Origins of the Chemtrail conspiracy

I first heard about chemtrails when I was researching an article on the 25th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Chemtrails were supposedly being sprayed by planes and people nearby were having “funny feelings” in their throats shortly afterward. Cases of flu and other illnesses were supposedly spiking in those areas that had been chemtrailed.

Although the appeal of this story has faded considerably through the decades, at one time chemtrails were the spearpoint of an emerging Tin Foil Hat Patrol, a misdirection campaign likely orchestrated by the CIA.

Being an investigative researcher, I looked into chemtrails and discovered the white plumes left by airplanes were contrails, little more than water vapor. Jets, like cars, do emit toxic exhaust, but as in cars, that is mostly invisible. I watched in horror as no amount of science or common sense slowed the rise of the chemtrail cottage industry. Google “chemtrail” and you’ll find 4.5 million links devoted to discussing the topic, along with thousands of faked photos and other phony evidence. Who could have engineered this massive disinfo dump?

In the early days, chemtrails were almost exclusively promoted by late-night radio host Art Bell, who was also very involved in promoting UFOs. It might be educational to note that after 9/11, Bell ridiculed the idea our government might be lying about the tragedy. He spent considerable effort promoting the wackiest of conspiracy theories, but when it came to actual real, hardcore research on real conspiracies, Bell was nowhere to be found.

When I ridiculed Bell’s chemtrail hoax, it’s important to note I did not deny chemicals are sometimes sprayed on people, plants and clouds. When done on plants, it’s called crop dusting and you’ll notice crop dusters are small, slow, propeller planes that fly close to the ground while spraying because chemical sprays are expensive and, depending on wind speeds (on the ground and at flight altitude) unwanted drift can occur away from the target area. When done on people, it’s called “chemical warfare,” and outlawed by a 1997 United Nations treaty ratified by 65 nations. For cloud seeding, small planes are also the norm. Cloud seeding is usually done with silver iodide, dry ice and/or liquid nitrogen, although the Russians apparently include cement fragments in their mix.

However, the chemtrail cottage industry claims hundreds of flights are taking place daily with both commercial and military aircraft, all of which are seeding toxic chemicals for the purpose of creating a mass extermination. Over the decades that morphed for some chemtrail shills into some sort of climate engineering program. The biggest problem with this theory is over the decades not a single shred of evidence was ever produced to support either of these conspiracies.

Think about it. We’re talking about tons of toxic chemicals secretly loaded onto planes, all of which were secretly refitted to spray chemicals for the purpose of mass murder. And this went on for over 30 years. Just consider the number of people involved: chemical manufacturers, transporters, mechanics, pilots, any one of whom had the capability of initiating a billion-dollar class-action suit. Such a person would have become the most famous whistleblower in history. But in 30 years of chemtrail-induced hysteria, only a tatty parade of phonies appeared.

Mind control is based on manufacturing fear. Turning harmless contrails into deadly chemtrails is modus operandi for the CIA’s Tin Foil Hat Patrol. Many chemtrail websites soon dovetailed into the wackiest of the 9/11 “truth” sites, thus making it easier to swat down authentic 9/11 research by drowning it with gunk. The real research tells us 9/11 was most likely planned and executed by a cabal including high-ranking members of the Pentagon, Mossad, ISI, and Saudi intelligence.

When social media took off, a huge network shared obviously photoshopped chemtrail photos, and thousands were hoodwinked into believing these doctored images were real evidence. This op left traceable tracks. Today the phony Q-Anon crowd has taken over the Tin Foil Hat Patrol, but the techniques are unchanged and only capable of capturing the minds of the dumbest among us.

Goebbels used to say something along the lines of, “if you’re going to tell a lie, make it a whopper, and just stick to it.” As long as your allies own the tv stations and newspapers, you can keep the most outrageous hoodwinks alive. But not forever, which is why I keep hope alive that someday this facade will crumble and the media will finally admit the CIA killed JFK and begin agitating for a real investigation into 9/11, because some of the same players may have been involved.

Note to the disinfo crowd: don’t both leaving more comments, I won’t approve them, and for the organically real people of the world who want to know the truth (and not be led down some rabbit-hole populated by UFO’s, chemtrails, satanists, and lizards from another dimension), feel free to check out my books.

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    1. Like pictures of contrails mean anything at all? We all see contrails everyday. Doesn’t mean they are spraying poison. Just means planes are flying. The only pollution coming from those planes is exhaust from jet fuel. So which are you? Hoodwinked true believer or agent of disinfo?

      1. the case for sun reflection to stave off global warming seems real.Out west it is easier to observe. Since 97,my first encounter with total sun block, I was cussing god for hampering my flowering cycle and then took a closer look. Suffering the long hot Az.summer with no clouds ,now no sun,and buds and my happiness in anks.Since then have observed total 360 degree occlusion of the sun hundreds of times,mostly from no more than 7 high flying jets at a time most defintly not the airline planes,rarely do they do it in the summer.To me it is real for sure,and it blows my mind that you would think there is nothing to it,it dumbfounds me,really!

        1. The billion dollar class action lawsuit awaits you, brother! All you have to do is video-document the ID’s on the planes involved and trace their airports. It should be relatively easy to video document the entire process, i.e., the arrival of the chemicals and their transmission into the planes. The sooner you do this, the sooner the world will be safe from chemtrails. Don’t just stand their dumbfounded like you can’t do something about a serious pollution crime. Report the plane ID’s to law enforcement if you have to.

          I should add, however, if you live on the West Coast, being under clouds is really not of great concern. Amsterdam has similar weather. Also, jets are capable of busting up cloud formations, spreading them out across the sky, and having them gradually re-form. That process is done with just plain-old water vapor.

          Good luck!

        2. Conditions are far less likely to produce condensation in summer temps and low humidity at altitude. There is already effects on cloud reflectivity that is very well documented and that is from diesel particulates that allow nucleation of vapor in all clouds to be much higher density and much whiter reflecting a lot more heat to space. With the level of production of diesel particulates from global trucking, any effect of attempted “spraying” of anything is rendered negligible.

          This idea of a grid pattern is due to the prevailing winds moving the contrails from one popular flight corridor creating strips. Where tow intersect it creates a grid. No wind no grid.

          There also films of WWII bombers, which were propeller driven, leaving contrails. It’s the same as driving on sub zero days where all cars leave vapor behind them. It’s the same thing when a C02 fire extinguisher is discharged. It’s not the C02 that is forming the vapor. It’s atmospheric moisture condensing.

    1. I really don’t need to look at any more photoshopped pictures of chemtrails, with or without skulls in their trail. Are you hoodwinked true believer, or knowing agent of disinfo? I am out in the open and not insulting anyone with personal comments. Disinfo agents, in my experience, are almost always unpleasant, insulting and incapable of human empathy.

  1. Photoshopped photos? I am not hoodwinked nor disinfo agent. I may be unpleasant but that will be revealed…

    So you think chemtrails are a myth? Just water vapor? Why do you care anyway – I see you are into the pot thing.

    Too much truth out there for .02 comments to stop the snowball from gaining steam.

    Best – Kook

    1. Sorry but if you are not a disinfo agent you are certainly a hoodwinked true believer. We have nothing but blue skies most every day where I live. Why do I care about chemtrails, is Elvis alive, and UFO have landed on earth? Because bogus stories like those are created to divert attention away from real conspiracies that need to be investigated, like 9/11 and the history of pot prohibition. There is not a single reputable researcher or scientist in the world who believes in the chemtrail hoax. Just a bunch of silly hoodwinked true believers manufactured by intel disinfo agents. It’s ok though. Most fundamentalists are hoodwinked true believers. It’s nothing new. People have been getting hoodwinked for thousands of years. Good luck saving the world from imaginary disasters.

      1. Photoshopped photos? What photoshopped photos? You mean most of these chemtrail scare photos have been photoshopped? Gee. Who would do something like that? Next you’re going to claim Santa Claus doesn’t really live in the North Pole. What next?

  2. are you sure you researched this?? you sound dumber than f-cking wood,if you are smoking,it ain’t working!It must be recent that you figured out 911,I AM surprised…really

    1. How lame. The old stoner diversion trick. Of course there will be no civil discourse or debate, just insults because that’s how intel works. I, on the other hand, am a real human being, with a real history available to anyone, and no hidden agendas. Trolls working with intel hide behind false IDs. The only remotely scientific paper I have seen on this subject can be found here:
      Wake up, people. The reason a rabbit hole like chemtrails has been created is to lead you away from real conspiracy research. You are in the realm of the tinfoil hats right now, and that’s where intel will try to keep you.

    2. stevenhanger420 – Contrails? LOLOL You are either dumb as a mud-post or just another planted, wiki-pud-fucker. Jets and contrails have been around since the end of the 50s. Dig out all of your family photos, the ones taken outdoors, showing the daytime sky, prior to 1990. If you can find even 1 photo of a grid-pattern, persistent, contrail sky, I’ll shine your shoes.

      You believe lying to the citizens of this planet is a good gig? What a POS you are.

      1. Normally, I just ignore stupid posts like this, but I allow this only to show the level of discourse promoted by the disinfo crowd. Notice, no attempt at science, just invectives, hate and ridicule. This is standard operating procedure for spooks, who love to spread hate wherever they go. The first jet to jet combat began during the Korean war. Since then, the level of aircraft flying has increased enormously. You logic is quite flawed, and your manners atrocious. You have zero interest in the truth. That much is obvious. And I will probably end up banning you and deleting this post before long. Yet, I call you no names and spread no hate. And will not play your hoodwink game.

      1. What’s going on? We have a lot of aircraft and a lot of contrails. The really big contrails are probably military planes. They are not dispersing chemicals, unless they are seeding clouds. Chemicals are expensive. Flying planes is expensive. They don’t spend billions creating chemtrails because the thieves who run the military industrial complex would rather reserve those billions for their offshore bank accounts.

  3. Interestingly enough, due to the mass amounts of functional retardation passed off now on the “slower” crowd by “experts” of whatever institutions (read- propaganda and socially reconstructive behaviour modification via panopticonic game theory)…means literally…the masses of asses will believe in anything, and everything. I see the investigative art of “follow the logistics” does not occur to these Chemtrail Kooks, though I will remind you, specific instances are not to be ruled out through corporation agencies (The ABC Companies).

    In the end…no fact is no fact. They cannot prove it is “daily” or even widespread, other than pointing back to known propaganda writers and distributors such as the Pentagon (read- Weaponization Game Theory and Force Multiplication) or other ABC Companies…at the same time…you cannot disprove singular instances (A) if you do not know of them (highly likely…unless you missed Vietnam and Agent Orange mixed with MACV-SOG operations), or (B) You discard the single instance because of the broader kookery.

    Judge carefully, Judge often, and above all, Judge wisely.

    As a wise man once told me, “They will lead you into hopping the fence, and running out into the middle of a pasture they filled with land-mines. Use your damned head…it ain’t that hard.”

    Then again, I was also once told-
    “You would be amazed at what you take for granted, even the smallest and everyday, and never question, from the very thoughts in your head, to the words you regurgitate. And by the way, it’s especially interesting that the CIA is heavily involved with Hollywood.”

    Scams are initially sold simple, and the Ponzi & Pyramid model follows shortly thereafter, constantly being modified for its’ very existence, not to mention…you have to fractionalize and complicate in order to…well…get another sucker in the Casino door.

  4. That line of reasoning about “if it was true we would have a whistle blower”, is incredibly sloppy and convenient argument. I don’t even have to scratch the surface of history to be aware of just how few “whistle Blowers” were fortunate enough to be well positioned in society to have their “story” translated let alone trusted. And the price one pays for speaking out and not having the right connections is the dominating legacy.

    1. ‘Fraid I don’t agree with you. Take the JFK assassination. Lots of people talked. Most of them were staged disinfo ops. But John Martino talked. Richard Case Nagell talked. Roselli was about to talk (so they whacked him). Even Howard Hunt talked (at the end). We’ve had thirty years of supposedly chemtrail ops now. Something that would have involved hundreds of people, from chemical manufacturers to pilots to aircraft workers. And in 30 years, not one whistleblower? Not even a fake whisteblower? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this story is a fake and I will continue to state this fact until some real evidence emerges. I will not, however, hold my breath. Back to the rabbit holes….

      1. Fair enough, I guess I don’t have quite the faith in civilization to offer up it’s righteousness. I like to remember that for the entire middle ages, we forgot how to do basic plumbing.

  5. spot on. the illuminati, freemasons, ufos, drop-circles, these chemtrails, haarp whether weapons, if everyone just concentrated on breaking the power of the banking mafia, we could ALL create a better world..!

    PSSSST! governments can CREATE money, they don’t need to borrow it at interest of the usurers!

  6. well i do believe in ufo’s of a sort,more so aliens but not how we perceive them u know as little green men, i just think its a little nieve of us to believe that in trillions of planets that are out there we’re the only ones u know odds are against that and numbers dont lie. But as far as chemtrails lol yea that bs if they have been tryin to kill us for 20 years wouldn’t we be dead by now? lol what do u think about all the birds and fish dying a awhile back? i feel like we never got a solid answer on that one lol

  7. Lets put it this way,Clifford Carnicom,Michael Murphy,Alfred Webre,Art Bell and a host of others who promote Chemtrails are part of the New Age Movement,they are there to make money and also lets not forget how the New Age Movement was fine tuned by Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

    1. OK. Uncle. You win. I now see the light. Its all a big hoax people are trying to use to trick other people into thinking there is some big conspiracy.

      Since reading and studying here I no longer believe any of the conspiracy nuts. I mean all they talk about is stuff like declassified documents showing gulf of Tomlin was staged to start Vietnam, operation nortwoods was a plot to invade Cuba, 911 a plot to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. I only watch CBS ABC fox BBC etc now and only read government approved and sanctioned newspaper sources.

      Thanks steve. Your campaign for spreading information is working great. Count me as one of the converted.

      Peace and love.

      1. Hahaha, what transparent disinfo! As if intel never invented a fake conspiracy story to divert attention away from real conspiracies. Right now, the primary disinfo themes being mined involve aliens or creatures from another dimension. If you can’t tell these are manufactured fake conspiracies, just like chemtrails, then you are either disinfo, or stupid. Which is it? And yea, none of my conspiracy research has ever appeared on ABC, CBS, BBC. Funny you should mention BBC. Are you English? MI5? Tavistock, perhaps? Did I tell you that Johnny Roselli and Bill Harvey killed JFK? Could you please let the BBC know about that?

        Peace and love back atcha.

  8. I forgot to mention one more thing,Michael Murphy who is making a documentary called Why in the world are they spraying,its not just disinfo,when I saw his bio on his page,he has links with the Teaparty movement,guess who funds the Teaparty movement,Coca Cola and the CIA

  9. Here is another thing when Art bell promoted Chemtrails,he was admitted that he was a 33rd Degree Freemason,William Cooper exposed Art Bell as well

  10. This is what I have been saying for the last few years the Chemtrail Movement which involves Carnicom,Murphy and William Thomas and etc have been taken for a ride by theosophists of the New Age Movement,what is more hilarious is that they have begun mixing UFO’s into the Chemtrail mix,that is a sure sign of infiltration,the New Age Movement is being fined tuned and perfected by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations as well

  11. I read a quote from Metabunk that Carnicom one of the Chemtrail promoters have links with A. C. Griffith and its something the Chemtrail movement do not want us to find out:


    They need to look more closely at Clifford Carnicom, he worked for amny years for the Feds and the Defense Department. Carnicom is closely allied to A.C. Griffith, who says he works with the CIA and NSA.

    Nobody has done more to infect the chemtrails crowd with tinfoil associations than Carnicom. He and A.C Griffith actually began the false claim that “chemtrails” contain barium:…nto-chemtrails

    What Forgette and Dicicco need to understand is that they have caught a hoax started by Caricom and A.C. Griffith, who similarly infected the mt. Shasta Crowd, who then, abetted by Michael J. Murphy, have spread the hoax even wider.

    What the other followers of this lawsuit need to understand is that all of these connections will eventually come out and will be examined and once known, the whole house of cards will come tumbling out. Everyone involved will be ruined, their credibility shot, they will become laughingstocks, even moreso than theyare already.

    That is where this lawsuit is headed, and most likely Rosalind Peterson is simply just barely smart enough to figure this out.

    1. Thanks for this interesting comment. I did not realize that the history of chemtrails began with a couple of blatant NSA operatives. It would appear Griffith is just another fear-mongering demagogue like Icke and Jones. I came across a post online where he claims the Gulf Oil Spill will become the greatest ecological disaster in history. Didn’t quite work out that way, did it A.C.? Of course, your chemtrail hoax hasn’t any more “science” behind it than anything else you promote.

      1. Steven Hager,that is what the Chemtrail Movement do not want people knowing on the background of the main chemtrail researchers or speakers:

        Clifford E Carnicom did time with the US Department of Defense and was trained in a Intel unit

        A. C. Griffith claims to be former NSA/CIA Operatie

        William Thomas did time with O.N.I (Office of Naval Intelligence)

        When you do a research deeply into the Chemtrail Movement,you will find they are part of the New Age and UFO movement which is fine tuned by theTavistock Institute of Human Relations

  12. I did more digging and it seems the Chemtrail hoax started with the following people: Richard Lew Finke,Larry Wayne Harris and Bill Brumbaugh

  13. Thanks Steve, Couldn’t have said it better myself. People get all whipped up like imbecilic sheep assuming something profound or unexplained is automatically a conspiracy. Then claim that if you don’t go along with it that you are a sheep and need to wake up.

  14. It’s really quite idiotic to believe that white streaks in the sky are any more than un-natural results of burning jet fuel which breaks down to water and CO2. This atmosphere is a water cycle pressure/temp environment. There are no other substances that can condolence into vapor in these conditions other than water. Do you brainiacs see methane rain like on Saturn or sulfuric acid clouds? Noooooooo you don’t. It’s all water. Alcohol, paint thinner, acetone, anything you dump into the air will not form a vapor cloud. If the government were dumping “chems” out of planes it would be invisible. Just because you see conspicuous phenomena in the sky jumping up and down following the “chem-trail” cult leaders is not going to solve world problems that are not visible in the sky but are far more important than to post stupid theories about what the white streaks in the sky are all over the web taking up the minimal mental bandwidth left in this dumb population that can’t see when they are being distracted. While you are shaking your fist to the sky the government is perfectly happy representing corporations in your government instead of the people who are out doing what? Looking at the white streaks in the sky like the ancients who made the star constellations into messages from the gods. Same mentality.

    Go take a high school chemistry class. I don’t know what you guys are smoking. Maybe chems. You should go natural.

  15. Get you close on Chemtrals—-same folks that hide the JFK hit, hide Chemtrails:

    Jim Phelps
    Hi, Here is the key to the Civilian Chemtrails: They use Boron that is placed in a Lubricity and Fungal / Bacterial chemical placed in the jet fuels distribution. Burning Boron chemicals in jet engine’s makes compounds of Boron that are hygroscopic, such as Boron Nitride and Boric Oxide, BN and B2O3. These compounds seed persistent clouds in the tropopause region of the atmosphere. At lower altitudes, the high water content of the atmosphere shift the releases toward Borane, BH3, compounds that generally decompose to boric acid that is toxic to bees and insects.

    Per the Ed Snowden leaks, The Maud’Dib traces to the movie called Dune, which is basically about Masons and their games to reinvent the 2nd temple. Maud’Dib (little mouse) is the allegorical term for Oak Ridge National Lab, which is highly controlled by Scottish Rite Masons. Mason allegory was all over the Manhattan Project. Trinity was the Bomb Test site at White Sands, but the alteration of Trinity in the Bible was the key to Empire and Imperialism. Scottish Rite Masons worship the triangle as symbolic of this subversion of history. At the Bomb site stands today a nice Pyramid stone monument, which Masons like as their Stone Masons analogies to triangle’s Trinity . Masons always have to get back to temple worship, so the plant in Oak Ridge was named X-10 in the war (now Oak Ridge National Lab), which was symbolic for God=X and Ten Commandments. Similarly, The nuclear bomb factory was called Y-12, which was symbolic for Yahweh and the 12 disciples. This all comes from the Masons that ran the project, which was started by Mason FDR, the President.

    Oak Ridge, Tn. was in the heart of the South and loaded with Scottish Rite Masons, and the plants offered jobs to Masons. Masons kept secrets and formed a good ole boy network that would harm workers health and cover up massive environmental harm. Oak Ridge National Lab came up with the idea to use Boron loaded fuel in Commercial Jets to do what Edward Teller proposed to make a scattering shield in the sky to alter the issues of the planet’s warming due to problems of the Ozone Hole being caused by Freon releases that upset the Ocean’s Cloud Forming systems of the Sulfur Cycle that tossed the natural thermostat of the oceans out of regulation.

    It is a very simple system that just uses a Boron Biocide and Lubricity chemical that controlled contamination in jet fuel transportation, because Boron was toxic to Fungus and Bacteria. It also formed persistent clouds in the tropopause region of the atmosphere. Drawbacks were insect toxicity connected with Bee CCD and other problems. It is also considered illegal, because it is climate change modification. Look up Boron chemtrails and you will find a good deal of how it is done using commercial jets, as other info leakers are coming out.

  16. If the United States wants to avoid falling like the Roman Empire, it must avoid “overconsumption” and distribute resources equally, according to a study funded by NASA.

    “The fall of the Roman Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent,” reads the NASA-funded report published in the Ecological Economics journal.

    “Two important features seem to appear across societies that have collapsed,” the study adds. “The stretching of resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity and the economic stratification of society into Elites and Masses.”

    Read more:


    nterventionist • a few seconds ago
    Lots of the NASA leadership are Masons. I am sure they are going to love that idea. NASA has certainly been sitting on its hands in looking seriously at the chemtrail issues, because the Masonic gang over at Oak Ridge National Lab backed the concepts and the NASA Masons rubber stamped the idea and helped cover up the more serious problems.

    Chemtrails are all about hiding the issues of corporation and industry ruined the planet by not telling that CFC Freon was not inert, until the damage was done and the stratosphere flooded with Freon decomposition products that severely damaged the Ozone formation process and that led to damages to the Oceans cloud making systems due to higher UV-b damages to phytoplankton, disruption of the DMS and DMSO cloud seeding that kept the ocean surfaces cool.

    Masons too often courted Mason’s designs for Imperialism as the protection against Communism, and that Imperialism backed run away industry and corporations leaded to acid rain and the toxic metal health effects that then opened the door for the worse Freon problems on the Ozone Hole.

    Since the NASA masons games for Imperialism ran the show, and run away poisons to the planet now make human existence a question in the environmental balance. It appears the issues of planet human sustainability and those of the conservation of Communism’s role in the world now come full circle against the Corrupt Mason management of NASA, the USAEC/DOE, and DARPA.

    Perhaps god also appreciated the Essene because they and Jesus also had similar values for sustainability and socialism. The corruptness of religion inserted the concept of Trinity from the times of Nimrod and Semiramis (the harlot of Revelations), and that and all false Trinity civilizations since have failed. All too greedy of resources and toxic effects on humans. Since the Masons backed false Trinity concepts and in fact appear to worship those, the pendulum now swings back toward the truth of religion, where the Essene Community of Mt Carmel was operated and the teachings of Jesus himself in retrospect. Mt. Carmel was in Phoenicia, and Phoenicia built the First Temple for Solomon, which faced the Creator God City of Ur directly to the East.

    Even during the discovery for chemtrail’s Boron methods at Mason controlled Oak Ridge National Laboratory those involved noticed the Revelations passage that Jesus second coming was based upon coming upon the clouds. Certainly, we have a world environmental disaster at hand from the careless operations of Mason pushed corporate Imperialism control of the planet and they rushed to run over Communism and sustainability.

    Now the only solution appears to be wise environmental management, with respect to keeping our home Earth in a balanced synergism role with humans and the NASA Mason Imperialism games have failed, despite chemtrails from Mason Oak Ridge. Now we find the values of Mt. Carmel and Jesus were the wiser choices, and they were highly Socialistic and conservative of nature in every way.

    Now it appears that upon clouds of chemtrail linked methods of Boron now usher in the Second Coming. How fitting that Masons are going to be pushed into the open by the Prophecy of Revelations and Jesus Values shown to have been the correct worship for our planet and humanity’s future of existence.

    1. Hopefully few will believe a word of this since you have tons of dogma and zero forensic evidence and are likely just another cog in the disinfo machine.

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