Occupy Wall Street Plot Thickens As Primary Funder Emerges

It looks like ending the Federal Reserve might evolve into the single issue of the Occupy Wall Street movement. But just as this consensus began emerging, a media campaign was launched to brand the movement anti-semitic, based on a few signs. As usual, any mention of the word: “Rothschild” is enough to create an emotional firestorm in the media. It’s funny because a lot of Rothschilds converted to Protestantism long ago. The Rockefellers are on a similar level, yet when their names are mentioned, nobody puts up a howling defense for rights of Presbyterians. Any attempt to peer into the Rothschild dynasty is always turned back with immediate charges of anti-semitism. And how difficult is it to plant a few extreme anti-Zionists at the Occupy Wall Street site, take a picture of them holding a sign with some Star of David’s on it, then have that image show up on the Washington Post and Aljazeera simultaneously the next day? And that is just the sort of penetration ops I expect to see launched over the next few weeks. I’d advise the true protestors to be on the look-out for intel agents posing as extreme anti-Zionists attempting to divert to movement towards a blatantly racist campaign.

This development is just a diversion, however, from the really big news on Occupy Wall Street today: the sudden identification of the Wall Street angel who has donated the most money to creating the movement, a man named Robert Halper, who’s also a supporter of Mitt Romney, a man often described as ‘Wall Street’s Best Friend.” Apparently, Halper has been dressing down and hanging out with the protestors as celebrities continue to flock to the site so they can pick up some of the Occupy Wall Street juice. Of course, many right-wingers were expecting George Soros to be eventually unveiled as the funds behind this movement, as Soros seems to be in charge of running the controlled opposition these days. So this news comes as a major shock in some quarters. Just whose side is Robert Halper on?