The Truth About Chris Steven’s Murder

The Brotherhoods of Death continue to flourish, and there was a new one in the news today: The church at Kaweah, a “Christian” congregation devoted to sparking violent¬† crusades, no doubt to induce the rapture to end all humankind on earth. Think of these right-wing Christians as wanting the whole world to drink the kool-aid at the same time and await the return of Jesus.

Problem is, that’s exactly what the Heaven’s Gate was all about, and I doubt if it worked out very well for the participants. ‘Fraid I can’t take your word that violence is the solution to the world’s problems, Rev. Steve Klein, and I’m actually praying right now that you lose your brainwashed congregation asap because I believe violence is exactly what we don’t need right now.

The church of Kaweah looks like an intel op to me, but any time I see religions agitating for war, I suspect ulterior motives at play. It’s one thing to give up your worldly possessions to some shyster and await the Apocalypse, but quite another to actually sacrifice yourself in hopes of provoking your salvation. Man, that’s some heavy mind control secret societies have working these days. The church of Kaweah has an online bookstore, by the way, and the first product you come across is “a fast-paced” DVD with the caption: “Christian audiences will be exhorted and equipped to begin to train martially. Jam packed with biblical and historical references “To Teach Them War” breaks new ground with a clarion call to militant discipleship.”

You might wonder what in the world am I doing on this right-wing website? Just tracking the origins of that YouTube video that sparked riots across the Muslim world, one of which resulted in the death of an American ambassador, Chris Stevens on September 12. The story in the papers right now is that the event was staged to happen on 9/11 by the usual suspect, Al Qaeda. This doesn’t seem to jibe with the facts, however. First problem: if it was really staged to coincide with 9/11, why wait until the day after?

Right away, a dude identifying himself as Sam Bacile claimed to be an Israeli-American citizen responsible for the film, which he said cost $5 million and was paid for by 100 wealthy Jews. All this obviously intended to sheep-dip Israel as the real enemy. But then Sam Bacile was just a fake name, and another person involved in the production, Steve Klein, of the church of Kaweah, stepped forward and said Sam was really a Christian Arab who went into hiding. Meanwhile, all the actors have said they were lied to in the making of the production and the propaganda elements were added later without their knowledge. The real cost of the production was likely well under $50,000. Sam’s real name seems to be Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55.¬†Federal court papers show Nakoula’s past aliases have included Nicola Bacily, Erwin Salameh and others. Two years ago, he pled “no contest” to bank fraud and paid a fine of $790,000. Nakoula has a long history of financial fraud it seems.

This entire mess stinks of intel ops. See, 9/11 is a major meme in both the west and the east, and for the crucial 11th anniversary, these Christian crusaders released an online propaganda attack on the prophet of their enemies, a huge spit in the face to every Muslim in the world, 75% of whom believe the CIA was behind the attacks.

For all we know, the initial protests against this online film could have been easily organized by agents working inside Arab extremist groups, all of which are heavily penetrated by intel, mostly Mossad, the smallest but most effective of the secret services that rule the planet. Any brotherhood of death, in fact, instantly attracts intel attention because these groups are used to foment blood feuds between cultures, so they are useful pawns.