My two cents on Chemtrails

I first heard about chemtrails around the time I began researching an article on the 25th anniversary of the JFK assassination (as well as the release of Oliver Stone’s movie). When the story began, chemtrails were supposedly being sprayed by military planes at high altitudes, and people were having “funny feelings” in their throats shortly afterwards. Cases of flu and other illnesses were supposedly spiking in those areas that had been chemtrailed.

I looked into it briefly and discovered the white plumes left by military planes at high altitude were most likely ordinary contrails, little more than water vapor. But as the years progressed, so did the chemtrail cottage industry. Google “chemtrail” and you’ll find 2 and a half million links, including numerous wacko sites devoted to discussing the topic. Who is engineering this massive disinfo dump?

In the early days, chemtrails were almost exclusively promoted by late-night radio host Art Bell, who was also very involved in promoting UFOs. It might be educational to note that after 9/11, Bell ridiculed the idea our government might be lying about the tragedy. He spent considerable effort promoting the wackiest of conspiracy theories, but when it came to actual real, hardcore research, Bell was nowhere to be found.

So when I ridicule the chemtrail hoax, it’s important to note I do not claim chemicals are not sprayed on people, plants and clouds. When done on plants, it’s called crop dusting and you’ll notice crop dusters are small, slow, propeller planes that fly close to the ground while spraying. That’s because chemical sprays are expensive and, depending on wind speeds (on the ground and at flight altitude) unwanted drift can occur away from the target area. When a Rainbow Gathering was sprayed by unknown chemicals (and everyone got sick soon thereafter), the plane used was a low-flying crop-duster. For cloud seeding, small planes are also the norm. Cloud seeding is usually done with silver iodide, dry ice and/or liquid nitrogen, although the Russians apparently include cement fragments in the mix.

However, what the chemtrail cottage industry would have us believe, is that hundreds of flights are taking place every day with commercial aircraft and military aircraft, all of whom are secretly seeding toxic chemicals to create a mass extermination of the population. The biggest problem with this theory is that not a single shred of evidence has ever been produced to prove the existence of this sort of chemtrail conspiracy. Think about it. We’re talking about tons of toxic chemicals secretly loaded onto planes, all of which have been secretly equipped to spray these chemicals for the purpose of mass murder. And this has been going on for over 20 years? Think of the number of people involved in the chain: chemical manufacturers, transporters, mechanics, pilots, any one of whom would certainly have the capability of blowing the whistle on this monstrous crime by initiating a billion dollar class action suit. Such a person would become the most famous whistle blower in history. But in over 20 years of chemtrail hysteria, not one such person has emerged? What does that tell you about the existence of chemtrails?

Mind control is based on manufacturing fear. Turning a harmless contrail into a chemtrail of death is textbook disinfo. Most chemtrail sites also dovetail into wacky 9/11 theories, like “no planes” were involved in 9/11. Thus it becomes easier to swat away emerging 9/11 research revealing the event was likely planned and executed by the Pentagon, the Mossad, the ISI and Saudi intelligence. Next time you friend somebody on facebook who devotes all their effort to the distribution of information on chemtrails, you might want to investigate who that person actually is. Because there’s really only two possibilities: hoodwinked true believer, or knowing agent of disinfo. Either way, the chemtrail hoax is a rabbit hole leading to nowhere.

When the chemtrail photo shown here first appeared on facebook, a few people actually thought it was a real photo. “How do they get the skulls into the smoke?” wondered one person. More important, how do they get such transparent disinfo into the minds of America?

Note to the disinfo crowd: don’t both leaving more comments, I won’t approve them, and for the organically real people of the world who want to know the truth (and not be led down some rabbit-hole populated by UFO’s, chemtrails, satanists, and lizards from another dimension), feel free to check out my books.