End of the shooter rabbit hole?

I remember when X came to the Peppermint Lounge in 1981. Jim Fouratt was wearing a red sportcoat and looked a bit like David Bowie that night.
The club that had launched the “twist” craze of the sixties transformed into a notorious gay disco before returning for a brief fling as the coolest spot in New York, home of the reigning garage-rock kings, the Cramps.

X represented the best of the LA Punk scene and Exene Cervenka was their female vocalist. Their first excellent album had been produced by Door’s keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and the second was even better. I especially loved the song, Universal Corner.

A few years ago, Exene re-invented herself as a “conspiracy theorist” in the vein of David Icke and Alex Jones, both of whom support the most paranoid rabbit holes possible in a quest for views because paranoia sells. Whether knowing or unknowing, paranoid ops are designed to give a bad name to all conspiracy research, and especially attempts to peer inside events like the JFK assassination or 9/11.

You don’t hear much about 9/11 from Icke, Jones or Exene, but a few years ago all three began jumping on every shooter incident, claiming they were all MKULTRA-style mind control operations designed to promote gun control laws. Actually, the NRA is one of the strongest forces in Washington and has no fear of Congress or its laws. More important, almost every shooter incident I’ve investigated involved pills. We have an explosion of mental health problems created by chemical pollution, and some of that pollution involves SSRI’s, the use of which is exploding despite evidence of negative side effects.

The most incredible nonsense has been spread online concerning the Sandy Hook event, much of it manufactured through the obvious disinfo site Veteran’s Today. Exene was pushing this crap on her Youtube, but when she tried to play that card with the more recent Santa Barbara shooting, the outcry was so great, she apologized and removed the video from her site.

So I hope this spells the end of attempts to capitalize on tragic events by claiming they never happened, a great insult to the victims and their families. And maybe Exene will stop pushing apocalyptic memes of alien invasions and actually do some real research into 9/11. We can only hope.

Next time you run across clickbait concerning a shooter incident, like it didn’t happen, please give it a wide birth and realize this the muck being manufactured to obscure 9/11, not reveal it.

The Sandy Hook Circus Comes to Town

“The keyword here is blackwhite. Like so many Newspeak words, this word has two mutually contradictory meanings. Applied to a Party member, it means a loyal willingness to say that black is white when the Party discipline demands this. But it also means the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary.” —George Orwell, 1984

I never fell for the Sandy Hook conspiracy story, just like I never fell for chemtrail mania, we never landed on the moon or Elvis is Alive and in witness protection. But I couldn’t help but notice the Sandy Hook Circus came to town to finally confront the Connecticut school board where the tragic event took place.

Before that, however, one of the arriving “Truthers” from out-of-state stole the peace sign from a nearby memorial playground. The 50-pound sign was removed because “Sandy Hook never happened” according to the thief. This is quite an allegation for a community suffering such an intense loss of life, and you understand right away why no one in Sandy Hook wanted anything to do with the Sandy Hook Circus. Stealing peace signs from playgrounds, however, is a new low in anyone’s book.

In the 1960s, the FBI had a program called Cointelpro where they recruited young agents, had them grow their hair long and then they placed them inside the counterculture around the country to lead everyone away from their core principles of non-violence. While this was going on, they had some counterculture leaders assassinated by police, most notably some Black Panthers, who were one of the few anti-war groups advocating armed self-defense. Once people are traumatized by a few murders of their leaders, it’s very easy to lead them into a violent response. So fostering violence was the main objective of Cointelpro, and Johnny Griggs was quickly replaced by Charles Manson, while Woodstock was quickly replaced by Altamont.

But this is a new era and some new styles of ops are underway. And the Sandy Hook op involves psycholinguistics and Orwellian newspeak and misdirection. These gun fanatics urging everyone to arm themselves, also claim Sandy Hook was a hoax that never happened designed to take away their guns. Some of the principle characters in this hoax showed up this week to confront the Sandy Hook school board with three-minute statements. Wisely, the board declined all commentary, refusing to even grant the credibility of a response.

These people call themselves “Truthers” yet they are as far from truth as you can possibly get. And they give a bad name to deep political researchers everywhere and I believe that is intentional. Have you seen the amount of garbage online promoting the idea Sandy Hook never happened, children never died, and actors were brought in to play the roles of the grieving parents, but apparently they couldn’t act because they didn’t grieve so well? Since so many of these outlandish allegations are contradictory, you have to wonder what’s the Sandy Hook Circus really about?

It’s about sheep-dipping “conspiracy theory” as “wingnut theory.” The two sites pushing this the hardest are Infowars and Veteran’s Today, which tells me both are disinfo, but then you’ll find almost as much disino on Sandy Hook as you will on chemtrails or any of the other major intel rabbit holes. This is how spooks play their games, and a big part is turning “truth” into “lies.”

There are some Sandy Hook questions I’d like answered. Like how long are we going to continue putting millions of kids on these synthetic pills, when we know a significant portion are going to go crazy and delusional and violent? When will the pill companies be brought to task for this mass drugging of an entire generation of children and this epidemic of school shootings and teen suicides it has brought forth?

If you wanted to build a real legacy for the families who lost loved ones, and prevent more school shootings from happening, the real solution is getting the children with mental health issues real treatment and not warehousing them on meds that could bring down a horse. Because that’s the way our mental health system deals with mental illness: by drugging patients into submission. This may provide a temporary solution for many, but it’s not the long-term solution for others, at least not with the current single-molecule meds we are using, and I’m especially concerning about the rise of tweaker meds like Adderall and Ritalin. But you won’t find any of this even discussed by the Sandy Hook Circus. All they ever talk about is guns. Maybe if we tried plant-based medicine instead of pill-based medicine the results might be a bit better.

The Truth About Sandy Hook

sandyhookactorsphelpsfromflordiaI’ve written about  Sandy Hook a couple times, mostly to complain about the rabbit holes that spooks dug around the event immediately after it happened.

All tragic events these days will immediately be turned into a giant government conspiracy, something done to sheep-dip conspiracy research as a tin-foil hat brigade. These rabbit holes are a maze constructed to shield real conspiracies like 9/11, and they are manufactured as chaff and flares tossed from a jet ducking a heat-seeking missile. And that’s sort of how I think about my blogs: heat-seeking missiles of truth headed for the cockpit of the Octopus manufacturing war for profit.

The other purpose of these rabbit holes is dividing the research community so it can be more easily defeated. Even though the mainstream media has never recognized the citizen research movement that appeared in the wake of the JFK assassination, it is this army of researchers that penetrated the wilderness of mirrors to find a cabal of Wall Street lawyers running a shadow government.

Martha Dean had a promising political career in Connecticut until she exposed some skepticism about the Sandy Hook shooting official story. She’s obviously a bright person, but somehow got sucked into the rabbit hole that Sandy Hook never happened, and a disturbed kid named Adam Lanza never existed.

Dean is correct in that the full story has not been told, and there’s a cloak of intense secrecy around the event now, but I also know people in the town, and therapists working with them, so real kids and adults died that day and the town may never completely heal from this immense tragedy, which is why there’s an immediate jihad in Connecticut on anyone who expresses any support for any Sandy Hook conspiracy story.

The big news on Sandy Hook is Peter Lanza broke his silence and did a seven-hour series of interviews with Andrew Solomon, whose father is a major player in Big Pharma. Solomon is a respected award-winning author of major books on psychology and distinguished member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the real seat of power since they write the wag the dog scripts before they arrive in Congress. Apparently, Lanza reached out to Solomon to tell his story? Excuse me if I suspect Big Pharma playing a role? And I wonder if the book/film deal is in the works, and may have been worked-out over those seven hour interviews?

Most of these shootings involve manic reactions to synthetic pills. And yet, every time a shooting happens now, a cloak of invisibility is put over the prescriptions given to the shooters. I have no doubt Big Pharma is running an op to keep this info quiet, because if everyone in America knew the connection between prescriptions and shootings, very few would willingly place their children on these medications. Over the past ten years, the use of mood medications has exploded by 700% according to some studies, although it’s virtually impossible to get a fully accurate picture on prescription drug use because patients records are shielded by law. Which is very fortunate for the pill companies.

In spook terminology, the “Sandy Hook didn’t happen” meme is a mirror spooks have constructed to hide the real story (and lawsuits), which is: kids are being medicated out of their minds.

Sandy Hook Rabbit Hole to Avoid

sandyhookactorsphelpsfromflordiaEvery time a school shooting happens these days, there’s a blatant effort to create a cloud of confusion around the event. Either this is the work of the intel disinfo machine or the pill companies are manufacturing this crap to cover the tracks that lead to their culpability. When I took a preemptive approach to the latest school shooting, just to tell my readers to be on the lookout for the barrage of disinfo, I was immediately attacked by an anonymous troll calling himself Willie.

Let us examine Willie’s op in detail. I told him Sandy Hook really happened and among the possible real Manchurian Candidates are Oswald and Sirhan, so of course Willie attacked everything I said.

Willie claims the grieving parents presented on the news that day were actors playing a role. This is the story that was initially posted by Alex Jones and David Icke, the two most well-known disinfo artists. You’ll also find this bogus story on Veterans Today, which is why I don’t trust that site. Fake conspiracy stories are a big part of the problem because they lead people away from investigating important conspiracies like JFK and 9/11, while sheep-dipping all researchers as crazy kooks.

But since I know people who live in Newtown and since I have been there myself, I know better than to fall into this rabbit hole. I also find it incredibly insulting to the survivors and their families to keep spreading lies about how they never lost their relatives.

Consider this: all the Newtown hoax sites, and there are many, use faked documentation derived from the first few hours of the event, when confusion reigned, as it always does in times of great crisis when rumors spread and facts are hard to pin down. The disinfo machine milks these initial inconsistencies. But you’ll notice none of these sites have done any gumshoe reporting on the facts past those initial inconsistencies in the news. If all these people were actors, and no kids were killed, then the cover-up would create a trail impossible to conceal. This sort of trail is easy to follow in JFK and 9/11, but does not exist with Sandy Hook.

Willie: Take another hit off your bong! Because the bong is improving your IQ. Bonus points: the pot-advocacy (with a side-order of comic book metaphysics) definitely adds to your credibility, too! “ Me: As for the evidence Oswald was hypnotized, he was in the Civil Air Patrol with David Ferrie. Ferrie hypnotized all his cadets.” Uh huh. That’s really great “evidence”, Steve. You’ve still got those grainy photos of Ferrie wearing a turban, right?

Notice trolls attack the person before the argument. I’m a public person and have been an activist for cannabis legalization for over 30 years, so that means I have zero credibility? In fact, the opposite is true, Willie. Pot is about to become legal due to the efforts of people like me, despite 80 years of reefer madness lies and billions in propaganda from people like you. So who’s winning, eh? Stupid stoners? Or disinfo trolls? And as for David Ferrie being a hypnotist (who used hypnotism to seduce teenage boys among other things), many eyewitnesses and former cadets testified to Ferrie’s use of hypnotism, among them Perry Russo, who was interviewed by Jim Garrison and others. Here’s a partial transcript, although I doubt you are interested in any real facts:

Q: You mentioned that there was something involving hypnotism with Ferrie, that he had practiced it? A: Well, Ferrie had shown me that he had received, I think, a doctorate of psychology, he had received a medical degree that he could practice, and three other degrees, which I don’t recall at this moment, and in his house, his first house that I met him in, which was out near the Kenner area or the Metairie area, he had surgery equipment which was kept very clean and things like that, and I had occasion— that he gave us a demonstration in hypnotism at that time. Now, later on in talking to Al, Al Landry, Al told me that Ferrie had used hypnotism on the members of the Civil Air Patrol when he was making aggressions — sexual aggressions on them.

Next, Willie also tried to debunk evidence Sirhan was hypnotized. Me: “As for Sirhan, the evidence he was hypnotized is out on the web for anyone who cares to look.” Well there you have it! That’s a slam-dunk in *every* court of law, Steve. “It’s out on the Internet, your Honor! The prosecution rests!” Apparently Willie can’t do a google search, because if he had, he would have discovered Sirhan’s second lawyer presented this evidence in court and included the notebook in which “RFK must die” was written over and over. That sort of automatic writing is a technique used by programmers and real assassins do not create a trail of evidence against themselves like that. The fact Sirhan has zero memory of the assassination and cannot recall a single detail from the event is evidence he was placed in a trance.

Now, as to how many of you are actually being cut checks from Sunstein.Org I have no way of telling… but you certainly aren’t doing much to dispel any suspicions, are you?

Well, of course, accusing me of being a paid disinformation agent is always the last resort of a troll, isn’t it? I never heard of Sunstein.org until this, but I can see Willie obviously has some knowledge about deep politics. Yet, I am a public person with a 40-year history of activism and Willie is an anonymous troll who is spending hours trying to ridicule me on my own blog? Who do you think is more believable in this situation?

If you agree with Willie and believe Sandy Hook never happened, please go to Newtown and interview some people involved. Get their reaction to claims they are really paid actors and no kids actually died that day. See what sort of reaction you get. Personally, I’m sickened by this sort of disinfo and it’s sad to see how easily some people are led into it.

As for the photo above, what happened was that someone trolled the internet for pictures of people that looked like Nick and Laura Phelps of Newtown and then used those pictures to claim Nick and Laura are actors. Now how hard would it be to expose something like that if it was true? Why not track down Nick and Laura and confront them, Willie? Get out your camcorder and start harassing them with stories about how their kid didn’t die and they are paid actors playing a role. See where that gets you. And until you do produce some actual real evidence to support this insane story you pedal, please stop spreading bogus lies. And if you can’t do that,  just stop posting on my humble blog while announcing “I have won this argument!!” That is really the silliest statement yet because you are such an obvious shill for disinfo and have won zero arguments except in your own mind.


Alex Jones and Salon: The dialectics of discrediting conspiracy theory

A big dance went down between Alex Jones and Salon over the Boston Marathon Bombing. Salon had already bestowed the title “King of Conspiracy Theory” on Jones earlier and began blogging about him daily, thus increasing his fame, even though Jones is an obvious crackpot demagogue and in no way a real, organic citizen researcher like myself.

Any sensible person rejected Jones after he doctored a pair of Family Guy clips to make it appear the Boston Bombing was predicted by the TV show, a blunder that will forever discredit him. See, Jones likes to push the theory all violence in America is being orchestrated by the Illuminati to mind control us. And when the Colorado shooting happened, that was supposedly a mind control project. Same with Sandy Hook. Never mind the lack of any evidence in this regard, Jones and his ilk just mine coincidences and rumors to bolster phony cases. See, a Batman movie once mentioned the words “Sandy Hook,” so that means they plan these events decades in advance and place evidence of their plots into the movies and TV so when the crimes happen, it subconsciously controls our mind. It’s hard to even figure out what point they are trying to make with these ridiculous theories, other than manufacturing paranoia.

Jones doctored two Family Guy episodes and then presented this as evidence of an Illuminati mind control experiment. This is just the sort of sophomoric drivel Mark Passio pushes, completely devoid of any real research, just the art of connecting dots that don’t connect and then scaring people with the Illuminati boogeyman.

So why would any sensible person even talk to Alex Jones after he pulled that stunt? Of course two of the biggest “whistleblowers” in America talk to Jones all the time: Wayne Madsen and Sibol Edmonds, both former members of the national security state whom I wanted to believe were reliable sources of info, but considering their strong connection to Jones (a manufactured lightning rod, just as Wikileaks and Snowden are manufactured lightning rods), I feel I can’t fully trust them.

I’d assume the National Security State is setting up a dialectic with Salon on one side and Jones on the other, as if those two paradigms are our only options. Of course, I always assumed Salon was a CIA op.

Why David Icke and Alex Jones are Disinfo Artists

Maybe you’ve noticed the appearance of insane ninja shooters is increasing exponentially, a disturbing trend nowhere so prevalent as in the good old USA? My theory is this unfortunate situation is the result of a perfect storm of three trends: pills for all, violence media for all, and guns for all. With the possible addition of some MK/Ultra-style experiments in mind control.

A sideshow to this problem is the way the Tin Foil Hat Patrol jumps on all current events as being created by sinister forces. The world is filled with coincidences and you can connect dots all day long that don’t really connect, so that’s an easy game to play. The disinfo machine ignores real info and diverts people into rabbit holes leading nowhere while helping brand researchers as kooks who believe in nonsense. That’s the purpose of disinfo, which is really a well-practiced art the FBI and CIA learned from the Nazis and British intelligence.

To give a specific example: When Sandy Hook happened, it was immediately branded by David Icke and Alex Jones, the two biggest disinfo artists in the world, as an example of a government-inspired plot. According to them, more than one shooter was involved. Initially, they claimed the event was orchestrated to pass Obama’s assault weapon ban. But then, a few days later, it turned out there were no assault weapons at Sandy Hook, just four hand guns. So how does that help pass an assault weapon ban? Just another case of reality blowing a giant hole through a pet theory advanced by Icke and Jones.

And please don’t make the mistake of thinking either one of those two dudes actually knows what’s going on in the world and is on the inside of the real power structure. They only understand one thing: paranoia sells. And that’s really the only aspect of conspiracy theory banksters are willing to bankroll. Secret societies will always seek to control dialogue by inventing extremes. Somebody big in England is behind Icke, just like somebody big is behind Jones in the USA. It could even be the same person, although you can see major differences in their approaches. Icke is pushing the “Rothschilds rule the world,” essentially the same course charted by the John Birch Society in the 1960s. Today we know the JBS was set-up inside Freemasonry and was involved in the JFK assassination cover-up. The JBS was created as an extremist group to hype the Cold War and they promoted the idea the Rothschilds were secretly running Russia, as well as the State Department. In reality, the Rothschilds evolved as the court bankers of Europe.

Jones, on the other hand, talks about the elites but avoids discussion of both the Mossad and Opus Dei, two of the more important secret societies helping orchestrate world events. You cannot understand what is happening in the world today without studying the primary secret societies, which includes MI6 and the CIA.

Antony Sutton, one of the few deep political researchers I trust, claimed the Rothschilds control less than ten percent of the world’s wealth, and the majority is in the coffers of old money families of Europe and North America. They were eclipsed by the rise of Rockefeller, who has been eclipsed by the computer/internet revolution. Researching the truth of money is beyond my ability, but I believe anything promoted by the corrupt John Birch Society is far more likely to be a rabbit hole than the actual truth. Yes, in many cases, the man running the bank might be Jewish, but that doesn’t mean Jews own all the money in the bank.

The most important financial secret in the world was the recovery of billions of dollars worth of gold stolen by the Japanese and Nazis during WWII. Once recovered, this treasure was hidden inside the world banking system and that crime seems to have been conducted jointly by Opus Dei and Skull & Bones, neither one of which has Jewish heritage inside the upper ranks of its power structure.