20 conspiracy theories that turned out true

President Abraham Lincoln was killed as a result of a conspiracy inside his own administration.

Alfred Dreyfus was railroaded in France in 1894.

Sicilians invented a secret society in America in the 1840s that eventually took great power and inducted thousands of members in total secrecy  for generations.

The Chicago White Sox were paid to throw the 1919 World Series.

Major General Smedley Butler was approached by leading figures on Wall Street to overthrow FDR with a mercenary army of WWI vets.

Scientists knew asbestos was toxic in the 1930s, but all evidence was buried. The same could be said for tobacco cigarettes.

General Motors conspired to rip up electric trolley tracks starting in 1938.

Hundreds of Nazi spies and scientists were secretly located to the New World under new identities after WWII. Operation Paperclip, as it was known, was greatly assisted by the Vatican and involved collusion by the Knights of Malta.

Billions in gold and other assets stolen by the Nazis and Japanese were put into funds controlled by the CIA (Black Eagle Trust) so as to avoid restoring it to the rightful owners. It appears the operation was aided by Opus Dei, a society that has assumed great power inside the Vatican.

The government began a mind control program in the 1950s (MK/Ultra) that secretly fed LSD to unsuspecting citizens for years.

The FBI began an illegal dirty tricks program known as Cointelpro in 1956 and continued through to 1971 when it was uncovered.

Many prominent figures in the national media became CIA assets through Project Mockingbird in the 1950s, a propaganda operation that continues today in some form.

JFK turned down a plan by the Pentagon (Operation Northwoods) to blow up an American ship and blame it on Cuba to justify an invasion.

The CIA’s JM/Wave station assassinated JFK with the help of the Chicago outfit and Texas oil barons.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was staged to justify a war in Vietnam.

Karen Silkwood was murdered after she blew the whistle on her own company.

The CIA-backed Contra army was involved in cocaine distribution to raise funds.

Barry Seal flew cocaine for the CIA into Mena, Arkansas, while Bill Clinton was governor.

A right-wing masonic lodge in Italy (Propaganda Due) plotted terrorist acts to be blamed on leftists.

In Praise of Steve Kangas

So where are the accolades and honors for one of America’s greatest investigative journalists? I bet you’ve never even heard his name.

There’s no denying Steve Kangas was the real thing, a CIA spook who dropped out of the game and began revealing deep secrets. Thankfully, much of his journalism survives today because he was one of the first to realize the value of the Internet. I don’t understand why there’s no biography or compendium of his greatest hits. Hopefully, someday, these will emerge.

Kangas was posted in Berlin at the height of the Cold War and grew disgusted by dirty tricks and secret ops, so he got himself honorably discharged and moved to Santa Cruz to pursue some college degrees. He planned to go all the way to PhD with the financial assistance of the G.I. Bill. He was a chess master and quickly became president of the Santa Cruz chess club, which gives you an idea of his intellectual prowess. Had he lived, he’d be the most enlightened political pundit in the world today, so deep was his understanding of secret societies. It took me decades to catch up to where Kangas was in 1999 when he was murdered (although officially, it’s a “suicide” naturally.) There was another journalist working a similar trail even earlier named Danny Casolaro and he was also “suicided” back in 1991. But after Kangas was killed, the CIA went into overdrive inventing fake whistle-blowers to snatch control of the center of conspiracy research. If you see a so-called whistle-blower on the cover of Time magazine, rest assured that’s an op.

Kangas knew the CIA was designed not to foster democracy but fascist puppets favorable to rampant exploitation, which is why the CIA is known on the inside as the “company,” while agents are “assets” and overseas postings, “accounts,” terminology lifted straight from the big business universe they secretly serve.

Kangas was also aware of a deep Catholic connection inside the CIA, and the incredible overlap of CIA officials, corporate CEOs, European royals, heads of state, and Nazi war criminals, all of whom were Knights of Malta (essentially the Pope’s CIA), which means they held citizenship in the only landless entity on earth offering full diplomatic immunity. While masquerading as do-gooders, Knights can whiz easily through customs with nary a second glance, so if you want to move something secret or illegal across international borders, just hand it off to them.

One of Kangas’ most important revelations was Watergate was a CIA op designed to bring down Nixon, who had been trying to wrest control of international relations away from the CIA. Apparently, Nixon’s detente move with China did not have full CIA approval. Early on, Kangas recognized Bob Woodward as a spook, and not a real investigative journalist.

Richard Mellon Scaife became one of Kangas’ main targets and he spent months investigating Scaife’s operations. At the time, Scaife was puppet master of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” trying to bring down President Clinton, as he was pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort to wrest the White House from the Democrats. Much of this activity was cloaked inside some highly influential foundations which had been created as tax shelters for the super rich, the biggest of which were:

  • Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
  • Carthage Foundation
  • Earhart Foundation
  • Charles G. Koch
  • David H. Koch
  • Claude R. Lambe
  • Philip M. McKenna
  • J.M. Foundation
  • John M. Olin Foundation
  • Henry Salvatori Foundation
  • Sarah Scaife Foundation
  • Smith Richardson Foundation

One sticky problem Scaife needed to overcome was the large number of women supporting the Democrats, so he began grooming female pundits for his cause. He donated $450,000 to help create the Independent Women’s Forum, which greatly assisted the rise of Ann Coulter.

According to a former Scaife employee: “He has the emotional maturity of a very angry 12-year-old, and he has all this money and he can do whatever he wants with it.” While working as managing editor of a Scaife-funded magazine, Pat Minarcin was given a list of people Scaife wanted attacked in print. Minarcin resigned.

On February 8th, 1999, Kangas took a bus to Pittsburgh from Nevada, and visited the Scaife headquarters. We don’t know what happened next. Was he there to interview Scaife? We only know he was found dead in the men’s room on the same floor as Scaife’s office. And that Kangas’ computer was wiped clean the next day. The death was quickly ruled a suicide, while the police report and autopsy disagreed on the location of the entry wound. There was zero coverage in any media for weeks, and even then, not a single reporter conducted an independent investigation of the death. Eventually, the story was sculpted to assert Kangas had come to Pittsburgh to assassinate Scaife, and had gotten cold feet and shot himself instead, a completely absurd hypothesis accepted faithfully by the national media. My theory is he came to interview Scaife and perhaps tape record his answers when confronted with certain evidence. After the interview was concluded, Kangas stopped off at the men’s room, where Scaife’s goons began separating him from his recorder and evidence. Did Kangas actually possess a weapon, and carry it to Pittsburgh, and if so, why is there zero discussion about it’s forensic trail, because weapons have some.

But this was not the first unexpected death linked to Scaife. Robert Duggan was the powerful district attorney in Pittsburgh, and also boyfriend of Cordelia, Scaife’s sister. Duggan had shepherded Scaife into the highest echelons of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania, but after a federal investigation was launched against Duggan, Scaife planned to subpoena his sister Cordelia to spill whatever beans she knew. In response, Cordelia swiftly married Duggan to prevent any such testimony from taking place. On March 5th, 1974, the same day the corruption indictment came down, Duggan was found dead of a shotgun blast to the chest. The weapon was on the ground several feet away. Cordelia was convinced her brother was behind the killing and the two cut off all communication for decades, although they did reconcile shortly before Cordelia’s death.

On July 4, 2014, Scaife passed away from cancer one day after his 82nd birthday. He left his fortune to two foundations, and his two children immediately filed a lawsuit claiming the billion dollar fortune had been drained of hundreds of millions of dollars just prior to their father’s death.

My coda on this saga is Barbara Olson, one of the attractive right-wing pundits shepherded on a fast-track through the Scaife propaganda mills. Olson was an attorney for Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, which may be the most powerful law firm in America (after Sullivan and Cromwell), before she became a professional pundit. She was on her way to another appearance on Bill Mayer’s Politically Incorrect when she boarded Flight 77. Although cell phones did not work above 1800 feet at the time, she allegedly called her husband from high altitude. The call, although technically impossible, was how the 9/11 hijack story was initially fed into the national media.

Barbara Olson had previously been the primary protector of Clarence Thomas in his battle against Anita Hill, and later morphed into the primary attack dog on Hillary Clinton. Her husband was the lawyer who successfully represented George W. Bush in Bush vs. Gore, a case that handed the presidency to a thief. Ted Olson was rewarded with the post of Solicitor General, a position he held from June 2001 to July 2004.

According to Ted, he received two phone calls from his wife on September 11th, the longest of which lasted for four minutes. The pilots and passengers had been herded to the rear of the plane by men armed only with box-cutters. Barbara asked her husband to provide instructions for the pilot standing near her. However, during the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the FBI revealed there was only one phone call from Barbara to Ted that day and it lasted 0 seconds. In other words, it was an unconnected call, which is what you’d expect from any call made above 1,800 feet. Another suspicious detail is the pilot, Charles “Chic” Burlingame, was a weightlifter and boxer, and more physically imposing than the alleged hijackers, many of whom seem to have been employing other people’s identities and not their own. Just as none of the video from the Pentagon has ever been released to the public, none of the phone records from that day have ever been released, increasing suspicion of a cover-up.

Crusader Coins, Malta Knights & the Pentagon

Speaking in front of some students from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Seymour Hersh blew a few minds when he declared the Joint Chiefs of Staff were basically controlled by Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta, two societies that hold considerable power inside the Catholic Church.

Not only that, Hersh also claimed they were trading custom-made coins with each other (an old tradition with the Malta Knights, it seems) and the coins indicated they viewed their mission in Iraq as essentially a spiritual one to turn “mosques into cathedrals.” In other words, welcome to the Crusades!

President John F. Kennedy meets with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Photograph includes: (L-R) United States Marine Corps. General David Shoup; United States Army General Earle Wheeler; United States Air Force General Curtis LeMay, President Kennedy; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Maxwell Taylor; United States Admiral George Anderson. West Wing Lawn, White House, Washington, D.C.
Please credit: “Robert Knudsen/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.”

One thing you notice right away with most so-called conspiracy research sites: they seem to have big agendas and a major piece of the puzzle is usually missing. Some are obviously Christian-based, and many of those don’t mention Malta Knights, Opus Dei or the Vatican.

Others seem to focus exclusively on the Rothschilds and basically “blame the jews,” ignoring the fact that the Rothschilds are part of a network of royal families and they have worked closely over the years with both the Vatican bank and the Rockefellers.

During the last year of his life, John Kennedy was seriously concerned the Joint Chiefs were going to overthrow him and assume power. In fact, the film “Seven Days in May” was not some wild fantasy, it represented very real concerns that forces inside the Pentagon were stage-managing political events for their own secret purposes.

The Malta Knights have been around since 1048 and currently have around 13,000 members worldwide. Originally headquartered in Jerusalem, the order was forced to move several times before landing at their current headquarters in Rome. Originally you had to be a member of nobility to join, and the upper ranks are probably still dominated by members of various royal families of Europe. In the modern era, Malta Knights have mostly been chosen from North America. They have long printed their own stamps and coins, and the current Malta coins are undoubtedly what Seymour was referring to as being very much in vogue and being passed around the upper ranks of the Pentagon.

According to the book “Blackwater,” Joseph Schmitz, former inspector general for the Pentagon who went to work for that sinister private company, lists his membership in the Malta Knights on his official biography. So are we fighting another Crusade or what? Rest assured, the Malta Knights have long functioned as an intelligence-gathering tool for the Vatican under the cloak of being a harmless charity. They played a major role in Operation Paperclip, which moved Nazi war criminals to safety so they could continue their work under new employers. And the Malta Knights seem to have forged a strong relationship with Israel and the neocons who took over the government under Bush II to foment the current wars in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, there’s a rabid form of Christian fundamentalism rapidly assuming power inside our military and its end-game seems to be to bring about a world war between Arabs on one side and Christians and Jews on the other. And don’t forget the real main purpose of war has pretty much remained the same throughout much of history: making profit. The average military-industrial corporation makes over ten times the profit during war they can hope to reap during peacetime. And if the war can be justified as a religious crusade, so much the better.

Even more important, Seymour Hersh is an intelligence operative and working the dialectical divide for counterintelligence operations. So whenever he reveals anything at all, it’s always a limited hangout.