In Praise of Dag Hammarskjold

Dag Hammarskjold came from a long line of Royally-appointed ministers serving the Swedish Kings and Queens, and rose to the top of Sweden’s central bank. He helped design the Marshall Plan, which shaped Europe’s future for decades after WWII.
At a young age, Dag got tapped to lead the United Nations, and swiftly garnered a reputation for defusing violence and promoting peace. He was especially adept at defusing conflict in the Middle East.
It’s difficult to imagine where we might be had people like him and JKF, RFK, MLK, and other prophets for peace not been killed. For Dag, this happened in 1961, while he was trying to stop a war in Africa. Although many witnesses saw a plane shoot down his plane, these facts were seldom spoken about, at least in the North American media, until this week that is, and now only because some document reveals the NSA was monitoring the shoot-down in real time. Don’t expect the media to do much with this story, they are too busy following Hollywood and Hip Hop celebrities around.
The two most chilling details I encountered are that Dag’s corpse was apparently the only one not severely burned at the scene, and that an ace of spaces card had been tucked into his lapel. It went down as an “accident.”
Whenever I encounter the death card in use, I think of one of its greatest proponents, Edward Lansdale. Like Dag, he was not born to the aristocracy, but after joining the OSS and becoming a ruthless spook, he rose fast in the ranks of key managers, so much so they put him in charge of smuggling the stolen gold back from the east and into select bank vaults in the west, so that it could be used to foment war for profit around the world and stem the tide of democracy, instead of being returned to its rightful owners in China, Korea, Vietnam and other countries Japan had just viciously plundered.
If you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, look no farther than Edward Lansdale, because his resume sheds key light on how war for profit really works. Among other things, Lansdale was huge into psyop and black magic, which is what that ace of spades represents.
461px-Major-general-lansdaleLansdale was moved early to Vietnam to clear the way for the US to capture the opium monopoly because the French were about to lose it to the Communists. Soon the Phoenix Program would commence, our countries largest mass extermination campaign since the Indian Wars. Funny how Lansdale’s top aide at the time turned out to be a spy for North Vietnam.
William Colby ran the Phoenix Program and one of his top aides became a Nebraska State Senator named John DeCamp, who told me he went back to Vietnam years later and discovered the person in charge of making the list of who was going to be assassinated next turned out to be a North Vietnamese spy as well. Which leaves the question, just who was getting assassinated and why? We killed over 40,000 people, and it now appears most of them were innocent, peaceful people who just happened to be tribal leaders. Getting rid of them was just a way to psyop the population into taking sides, any side. When you play the war for profit game one side is as good as another, long as they keep buying bullets and bombs.
I’m not claiming Lansdale was behind the murder, or even involved in any way. Just that when I saw that detail about the death card, Lansdale flashed in my brain. For all I know, there could be a deeper connection because these two certainly played crucial roles in world history, although on opposing sides of a great dialectical divide.


The Franklin Cover-Up Continues

Since I’m in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a Heads versus Feds debate at the Union, I give John DeCamp a phone call, and within minutes he shows up at my hotel for an hour-long interview. John is recovering from his second back replacement and was obviously in a great deal of agony, but he fielded my questions while taking numerous cell phones calls regarding his ongoing Columbine case (more on that later).

Even though few people know who he is these days, in conspiracy circles, John’s a huge celebrity. In fact, he was the first politician to attempt to blow the whistle on a nationwide pedophile network that he uncovered while a Nebraska State Senator.

After getting his law degree, John worked directly under William Colby in Vietnam when they launched the Phoenix Project, the largest assassination operation in American history. It was originally designed as the humane alternative to carpet bombing that killed indiscriminately.

Towards the end of the war, DeCamp ran “Operation Babylift” when all the half-American orphans were loaded up on cargo planes and brought home to the USA. John also led the drive to decriminalize marijuana in Nebraska after seeing the Dutch model in action on the way back from Vietnam.

But then John wrote his landmark book titled The Franklin Cover-Up that detailed the use of a local credit union by the CIA. The bank was being run by a pedophile who was also a rising star in the Republican Party. Although the main perpetrator, Larry King, did end up in jail for two or three years, many kids who tried to testify against him lost their lives or ended up serving much longer sentences as convicted perjurers. King was just the backstop to prevent the case from tracking into the Republican power structure. DeCamp decided to follow that trail.

This all broke out in the late 1980’s. Of course the media branded DeCamp as a conspiracy nut, and continuously ridiculed him. He was threatened. His children were threatened. He lost his political career.

One thing John did back then is fly to Penn State University with two boys who said they’d been flown there by Larry King to service a bunch of people after a football game. The boys identified Jerry Sandusky as one of their abusers. When confronted with this information, Sandusky threatened a law suit and Penn State rallied behind him and defended Sandusky with all their power.

“The system protects itself,” is how Colby explained it to DeCamp. “Write a book, put in everything you know, then it won’t be necessary to kill you,” is the other advice Colby gave him, adding: “This is bigger than I thought.”  Shortly after giving that advice to his one-time aid, Colby turned up mysteriously drowned in a canoe accident while his half-eaten dinner was still on the table.

The calls John is getting today are all coming from the ongoing Columbine case. “They just sealed the records for another 25 years,” he complains. “If I can get those records opened, I can prove both boys were being abused by a prominent local law enforcement official.”

Initially, DeCamp tried to sue the pill company who produces Luvox, but he somehow got levered off the case and a former lawyer for that same pill company replaced him. Now he represents a boy who got injured in that shooting and put on Luvox and also lost his mind to the drug. So I ask John what he thinks about all these shootings, while telling him upfront I think the pill companies are spreading the lies that these are MK/Ultra-style Manchurian Candidate brainwashing operations, when, in fact, the kids are just going crazy from all the pills and video games.

“The truth usually turns out to be somewhere in the middle,'” he says.