The World’s Most Handsome Man?

What are we to make of this silly story of this poet being expelled from Saudi Arabia recently because “he’s too handsome?”

This story passed through the English press like a wild fire yesterday, and probably also overtook the entire Saudi media as well. Well, turns out the dude in question is also a model and actor, so maybe you can chalk the entire episode up to a publicity stunt. Or maybe there’s another explanation. Like maybe this nutty story was actually manufactured to divert attention away from something else?

When Abdul Alharbi was taken into police custody at the scene of the Boston Bombing and immediately identified as the prime suspect, some strange events apparently took place, including an emergency meeting between President Obama and the Saudi ambassador, although we were quickly assured that meeting had nothing to do with the sudden reversal of Alharbi from “suspect” to “victim,” and his rapid transportation back to the safety of Saudi Arabia, where he would have been the biggest person in the news upon arrival, except for that handsome man, who conveniently took all the spotlights on himself. Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree, but there are so many issues swirling around Boston that just don’t figure.

First of all, if you escape the scene of a crime in Boston and blend into the scenery, and are ready to make your getaway, the very last thing you’d do is shoot a Boston police officer in the back of the head, execution style. The Boston police force is one of the most tight-knit communities on earth and they take care of their own. Nobody executes a Boston policeman, unless of course, they want the full fury of that entire force coming down on them with great precision and speed, and, of course, that’s exactly what happened next. We were told initially these brothers were armed to the teeth, yet now discover they had but one revolver between the two of them. Nothing makes sense about this crime, and the only possible hypothesis I can find is they were under hypnotic control and instructed to kill that police officer so they’d be quickly located and suicide-d by the Boston police force.

And the most suspicious thing about Alharbi (left)? You can’t ask the State Department any questions about him for reasons of National Security. And that probably gives you only two choices: Alharbi was a double agent planted into the cell the brothers belonged to, or Alharbi was actively working to support the brothers. Alharbi, obviously, was way more important than the brothers, who are probably patsies to be discarded who thought they were super spies working for any number of possible intelligence agencies or jihad fronts.

What really happened when the Soviet Union broke up? Because I was led to believe that just as the CIA and Saudi’s funded the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan, they moved quickly into the Russian states with Muslim populations and began recruiting jihadists. Apparently, the two countries are working together to spread the radical Sunni Salafist Wahhabism in order to provide the dialectical opposition they need to advance their global agendas. So a lot of radical mosques suddenly popped up in Chechnya.

Isn’t is a bit strange that the dialectic inside the Muslim world, this endless war between the Sunni and Shite never really seems to produce terrorists from Iran or Iraq interested in fomenting violence against America? In fact, the only source of such violence seems to emanate from Osama bin Laden’s home country, Saudi Arabia. Which is why I find it odd that the Saudi links to 9/11 were covered up and ignored, just like what’s happening right now to the Saudi link to the Boston Bombing.

And honestly, aside from the eyeliner, I don’t see much difference in the looks between these two dudes, so maybe we can ask Saudi Arabia to send Alharbi back here for questioning so he won’t tempt the females there with his smouldering good looks?

I just think the “wag the dog” movies have reached a new level since 9/11, and they already have a brilliant op going that blames the Boston bombing on stoners and conspiracy theorists. You can get smoke and mirrors to work any better than that.

The Saudi Connection to the Boston Marathon Bombing

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi

Wasn’t it strange that Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was picked up immediately after the Boston Marathon and his residence searched while the media (NY Post) told us he was the lead suspect in the case? Then, suddenly, the pair from Chechen executes a Boston policeman, followed by a wild shoot-out with police, while behind the scenes, Skull & Bones Patriarch John Kerry and then President Obama hold emergency meetings with the Saudis, the result of which is to have Abdul immediately moved from “suspect” to “victim” and hastily deported out of the country back to Saudi Arabia, free from prying eyes and anxious questions and any legal actions.

Abdul disappeared from the national media and all google searches titled “Saudi Connection to Boston Bombing” led straight into Russia and none into Saudi Arabia, who, as we know, is the real center of funding for Islamic terrorism, perhaps even under the supervision of their British and American compatriots in the MI6 and the CIA and Pentagon. War is really a game played for profit, and most of the crusaders and jihadists don’t even realize it, but they’re actually working for the same banks, just running up billions in profit in guns and drugs.

Meanwhile, that uncle who was interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes and praised in the Washington Post for being so nice and articulate in his hatred for his two loser nephews? According to Daniel Hopsicker today, that dude is an oil millionaire with links to Halliburton and the CIA. Why am I not surprised? Meanwhile, when Abdul was shipped back to Saudi Arabia, he and his father were immediately paraded before the Saudi media and assured everyone they had nothing to do with the bombing. And then the entire media was overwhelmed by a absurd story of three men so handsome they had to be banished.

Shades of the Israeli team caught videotaping the fall of the twin towers, like they knew if was going to happen, and then celebrating their collapse before being picked up by the New Jersey police and quickly deported back to Israel, where they were paraded before the media to assure everyone, “We didn’t have anything to do with 9/11.” Funny how easy that op always works. Nothing to see here people, keep moving along. Look, there goes the most handsome man in the world! Just obsess about him and nothing else for the next week or so, will ya?

Gunshots at Marijuana Rally

How sad the Denver rally was marred by violence and instead of a message of peace, the global news is now reporting: “gunshots at marijuana rally.” For me, this is a great tragedy.

Abby from Daily Beast called me on 4/19 and interviewed me for over an hour. She seemed fascinated by my history of spiritual use of cannabis, although I cautioned her there was a pretty intense filter in the national media on any of this info, and if she planned to write about it, be prepared for censorship from on high. She laughed off that idea, but strangely, her story has yet to appear.

The Denver rally began ten years ago, one of the first large mass April 20th events. Now we have so many. In 1990 I discovered an annual ritual was taking place near the top of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. At the time, I was reading about Soma and had decided the story invented by Gordon Wasson that Soma was a mushroom was false, and Soma was actually cannabis, just like it was obvious to me cannabis was manifesting real ceremony and ritual in Marin, headquarters of the hippie counterculture after the Haight was over-run with undercovers, violence, hard drugs and nasty ops. From 1995 until 2003, the center of energy on spreading 420 ceremonies was the Cannabis Cup, especially the Temple Dragon Crew, who were so fanatical about honoring 420 they did it twice every day, at 4:20 PM and 4:20 AM. Having a picture taken at the Quentin hotel lobby under the clock at 4:20 AM was one of the biggest 420 ceremonies around for years before the rest of the world picked up on it.

That’s why I could never understand why Steve Bloom, who actually appears in some of those early 420 photos at the Quentin lobby, tells people High Times, the Cannabis Cup, and me in particular, “had nothing to do with spreading 420?” After having spent 30 years trying to get the spiritual rights issues around cannabis recognized, and then have that entire life’s campaign dismissed by someone who actually saw the thing assembled is saddening. But then Bloom voluntarily quit High Times when I was brought back the third time, just because he couldn’t work under me again. So I understand where the vibes are coming from.

Mike Edison on wikipedia claims I pushed the Waldo’s story and took 420 to “cult-like extremes.” That is really hilarious. Yes, I organized events around 420, and at 4:20 PM, I would sometimes ask the assembled multitudes to form a circle, hold hands, and OM for world peace. That’s a traditional hippie ceremony begun in North America by The Brotherhood of Eternal Love on the West Coast and Allen Ginsberg on the East Coast. I believed holding these ceremonies was proof of spiritual culture and could be used to bring a court case to the Supreme Court, which had always refused to hear the religious rights case on cannabis.

Like I was telling Abby from Daily Beast, I found out about marijuana by reading On the Road, and the key moment in that stream of consciousness is a spiritual moment in Mexico provided by a few hits of marijuana. That book sent my generation looking for marijuana because we wanted to have a spiritual moment like that, especially since all of us had recently lost our religions and needed something real and honest we could plug into.

During this crucial time, when the counterculture was re-discovering the sacrament of peace culture, what happens? A major op is launched by Gordon Wasson to declare the magic mushroom as the key to spirituality. And he heads off down to Mexico to take mushrooms with a shaman and it ends up on the cover of Life magazine. Suddenly, it’s all about mushrooms again. This is obviously the same op Wasson pulled on Soma. Could it be possible that when the Roman empire took control of Christianity, which up until then had been a poor people’s religion based on world peace, and when Constantine put that cross on his army’s shields, he also switched up the sacraments? The poor people got alcohol, while the priests got mushrooms maybe but the cannabis became strictly forbidden because cannabis manifests peace culture, and the Roman empire was never about peace.

After I attended my first Rainbow Gathering and stood in a circle OMing for peace with 15,000 people, my mind was blown and I realized if only we had more ceremonies like this, we might actually get some positive energy going in this direction. So I organized a lot of peace circles for the next 30 years and tried to teach the youth about hippie magic. But I live in New York City, where hippies are not really very popular, and the minute I started manifesting these ceremonies, I was branded “a cult leader” by people that wanted to take my job. Where is my army of zombie robots and why aren’t they carrying me around in a sedan chair feeding me grapes all day? In fact, I never tried to organize a cult or anything close and I have zero dogma to push, only a desire to spread peace energy to help heal all the hate, but of course, this is dangerous, or at least lame and stupid, eh?

A Craft International Rabbit Hole Emerges

images-2Before the second suspect was even captured, I noticed a rush of judgment on some conspiracy sites that the two Russians were patsies and the real bombers were mercenaries from Craft International. The evidence for this was a photo of a cap worn by a man wearing a backpack, who seemed to be a part of a group of military or undercover law enforcement types standing near the finish line.

Craft International was founded by the most prolific sniper in American history, Chris Kyle, who was only recently murdered in a bizarre incident on a firing range in Texas last February.

I immediately suspected this story as having been planted as a rabbit hole to lead citizen researchers astray.

Let me digress for a minute: It was at the second Whee! festival in 1998 that I realized the massive ceremonies I was manifesting were having some sort of an impact on my telepathic abilities. That year I decided to disappear from Mission Control, where I’d been trapped during the first WHEE! and just walk among the people unidentified, as just one of the undercover security team, only my Batman belt was way better than the others, except for maybe 6/22. I became a hippie cop for a few days and polished my hippie shakedown techniques. I was really good at spotting perpetrators, intercepting them and neutralizing their movies. I had invented an elaborate scheme for handling all the cash, none of which I ever touched of course, but all of which flowed into a secret trailer, while everyone else thought it was going into a cashbox at Mission Control that actually only held a few hundred dollars.

I learned that if you tune yourself up right, you can amp up the ability to suss out the disinfo.

One thing you always have to be ready for is a tsumani of disinfo immediately following a major op. The intel apparatus is always first on the scene with what looks like the best info. That’s how they flush the citizen researchers away from the danger areas.

The obvious solution is to identify and question the man with the Craft cap and determine what his story is, does it make sense and is he telling us the truth? Because if he has a completely plausible explanation for his appearance at the finish line wearing a backpack, then you know this story was manufactured disinfo, which means it is a tail connected to a head that knows more than they are revealing. And when you can successfully ID disinfo, it can be very helpful in revealing exactly where they are trying to lead you and what they are trying to lead you away from. It’s a complex game played between the intelligence apparatus and the citizen researchers. In my opinion, professional spooks do not show up at undercover ops wearing their ID bracelets or real company logos. They will always have well-thought-out fake ID’s and costumes. It is part of their game, which is why I don’t buy into the Craft story.

images-1Here are the basic facts as we know them:

1) Law enforcement said they had no record of either brother, yet the FBI obviously has massive files on both, as they should. Post 9/11, how could police say they had zero records? This is very, very suspicious and makes me think their files may have been disappeared or sanitized already.

2) It makes no sense to go on a crime spree after escaping the scene. All that did was bring the entire Boston Police to their location and make their death or capture inevitable.

3) Why were two middle-eastern looking men allowed to enter the area without a search of their backpacks? Post 9/11, isn’t this standard procedure to have inspection stations posted leading into mass public events? You can’t get into Times Square on New Year’s Eve carrying a backpack.

4) The response on TV and the lock-down on the entire Eastern seaboard was beyond what was necessary to capture a wounded 19-year-old. And considering he was bleeding profusely, I don’t understand why dogs weren’t available to track him to the boat immediately.

5) The parents and friends of the pair say they saw zero signs of terrorist behavior? This suggests one of two possibilities: they were sleeper agents under hypnotic control or they were being manipulated and were set-up as patsies. The second possibility seems less likely simply because of the crime spree shootouts. Had they been actual patsies and not willing participants in the endeavor, they would have been far better off surrendering and volunteering their side of the story immediately, which is what Oswald was attempting to do before Ruby killed him.

Don’t think disinfo isn’t important. It brings a lot of information to the table, you just have to invert it to read it properly. It will be interesting to see the next torrent of disinfo. Meanwhile, I am very thankful the boy was taken alive so at least we have hope of getting to the bottom of this incident and what his motivations may have been.

My Theory on Boston

These dudes entered the country after 9/11 and blended in as regular people until being activated as Manchurian Candidates with orders to set off two bombs at the Boston Marathon, despite having no prior record of violence, other than an unsolved triple murder that would not unravel until after the bombing. 

The official story of the capture makes little sense. After being ID’d on TV, they suddenly shoot a policeman and commandeer a taxi to go to NYC for another attack. In real life, the escape plan is the most carefully orchestrated, and these dudes didn’t have one. Similar, in fact, to the way Oswald drifted deeper into the suburbs after the JFK assassination, when a real shooter would have been quietly boarding a plane, bus or train headed toward Mexico.

Meanwhile, the Saudi national who was first ID’d in the media as a suspect, was strangely removed from the suspect list and quietly relocated back to Saudi Arabia, similar to the flight of the Bin Ladin family out of Florida post 9/11.

The grisly triple murder of three men on the 9/11 anniversary two years prior to the bombing was seldom mentioned in the media, although the two events are certainly linked, nor was the death of Ibragim Todashev, the only-known witness to these events while undergoing an eight-hour FBI interrogation at his apartment in Orlando, Florida.

The  intense lock-down on the eastern seaboard was beyond what was necessary and may have served as a conditioning experiment. My guess is the population is gradually being conditioned to accept lock-down with zero freedoms in the name of protecting us against terrorism.

Equally suspicious was the creation of the “nobody died at the Boston Marathon bombing” meme deployed by the Tin Foil Hat Patrol. This meme was also worked into the earlier Sandy Hook school shooting, although in the case of Sandy Hook, the disinfo was transparent, while in the case of Boston, researcher Dave McGowan was more clever in constructing his bogus case. Both memes, however, are equally disgusting and reminiscent of the Holocaust denial movement, another obvious intel propaganda op. The photos purportedly showing crisis actors faking injuries is what finally revealed McGowan as a dedicated tin foil hatter, and it’s remarkable how many people in the conspiracy media maintain the fantasy McGowan’s research was real.

The easiest way to covertly create terror is to run operations through an anti-terror counterintelligence unit.

Al Qaeda is a fiction of the CIA, a collection of drug runners and arms dealers united in secret ops who supposedly went rouge and started attacking the creature that created it. But then so was Communist Russia just a burnt-out hunk of rust with a fresh paint job parading as global threat to amp up the arms race. 

And of course the million dollar question is who has the Manchurian Candidate technology to create monsters like these? Meanwhile, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sits in a super max prison awaiting the outcome of his death sentence appeal.

Inside the Despicable Family Guy/Boston Marathon Hoax

When I first met Jesse Ventura, the first question out of my mouth was, “how can you support an obvious demagogue like Alex Jones?”

“Maybe Alex feels he has to act that way to get his point across,” smiled Jesse, who is an intensely charming and likeable guy, but, after all Jesse was also in show business for a lot of his life, so I’m sure he understands the importance of role playing in good theater.

But Jones is more than that, he’s the leading edge of disinformation, and constantly getting caught playing despicable tricks on his audience, like the time he claimed Madonna’s halftime performance was an Illuminati Ritual.

More recently Jones tried to connect a Batman movie to the Sandy Hook tragedy, but yesterday he crossed the line when he doctored two clips from a Family Guy episode to make it appear that TV show predicted the Boston Marathon bombing. We need a new word in our vocabulary to describe Jones’ activities. To callously mine such tragedy in order to pretend the media is being employed in some sort of clumsy Satanic Mind Control system has to be one of the most despicable trades known to mankind.

And as disgusting as it is, unfortunately, it’s also about as difficult as falling off a log.

Coincidences are the fabric of the universe and there’s no escaping them or their potential power as lightning rods. This is also how a lot of phony prophets and psychics work, because if you can be vague enough, the coincidences will pull you through. The popular media is an immense stream of data, therefore anytime anything happens you can search that data bank for random coincidences and find plenty. Even between conspiracy stories a century apart you will find plenty, as in the Lincoln assassination and the JFK assassination. In fact, the current stream of disinfo mostly mines coincidences to draw lines to dots that don’t connect. This is really the state-of-the art of disinfo today, which I like to describe as the chaff and flares tossed out behind a jet to pull the heat-seeking missile off target. Only in this case, it’s citizen researchers who are seeking the heat, and the inevitable bizarre coincidences? Well, that’s another flare going off.

As soon as Jones put up his doctored video, someone post a question on Quora asking me to answer how come the national media doesn’t even discuss Jones allegations?

As for the media not giving any credence to any conspiracy story unless it involves unprotected people, like the Sicilian men of honor society: there’s a pretty intense filter on the material presented in the mainstream and whatever David Icke and Alex Jones (two largest fountains of disinfo today) are saying is not going to be covered, except possibly to ridicule it, and then it would be very brief. This is a staged clash of manufactured paradigms designed to draw the centers of energy to their own control. But it will never happen in public. The two sides must be kept isolated because if they share info, they may start to wise up.

I have to wonder who posted that question on Quora anyway? I guess they didn’t know it was a hoax?

I often find myself in Internet duels, sometimes with a guy in Boston who works for the Ford Foundation. He plays multiple roles it seems, all with different online identities. In one he cleverly makes a case for the Rothschild control of the financial system (a played-out gag launched by the John Birch Society). In another he dispatches that same viewpoint with intense accusations of antisemitism and a lot of posturing but few facts. I’m sure many sock puppets are available to help drive and inflame the online dialogue. Instead of drawing people together in harmony, it seems the CIA might be more interested in fostering hostile, negative energies that polarize people. How many jihad sites on the Internet do you suppose are secretly controlled by someone other than the figurehead who supposedly runs that op? You could say the same thing about any violent hate group. I’d imagine many of them trace right back to Langley.