The Occult Conspiracy

While most of the world divides spirituality into religion and something called “the occult,” I know, in reality, both are the same, and the division has been manufactured to sheep-dip organized religion as something different from magic, which it really is.

In fact, much ritual and ceremony of organized religion revolves around harmonizing telepathic energy. It’s the same whether the Pope is doing high mass or a pagan society is doing a sunrise ceremony, and you can find some semblance of serenity in almost any culture. And, if it helps with your career, you can always change your spiritual orientation since it’s all pretty much the same stuff.

So when people start talking about the occult as if it’s some evil conspiracy that secretly runs the world, I have to laugh. Wall Street, the Bank of England and the Vatican are among the powers ruling the world, and those institutions are crisscrossed with dozens of secret societies with a wide variety of ceremony and moral foundations (or lack of). But when you join the Freemasons, the OTO, or even Aquino’s lodge, it really ain’t that much different from joining the Mormons or the Moonies, which, I guess, do not fall under the label “occult” as their ceremonies are Christian based. That’s really the logic people use to divide Christianity from Occult, when, in fact, it’s the same magic and mind control based on bell, book and candle. When you join these groups, you’re not being led into enlightenment, or eternal life (as some may tell you) but are being hoodwinked into a male-dominated power formula of control. The complex dogmas are part of the hypnosis. There’s a lot of sophisticated mind control video going on over the internet these days. Most of it starts with hypnotic music. Then they start to construct the “occult” boogieman, a psychological fear mechanism.

As long as you hold the majority stock in any situation, it doesn’t really matter what altar you pray at or what sigils are percolating in your subconscious. The big dog always eats first. The world situation is organized around insiders and outsiders. The insiders can bribe their way through almost any situation, and, reversely, are always available to take a bribe when asked. The insiders belong to many secret societies; the more they belong to, the better connected they are. It doesn’t matter to insiders what your religion or political persuasion might be, as long as the money flows. I can assure you that while the Sicilian men-of-honor were taking control of the labor movement in America with the assistance of the oligarchy, the top figures, the tribal fathers, were not engaged in baby killings or satanic actions. No, they were praying in Catholic temples every week and receiving absolution for their crimes from the church, while trying to raise families and pass their culture down to the next generation. They didn’t need inspiration from Albert Pike or Aleister Crowley, since Niccolo Machiavelli had already taught them everything they needed to know. Do you really think the Bonesmen are all that different? You don’t need Aleister Crowley’s help to cross the line into a brotherhood of death; his philosophy works, but so do many others. Don’t confuse the hypnotic mind control dogma with the actual magic.

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