James Holmes was on medication?

It’s just been revealed James Holmes was seen one time by Dr. Lynne Fenton after he flunked his oral exams and was ejected from grad school, losing his grant in the process. Fenton immediately sent a threat assessment warning to the school’s internal security. Something meaningful must have happened in that session, because Holmes also sent a notebook filled with info about his violent plans and even called the doctor’s office from the movie theater just prior to launching his attack. I wonder if Holmes was on medication, and if so, did that medication cause a manic reaction resulting in his flunking out of school, followed by a complete psychotic breakdown? Although the conspiracy disinfo crowd (David Icke, Alex Jones) have been spreading stories about Holmes being a possible MKULTRA assassin, the truth, more likely, is, he had a manic reaction to medication, the same thing that probably happens to loads of people all the time who are placed on medication. Unfortunately, there are no facts and no government study. The pill industry shredded their findings on psychosis and no one wants to address the fallout we’re experiencing from putting half the country on mind-altering chemicals. The new twist on this story is that Holme’s father works in the banking industry and the attack is somehow connected to the LIBOR scandal? It’s difficult, however, to fathom what benefit this tragedy might provide to shelter English banks.

The kids aren’t going crazy because of the CIA, my friends, they are going crazy on pills. At least, that is my take on our current sad situation.

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  1. I think it’s very possible that James Holmes was medicated into insanity by this Dr. with many, many drugs and some probably even investigational and not on the market yet.

  2. As messed up as our world is today do you think it’s possible Lynn Fenton and James Holmes had a friendship/relationship outside of his psych visits and he thought it was more or had to end??. We see this many, many times with School Teacher,students relationships. Kind of strange about the notebook…they say pkg wasn’t opened yet however, they admitt it’s a notebook. Maybe it was just some new medications, or he mixed it with other stuff that made him go crazy!

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