Michael Tsarion and the UFO hoax

If you are wondering how the status quo keeps such a tight lid on obvious crimes like 9/11, look no further than their Disinfo Matrix, a Tin Foil Hat brigade spreading clouds of mud on any real attempts to penetrate intel ops.

Immediately after JFK was assassinated, gatekeepers with ties to military intelligence swarmed the scene, most notable Mark Lane and Mary Ferrell. Even today, few realize the extent of intel manipulation into the creation of the JFK research community, which is why it took so long to find any threads of real info inside the snowstorm of disinfo they manufactured.

Michael Tsarion (real name Brian Heatley) considers himself an expert on magic, ancient civilizations, psychic vampirism and secret societies.

Since these are some of my areas of expertise, I can comfortably assure you Heatley is not a legit historian nor magician and most everything he says is an obvious fabrication. His videos and books are immense rabbit holes leading nowhere that will hopefully soon wither and fade away.
Heatley’s real place in the universe is placing a tin foil blanket over what is really going on, and this op is not something new. These characters like Tsarion, Icke and Passio evolved from a long line of spooks parading as mystics with secret hidden info.

Becoming an internationally celebrated psychic is not easily accomplished. Almost all depend on carnival hoodwinks and the trickery can be easily exposed. The real ones keep their inspirations to themselves and never know when a psychic intuition might hit them. But if you are someone with powerful connections, fake psychic powers can be vetted by the established media and your ticket prices and book sales will soar! Spook psychics have always been engineered close to people high in the oligarchies with tendencies towards magical thinking in order to influence their behavior. But the same sort of thing goes on with mainstream religion.

Mainstream religion was constructed as a power base and profit stream and occultism was constructed to ensnare those who escaped the mainstream religion. Occultism was never a fountain of great wisdom, any more than religion, although both contain elements of wisdom, their paradigms are dominated by dogma, agenda and fakery. This chain of corruption runs through Alessandro Cagliostro, Compte de Saint-Germain, Helen Blavatsky up to and including Aleister Crowley, all of whom claimed to have uncovered secrets of the universe, but none came close to solving the secret of the Holy Grail or even identifying the active ingredient in the sacred oil of Abramelin employed by the world’s greatest magicians for millennia.

According to Tsarion, our earth is secretly controlled by aliens from another galaxy and Jesus was one of them, a man who fell to earth from an interplanetary spacecraft. This hoodwink is not that far off from Scientology. Heatley considers himself an expert on Camelot and believes the grail is about Jesus. In fact, the grail emanates from ancient Scythia long before the time of Jesus, and King Arthur was just an update on Heracles, but instead of 12 labors, he had to win 12 battles.

Before the Christian censors got control of this story, the grail was an object required to bring peace to the kingdom. It was never about the chalice itself, but the magic potion found inside.


The Rise of Bot Nation

People wonder why social networks are filled with people pushing rabbit holes like: Sandy Hook never happened, Chemtrails are everywhere, or We Never Landed on the Moon. And why does a river of disinfo instantly appear after every single tragic event? Real researchers avoid this gunk.

It’s sort of like the boy who cried wolf: by blanketing every tragic incident with complex disinfo campaigns, the perpetrators are better able to hide their manufactured incidents. And they greatly inflate their powers through hints that everything is a grand plot under their control. Meanwhile, by constantly amplifying tragedy and creating paranoia, they spin the dials of PTSD inside the minds of the entire nation.

Masters of mind control have been around for a long time, and so has hypnosis and robot zombies. Fear has always been the essential key to opening these doors. All apocalyptic religions are mind control, and anyone who believes the world is about to end is running a mind control script, which is like changing the software operating system inside your brain. And we are talking millions, if not billions, of people on apocalyptic mind control.

When the internet came along, it provided global peer-to-peer communication for the first time, without the intervention of the media portals run by the military-industrial complex. This provided a tool for citizens to share information and expose the hoodwinks of war for profit. And in response, there’s been a rush by the National Security State to create a Bot Nation to create a false consensus in social media. These bots could be multiplying faster than real human beings.

One thing about these operations: you can recognize agents of disinfo because they go ballistic if you question their posts, almost as if they are running a script. There’s never a hint of discussion or debate over facts or evidence, because that would just serve to educate others monitoring the thread. Just all-out war and vicious character assassination.

It’s the flip side of what the media does should anyone mention we need a new 9/11 investigation. You just won’t hear that on the national news. And yet, that’s the way a lot of people in Congress feel, they just know you can’t talk about it and survive in politics. Just like many reporters know you can’t talk about alternative 9/11 conspiracies if you want to survive in the corporate media. So the only ones that get to go there and survive are the fake whistleblowers who serve as lightning rods, gathering oppositional energy into the control of the National Security State. Both Snowden and Wikileaks fall into this category. Anytime a whistleblower ends up on Time magazine, rest assured you’re looking at an intelligence operation.

The social media conspiracy community is dominated by bots running false memes, while the mainstream media amplifies tragedies as much as possible by showing as much blood and tears as possible, and jolting Americans into hyper states of empathetic fear.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about our National Security State staging terror incidents in order to keep us under mind control? Because that’s what we’re looking forward to. The internet provided a tool for turning the tables and installing a democracy in the future, but the bots will take over if we let them. So please stop passing around those crazy conspiracy stories they manufacture.

Of course, if you’ve got something credible about the JFK assassination or 9/11, go ahead and share it. Funny how I see so little of that stuff going around. Wonder why.

Question about JFK and Secret Societies

Question for you:
In JFK’s famous speech where he warns about “secret societies and monolithic conspiracies”, who was he talking about? And why didn’t he name them? Freemasons? Illuminati? Rothchilds?

On secret societies my guess is he was talking about Yale’s Skull & Bones, who would have been well-represented in the room. Skull & Bones was also deeply embedded in Kennedy’s cabinet and appears to have possibly sabotaged the Bay of Pigs to create a debacle just as Kennedy was taking power. On monolithic conspiracies, he was talking about the Oligarchy who were running the military-industrial complex, centered on the Rockefellers, and their European and Far Eastern allies and business associates.

Freemasons and Rothschilds are often the same thing, however the real power behind Freemasonry lies in the royal houses of Europe, not the Rothschild enterprise (in my opinion). The Illuminati was a nest inside Freemasonry. Both orders were likely penetrated by the agents of numerous power groups and morphed into social control mechanisms, like any other religion. The most important power groups at the time of the origins of the Illuminati were old-money royalty and the Vatican. Some say the Rothschilds controlled the Illuminati, but there is no evidence to support this. If the Illuminati do exist today in any form, it is most likely Yale’s Skull & Bones, which is an American chapter of a German secret society. The country clubs (and secret societies) around Yale and other ivy league schools, for the most part, do not admit Jews, which may be an indication of some limitations of power of the Rothschild-Warburg axis.

The Kennedy’s undoubtedly recognized the Rockefellers as their primary rivals in power, although there are a few other clans in that same sphere, most notably, the DuPonts. These are old money families. Kennedy was new money. As such, he did not merit inclusion into the old money secret societies. Percy Rockefeller was a Bonesman, although not many of his family offspring have chosen to ride so deep into the dark side. To all outward appearance, it’s just a typical college fraternity run in large part by the classmen themselves, who did, after all, buck their elders and force females into the society not too long ago, which had to be a major step in the right direction. It certainly threw Bill Buckley into a frenzy. The real heart of darkness of the period seems to lie more with the Dulles family, who were cousins of the Rockefellers. Allen Dulles (a Princeton man) had a club foot and seems to have had some serious issues with humanity. In many ways, he’s the architect of our current situation, a man JFK sacked from running the CIA, but Allen got his revenge, didn’t he?

It’s interesting to note Jackie Kennedy devoted her life to finding someone she felt could protect JFK, Jr. from assassination. The marriage to Onassis (one of the world’s richest people at the time) was basically because she felt he was the only available suitor who had the clout to protect her children. After Onassis died, Jackie sought refuge with diamond merchant Maurice Templesman. Diamonds are a carefully controlled cartel and Maurice is the North American agent of this cartel. It’s sad that JFK Jr. was actually assassinated, just as his mother had long feared, and very few people have yet to figure this out. There’s a lot of disinfo being manufactured to put mud in the water before America does figure this out.