Barbarians at the Gates

Meet the new crusaders forged in torture chambers from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay.

Blowback is a counterintelligence term for what happens when you wreak violence on somebody, because violence always comes back. So don’t think the Pentagon and NSA didn’t see this one coming a mile off. And, of course, this sort of violence is heaven sent since it guarantees a booming arms trade for years, if not decades. Isn’t it wonderful we turned the second biggest oil stream in the Middle East over to Radical Fundamentalists so they could use it to boost our arms sales and economy?

Just as hundreds of Al-Qaeda terrorists were recently transplanted from safe houses in Turkey to aid our NATO forces in Syria, someday ISIS might be our ally against Al-Qaeda. It already takes an advanced degree in diplomacy to unravel the political affiliations in the Middle East, a situation that grows progressively byzantine as the decades roll on, which is why I know this War on Terror is going on for a long, long time.

One of the Paris shooters was 15-years-old and there are six million Muslims in France, and maybe a quarter of them sympathize somewhat with suicide bombings, while one percent (60,000) are housed in prisons, the breeding ground for becoming a gangsta for god. Muslims in France tend to have twice the children of non-Muslims and are ten percent of the population. Do the math.

Meanwhile, France makes billions exporting arms to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, arming the next wave of suicide shooters. There’s going to be a lot of bullets and bombs sold this week, so if you like making easy money, invest in the war machine, I know the oligarchy does.

The leadership of ISIS formed inside our torture centers, like Abu Ghraib. The torture we inflicted served to radicalize and heighten their fervor to take revenge. Reminds me of when the Mossad wiped out the moderate Palestinian movement in response to Munich, something that opened the door for more radical elements to take over the movement. Meanwhile, the mastermind of Munich was being protected by the CIA.

Don’t believe me? Just watch Spielberg’s film Munich.
The media doesn’t really tell you the Paris attack was retaliation for an airstrike on ISIS, and of course, France immediately launched another attack in response, and so it goes, and goes. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. The masters of war just love ceremonies of death like these because they fuel the hatred and the racism.

If you study the history of communism, you’ll find the American communist movement stuffed with spooks from the onset, and so was the enormous and well-funded anti-Communist movement. That’s how a managed dialectic works. Spooks create and manipulate both sides. It’s not difficult to penetrate a terror group. You just offer them money, resources and volunteers, and let your secret spooks worm their way into positions of influence. Most of the real fighters are mercenaries working for a paycheck, while the brainwashed teenagers serve as suicide bombers. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the communist/capitalist dialectic was suddenly over and a substitute had to be manufactured. So radical Islam versus Israel and her allies became the new dialectic. Radical Islam has long been a spook project and the Muslim Brotherhood has a lot of Nazi connections in its origins. Every time a drone drops a bomb on the Middle East, we create more suicide bombers because violence leads to violence.

When you see suicide bombings provoking widespread violence as a response (and many people believe this is the solution), I have to point out: violence, bombings, racism and hate will not solve the problem. Reject the managed dialectic. The people off all nations need to band together, reject violence, and use the money going to bombs and bullets to build schools and hospitals and a better life for the down-trodden so they aren’t so easily pulled into this hoodwink.

Seed your false flag with an instant pointer to focus event coverage. In the alternative and conspiracy media, release a tidbit of real evidence attached to a detail that can be easily disproved later, and demand an end to all debate once it’s disproved. Always present the concept of false flags as insane, unpatriotic and heap ridicule on it to stifle debate. Never engage in rational discourse with researchers.
5 keys to success: 1) Stage anti-terror drill during terror event as cover for operations; 2) Plant ID at scene; 3) Rush to martial law, suspension of civil liberties, with sweeping changes prepared in advance 4) an alarming detail indicating a possible false flag should released within days to fuel conspiracy theories, but it must be tied a false detail or come from a tinfoil hat buffoon; 5) nutty theories involving UFOs/holograms/lizards/etc. should flood the Internet, using the manufactured tinfoil hat brigade.

How to occupy religion

When Tom Forcade made the bold move of relocating his commune from Arizona to New York City in a school bus filled with Mexican weed, he devised the perfect cover: a church group, with him as head pastor, which is why he wore a clerical collar—although he added a black slouch cowboy hat worthy of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti Western as his crown.

When I say magic and religion are the same thing, and run on the same rules, costumes are a great illustrator of the concept. By dressing as a Reverend, Forcade disarmed Christian opponents to hippies. It’s the same when someone puts on a Santa Claus outfit. Suddenly, they’re not a normal person, but something somehow connected to vibrations on the astral plane.

I’ve been studying the history of cannabis and religion for 30 years, and the creation of the Pot Illuminati is almost as complex and well-thought-out as the creation of Bitcoin. Constructing a corruption-free form of religion is no easy task. First, you have to strip away the useless dogma, which represents the encrusted mind control propaganda. You can download my free ebook The New Pot Enlightenment on numerous platforms for a complete picture of the religion. There’s only one rule: don’t hurt anyone.

And by the way, that includes feelings. Notice there are some who delight in wounding people with gossip, and when called out respond: ‘it was just a joke, dude.” What they are really doing is employing telepathic weapons, flying false flags. There are plenty of ways to do humor where all sides laugh heartily. But when one side weeps, that wasn’t humor at all, but a death bomb to the heart.

The Pot Illuminati, on the other hand, are experts at dropping love bombs. And a lot of our lingo and philosophy comes from Carl Von Clauswitz, the preeminent European philosopher of war, a man respected in the highest corridors of the Pentagon and CIA. That’s because if you study your opponent’s magic, you can steal his sigils and tap his telepathic energy. It’s not unlike hacking into an opponent’s website. I discovered this technique in the late 1980’s when I created the Freedom Fighters and formed a tribe wearing tricorner hats with psychedelic Colonial outfits. Within a few years we were on the Boston Common with 100,000 people cheering us, although the national news media never spoke a word.

The Pot Illuminati is not seeking donations nor converts. While I realize the Tree of Life, Burning Bush and Holy Grail all involve cannabis, I do not slavishly imitate religions of the past and also realize there is much more to life than getting stoned. Not to mention, the less you do, the higher you get. Spirituality flows through us naturally, and you only need to meditate to connect with signals. There are many flavors and vibrations to choose from but love with always be the most powerful and you should never hang endless on one vibe. My personal favorite is fun.

Looking for the perfect strain?

FinalAltarPI14Spring_edited-1Would you like to know what the best weed in New York City?
The Grand Lodge of the Pot Illuminati (PI) held their opening ceremonies over the Spring Equinox and the Illuminated Masters spent several days searching for the best organic kind bud in the city, and came up with seven of A-plus quality, all of which were judged blind by the entire Lodge in order to award one “New York City’s Finest Spring Strain Award.”
PI is a secret society, so I can’t reveal the names of the celebrities who attended, but I can tell you the strains were presented in jars provided especially for the event by 420 Science.
In alphabetical order, the strains entered into the first ever PI Cup were:
Banana OG
Chemdawg I
Chemdawg II
Mango Haze
OG Kush
Sour Diesel
Strawberry Cough
(Note: shortly after this ceremony, the Grand Lodge of the Pot Illuminati moved to Colorado, and then on to San Rafael.)

The PI pins have arrived…..

When the Freedom Fighters started (the first national hemp organization), I enticed the membership to attend pot rallies, starting with the Ann Arbor Hash Bash in early April, with free campgrounds and free food, but the kicker was the medals. For every rally a member attended, they received a really cool Freedom Fighter medal and wearing these soon became a great badge of honor for cannabis activists across the land.

The Freedom Fighters not only ushered in the hemp movement, they brought life back to the rally scene. Because media coverage of rallies was usually intensely negative, and because photos of hippies smoking pot were considered non-productive, NORML had pursued a policy of allowing public pot events to die a quiet death, and instead concentrated on pressing Congress for legal reforms. It was the beginning of a suits versus stoners divide that continues today. My plan was to get everyone to dress up in Colonial-style outfits and waving Betsy Ross flags so we could recapture those sigils to our cause. On the left is the very first Freedom Fighter pin ever forged and Terry Michell made a flag of it and carried that flag around Alaska for a superb counter-intelligence operation resisting attempts to re-criminalize in that state. It was just one of many outstanding missions carried out by our short-lived movement. For a few years every April we met after the Hash Bash for 4:20 council, where we would select the Freedom Fighter of the Year by voice vote. We also threw 4:20 events when we traveled to Rainbow Gatherings, but those Hash Bash 420 councils were probably the first major 420 events outside the three that had happened on Mount Tam in the late 1980’s. And after the park police shut down that event, the Freedom Fighters took over the center of gravity on 420 celebrations. After we were disbanded, that energy moved over to the Cannabis Cup. Within a decade, 420 went global.

How to create a corruption-free religion

Before you can understand why 420 resonated so intensely for me on a spiritual plain, you have to understand the importance of Mount Tamalpais, the central peak of Marin County, which rises like Mount Fuji over sacred counterculture territory.

By 1966 San Francisco had become the new epicenter of the counterculture, mostly because of its association with On the Road. Hippies were birthed farther south, and emerged when surfers went to Mexico and scored the local marijuana. Small fortunes were made driving that seedy pot back to California before the Border Patrol caught on to the surfer-smuggler connection. And some good prices for Mexican could be found in the Bay Area. But after the Haight got destroyed by hard drugs and undercovers, the hippie tribe moved across the Golden Gate to seek refuge in San Rafael and Fairfax, in the shadows of Mt. Tam.

The idea of smoking pot came to many through On the Road, although an earlier book by Mezz Mezzrow (Really the Blues) is what enlightened Jack Kerouac to the sacraments of jazz. I didn’t discover Mezz’s groundbreaking book until around 1988, and even then didn’t fully comprehend it’s importance for another decade even though Flick Ford told me it was essential.

Once I began connecting with Mezz, however, my ideas about cannabis, spirituality and improvisation really began to blossom. See, all the dramas and traumas are acted out endlessly over the generations. The peace messiahs are always assassinated by the masters of war, just as many husbands and wives cheat on each other, although many show flashes of empathy in times of crisis, revealing their true inner nature. We go through the same dramas over and over and there’s been a huge, largely hidden dance going on around cannabis and religion for millennia.

In 1989, I bought a copy of the oldest living religious document, The Rig Veda, and was amazed to read what it had to say about Soma, the “king of the healing plants….the blind see, the lame walk….a sage and a seer inspired by poetry who heals all who are sick.” It was obvious this was a reference to cannabis.

Yet, according to our history books, Soma is supposed to be a mushroom? This was patently absurd and crazy. Mushrooms were forbidden by Vedic culture due to some emerging from cow manure. This attempt by Gordon Wasson of Harvard University to shoehorn mushrooms into Soma in place of cannabis was transparent to me and I wondered why no one else talked about it. I followed the cannabis and religion trail and soon discovered most religions began as cannabis cults. And everywhere you find cannabis, you’ll find spiritual communities using the plant as a sacrament.

So the world’s most enlightening and most beneficial plant has been declared illegal and billions spent over centuries trying to eradicate it off the face of the earth. And yet, a great cannabis awakening continues to blossom and the tipping point to legalization has already been reached.

So when Steve Bloom handed me that flyer to the third and final April 20th ceremony at the top of Mt. Tam to be held in 1990, a ritual scheduled for 4:20 PM, I did not think it ridiculous because I respect the connection between math and spirituality and I immediately sensed 420 was a sign the great wheel of life was turning, evidence a new form of cannabis spirituality was birthing. So I began organizing the first 420 ceremonies outside of Marin, while the rangers got wise to and shut down the annual Mt. Tam ceremony.

There is no dogma in my concept of religion. Do what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone is the only rule. Put all the icons and avatars on your altar because merging  non-violent spiritual traditions helps disarm the sorcerers who manipulate religion to manifest war for profit.

Congo Square is the birthplace of blues, jazz, rock and hip hop, which led us out of the darkness, and the beauty of its improv culture is it reinvents itself every generation. When hippies appeared in Southern California, they quickly swept across America, but by the time hippie culture arrived in New York City, it looked much different from the California version. Yet, it was still an emanation of the same cultural roots. Punks were really a return to early hippies from outside California, who dressed in black leather, respected Black Panthers above all others, and unleashed anthems of three chord garage rock on a regular basis that became the musical foundation of Punk rock.

I plan to hand down the keys to enlightenment to anyone who cares, and that also involves an understanding of deep politics.

For example, Lincoln was killed by his own party, JFK was killed by the CIA, and the Pentagon planned 9/11 to sweep us into war.

Vast Global Conspiracy Finally Unveiled?

A vast global conspiracy has been ongoing on for the past seven years, according to Steven Hager, founder of the Cannabis Cup and the first person to organize 420 ceremonies outside Marin County, starting in 1990.

According to Hager, a secret group he created at the 8th Cannabis Cup, known as The Temple Dragon Crew has been secretly plotting world peace intensively now for seven years. During ceremonies, the crew deploys their signature seven rainbow-colored candles decorated with magic sigils, a new rainbow menorah they hope to establish as a symbol for world peace. These dragons are dedicated to stopping hate, bigotry and violence with peace magic.

For years, this crew has worked in secret, appearing only briefly for ceremonies at major counterculture events, but now apparently, anyone can become a Temple Dragon. “Yes, says Hager, we have moved our ceremonies to Aspen, Colorado, as part of Abakus magazine and the Grand Lodge of the Pot Illuminati. Our flower Cup is in late December and the Munchie Cup in May.”

Stay tuned to see if the Temple Dragon Crew’s ambitious plans can defeat the black magic of the sorcerers who manifest war for profit by manipulating religions.

When will world peace finally break out? The Temple Dragons are certainly praying world peace comes sooner than later.