Why Mark Passio is just another rabbit hole

In the fall of 2012, I was asked to check out an emerging conspiracy researcher named Mark Passio, former member of the Church of Satan, who claimed to have uncovered the secret mind control formulas being employed by the Illuminati to secretly manipulate the world. I couldn’t make it through to the end of his extremely long, extremely lightweight video simply because Passio is so full of crap, starting with his acknowledgements towards the “masters” who taught him most of everything he knows, especially David Icke, an obvious fraud and professional disinfo artist. Icke pretends the world is controlled by shape-shifting aliens from another dimension? And somehow, thousands are hookwinked into believing this transparent nonsense? Obviously Passio is one of Icke’s hoodwinked true believers.

If you are looking for the trail into the real Illuminati, it runs through Yale University’s Brotherhood of Death, aka the Order of Skull & Bones, as proven by Antony Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment. Sutton did real research on real people and his mind wasn’t clouded by occult dogmas. The dogmas are just what is used to hoodwink the true believers. Real history is the study of economic forces, not occult wisdom, which is just the flip side of fundamentalism and no more credible, and both sides of that dialectic are controlled by spooks.

Just looking at the evolution of the distribution of wealth, it should be obvious there’s a concentration of power that is increasing power through the generations, an operation going on for the last 2,000 years. In a true participatory democracy the opposite would be taking place: wealth should become better distributed over time and not monopolized by the already rich.

In Europe, some of the wealthiest families can trace their ancestors through 30 or more generations, while in the United States, some of the wealthiest families are descendants of the Robber Barons who emerged after the Civil War. The biggest international corporations have interlocking boards of directors and these people live in a world of secret clubs, secret societies and secret monopolies.

They don’t want us investigating this world because they don’t want the masses to start conspiring to vote away their wealth, so they create a lot of fake, garbage, click-bait to confuse the subject, much of which involves trying to scare you with magic symbols and spooky soundtracks, the same way some religions try to scare you with imaginary concepts. Occultism and Fundamentalism are flip sides of the same coin, and equally controlled. All divisive issues are carefully mined with spooks on both ends, who drive the conversation between two designated poles, thus establishing the center of gravity on that issue. Left and right are an illusion because both sides work for the same masters.

All of Passio’s work is a continuation of a long line of counterintelligence disinfo, and the mere act of watching hours of his video is the equivalent of undergoing mind control, so my suggestion would be to avoid his scary stories.

One thing I pointed out a year and a half ago is Passio’s four major influences are all tied to the UFO community, a meme likely orchestrated as an intel rabbit hole op. UFO’s have been used as cover during MK/Ultra brainwashing experiments, something done to hide the identity of the real perpetrators doing the brainwashing, while providing a backstop no serious person would swallow. When you start accepting the tall tale that powerful aliens are among us, you immediately lose all credibility in the real world and pretty soon will be rendered unable to effectively investigate anything because you’re too busy looking for little green men from outer space.

And that is precisely where intel wants to lead potential citizen researchers. What they don’t want are serious investigations into 9/11 that involve tracking real forensic evidence into Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to uncover CIA, MI6 and Mossad links to the event.

The first person who questioned my original blog of Passio was a credible researcher and publisher who complained I’d dragged UFO’s into the conversation, while Passio didn’t mention UFOs in his original videos. I predicted that would soon change, based solely on Passio’s source material.

You see, Passio’s “research” is built on the backs of notorious frauds and disinfo artists, which is why I can dismiss it so easily. You cannot construct anything real based on “research” of people like David Icke and expect anything but bullshit to emerge the other end, because Icke is pushing total bullshit. Yes, I know some of the stuff Icke says is real, like there really is a conspiracy of power at the center of the banking industry. That’s obvious. But it’s not being run by aliens from outer space. That’s a hoodwink rabbit hole that serves only to protect the perpetrators by placing a false mirror over them. If you’re busy looking for shape-shifting aliens, you can look for a long time, because there aren’t any, and if there were, they would have killed people like Icke and Passio a long time ago.

For those who didn’t believe my prediction Passio would soon be pushing “aliens are here,” check out this recent comment I found on his website:

“Mark links ancient accounts of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet with the manifestation of the psychological conditions in which the human species currently finds itself. Questions explored include: Were we actually created by non-human entities as a hybrid slave species? Did our extraterrestrial “parents” inadvertently create a slew of genetic anomalies in the human species, including primary psychopathy, as a result of their imprecise genetic modifications? Did our extraterrestrial forbearers provide to us our systems of government, money, and religion; and to what ends did they do so? What effect did our “cosmic parents” sudden disappearance have upon the collective human psyche? What does humanity need to understand to rectify the deeply-seated psychological trauma that it has amassed over eons, as a direct result of our troubled origins?”

I can assure you none of these questions matter and I don’t need to pay $10 to attend this lecture to know everything in it is bunk. The only point of material like this is to lead people into a rabbit hole and make them feel powerless to control anything, because how could you affect a system being run by all powerful aliens? In truth, Passio knows little about the real oligarchy that runs the Central Banks, because if he did, he’d have real info involving real people to share, and not just a bunch of hocus pocus nonsense based on imaginary evidence.

So free your mind from this crap and climb out of the rabbit hole and start dealing with reality. It’s a lot more interesting than this garbage.
Of course, you could prove me wrong by just providing some real forensic evidence of an alien invasion. But please, no pictures of gargoyles, dragons or reptiles from ancient cultures, because that sort of stuff doesn’t prove anything. Just post a link to some video of a real shape-shifting alien in action and if the video is authentic, I will take back everything I’ve said. And if what Icke says is true, that footage should not be hard to locate. After all, Icke claims to have seen these shape-shifters many times before. And if that’s true others must be seeing them as well. So how hard is it to whip out a smart phone and shoot some video? And why hasn’t that video emerged after all these years? And please, don’t bother sharing that ridiculous video of Justin Beiber’s snake eyes. Justin is neither an alien nor a member of the Illuminati, because if he was, he wouldn’t have to take shit from anyone, and that is obviously not the case.

My 10 Favorite Science Fiction Films

In Victorian times, a woman’s ultimate fear was to grow up and find herself married off to some inhuman beast, a deep-rooted fear expressed through novels like Jane Eyre. But in the 1950s, a similar meme began expressing for young teens, and no film expressed this meme more powerfully than Invaders From Mars (1953), a film that cast a shadow over those strange goings-on in the world of adults. I viewed this film as a second grader on a black-and-white in the den of our home outside Boston. I was home sick with a fever, which just intensified the experience immensely. I soon had many dreams inspired by this film, a sure indication of its power in the telepathic plane. Strangely, you almost never see it on television, and the British re-edit destroyed the original ending, which was designed to mimic The Wizard of Oz, as the copy at the top of the poster indicates.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) continued along a similar meme, although this time around the protagonist is an adult and aliens are breeding in pods everywhere up and down the West Coast. Science fiction opens up a lot of possibilities in many different styles, from comedy to super realism to fantasy, but the two of the best examples of the genre on my list were both designed as B-grade thrillers on low budgets, but like Night of the Living Dead, managed to scare teens silly and touch a psychic nerve. Strangely, this film suffered the same sad fate as my first film for the scary ending was jettisoned and replaced with a deus ex machina fake ending instead? I hope the latest versions of these films restore the superior endings the directors both intended.

For my tastes, the glory days of science fiction came in the 1980s, and were aided immensely by the emerging use of CGI. By the way, don’t expect to see Avatar on my list as I positively hated that film, and really don’t care for any CGI blood-baths no matter what the genre. Most of the recent science fiction blockbusters have disappointed me for some time, and I consider the genre in decline, although I did love Gravity and would put it on the list except it’s science fact, not fiction. And I think that’s one reason this genre has suffered for nearly forty years. Our culture is advancing so fast the imaginations of writers have difficulty leaping ahead, simply because paradigm shifts are so quick in real life.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) was a game-changer and introduced the super realistic special effects which created something close to a real space ship experience before the advent of CGI. It was a flawed masterpiece, however, simply because the build-up was so great and the ending so weak. Of course, the ending was actually fantastic if you were on LSD at the time and this may have been one of the first Hollywood films people of my generation flocked to while tripping. I don’t recommend synthetics these days, however, so if you want to trip out while watching this, I’d suggest peyote or mushrooms as a much better and safer alternative. And yes, those sacraments will greatly enhance the experience and you won’t even notice the limp ending.

You won’t find Star Wars or Star Trek on my list, or even Dune for that matter. Many of the biggest commercial productions were okay, but this is the top ten so it’s hard to make the cut. However, a low-budget spoof on those films did make it, and it’s seldom celebrated comic masterpiece named for a famous Grateful Dead song, a song that was often a peak moment of their set when a film first appeared called Dark Star (1974). So after going from two thrillers to hyper realism to comedy, the list now enters what I consider the golden age of science fiction.

Alien (1979) was the debut of CGI in a Hollywood science fiction film as far as I know, or something very close. This film took the regular meme of alien possession to much greater realism and theatricality. It was Ridley Scott’s second film and he decided to make it after viewing Star Wars, replacing that film’s light comedy and bloodless battles with a much darker and gorier naturalism.

The Thing (1982) was similar to Alien in some ways, except the location was not a space ship far from earth, but the ice-cold Antarctic. In this thriller, the alien is a shape-shifter who can instantly inhabit anyone and remain undetected. The isolated team is swiftly traumatized and and seeks to determine who may be an alien among them.

Of course Philip K. Dick was a game changer in this genre and a big inspiration to the cyberpunk and cypherpunk movements, but Dick didn’t arrive on the Hollywood scene until Ridley Scott made Blade Runner (1982), although the original story was titled: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Arnold wasn’t very cool until this film came out, but who knew he could be perfectly cast as a robotic killing machine devoid of human emotions? I have to wonder if some of our current school shooters aren’t channeling his character somehow. Meanwhile, Hollywood keeps making the sappiest of robot films, many of which are animated and incredibly maudlin and hardly worth watching, while this gory masterpiece still holds up. The Terminator (1984) is the name of the film.

It’s not often that the sequel is better than the original, but that happened with Aliens (1986). It’s notable that films by Ridley Scott anchor and define this great era in film. Sir Ridley rules the genre more than any other director. I hope he returns to the genre soon as I haven’t really loved any of his films since Black Hawk Down.

The French, like the British, have made many attempts to jump into the science fiction genre over the years, although many of the French productions have been somewhat comic and campy. This film follows in that tradition with the notable addition of advanced CGI. This film was a massive commercial success while receiving mixed reviews. If you haven’t seen The Fifth Element (1997), I suggest you check it out. It doesn’t have the somber nihilism of British films like 1984, but I find it much more entertaining.

Alien chemtrails exposed!!!!!!!!!!

I went outside last night and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Suddenly I saw an alien space craft appear on the horizon. Then, without warning, this cloud formation appeared.

While all the airplanes are spraying toxic chemicals to kill us, they only do so in thin white lines, while this chemtrail is more like a chemmonster and will obviously kill a lot more people. One wonders who are these aliens who make these white monsters appear in the sky and why do they want to hurt me?

I took a sample of some water from my rain barrel the next day. Even though it hadn’t rained and the barrel was frozen over, I detected a thin scum of unknown origin. I’m contacting the Smithsonian to see if they would like to study it. I call it Chem-Skum and I’m convinced this is the key to the chemtrail mysteries.

While I was walking home, I bumped into Elvis, who remains in witness protection and he assured me we never landed on the moon and most of us are dead already from fall-out from Japan we just don’t realize we are zombies yet. And by the way, the Illuminati worship Aleister Crowley and the only reason Hollywood makes movies is so they can embed secret messages about how the Illuminati plan to kill us all before 2140. Why 2140? That’s the date the last bitcoin will be mined and the Illuminati plan to snatch all the coins after they kill off the world. I guess these alien cloud formations have something to do with that.

If you want to stop the world takeover or just send a message to Elvis, just contact me. I accept donations in bitcoin and will be happy to lead you around is circles if you believe any of this shit. And if you passed this on, without even getting to the end, well, that just proves you will believe just about anything, won’t you?