Why I think Dr. Drew is a jerk

Is there a bigger media whore on TV today than Dr. Drew? I actually crossed paths with him a few years ago at the National Association for Campus Activities’ annual convention. We were both there to to present 15-minute samples of our respective college lectures. His was a solo talk about teen sex, while I was doing my “Heads versus Feds” debate on marijuana legalization against former NY DEA chief Robert Stutman.

Seconds before I was scheduled to take the stage, however, Pinksy collared me and began ranting about how a recently invented cannabis antagonist was going to make it impossible for people like me to ever get high on cannabis again. His plan was to have all known users of cannabis forced to take this new drug. He was smirking, gloating and trying to pump as much negative energy into me as he could. When I pointed out that I was about to take the stage in front of thousands of people to promote a program that actually educated students about real facts about marijuana, he ignored me and continued his diatribe a few inches from my face until Stutman came over and told him to lay off. At the time, I had no idea who Pinsky was, but I did form an opinion of him as a jerk based solely on that incident.

It’s interesting to note his much-hyped cannabis antagonist drug went down in flames very soon after this confrontation. Yes, they did develop a synthetic drug that blocked the primary cannabis receptor site. But after studies with the drug revealed people who took it became severely depressed, the drug was scrapped. If Pinsky did his research, he’d know that the endogenous cannabinoid system is actually one of the most important, and least understood, systems of the body, and it is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system, as well as creating feelings of bliss and inner peace that occur naturally through exercise and/or meditation.  And that is why these same feelings can be achieved with cannabis, which duplicates the body’s own natural cannabinoids. Although this system is essential to creating and protecting neurons in our brains, it is located throughout the entire body, especially in vital organs. The other day I was channel surfing while at a motel immediately after at “Heads versus Feds” debate, when I caught a few seconds of Pinksy’s new TV show. He was interviewing porn star Capri Anderson about intimate details concerning her association with Charlie Sheen, who has lately replaced Lindsay Lohan as Pinksy’s favorite celebrity target. Pinksy believes Charlie should be forced into a psyche ward and have all his assets seized as he is legally insane and not able to care for himself. The reason for this is because Sheen (like most people on this planet) likes to get intoxicated.

It was absolutely creepy to watch Pinsky manipulate Anderson into talking about her intimate sex life. He also kept reaching over and fondling her knee during this interview, which made it clear he derives some sexual pleasure from his interrogations. It’s absurd to think Pinksy is doing anything other than glorifying the worst aspects of celebrity culture through these programs. He’s not part of any solution to our growing cultural narcissism since he clearly is a media whore who revels in sticking his nose into intimate details of celebrity lives that are actually none of his business. He does this to achieve ratings, not to help anyone. If Pinsky truly wants to do something to help people with addiction issues, he’d be much more effective referring them to ibogaine centers in Canada, since ibogaine has a much better success rate than the 12-step programs he currently promotes. And he needs to realize that cannabis has nothing to do with hard drugs, and some patients with addiction problems could actually benefit from medical cannabis.


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  1. Yeah, great book, I have a rave review and brief interview with the Kenmaster coming out in a summer issue of High Times, where it will get a lot more views and have a lot more impact than here.

  2. I was really upset when I read how he shot down Ibogaine on Twitter. I work so hard to share this with people, and he trashes the cure to opiate addiction in less than 140 characters.
    Ibogaine has helped more people than he could ever dream. Ibogaine makes Dr Drew irrelevant.

  3. So called “dr” drew is so annoying! Even on teen mom reunions, he never gives good advice ever and asks stupid questions, ugh! Now he is siding with Casey anthony’s pathological lies about her dad! Is drew even a real doctor at all, I doubt it! I cannot stand his show on hln now, yikes!

  4. I can’t stand this guy. Every time I try to watch his show, he says something dumb and insensitive. He makes me sick. Today he’s reporting on the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, and he’s talking to the reporter who filmed the disaster, so at one point I guess he forgets about the gravity of the situation, so he’s talking away, and he blurts out, “you know, it’s funny…”, (going on to say that it’s funny or interesting that blah, blah blah)..who knows… just more Drew Pinksy musing and bullshit. But the point is, he’s so busy being in the spotlight, watching his own ugly yap on the studio monitors, that he completely overlooks the fact that he’s supposed to be demonstrating some type of REVERENCE for the people who #@$% DIED there, so in that case, we simply don’t use the word “FUNNY” at all. This is just typical of the way he puts his foot in his mouth every gaddamn time he opens it. He’s an absolute clutz and a boor… he’s basically about at the same level as that annoying jerk Rick Sanchez, who was fired from CNN last year, THANK GOD. I am so sick of Pinsky and his smarmy BS. He just doesn’t get it, and I can’t believe CNN has catapulted him up to that lofty perch. THE GUY IS A COMPLETE JERK!!!! GET HIM OUTTA THERE!!!! HE DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE THERE!!!

  5. this eastbay cabbie told his tranny fare ” We’re all sick of the sight of you. do everybody a favor and go hang yourself.” tranny did, right in front of cab station. DR. DREW , We’re all sick of you. GO HANG YOURSELF ! (hope it works this time,too.)

  6. Pinsky is an ignorant asshole. While watching his sickening exploitive “show” a few months back he made a remark something like this “The female of the human species is a much better prototype than the male”, going on to rant about women being so much more emotionally and intuitively tuned in then men. Areal smart thing to say right? I am sure that crack helped to boost the esteem and self worth of male addicts everywhere, many of whom, myself included have been told all of our lives we are subhuman simply because we are male.

    1. I remember Pinsky making that smarmy remark on his sickening “Celebrity Rehab” show. Had he made that remark about the female of the human species he would have been vilified in the media and his vomit inducing reality show would have been yanked immediately. However since it was directed at men it’s perfectly okay. Pinsky is supposedly a highly trained addictions expert and he makes a comment like this which demeans half of the human race? Men face sexism hatred and bigotry in the media every day. It’s open season on men and no one gives a damn. Hey Pinsky, some time some place in all your years of becoming an educated professional were you ever told that male addicts have issues with low self esteem, self loathing, and feelings of inferiority? Do you think this hateful remark helped anyone? You should be ashamed of yourself for betraying your own sex. It’s bad enough we have to hear this virulency constantly from femenist haters – we don’t need to hear it from you!!

  7. Drew Pinsky is an arrogant egotistical low life mongrel bastard money sucking media whore whose ruling passion and sacred charge is himself. I would punch him right in his fucking mouth if I could find it.

    1. He must have a mouth………….somewhere, I too have yet to find it – although I have heard people claim when the light is good they can see a microcosmic hole above his chin, after all, the above noted man bashing drivel had to seep out of something.

  8. I just heard Dr Drew scream at some 21 yr old kid who called into Love Lines during their open forum topic of “When U 1st were exposed to porn.” So the caller said his mom used to go dancing and leave him alone when he was abt 13 or 14 & he would watch cable porn. Dr Drew asked the caller where his father was, and the caller said his parents were separated. Dr Drew insisted on following this track, even tho the caller didn’t bring it up; actually, the caller was resistant to discuss the family dynamics, and had just called to relate the porn incident, which was supposedly what the open forum was abt. Finally, Dr Drew started screaming at the caller, saying NO – YOUR FATHER ABANDONED YOU AND YOUR MOTHER ILLEGALLY LEFT YOU ALONE. The caller said something dismissive, like “I guess,” and Dr Drew continued yelling “NO NOT ‘I GUESS’ – THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED. YOU WERE ABANDONED BY BOTH OF YOUR PARENTS.” I mean, what sort of person screams at a 21 yr old guy who obvs hasn’t come to terms with his family-of-origin dysfunctions, after inviting people to call abt such a loaded topic? I was appalled. I felt sorry for the caller, who they basically hung up on, after yelling at him, which seemed to surprise the caller, if not actually hurting his feelings. Seriously, these people are jerks. I was working at the time of the show, and plan on making my thoughts known at the place I work abt the irresponsible and exploitative nature of this so called “Dr.”

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