Pedophilia and the Vampire Mythology

Ever wonder why the vampire mythology seems to resonate so well today? Could it possibly be because there is a form of multi-generational violence being perpetrated that has been going on for a very, very long time? Pedophiles are the closest thing to vampires we have because abused children so often turn into child abusers later in life. And institutionalized pedophilia seems to run high these days, especially in the Catholic and Mormon cultures. When I brought up this fact on Quora recently, someone responded: “extraordinary charges demand extraordinary evidence.” I suggest anyone seeking this evidence read Nick Bryant’s recent book, The Franklin Scandal (

Or even easier, just watch Conspiracy of Silence.

Produced by the BBC, Conspiracy of Silence was scheduled to appear on the Discovery Channel on May 3rd, 1994, and was suddenly pulled days from that air date. All known copies were purchased and destroyed by person(s) unknown. Someday America is going to have to face the reality children have been routinely bought and sold as sex toys, and at least one of these operations seems to be protected by the CIA since many children make useful assets to help blackmail and control corrupt (but connected) individuals. Some of these children have even been turned into programmed robots under hypnotic commands. The Manchurian Candidate is real and the programs have been going on at least since the 1940s, when Nazi scientists were secretly brought into this country to continue their investigations into mind control.

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  1. what do vampires have to do with pedophiles, just because prepubescent teenage girls drool over twilight doesn’t mean vampires are pedophiles. there is absolutely no correlation between the two. I-phones are popular right now does that mean that vampires represent that too?

    1. A vampire is someone who attacks people and turns them into lifelong mental slaves. Once bitten, they become vampires themselves. The similarity with pedophiles is that they attack young people, who then often become dependent on them and eventually evolve into pedophiles themselves. The dynamic is very similar. I suggest you take a look at the source material I have offered if you want to delve into this subject a little deeper.

    1. Don’t you love the way anonymous people keep leaving catty remarks on my site? You have to wonder who some of these people actually are and what agenda they may be pursuing. And why they can never reveal their real identities. I’m a real person people. Not hiding behind anything. I’ve spent most of my life trying to penetrate the mind control matrix, and I can assure you that the news you see on TV is often just a cover story to what is really going on. Anyone who tries to penetrate this world will be instantly branded a paranoid nut-job. Read the books. Do the research. Let your mind be free.

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