praised Him. For she arose from Him. This was the first thought of the One, creating female energy.
She is the universal womb, before everything. She is both Mother-Father, First Man and Holy Spirit. Thrice Male, Thrice Powerful, Thrice Named. Androgynous eternal realm. First to arise among the invisible realms.
She asked the virgin Spirit for the power of prophesy. The Spirit agreed. Foreknowledge came forth and stood by Providence. The Invisible Virgin Spirit’s foreknowledge gave glory to the Spirit and to female energy, the Spirit’s perfect power. Her creation was the first thought.