Mark Passio and the Illuminati Hoax

Just when you thought the world had enough disinfo memes, a new franchise is born: and Mark Passio wants to tell you what is really going on and what the hidden meanings are to life! It’s not like Mark is hiding his source material, since he starts his four-part video series on the Illuminati occult conspiracy by naming the four “titans” whose research his theories are grounded in (meaning here are the dudes who’s ideas I ripped off to create my franchise).

David Icke is first on the list, of course. In case you don’t follow conspiracy kooks, Icke is an obvious disinfo agent who claims contact with giant reptile creatures from another dimension that only he is allowed to see? Like most disinfo agents, Icke slips in the occasional truth to better make the spoonful of disinfo go down. Passio’s credibility sinks even further with the next two “researchers’ whose work form the basis of his worldview: Jordon Maxwell and Micheal Tsarion, two obvious kooks who push UFO and alien conspiracy stories, while also retreading Aleister Crowley as a dark magician secretly running the world. (The truth is Crowley became a professional huckster similar in many ways to Icke, Maxwell, Tsarion and Passio, although Crowley’s connections to British intelligence—James Bond creator Ian Fleming was his handler at the end—are well documented at this point, while any possible intel connections on the others remain to be uncovered.) Passio also lists Terence McKenna, who is really more of a psychedelic mystic than occult conspiracy researcher, but since McKenna has a huge fan base and believes in UFOs, you can see why Passio would want to tie himself to those coattails.

To give an idea of the quality of this “research,” expect to find a string of logos with pyramid shapes. These logos will all be claimed as evidence of an Illuminati occult conspiracy, because, after all, no one would be stupid enough to put a triangle in their logo unless they were being controlled by the Illuminati, right? See, the triangle is super important because it represents how a small number of people on top control the huge amount of people on the bottom. Duh? Using this logic, anytime you see the color “red,” its safe to assume the Rothschilds are behind that op. This is about as rigorous as Passio research gets and expect a lot of hypnotic music and quick cuts and dissolves to lots of symbols and fear-loaded sigils, the end result of which will make you very, very fearful, since it’s obvious the Illuminati intend to kill most of the planet in the next few years. One wonders, however, where their profits will come from once they get rid of us stupid consumers? I guess the Illuminati don’t care about profits.

Yes, the super rich old money cabal meets in secret and organizes a future that guarantees their ancestors will continue to rule the planet just like they do. What else would you expect the super rich old money to do? And I don’t think they’re in a hurry to install this supposed one-world government either, since manufacturing war requires at least two sides, and war has been the economic engine driving the world economies for centuries. Unless, of course, they can devise a war against alien life-forms or creatures from another dimension. At that point, a one-world government scam will work.

The real point of all this disinfo is to keep the people fearful and confused. Once you believe you are surrounded by chemtrails, or UFO landings, or Illuminati agents trying to poison you, you lose the ability to mount an effective investigation into what is really going on. The 9/11 conspiracy was a magic ritual designed to sweep us into war and hide the electronic transfer of billions of dollars. But it wasn’t anything like the scenario being pushed by this cabal of disinfo agents. What they do is take the hypnotic mind control being used for brainwashing one side of a dialectic and claim that’s actually a true representation of the mind of the Illuminati and how they work, and not just another mind control op in progress. It doesn’t matter what altar you pray at, all magic is based around bell, book and candle, and the only real rule is big dog eats first.

To give an idea of what “good” versus “bad” research looks like, a real researcher named Antony Sutton wrote a book detailing how Skull & Bones moved members into elevated positions in medicine, education, government, and then those characters began affecting major changes within those professions, the end result of which has been to further the dumbing-down process while centralizing power and control (and manufacturing war for profit). Sutton also said Skull & Bones could be related to the Illuminati, since it was a German secret society transplanted to Yale right after the country’s biggest educational secret society (Phi Beta Kapa, organized by Freemasons) went above-ground in the 1840s, a move that angered the Yale chapter who wanted a completely secret society for the educated elite. The main thing about Sutton, however, is he talked about real people and had real facts to back up everything. With characters like Icke and Passio, however, it’s a giant web constructed of rumor and coincidence. Whether these people know they are deep in some intel rabbit hole, or whether they knowingly spread this garbage is the only question in my mind.

Since I never heard of Maxwell and Tasarion, I decided to do a little research. Strangely, Maxwell had no wikipedia entry. Even stranger, many people had apparently tried to start a wikipedia page on Maxwell, yet this page was mysteriously always getting deleted by those higher up the wikipedia chain. Now why would that be, I wonder? I did come across an accusation that Maxwell was a 30-year CIA veteran and a 33rd Freemason, but since zero evidence was offered to back up either claim, I didn’t feel that rumor was very useful.

One thing for sure, the websites for all of them sure look similar, as if a template is being passed around to amp up fears of an occult conspiracy. Hopefully, this blog will prevent some people from falling down that rabbit hole. Any time anyone tries to scare you with magic or religion it is always a hoodwink.

Just looking at the evolution of the distribution of wealth, it should be obvious there’s a concentration of power that is increasing power through the generations, an operation going on for the last 2,000 years. In a true participatory democracy the opposite would be taking place: wealth should become better distributed over time and not monopolized by the already rich.

In Europe, some of the wealthiest families can trace their ancestors through 30 or more generations, while in the United States, some of the wealthiest families are descendants of the Robber Barons who emerged after the Civil War. The biggest international corporations have interlocking boards of directors and these people live in a world of secret clubs, secret societies and secret monopolies.

They don’t want us investigating this world because they don’t want the masses to start conspiring to vote away their wealth, so they create a lot of fake, garbage, click-bait to confuse the subject, much of which involves trying to scare you with magic symbols and spooky soundtracks, the same way some religions try to scare you with imaginary concepts. All divisive issues are carefully mined with spooks on both ends, who drive the conversation between two designated poles, thus establishing the center of gravity on that issue. Left and right are an illusion because both sides work for the same masters, just as Occult and Fundamentalism are two sides of the same coin.

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  1. Steve,

    Everybody is disinfo? I wish the world was as black as white as posit. And why must if you disagree with someone, they are disinfo. Cannot they be just folks trying to figure things out? As everything you have thought been correct?
    I completely disagree with you that Mark Passio is a disinfo agent. He is not pushing UFO’s. You have inserted that into the conversation. Passio’s basic posit of the being people who use “evil” sorcery to manipulate our world is correct. The Brotherhood of Death aka The Order of Skull & Bones is a prime example.
    How is understanding the principles of manipulation detrimental in our understanding of the world bad? What are the forces that you wish us to focus on? How does the corruption in our world happen?


    1. Did I say everybody was disinfo? Surely you must realize there is a huge noise to signal ratio? I just spent a hour poking around Passio’s four horseman of his personal apocolypse (his phrase) and it got pretty apparent pretty quick I was dealing with some real gems.

    2. The forces to be investigated start with the Federal Reserve and the Oil cartel. Sorcery is part of organized religion and not confined to Crowley and his ilk. Magic is involved in all mind control and all religion. The occult boogieman Passio is constructing is an obvious rabbit hole and his research will never lead to a single conviction of anyone. You simply cannot work backwards by deciding that an evil occult cable is ruling the world and then looking for signs that support that theory. That is garbage research. The fact that UFOs and aliens are linked to all four of Passio’s horsemen is no accident in my opinion. I didn’t watch the videos, maybe someday I will, but 1 1/2 hours was too much for me for such long-winded lightweight bs. I would be wary of anyone who supports Icke, Passio or those two other obvious frauds, one of which already has a conviction for fraud it seems.

      1. It is very interesting that you (self-admittedly) have no true understanding of what Passio is promoting, yet you make such a sweeping claim against him.

        “I didn’t watch the videos, maybe someday I will, but…”

        That is a rather curious, as well as humorous admission. Do you seriously base such condemnation of this particular individual, solely upon your personal distaste for his inspirations or mentors? If so, I must point out that fallacy, which in and of itself, all but completely discredits your argument.

        … and you call him a “disinfo agent”?

        1. Yes, I judge a writer by his sources, and if your sources are all disinfo, then there isn’t much hope for your content. Passio is asserting he has discovered the true mind of the illuminati and they basically follow Aleister Crowley and are doing black magic under his inspiration. But there is zero evidence of any of this, only a string of random coincidences strung together as if that proved anything? Passio is following a disinfo trail and nothing he has done will ever lead to anything real. No one will ever be caught or convicted of any crime based on any of this garbage, simply because it isn’t real. It doesn’t matter what religions people follow, or what icon is on their altar, all religion and magic works under the same rules. And when you try to scare people with religion, it’s always a hoodwink.

          1. You indeed make some logical arguments, however you consistently either preface them or follow them up with terms such as “always” and “never”. It’s hard to take that seriously, as you are making presumptions based purely upon your own prejudices.

            There are very few absolutes in life. One is that there are exceptions to every rule and another is that there are “always” contradictions to one’s opinions.

            Nevertheless, we are each entitled to our own.

            … to address one specific comment: “No one will ever be caught or convicted of any crime based on any of this garbage, simply because it isn’t real.” – I would argue that the validity of his assertions have no bearing at all, in that regard, as those who control “the system” tend to operate above or outside of it’s influence. This is a simple fact of life, regardless of the venue.

          2. Reminds me of the stories about Stanley Kubrick, where they dissect his movies for secret messages about the illuminati mind control, a lot based on Eyes Wide Shut obviously because that was a film about a satanic uberclass and he included fragments from a Crowley black mass. That was not reality, that was a film. And whatever sigils are on the altar of the illiminati, it don’t matter. All magic runs on the same rules and no one has a monopoly. You cannot paint a picture of someone’s satanic culture and use that to scapegoat every practicing pagan in the world. Either Passio knows this info is fake, or he has been completely hoodwinked with a bunch of hocus-pocus. The mission, should you chose to accept, is to break through the mind control, un-seat the Federal Reserve, and replace the managed dialectic two-party system with an extremely diverse set of voices representing people, not consensus by corporations. Passio doesn’t help this mission, only makes it easier to make fun of “conspiracy theory” like there ain’t anything there. He is not tearing down the wall of disinfo but putting aluminum siding on them.

          3. Well, didn’t Crowley think of himself as the prophet of the New Aeon/Age? Can you not see how his ‘magickal’ influence may have an elite following. And then people like William Ramsey claim to prove that Crowley’s influence is all over ‘9/11’ –have you read his book Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order. And also The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual, by S.K.Bain. You have to read these books and think about it. If you have the presumptuous attitude from the get go ‘it is all BS’ then you cannot *PLAY* with it. I should imagine some people WOULD fear looking to close at this stuff because it IS weird and it flies in the face of the so-called mundane scientific deterministic world we’re fed, with its plastic consumerism. However if you look at this whole picture in a deeper way which means including other fields of inquiry this can help. For example this State’s so-called ‘war on drugs’ which includes of course psychedelics. Also the mental illness myth, where the biopsychiatric model funded and supplied with suppressant drugs by big pharma are all about suppressing naturally occurring visionary experience. Then let’s go over here and remember the likes of Edward Bernays and his bragging about ‘Propaganda’ whereby an elite group of unknown men get together (CONSPIRACY!!!!!) and decide how we –the masses–should think, and try various psychological devices we muct be un-conscious off (or they won’t work) to manipulate us. isn’t propaganda a form of magick—it is like ‘spells’, yes? Can we therefore not at least entertain the possibility that these out and out control-freaks might resort to using magick to gain even deeper control and that these fucked up insane audacious shits know that the majority of people are SO mindcontroled that it is possible to do their dirty-doings hidden in plain sight.
            Regarding Passios’ interest in UFOs. why is this a draw back. Why can we not explore OPEN inquiry which includes diverse forms of inquiry? I agree however that David Icke is pushing a New Age agenda which the control-freaks love.

          4. Religion (including satanism) is a mind control op and manipulated to divide and conquer. If you want to get to the bottom of events like 9/11 you need to investigate the operation and the people involved, and not read the tea leaves. Passio is a rabbit hole leading to nowhere and his “research” will never result in anything except confusion and paranoia. But don’t take my word for it, wait ten years and see how little comes of this smoke screen. Other, more reputable researchers, meanwhile, continue to dig for real answers that are not based solely on coincidence and superstition.

          5. “Religion (including satanism) is a mind control op and manipulated to divide and conquer. If you want to get to the bottom of events like 9/11 you need to investigate the operation and the people involved, and not read the tea leaves. Passio is a rabbit hole leading to nowhere and his “research” will never result in anything except confusion and paranoia. But don’t take my word for it, wait ten years and see how little comes of this smoke screen. Other, more reputable researchers, meanwhile, continue to dig for real answers that are not based solely on coincidence and superstition.”

            What the heck are you on about? You seem to look at this with blinkers on> You start ‘informing’ me that religion and satanism are psy ops aiming to divide and control. Agreed. But THEN make this ‘jump’ to that f you really want to investigate 9/11 you need to investigate even and people involved. Errrrm do you think I don’t do that? LOL, I come at this shit from ALL angles. I have done a blogpost about “LAYERS”. About how through the ages not just recent, the controlfreaks compose their myths in layers (of course all mythologies are layered, and rich in metaphor and poetry etc, but what I call toxic myth, these layers are designed to control and deceive, divide and control–hence toxic). So of course there are layers to 9/11. But are saying that a deep layer is the occultist shit. As it is in religion. You have the superficial layer for those who aren’t savvy with the hidden symbolism, wordplay etc etc etc which is for the ‘understanding’ of the initiated. This derives from the Mysteries of anceint times when only the core initiates knew what the ‘truth’ was and had to swear oaths which threatened their lives to divulge to the ‘profane’ what they knew. WHO in your opinion is the “reputable researcher”? Just tell me your favourite please.But like I say if you choose to only look at one layer of this inquiry and are not open to where the investigation may take you, you will never really get to the core of not only 9/11, but what is going on in the world, and has been for many centuries.

    3. I totally agree with you Kris. We all get it wrong some times. Writing David Icke off because of his ‘reptilian’ theory and ignoring his huge body of work exposing government corruption and the ruling elite is not clever imo. Mark Passio has also done an enormous amount of good work and calling him a disinfo agent who pushes UFOs is so wide of the mark that it serves only to show Steve’s ignorance. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.

      1. Sorry to disagree, but because Icke has zero forensic evidence to back up his claim of aliens inhabiting the royal family, he’s spreading bunk and probably knows it. Meanwhile, of course fake whistleblowers spread some real info, they must do that to establish their credentials, but their real aim is to create rabbit holes, not enlightenment. And time will prove me right. Eventually Icke will be unmasked as the fraud he is.

  2. Steven I’ve followed you since your High Times years and I really respect your insight. I first heard of Passio on Jan Irvin’s pod and knew right away that he was a light weight regurgitating the same mundane bs people have heard a thousand times. Irvin who pushes logical fallacies as a way to detect shit from shinola never once questioned Passio. I also find Jan Irvin pushing the Jews control the world meme a bit humorous in light of his infallible Trivium method. I’m sure soon he will be calling you out as a Zionist controlled Hippie spreading lies for your Jewish masters. He’s got a whole Terrence Mckenna was a CIA agent thing going on right now on his sight. Rabbit hole in the making? Well anyway keep up the work Steven you’ve really been on a roll here lately. Nice to see you writing so much again.

    Peace and Love.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been on Jan’s internet show myself so I know he thinks the Jews are the occult masters controlling the world. I never got deeply into Terrence McKenna (or mushrooms), although in my one face-to-face meeting with Terrence, I could tell the guy didn’t like me for some reason. I’d have to look at Jan’s evidence before I could offer an opinion. I wonder how that works out for Jan since Passio worships McKenna? I know Jan’s uncovered some info regarding Gordon Wasson, who was a major player on the world stage and captured the center of energy on psychedelics just as they were about to explode into public consciousness. I thnk he’s found some important stuff there. Since my life has been an open book since 1966, and I am devoted to non-violence, it’s pretty hard to sheep-dip me as an Illuminati agent, but maybe that meme is coming down the pike one of these days.

      1. awesome article!! Those guys rub me the wrong way.. including Zacharia sitchin !! Good info on the quack Maxwell! He seemed like hocus bogus…..

        1. I sense a spreading of NEW AGE BULLSHIT here! What Justthin Kaboutit said is to the point, if you do no research and watch no video’s of Mark Passio, where do you get your information to criticise him. I think its a nice try but you are full of shit Steven. I’ll try to help you a bit on your Jordan Maxwell criticism, a qoute from Wikibin:In Jordan Maxwell’s defense, a BBCOA freelance contractor writes in a letter published on Jordan Maxwell’s website:
          “…BBCOA preyed on the hopes of thousands of people but in point of fact they only cared if their checks cleared. Their only intention in promoting Jordan’s work was to use his name to attract people to the BBCOA. Jordan, the only man with honest intentions to educate his fellow man was dragged into this whole mess and was swindled into being BBCOA’s cash cow. Who knows where all money BBCOA made went. It didn’t go to Jordan that’s for sure.”
          By the way I do like your work for the cannabiscup and so on, probably you should stay with doing that.

          Cheers from a dutch stoney

          1. This comment would be much stronger if not for Passio’s sudden divergence into aliens, a meme I predicted he’d soon be traversing and one also spun currently by Snowden it seems, who I suspect is nothing but a disinfo dangle himself. Passio is part of the current disinfo meme that mines minor scenes in major films for clues to mind control. I wrote a script made into a Hollywood movie by Orion Pictures and have been inside the film industry. The scripts are not being written by illuminati pawns to seed mind control mechanisms. The films are based on what sells, period. The banks that fund the films censor their investments, and you can’t expose reality involving spooks, and tv writers are controlled by sponsors and advertisers (not the illuminati). Meanwhile, trying to make every shooting into a MKULTRA-style event is like calling every white line in the sky and say that’s poison, when, in fact, water vapor is the only thing that looks white and hangs in the sky. Passio is conducting a jihad on what he called New Age Culture, which, I guess would include every attempt to build an eco-friendly, non-demoninational community? Those communities are happening all around the world, based in peace and non-violence. Passio is seeding paranoia harvested from coincidence. If you believe the films are sending secret messages of some Satanic Uber-class, then you are living in a world largely invented and controlled by Passio and as long as you keep believing in that world, it will be real to you and nothing I say will matter. But I assure you, no person will ever be convicted of any crime based on any of this research, while real researchers trying to investigate the Saudi links to 9/11 will continue to die like flies. If these black magicians did exist in the form Passio suggests, how difficult would it have been to eliminate this threat to their security? Meanwhile, Passio will be welcomed on every major disinfo site, from Alex Jones, to David Icke, to everything else created by intel to spread a blanket of kookiness on top of conspiracy research.

          2. When you get good familiar with anything (like bullshit), you can recognize the patterns and familiar scents and smell it from a mile away. You can do this quickly not by seeing the positive space of the substance of their ideas, but by seeing the negative gaps where things don’t connect.

  3. I have no dog in this fight, but anyone so certain that they have others figured out is likely to be spreading their own brand of dis-info, for their own personal reasons or agenda. You appear to attack the individual, based on their interpretation of their research, then disqualify all the information because it upsets your individual world view. This comes off like limited open-mindedness. If it’s your way or the highway, I’ll take the highway. Perhaps you are stuck on the high-way, which appears to have its own limits.

    1. Before I could believe you “have no dog in this fight” you’d have to provide a better identity than a just-created wordpress blog that was obviously setup just to respond to my blog. I’m attacking the idea that Aleister Crowley created a religion that is now practiced by the Illuminati. In reality, Crowley was just another huckster spinning magic tales. Which is ok, and it certainly built up a cult of believers, but that doesn’t mean Crowley was in touch with spirits from another dimension, any more than Brigham Young was or L. Ron Hubbard. Today we realize Crowley was a tool of British Intel. My expertise is spotting the many disinfo trails created to divert people from truth. Like Chemtrails and “we never landed on the moon.” I put Passio in this same category, along with David Icke and Alex Jones. If you trust these people, there is no reason to ever come visit my site again. Is that you, Mark?

      1. True he was a great Fakeologist making a great living. Steven do you know magic, real magic? I did not say believe I said know. eg: Believe = Be = Being, lie = to lie, then you have eve or energy, victory/veritas and e-consciousness. Know = K or consciousness, well, now.

        I love it when guys like you dis an author or speaker then admit nonchalantly that oh by the way I never watched the videos but my competent literal conclusions stand as well literally credible and I have just admitted to the world that search for the allegorical and anagogical ruminations do not fit into my pallette so of course my brush strokes are broad and well simply bonded in the literal, absent of explorations in consciousness within that last penultimate frontier.

        I remember this revolutionary dude a few thousand years ago said “Ye are Gods” – “The Kingdom of Heaven lies within.” “Let thine eye be single and your body (all bodies that is psychic, emotional, mental, unconscious, and soul body as depicted in the ancient Hawaiian Huna) shall be filled with light”

        I see too many homo sapiens species pretending to not be Gods. Once they accept they are vastly powerful and that the Illuminati is a negative in the mirror and is not outside of them, that Universes are inside each one of them and they are powerful co-creators and this reaches critical mass the Berlin Wall of modern day slavery will fall in a heart beat.

        I think I’m turning Illuminati, I think I’m turning Americanese

        I think I’m turning Illuminati, I think I’m turning Japanese

        I think I’m turning Illuminati, I think I’m turning Euronese

        “Eur on your knees” and are you praying or preying that the Gods within you shall be un-leashed for the highest good of all.

        Of course Christos warned us about storming the gates of Heaven cause it has some incredible unwanted side effects.

        I hope its for the highest good of All.

        Cheers in Magic, light and sound


        1. You can play all the word games you want, but it won’t change the basic facts of the shituation: 90 percent or more of “conspiracy research” is a rabbit hole fostered by intel to misdirect and confuse. Because Passio draws on this network for his inspiration he is part and parcel of the disinfo network. You might as well list quotes from the Bible as evidence of your intellectual powers. I don’t read that book either but I can assure you it is not “the word of God” but simply a device for controlling people, like all religion. Yes, I know magic very well. I do peace magic. It’s nothing like the paranoia and fear-based mind control Passio is promoting. People need to take control of their own magic and avoid falling into the traps.

  4. You have to have an open mind. Some of these theory’s get way to far out there. Because of Oliver Stone,(who HighTimes magazine/interviewed a few months ago). His movie about Kennedy’s death .left me believing that anything is possible with the CIA. And several covert Organizations you will never hear about. I say never underestimate our Government. b

  5. Of the people who I researched and heard in podcasts over the last year(this should be called the awakening) Mark Passio has the highest are of understanding of the principles that are unavoidably present at all times(from the deoccultation perspective, since there is no neutrality). not even Stephan Molyneux(who’s more pragmatic rationalist but not religio-rational) or the guys at Disinfocast come any close to the practicality of what he’s teaching. of course nobody can have an authority on truth, so where you get your info from is not as relevant as the integrity of the understanding you induce in yourself with that.
    Linear teaching such as his podcasts from is the only way to reformat into the truth perspective without going through the omf-I-cant-process-why-the-world-sucks-and-dont-know-what-to-do mentality.
    I know people aren’t persuaded, I was liked there TWICE via to actually start listening to it. I know you have to walk on your own once you are shown the door.

    1. Wow, just goes to show when you have a paradigm, you can really manifest dogma like crazy. I wouldn’t bother checking out these websites people, this is an obvious op leading nowhere. I think the lingo and message speak for themselves. Mind control as “unmasking mind control” and high camp in its presentation.

      1. Maybe I’m slow or stupid even with a 165 IQ, but it finally dawned on me last year that 95% of all ‘exposing mind control’ vids on youtube are mind control – I see the ELF flashes, big budget production values & music, hear the sonic hiss with the subliminals, get my tell-tale ‘bad gut feeling’ for no reason, sudden headaches, hear the obvious embedded commands (“pay attention”), etc. etc. etc. – I have been commenting on them everywhere I can to attempt to educate the newbies. STupid waste of time probably, my neediness for attention, definitely, being of service, I hope so. Glad to find others who have seen through Icke, Jones, Standard mind attack strategy – 95% truth, 5% slow poison (‘occulted’ in the Kool-Aid).

        As to Passio – he did the work of clearing out his subconscious, and very few have the strength and courage to do that – his mind is very clear so I will credit him for that. He is a good communicator, so I watch him to model his skills, not necessarily to accept what he is teaching. I have a real problem with accepting his view that I’M OK YOU’RE NOT OK, “other people are the problem” – he has not completed his Hero’s Journey if he is still projecting “they are the bad guy” onto ANYONE in my view. And this is NOT New AGe bullshit, it is objective truth: 100% free minds see everyone and everything as perfect – Lester Levinson taught that & he made it all the way. The Sedona Method is what I do, everything else is just entertainment or fodder for me to release more of my own garbage until it is ALL gone.

        BTW, if you think you can do anything to stop the elite agenda, you are deluded – the boy must die (King Warrior Magician Lover) so that the mature man can be born. NWO is the dragon that cannot be killed in the objective world – I have accepted that, because I cannot control the apathy of the masses. Just like my alcoholism, they must hit bottom before they are willing to do the work – FEMA camps or death will be most people’s bottom in the Nazi States of America. So be it – they won’t take me alive and I’m counting on at least a 2-1 kill ratio before I go, maybe as high as 5-1. I’m ready for them – are you?

        1. Excellent comment. I’ve investigated my options for many years and decided to disengage from the disinfo network and concentrate on manifesting healing ceremonies of peace, cause that’s what’s most needed right now. The entire country has PTSD, much of it delivered through through the media, from nightly news to video games, and all the violence worship needs to be cranked down or the kids will keep going crazy.

          1. And I couldn’t help but notice your comment veered into paranoia at the end. I don’t buy into the apocalypse. That’s always an op. A massive population is required because we are the engine producing the profits. People are mined their entire lives. We are the cattle of the elite and they certainly have no cause to slaughter the herd unnecessarily. When you destroy the peasant class, the downfall of the elites follows. They know this.

          2. So Georgia Guidestones are just fear propaganda? Agenda 21? Global genocide through GMO foods? Yes, it is possible.

            I must say this – Mark has put out the most well-organized and well-planned presentation I have ever seen for free on the internet, with information I find extremely (and I don’t use that word lightly) valuable information and he says he is not making any money from it, whereas Dr. Phil tells people what they want to hear & charges $50,000 a pop. And nothing changes, the police state closes in more all the time.

            Mark is holding people accountable – who else in this entire world is actually mature enough & responsible enough to do that? He has made his Warrior commitment to a trans-personal goal and you attack him for it – with all due respect, that is not a mature or responsible attitude by any measure of those qualities. Am I judging you? Who cares – you are the one who knows deep down whether you are facing your fears or being ruled by them.

            The only reason I can see that you won’t watch it, and instead attack it, is fear. You don’t have to let your inner coward rule you – you are cheating yourself of something valuable here if you don’t check it out. Free will, your choice. And I hope this makes you angry (a more useful state than apathy): judgement prior to investigation is ignorance, stupidity, and cowardice. Just to make myself clear: YOU ARE LETTING YOUR INNER COWARD RULE YOU! And you don’t have to – you have the power to say no to it. Get the log out of your own eye first – then you will see clearly enough to remove the splinter from Mark’s eye.

            One last thing – what you are doing here could easily be considered libel and character defamation in a court of law – and Mark may hold you accountable for this.

          3. Curt Smith i wanted to reply to your comment but i can’t see it!

            Anyway it was very well said.

        2. wow. this is an inspiring comment in so many ways, it’s really the perfect time for me to read this. i can not say for certain that you are right, but what you said resonates with me profoundly. The dragon is real, and it will take a real knight to kill him. (this is where my dark souls experience comes in handy lol). you sir, are indeed a very smart person.

          1. lol oh dear the irony. Actually the myth OF the dragon and the knight/hero/archangel with sword raised dominating and killing it is ancient patriarchal mind conrol!

          2. in reply to Juliano , that’s not really an argument. the dragon is a metaphor for the fear based control systems in place. the knight is essentially representative of valiant love. the knight will eventually slay the dragon. this is what our job is.

  6. you guys do understand what’s going on. Unfortunately your minds are too closed, therefore you don’t have the larger picture. You have to delve into the information first before you delineate it as useful or disregard it as invaluable. That is the only way to assess the veracity of something. As someone who has listened to 118 of his 143 podcasts I must agree with the previous poster. Mark is not spreading fear at all.

    As far as his influences go, he does listen to Tsarion, Icke, Maxwell, Crowley and McKenna. But when I sent him a hard drive, he sent it back to me with a terabyte of documentaries, books, and audio. Among those books were every Antony Sutton and Carroll Quigley book as well as the other flavor of books you guys subscribe to. The difference between you and Passio is that Mark has read and taken in all of that information and adds to it more research, not because he’s a disinfo agent but because he understands that the transformative process involves a spiritual one as a well. He understands that there is a more occult and esoteric layer to what’s going on. That’s what he brings to the table. A profound understanding of what you guys understand plus the occult. If we use the Tarot, Rosicrucian, Freemasonic, Alchemical, Kabbalistic and Hermetic truths in a positive way, that we immediately invalidate the corporations, the banking institutions, the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, the political sphere, the dogmatic religious systems, the GMO crops and fluoridated water, the wars, etc. If we understand natural law we don’t let man’s arbitrary laws trammel us.

    That none of us can be entirely sure of anything and that we have to take in everything and keep those bits of information that resonate with us. Maxwell, Icke and Tsarion as well as Passio have all said that themselves. Don’t believe us. Do your research. Keep what is valuable. We do not have the full picture. Tsarion does a wonderful job of synthesizing mythology, philosophy, and psychology with the conspiracy literature. How many times did Bill Cooper come to what he thought was the truth only to realize he was completely wrong about it. They have as much if not more of an understanding of what’s going on than you guys do, but they don’t have it all. That’s why you have to take in all the information first and decide what has is valuable and what isn’t.

    The Trivium and Quadrivium have been used for centuries by the greatest minds on this planet. All of Chaucer and Shakespeare works are full of these systems. The Wooden Books series on Page 5 of the Quadrivium book lists Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Cicero, Philo the Jew, Nichomachus, St Clement of Alexandria, Plotinus, Iamblichus, Alcuin, Fulbert, Avicenna, Grosseteste, Roger Bacon, Thomas Aquinas, Dante and Kepler as students of these systems. All Jan was doing was looking at how the elites educate their children and realizing that the public education system as it was set up in the mid to late 1800’s removed these valuable systems from the public and kept them in place for the elites. So they show you how fucked up the education system is and present a solution. Give yourself the education that they are depriving you of. The elites were responsible for a set of books by Mortimer Adler and Robert Maynard Hutchins called the Great Books of the Western World. They are the primary sources and not only that they represent a Great Conversation that has taken place that documents how the elites think! There is a clear concatenation between what the thoughts of Plato, Calvin, Spinoza, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Fichte, Hegel, Kant, Darwin, Galton, James, Russell to what’s going on today. Look into John Taylor Gatto and the Ultimate History Lesson with Tragedy and Hope media and the peace revolution podcast. When you’ve gone through Sister Miriam Joseph’s Trivium book or Leonard Peikoff’s introduction to logic and Principles of Grammar series or Edward Corbett’s Classical Rhetoric and the Modern Student and seen the value of this education system then criticize it. Until you’ve done so please be more open minded about the value of things. I don’t personally care if you cast these gems away as stones, but what concerns me is that you haven’t read this information or looked into it and then you proclaim it to the world as fact that it’s disinformation which is careless at it’s most innocuous level and specious if you know better. If the reptilian or Velikovsky shit doesn’t strike a chord with you so be it. But you have to listen to it first. Before you judge Manly P. Hall because he was a 33rd degree Mason, you have to listen to all of his lectures and read his books. There’s a lot of good information in there. It’s not all right, but nothing ever is.

    1. Wow, it must have taken a while to type up all that but sorry, but I can’t buy a word of it. Passio is deep inside a disinfo hole, just preaching mind control for one side of a managed dialectic and scooping up the people too dumb to realize what a hoodwink this is. Nobody has a monopoly on magic, the rules of which apply to us all. The first thing about magic is you have to believe. Obviously, you are Passio, or you believe in him. Hopefully, few will follow.

      1. You’re absolutely right. The rules of Magick apply to us all and this is what Passio teaches. But Magic is a loaded word. It’s been sent down to us as wand waving through Disney and Pixar flicks. We think Magic has more to do with Harry Potter than to do with Advertising and Marketing. Anything that influences your will in accordance with your higher self is Magic. There’s a extreme polarity that can be reconciled under the word magic, but it’s differentiated by the word sorcery. That’s a loaded word too because it conjures up images of Saruman and C.S. Lewis shit but it serves simply to distinguish between those techniques used to root us in a base ego consciousness.

        I’ve said this time and time again, if Madison Avenue through it’s techniques uses a commercial or a billboard or a celebrity or green language to convince millions of people to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise normally do, isn’t that magical? If you entirely transmogrify your life isn’t there some element of majesty to that? That’s how movies work with their predictive programming. They also leave us impotent to act because if you think The Matrix or They Live is just a movie and that everything that happens on screen is real there and doesn’t apply to your life, you’ll never attempt to make any changes in your environment. But if you see them as allegorical and that those things can be applied to the realm of your life, you will be more willing to learn, care and more importantly act. How many people do you think have acquired a copy of Bernay’s Public Relations or Walter Lippmann’s Public Opinion or know about Ivy Lee? Don’t you think the public would be better suited to defend themselves if they knew that those techniques were being used against them. If people watch the mainstream media and are kept in a fearful state and programmed to prepare for the future events that the New World Order wants to bring about, isn’t that like spellcasting?

        Magic is conveyed through symbols and siduals. symbols have archetypal information that is stored in our subconscious and if you are ignorant of what these symbols represent then you are unknowingly taking them in and getting the proxy people have supplanted it with. That’s why they put them there. Because they know that everyone ultimately has a comprehension of these things at some level, but if it’s not a conscious one then you’ll take what you subconsciously know those symbols represent when they stamp them on something that isn’t the truth and you’ll associate the positive aspects with something potentially negative. This is what Passio tries to get across to us when he refers to the Occult. The occult in its Latin roots doesn’t mean evil or anything like that. It simply means hidden knowledge. Jung himself studied the occult and these things. Newton spent more time with Alchemy than he did with physics. These things have nothing to do with what we think they do. That’s what Passio is teaching. He says there is truth to the religions but they don’t give the esoteric information to the masses, they only give the exoteric form that keeps you running around in circles. There’s enough of the information there to resound something meaningful, but it’s twisted in a serpentine way to keep you from discovering the real imperative verities. They want you to believe that Alchemy is pseudoscience about turning lead into gold instead of an intrinsic process that frees you from your ego and transforms you into a moral, ethical, aware being. Think Tarot is just a deck of cards? It is today. Because the Major arcana was removed and what remains is the minor arcana. Now we just play solitaire and blackjack with what remains. They kept two cards of the major in place. The fool cards or the jokers. Isn’t that telling?

        You’re absolutely right nobody can have a monopoly on magic, all they have to do is keep you from discovering what it truly is through an Orwellian way of warping words and giving them the exact opposite definition than what they really truly mean. My friend we are in the age of newspeak. What’s more, there’s a obvious parallel to the Trivium and Quadrivium, which interestingly enough Passio himself knows. The Homeschooling movement has realized the value of this education system and they are starting to return to it. When Plato was talking in Greece about the Sophists, he tells us that Socrates’ major objections were the fact that they used rhetoric against the uneducated masses who didn’t have the grammar and logic or the knowledge and understanding. The Trivium is composed of Knowledge (General Grammar), Understanding (Aristotelian Logic) and Wisdom (Classical Rhetoric). That is how our brain develops. that’s why the system has to be learned in that order. When we’re children we ask the who, what, where, when questions until we reach our teenage years then we start asking why. The grammar covers the first four. The why questions are governed and answered by logic because they are a manipulation of the grammar stage. Eventually we come to a stage in our later teens where we feel compelled to express ourselves and this knowledge and understanding we’ve learned (that’s the wisdom that rhetoric sets down in an explicit way). Well these sophists were running around Greece convincing people that didn’t have the first two stages of the trivium of their positions with their flowery words and circumlocutory rhetoric. If you don’t have an understanding of logical fallacies and such you fall victim to these things because they sound plausible. That’s what’s going on today with our schooling system. That’s why people fall victim to politicians, the mainstream media, consumerism because they are devoid of true independent thought and they go with what sounds good or looks appealing never examining it underneath the surface.

        Let me show you something that blew my mind. Here’s the difference between the categorematic general grammar that we should get and the syncategorematic grammar that’s handed to us in school. I went home. I went to my home. Both are saying the same thing within reality. But home is an adverb in one and an object in the other. We’re so caught up in trying to look at things on paper and examine them within that context that we’ve lost sight of their relation to reality. What’s more these are just the first three of the liberal arts. They work on the left brain. The last four of the quadrivium work the right brain. Together these seven liberal arts unite the whole brain. Here’s an excerpt from Sister Miriam’s book which explains it’s importance. “The seven liberal arts differ essentially from the many utilitarian arts and from the seven fine arts, for both the utilitarian arts and the fine arts are transitive activities, whereas the essential characteristic of the liberal arts is that they are immanent or intransitive activities. The utilitarian or servile arts enable one to be a servant–of another person, of the state, of a corporation, or of a business–and to earn a living. The liberal arts, in contrast, teach one how to live; they train the faculties and bring them to perfection; they enable a person to rise about his material environment to live an intellectual, a rational, and therefore a free life in gaining truth.” Furthermore Manly P. Hall confirms this in one of his lectures. That in Roman days you were not permitted to teach these arts to anyone. Only the people on top were allowed to be versed in them. You were a slave until you learned them because they liberated you. the root liber in Latin means book. See how the word liberal has been demonized and denigrated in our day and I know because I own the 20 volumes of the OED and I’ve seen how it’s been usurped through time to become associated with political nonsense.

        This is why we’re indoctrinated in schools. We’re kept in left brain modalities and we don’t even see that these symbols (or magic) are operating in the right brain area where we haven’t been educated. These arts unite and balance the brain. This is what Passio teaches. It’s not about attacking the Federal Reserve or the Rothschilds or anything like that. It’s about realizing that those things are being orchestrated by them. Learning about it, but then learning about ourselves as well so that we become people who can think outside of their box and find solutions. We no longer support the dominators and we remove all of those influences from our lives shutting them down permanently because we’ve raised our consciousness to the point where we no longer need them. That’s why Mark spends his first 70 or so episodes slowly building up this knowledge and showing the darkness in the world (i.e. Sutton and Quigley and such) then spends all his shows from there on with discussion of making positive changes in the world so that we can each become lights in the darkness. He uses a wonderful example of how magic can hurt you even if you don’t believe. If someone decides to shoot up an abortion clinic and you happen to be caught in their crossfire, does it matter whether you believed what they believed or not? Or does it matter whether that person’s beliefs compelled them to act on an unwitting population and effect some change? Passio, Icke, Tsarion, Maxwell, McKenna may all sound crazy, but they all have espoused that there is a New World Agenda going on in the world and used that as the foundation upon which they’ve added their information to it. There is a core of truth to what they say and if the rest hasn’t struck you yet, then don’t pay any attention to it. If a person in an insane asylum shouts from a window that 2+2=4 we have to dichotomize. We have to separate into constituent elements who they are and what it is they are saying. The truth of the latter isn’t abnegated by the appearance of the former. Aristotle said the mark of an educated mind is to be able to entertain a though without accepting it. Please keep an open mind until you’ve examined the material first. Peace and Love my friend,


        1. First, just that you spell it magick shows you may be a slave to dogma. Crowley is no dif from the Pope or any established religion. They are all mind control mechanisms and always have been. Second, you say, but he sent me ten terabytes and there was good and bad? That is the very definition of disinfo, mixing the good with bad. If you can’t see that Icke and Jones and Gunderson are all ops, you just ain’t looking, or else, you be one of the other side just here pushing the hoodwink down the road for a paycheck.

          1. No I spelled it magick to try and differentiate it from the word magic. When there’s a basketball team in Orlando with the same spelling you have to go to certain lengths to try put some space between the various perceptual and conceptual levels that have been merged into one. When did I ever talk about Crowley? I think people should look into things like Luciferian and Satanic documents and such things of the negative nature because that offers valuable insight into the philosophies of your enemies. I think most people live the principles of Satanism and don’t even realize it because they think the devil is the bête noire when in fact it’s certain principles such as social Darwinism or moral relativism that keep us in base consciousness. It’s the fear mongering that keeps us from even trying to examine their position and therefore ultimately aligning ourselves with the other path to oppose that darkness in the world. It’s the same reason that generals used to put a picture inside their tents of a general they were engaged in battle with. You have to understand your enemy in order to combat them properly. I said he sent me one terabyte of information. I never said he sent me good and bad information. I haven’t examined it all, but I will examine it all and make my decisions accordingly. However that won’t distract me from making positive decisions in the meantime to try and affect both my life and consequently the world around me. Most of it has refined my views and helped me to make more effective decisions and changes. Example: I wouldn’t have found Dean Clifford if it wasn’t for Mark Passio. No there is a difference. Disinformation is information that is intentionally spread and AFTER my examination of his information I don’t think Mark is doing that. You haven’t examined his information in depth but you certainly have no problems with being judgmental about something you’re ignorant to. Which ironically means you may be spreading disinformation because you may be leading people away from someone who has a good deal of knowledge that can help them understand this situation and more importantly take action. Misinformation is the dissemination of information that isn’t fully in accordance with the truth, but there is no malevolent intent behind it. That’s where we disagree. Their research has led them to where they are. Absolutely. Fallacy of the false dilemma. you just committed it. It either must be that I don’t see it or I’m that i’m in on the conspiracy to lead people astray. Wow. You’ve just convinced me further that Mark truly is casting pearls before swine.

          2. lastly Alex Jones may in fact be disinformation. That thought has occurred to me many times. But if it wasn’t for Alex Jones I wouldn’t have discovered this entire body of literature that I think is leading me closer to the truth. I’m not there yet. But I think I’m on the right path. See how even information that may have been put out there to intentionally lead us astray may end up serving the truth inadvertently? That’s why the Trilaterals wrote the book the Crisis of Democracy in the seventies. The people took the American ideals too seriously and they shut down the Vietnam War. They realized that if people genuinely took the ideas that they were just putting out there to push their own agenda, that it might accidentally undermine their true efforts because most people really are good and really do want to go in the right direction. I think if you start listening to Alex Jones and simply continue to listen to him and do nothing else you probably will go nowhere fast. But if Alex Jones helps you to understand a small part of what’s going on and that leads you down new avenues for exploration and to greater areas of growth, then I think it doesn’t matter whether it was intentionally put out there as bad because it ultimately has led you to the right place.

        2. One of the greatest insights I ever got was from Michael Tsarion. He said is money really evil? Or is it a medium of exchange that is used in an evil way? Is it evil for a person to use money to feed a homeless family? We have to lose that diving line between black and white.

          1. Money attracts evil, as does power. If you can’t figure out that Icke, Jones and Gunderson are obvious ops, you are still on square one. Try to release the mind control dogmas dominating your mind and take control of your own magic. This will not happen by believing in any of these mind control stooges.

          2. Thomas. You are a very bright human being and I really enjoy your responses. Listening to Passio’s New Age Bullshit lecture and I find it fascinating.

          3. Thomas, based on what you write here I have come to the conclusion that you are a mature, responsible adult and that Steve is a psychological child. After trying to sponsor men in AA and finding that almost NONE of them are willing to do the work that will save their lives and families (specifically, the 12 steps) I stopped and now devote and invest my energy and time to more life-affirming tasks. That said: why are you wasting so much time and energy with Steve? His willful IGNORE – ance CANNOT BE OVERCOME BY ANYTHING YOU WRITE! (not shouting, I can’t bold or italic text here)

            This is Truth that Mark talks about, you know this is true in your innermost self, it cannot be changed even if you want it to be different.He has to hit bottom and be beaten into a state of reasonableness by Life just like an alcoholic before he will submit his precious narcissism & grandiose unjustified pride to Truth.

            He does not have enough courage, strength, or self-honesty to DO THE WORK (difficult, painful, and with NO immediate gratification) to get well and attain mature adulthood. Not his fault, he was not taught how – but as an adult, it is ABSOLUTELY his and everyone’s responsibility to DO THE WORK. You have DONE THE WORK – the boy has died, you have crossed the threshold of the mature masculine. I have DONE THE WORK – my alcohol problem is solved. Was it easy? Painless? Quick? Of course not – but the psychological children refuse to pay their dues – “lets just snipe at the real adults from the sidelines”. Wilhelm Reich called it the emotional plague, and it is a world-wide epidemic.

        3. Thomas – “symbols have archetypal information that is stored in our subconscious and if you are ignorant of what these symbols represent then you are unknowingly taking them in and getting the proxy people have supplanted it with.”

          Brilliant! This has clarified something that has baffled me for decades – I REALLY appreciate your knowledge – thank you.

          Where did you get that?

      1. and light attracts moths. Does that make light evil too? I guess I’m not going to stop being a gadfly just because you’ve littered this thread with so many red herrings and straw man arguments thus far. But the last one is what drives me most crazy. You claim that they are obviously disinfo. Well in the arena of logic and most places governed by rationality there is one rule you can’t escape here. That is the onus of the proof falls on you to prove that they are disinfo. It is not possible to prove a negative. Therefore when you make a bold arbitrary baseless accusation like that, It falls on you to present some evidence. Though it be not a logical fallacy for you to say one thing and do another, it does not mitigate the appearance of intellectually dishonesty for you to say that Antony Sutton offers proof (which he does because he was a serious scholar) but that Passio and everyone else doesn’t, so that makes them disinfo. Then you turn around and make some pronouncement with unbridled temerity and offer little factual evidence that shows what you say is true is completely disingenuous and totally a double standard. I’m done here. if you want to believe that I’m walking around making these people my gurus, that’s totally fine. But I never said that’s what I’m doing. You are very good at putting words in people’s mouths to keep from fracturing the little bubble you operate in from splintering in a hundred different directions. I’m not afraid of that. I would love for you to bring some information to the table that I am not aware of. But in the realm of Passio and Tsarion. You haven’t done that. In fact Tsarion and Passio say that the biggest mistake anyone can possibly make is to seek out gurus instead of finding the truth for yourself. We are simply researchers. Nothing more. Good day.

        1. Your 3,000 words to every ten of mine shows the incredible weakness of your position and you put words in my mouth and cry red herring on me? No serious researcher can track current events through some magical formula like Passio is attempting and have anything but a cloud of smoke emerge. Imagine a lawyer in court arguing this nonsense. Track the actual op of the event and the spooks involved. That’s useful. Passio’s research is useless. As useless as Gunderson’s was a generation ago when he launched the satanic panic. I said the same thing then about Gunderson that I do now about Passio. Wait ten years and Passio and Icke and Jones will by then all be transparent disinfo. And no serious investigation or court case will ever come out of anything they say or do.

          1. the fallacies just keep flowing. I don’t know that it will ever end. My Twain just hit me at this precise moment: “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” – Mark Twain. I’m not sorry I went down this road because this has been a wonderful exercise in the use of the liberal arts and I recommend all to explore them further. To anyone visiting this forum. Please don’t use snippets of information and try to make a summation and sweeping generalization of someone’s work. There is some real depth to all of this work. You may not agree with it all, but you’d be surprised some of the profound insights you discover along that journey.

          2. What, no more web to spin? In the last 70 years billions have been spent studying mind control. Not based on some Egyptian magic formula or something devised in the 1900’s, but based on science and trial and error. Religions are for the hoodwinked and that includes Crowley, Scientology and all the modern manifestations of mind control. Passio plays right into the Christian dialectic with his satanic boogieman, a shadow that can never be found because it doesn’t exist, at least not in his version. Passio is as far from being on the inside as a person can possibly get.

          3. Like I said before, you are full of shit Steven.

            Thomas thank you for your wonderfull reply’s here, I learned a great deal from them.


            No dude, you didn’t say that before, but since you don’t reply to any of my points and just hurl insults in my way, you abuse the term “namaste” and show your lack of spirituality. Do you want to get to the truth or do you want to keep believing the lie that Aleister Crowley was in charge of the Central Banking cartel and designed a philosophy that they still run on today, an absurd claim for anyone who does any real research on the subject. Why you feel a need to come to my site and abuse me I have no idea, I certainly don’t travel to your website to hurl abusive comments at you. Don’t believe me. I don’t care. Time will prove my case.—signed Steven Hager

  7. Steven, You are an ignorant man and reading the above posts (although very time consuming) really show that you are only able to reject Mark Passio outright because you havent done the research on his WOEIH Website that is required to argue on a factual basis. You lose the arguement. Sorry but you sound like a fool.

    1. Sorry we disagree wild man. But you know what, I always thought a true ignoramus was the dude who resorts to personal insults to try to win an argument. My concerns are all carefully presented, and fortunately so, because unlike that windbag Passio, who spends three hours saying what I could say in ten minutes, I don’t have to watch the entire three hours but got the message loud and clear in the first 15 minutes. Once I know I’m dealing with mind control, I turn it off. I turned off Zeitgeist after about 30 seconds of nothing but explosions. I knew that was dark magic at work.

    2. Hey, Joe, I got an idea. Instead of creating a fake name and id and posting from some anonymous yahoo page, why not come out into the open like me and talk man to shaman? I have my entire history on, a video library of all my various escapades through 20 years on youtube. I’m a peace magician light years ahead of Passio in all things spiritual, and, I suspect, on many of these posts I am speaking straight to you Mark, you must be upset this post gets such heavy traffic every day of the week, but then that’s why I put it here, and why you keep coming back with hate speech. Please check out my work, my book Enlightenment is Fun, or Secret Societies, or my improvisational ritual tools and performances. If you are a real organic person you will quickly see my magic is far more powerful than anything Mark Passio probably even comprehends. He’s working a tired, old disinfo smokescreen, while I’m manifesting an entirely new paradigm, not based on scaring people with bogeyman stories, but opening up their hearts and minds to understanding we have the power, not the dark sorcerers among us playing their hoodwink game of manufacturing war for profit by manipulating religions.

  8. The problem I have with Passio is this: I feel that he is presenting a false choice. he talks about the occult elite being what he terms “dark occultists”—well hell yeah, I agree with that. But he then claims he is part of and supports the ‘good occult’–though he doesn’t actually say it like that, he is rather meaning that occultism per se is not bad, but how it is used. So I have tried to suss out what the philosophy behind HIS occult is at. To me it sounds dualistic. He sometimes whosw this idealistic path kind of leading off earth, presumably to some spiritual realm in the sky. he also claims that ‘male logic and reason’ MUST come together with ‘female emotion and care’—and some other stuff I have noted but forgot. Well to me this is dualistic, and it is typically part of solar mythology which is Idealism, and involves the ‘heroic male’ attempting to escape the ‘inferior nature’ and return to some idealistic state in the stars or beyond. This is the New Age! And I see the game being played by the occult elite is to set up the false dichotomy and/or choice between scientific materialism or Idealism whereas they really stem from the patriarchy!

    To dig where the rich are at, checkout all the Indigenous peoples around the world, who mostly have an understanding that nature is sacred—-SEE how they are being treated!! This is a massive hint what the agenda of the powers that be are. The LAST thing they want is for us to nurture a deepening spiritual respect of communion with the land. They rather want to replace all that with their idealistic technology—understand. There are two forms of idealism. The one I mentioned about escaping nature and going to some spiritual realm above. But what the combination of scientific materialism and idealism create is Eugenics and its ugly baby, H+ or Transhumanism which is an imposing of the machine onto nature. EVEN replacing mother’s woman with man-made technology.l
    THIS is how McKenna can be seen as a useless idiot, because he was preaching this to people with impressionable minds opened with psychedelics. Is it a coincidence that B OTH he and Leary before him were at the forefront of the inter-generational countercultures of youth. Leary was against the Ecology Movement because he thought it hindered transhumanist ‘progress’!

      1. I don’t understand “occult.” As if there is a difference between Crowley and Christianity? It’s all magic and mind control. The fact Passio is a lifelong satanist is what makes it easy for him to slip into mind control formulas. Any movement of any sort can easily be penetrated and controlled by the Illuminati central banking elite. They will always create their own critics and control the debate against themselves. Passio is painting something that doesn’t exist. The Illuminati mechanism runs on power and control, not dogma and religion. The dogmas are the mind control for the population, not for controlling the controllers, who know better. The history of the psychedelic movement is filled with spooks. I do not point fingers, just want you to realize that an understanding of wisdom plants is something the state doesn’t want to share. They don’t want creative, empowered people, just complacent, wage slaves. And they have spent billions on dumbing down the youth, while addicting them to violence, sugar and alcohol.

    1. [Notice Curt thinks he can win this argument by endlessly repeating dogmas….and they think this stuff actually convincing people of anything? Not very likely Curt.]

      Your perceptions are so distorted I honestly wonder how you can function at all in life. Mark Passio is a DE-OCCULTIST REPEAT A DE-OCCULTIST REPEAT A DE-OCCULTIST REPEAT A DE-OCCULTIST



      REPEAT A DE-OCCULTIST is it getting through your filters yet? Am I getting though to you now?

      Meaning – exposing what is hidden, ‘occulted’ to keep you a slave. As far as the dualism charge, you cannot skip the necessary, REQUIRED steps to attain oneness by just labeling everything you see or hear dualism. Typical New Age psychological child attitude – I WANT THE RESULTS WITHOUT MEETING THE REQUIREMENTS TO GET THEM! WAH! WAH!

      I hope I have made you REALLY angry – sometimes that is what is REQUIRED (pay attention REQUIREMENTS) to shake people out of their apathy. You have a right to your apathy, but if you take MY RESOURCES (time & energy to read your post) without giving something of equal value, I WILL hold you accountable to the utmost of my ability. I am not attacking YOU here, only your weakness – I WILL ONLY support strength & integrity.

      1. There is no difference between religion, magic, occult or de-occult. It is all the same stuff, mostly based on bell, book and candle. You are lost in a rabbit hole, or just a disinfo plant pushing this crap for a paycheck.

    2. Hello,
      I just want to clarify something about the occult according to mark passio.
      A misinterpretation needs corrected, occult simply means hidden. He has repeatedly claimed that humanity will not be free until the occult is no longer the occult.
      Therefore all of these teachings and universal truths that are hidden (occulted) so as to be used at the detriment of the masses, these most bf made aware to everyone so they have access to the true knowledge of self. That’s it. The mystery traditions and esoteric teachings of occulted information are all allegories concerning the fundamental truths of natural law. They are meant to be studied and contemplated. He never espouses “his” occult. He states that this information can be used in a dark manner or self serving egocentric, or that it can be used for light purposes or the greater Self, a balance of personal needs while considering our obligation to our collective consciousness through consent.

      I felt this needed clarification.
      As to Steve,
      I appreciate your attempts to discredit information but you haven’t provided that, what has been presented is an attack of the messenger, ad hominem logical fallacies.

      I would be interested to read your perspective on his information presented about morality, objective truth, natural law, order followers, personal responsibility, as above so below correspondences, astrogeology compared to accepted modern religions. I understand you refuse to review green language, the occult, UFOs or the spiritual aspect of his discussions which is fine, but to lump people into categories and dismiss legitimate anomalies is intellectually dishonest or lazy.

      I’m not here to attack you as a person but rather have an honest discussion about the methods employed in your assessment of what is potentially accurate.

      Hager responds: My guess is you are working on setting up another disinfo site like Passio. Don’t make the mistake of thinking enlightenment can be found in the occult, which is as controlled as fundamentalism. Maybe more so. Crowley, for example, was a British spook. Spooks abound in religion and the occult. If you want honest liberty, investigate 9/11 and the people involved instead of twisting every meme in pop culture into some satanic plot. Anytime someone tries to scare you with religion or magic, it’s an obvious op.

  9. Enjoyed reading these comments. Here’s my take. I like to listen to everything because I gain from it no matter what. Always learning and moving forward by listening to everything, believing nothing until I can verify it myself and for me that verification comes with time and introspect. Is Jordan Maxwell’s chin strange? Yes. Is his research and information interesting. Yes. Have I gained knowledge from listening to Maxwell. Yes. Because I take what I find valuable and what I find valuable changes as I move on. I must say Stephen. As of now my gut tells me you are an agent who’s purpose is to muddle the powerful message and knowledge that Passio is delivering. I actually know nothing about you and only came across this page by chance but from what I’ve read here that’s my take so far.

    1. I’ve spent 44 years working for freedom and manifesting peace magic, and my history is easily researched in a few minutes on the web. I have over 30 ebooks on my smashwords site. All I know about Passio is he used to be a satanist, or I guess he still is? Please keep in mind satanism, like all religions, has always been popular with intel. Draw your own conclusions.

      1. Thanks for your response. Stupid of me to judge so quickly. My take so far is that his past is what brought him to the place he is at so the fact he was an insider doesn’t bother me. I agree with your thoughts on religion. Obvious dupery from the insecure elite to control the wal mart shoppers.

        1. It is never accurate to call a hoodwinked true believer an “insider” to anything. Nobody but the oligarchy is on the inside, and only a few of them even have Italian names. If people like Passio were actually on the inside, this op would have fallen apart long ago.

          1. “It is never accurate to call a hoodwinked true believer an “insider” to anything. Nobody but the oligarchy is on the inside, and probably none of them even have Italian names”

            Are you kidding? I know it’s common PC bs to think that anyone with a name ending in “O” is an outside victim of WASP supremacy, but Italians practically invented the “inside” and all that. It goes back to ancient Rome, and current Italy is full to busting with salient names. Italians wouldn’t be “insiders”? I’ve never written this before, but LOL.

            That said, I don’t know anything about Passio. I’ll give him a listen; but the genre is a bit saturated just now and inevitably, people repeat on each other.

          2. Well, yes, but when the Sicilians first appeared in New Orleans in the 1800’s, they were treated worse than blacks and suffered intense persecution for decades. These immigrants were not members of the ruling oligarchy of Italy, which is mostly located in the north, but outsiders and refugees. The fact they eventually took such great power through their secret society is due to a willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

    2. Jordan snaxwell is now dead
      he made a mish mash of anglicized words
      The Hebrew name of Schlomo gets translated to Solomon which Jordanus breaks down into Sol om and on but that can,t fir the original language
      Just like Sitchin who had no proper knowledge of the old languages he proported to interpret another fraud .

  10. Very nice article that I’ve been looking for. Very good stuff and very better to hear them from a fellow truth-seeker who’s trying to actually cut through the bullshit.

  11. PS. Have you posted your thoughts on Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media? I’ve been wondering about this dude and have been hearing a lot about him. Plus he also promotes Mark Passio as well.

    1. Yes, I was actually on Jan’s show once, and I realize he supports the obvious spook rabbit hole that the Rothschilds are secretly running the world, a view he shares with the John Birch Society as well as most of the violent right wing Christian Identity cults. Irvin’s latest is to try and sheep dip hippies and the entire counterculture as a CIA plot to divide and destroy the country. When I started posting corrections to his disinfo on facebook (because I know more on the subject than him and could point out the errors he was making) he blew up, called me a CIA agent, and blocked me. Soon thereafter, someone posted a string of hate speech directed at me and also accusing me of being every nasty name for Jew ever invented. Needless to say, I was raised Lutheran and the attempt to rattle me just rolled off my back like water off a duck.

      1. That’s charlatanism and cultism for you! The thing that I hate about this “Truth” Movement cult is how these people claim to be “Truthers”, yet the minute you question them or try to expose them, these cult leaders immediately attack them or just basically block them.

        1. Did you really think intel would not be running the Truth movement? They either started it or took it over the second it manifested. And it will be that way with all social movements. Always. But that doesn’t mean some elements aren’t honest researchers doing good work. And even the rabbit holes put some info on the table because if you know where they are trying to make you look, you can sometimes figure out where it is they don’t want you looking.

      2. Can you point me to the page of your FB where your confrontation with Irvin is please. He also banned me because I tool Simon G Powell’s side, and was disgusted by Jan’s behaviour. I had trouble with him though way before this stuff, when he began preaching the ‘Trivium’ which I found very elitist. I even joined their ‘Hope and Tragedy website and forum but was banned for asking question, challenging them and calling it a cult. I wasn’t even allowed to retrieve MY fukin typed words from there.
        He is a ‘pure-ist’ –in HIS idealistic world everyone would HAVE to bow to his will of what is ‘real and right’ and most likely speak in freakin Latin, OR he just night tear your tongue out, which is what he said he wanted to do to Simon for challenging his views about Mackenna, and Watts, and….well everyone lol…but him and his. Does he have anything right? Yeah, the New Age is defo a big part of the powers-that-shouldn’t-be’s tools to decide and control, AS is their orthodox religions, AS is their deterministic science. It is very complex, but Jan’s approach is fukin pathetic. The worst you can do is cut off conversation….

        1. The conversation should be archived on his facebook page, I was responding to his posts and he really flew off the handle immediately. You can’t put millions of people into a bag called “New Age” and start attacking all their views like it’s one monolithic entity. Many people are looking for ways to inject meaning into their lives and the old paradigms of their parents are breaking down. This is a good thing, although it worries those interested in maintaining the status quo.

          1. Is this a reference to the flame war Jan Irvin started with me? I have never corresponded or spoken to Mark Passio, and have zero desire to as I believe his content is completely ridiculous and probably an intel rabbit hole.

          2. Actually I already asked you in another reply for you to link me to your facebook page so I can read the exchange between you and Jan Irvin. This reply your referring to was in reply to someone else who was stickin the knife into Passio. I do not find Passio’s content “completely ridiculous” at all, though I do critique some things. So, you do believe there is occultism to do with the 9/11 attacks..?

  12. What exactly do you mean by “occultism” because magic and religion are the same thing? If you want to solve 9/11 you have to look for the perpetrators who designed and ran the operation. They are mostly in the military and intelligence and their beliefs regarding religion or magic are of little importance because you can’t attack an entire religion based on the crimes of an individual. The idea of chasing around looking for a big satanic boogieman is a game and will never result in a single conviction of anyone, although you can entertain people with scary scenarios. These operations are designed to sweep people up in a bloodthirsty fervor looking for revenge so that a war can commence. And that is all.

    1. Occultism is what is hidden in plain sight. it is the symbolism and numbers and occult astrology, cartography, and so on, being used all around you but IF you go to any church or mosque or synagogue—all the places to do with religion–for explanation they cannot tell you what it means! OR if they do, like some Christian sites online, they will tell it from their own patriarchal religious worldview. To know what it means is more so for those that belong to their secret clubs where they swear secret oaths, like skull and bones, etc. It is how they communicate with each other, and do their ‘operations’.

      I like you (?) AM interested in the proper investigation of 9/11, and I have found that there are different levels of inquiry. So for example, the latest one I have seen which is GREAT and worth devoting 5 hours of your day to watching the 3 ‘DVDs’ freely available, which I did is here (this shows you my commitment, because I have seen many many videos, and read lots about it): “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor”

      Now as you watch this, not ONCE is anything pertaining to the occult mentioned, but I can accept that, and will not attack people involved claiming they are trying to cover-up etc. I see it in itself is a vert important part of the investigation, but I am also aware there are other clues to do with the occult. I have encountered some on the 9/11 truth movement who believe one shouldn’t bring about the occult into the investigation because it will undermine the ‘seriousness’ of the ‘proper investigation’. Well they are entitled to their view, but I don’t share it. ANY detective would not dismiss ANY clues if it brings a deeper understanding who is behind a crime, especially one as momentous as this one.

      I feel you jump to conclusions and tend to self-censor your means of inquiry. I don’t do that. Once I have a bite, I cannot let go and un-know what I am learning. If you understand the seriousness of the situation for us on Earth right now with these ultra insane people you would know that ALL restraint is gone. We *HAVE* to uncover it all, and what they depend on is people being un-conscious of what they are doing —-not only with the nuts and bolts, but especially with their sorcery, because somehow it is having an effect.

      I cannot pretend to know PRECISELY what actually their use of the number ’11’ actually does ‘metaphysically’, but to KNOW it IS being used, etc etc is what needs to be made aware of, to yourself, and then you sharing this with others, and not being intimidated not to. This is why they use the term “conspiracy theory”–to ridicule, and make you ashamed, and ceasing questioning authority.

      I am learning all the time and will show you some notes I have made only yesterday: President Obama s use of Occult numerology exposed – YouTube
      “… Obamacare was signed 3-23-2010 3+2+3+2+0+1+0=11) ” President Obama born 8-4-1961 8+4+1+9+6+1=29 2+9=11 Clinton was an 11, Reagan was an 11. A long list of presidents were 11s But the point of this video is to show you how Obama is doing certain things on certain dates and days, and bascially it’s leaving a fingerprint. There’s no doubt about it–that the governments are using numerology around the world, and they’re keeping it hidden from the public.
      What do I mean? Well the two biggest laws that Obama passed, 1, Obama care, passed 3/23/2013 = 11. He also signed the National Defence Act which was signed on 12/31/2011 = 11 and that gave the army the right to detain American citizens indefinitely. LOL America, ‘home of the free and the brave’ huh? The main point of this video is to show you how the number 11 is used in international politics–take toppled leader Gadaffi, born 6/7/1942 = 11, but check this—Obama said that Gadaffi was not fit to lead and must leave on 3/4/2011 =11. Also pressident Assad (Syrian president) who was born on the 11th–their next target Syria. Here’s what Gadaffi said–here’s what Obama said exactly 11 months after what he said about Gadaffi ‘Assad has lost his legitmacy as a ruler and I deman Assad to leave power now immediately”….let’s remember, 9/11 happed on the 11th; the Twin Tower look like an 11 side by side; and the first plane to hit the world trade centre towers is, you guessed it, the number 11!!

      1. I’m afraid you are lost in a maze without a map, my friend. If you want to watch a movie, try Evidence of Revision, it’s free and about five hours long and will explain how mind control and propaganda actually work for real. This game you are playing with numbers is infantile and an obvious op, and you are either a brainwashed true believer or just another spook putting mud in the water.

        1. Its not really clear what your claiming. Do you believe Lee Harvey Oswald was sole killer of JFK and thus believe official narrative? yes or no? If no we are on a same page aren’t we? Why is thes numerology an “obvious op”? I am not a “spook” which your paranoia suggests, and please tell me how you define a “brainwashed true believer”…? You are not making sense to me. IF you agree with me that the JFK assassination WAS a conspiracy then what am I believing IN?

          1. Oswald was a deep agent for CIA counterintelligence headed by James Angleton. In 1959, Angelton assembled an Executive Action Team that included his favorite assassin, William Harvey, and Johnny Roselli, another famous assassin who was one of the triggermen for the St. Valentines Day massacre. Roselli fired the first shot from a storm drain inside the triple overpass. There were five shots and three or four shooters. Kennedy had just fired Rockefeller’s cousin by marriage Allen Dulles and tried to fire William Harvey, as he kept working on assassinating Castro after JFK ordered the CIA to stop that mission.
            This post pretty much sums up the value of your forays into numerology

          2. so your take is that the perps go to all the trouble with the numbers, symbolism, occult astrology, cartography to cover UP….? cover up WHAT? IF I can see by seeing their patterns connected to seemingly unconnected events, then i am seeing them aren’t I? If a detective is hunting a serial killer and his murders are different, but they have underlying pattern/codes—then I know it is him, right? If I see these members all over the NYC attacks then I know it wasn’t them 19 Muslims being managed by bin Laden from a cave. that it goes far deeper than what they tellin.
            “This rabbit hole was the beginning of a new sort of counterintelligence op, one very popular today, in which movies are read as containing secret messages about what is going to happen in the next few years. According to this meme, a black magic cult that worships Aleister Crowley runs the world, and the media is a tool for conveying secret mind control messages. I speak, of course, of that group popularly known as the “Illuminati.””
            So how ‘counter’ could this go? Could it go to making it SEEM that it means nothing, and so you stop looking? What about Neo’s passport in The matrix with the date of expiry as 9/11—you think THAT is counterintelligence OR is it audacious people in the know bragging to each other and those in the know who are spectators that they know. What about insider trading before 9/11–doesn’t that fit with this. you agree THAT is real so why not this? Obviously if these bloody events ARE planned, there are insiders who are gonna know what is going to happen right? And have you read this book Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order EVERY plane number involved in the 9/11 attacks is connected with his “magick” system!! And this is what Crowley says about the number 11

            “The 9/11 Working
            If one considers the multitude of numerically significant markers connected to Aleister Crowley, the certainty of occult influence in the events of 9/11 must be concluded. Each of the plane numbers involved in the 9/11 incident refer directly to the prime numbers of Crowley’s system. The numbers of the flights are respectively: 11, 77, 93, 175. Aleister Crowley wrote about each of these numbers specifically, and emphasized their importance as shown below:

            “Firstly”, 11 is the number of Magick in itself. It is therefore suitable to all types of operation.

            “Secondly”, it is the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon. As it is written in the Book of the Law:

            “…11, as all their numbers who are of us.”[1] ” [ibid]

            Then in your article you write: “I have no doubt a powerful oligarchy runs secret global operations through a wilderness of mirrors shielding their true intentions and identity, although I doubt they refer to themselves by the name of a Freemasonic society started by a Jesuit Jew in Bavaria a few hundred years ago. Maybe they do.” OK, first part we agree! And in the end you show doubt with “maybe they do”—–I am simply looking at clues also.

            You write: “Numerology plays a huge roll in these ops because numbers are easy to play with and can always be employed to connect dots that don’t really connect. According to one dude, the shirt Danny wears wears is a reference to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President.” But that is not so–they DO connect. That’s the whole point (I am not familiar with this 42 thing. You seem to be using that and ignoring the important numerology). When JFK was murdered it was 22nd of 11th month–that is 11X2. He was born on the 29th =11 . On 6/4/1963 he signs an Executive Order number 11110 —all this 11 numerology is not counterintelligence, but is part of their secret rituals. IF you think “millions” of people know about this ask a cross cection of people you meet and I bet you they dont. They are un-conscious of it. Isn’t this in continuum with propaganda? have you heard of Edward Bernays and how he used psychological technoques to make people do stuff they are unconscious of the reasons WHY. This is mindcontrol. IF you agree with the latter—that that most certainly has and does happen, and is not ‘counterintelligence’, how come you cannot dig they would do the same with even deeper shit like ‘magick’? And that the real counterintelligence would be to get people ridiculing this part of the investigation into their evil doings?

  13. Magick and religion are the same thing. Wake up dude, it’s a hoodwink. Yes, if you believe in numerologies, they become real to you, but it’s all a big game to trap your mind. Get away from this bs. This is probably my last response to you, and you can be assured I don’t read any of this stupid dogma about Crowley or numbers. Just go away, or wise up.

    1. True “religion” is not mind control. Well, at least not the way you’re using the term. It is a blueprint for doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is what it boils down to, cliche as it may be. However, religion is a power force, one to which most people (more in the past than now) have felt emotionally & mentally connected. “Religios” means to tie together. It gives people common ground, where none might have been without. But people can use it for evil, even as fire or any other volatile substance can be dangerous. Evil is the absence of good. Satanism takes all the ritual people have built up around religion, but none of its essence. It is an empty, zombie body, driven by ego and hunger for material gain and power.
      That’s my opinion anyway. Religion as evil mind control has become a cliche in the alternative world, and it’s amusing because that’s exactly what “they” want us to think. “They” do not want to be accountable to any god but themselves, you better believe it.

      1. When you take on religion, you change your reality. The old shaman culture was removed when cities created state religions. There’s a huge gap between that independent shaman priest and the anointed high priests of organized state religions which are manipulated to produce war for profit. You can’t follow a religion without changing your perception because religions explain what’s going on while harmonizing on the status quo, unless of course, a renegade becomes an activist for change, in which case they’ll often be excommunicated. And keep in mind “satanists” come in all types and many are just pagans and not evil people. Also keep in mind most wars involve Christian cultures, and the priests never have a problem blessing the troops as they march into battle.

        1. In my experience, trying to bring up and engage people in looking at and discussion about the possibility of occultism inherent in world politics is TABOO. I have found this even with people–some of the big names included–in the psychedelic community. Only today, this guy who does a lot of talks about the war on drugs, and has freedom fighters from 60s and 70s as his hero etc censored me trying to speak about occultism on his FB, and when I objected censored my objection. He called such talk ‘conspiracy theory’ which may ‘confuse people’–meaning the followers of his FB. The latter do not seem to have a mind of their own, and are ,,,followers. I have seen this a lot online. Say you becom part of a FB, and you try and present posts to do with important things which RELATE to the views of the people, BECAUSE they are not posted by their ‘beloved leader HAIL….bla bla’ not ONLY will they not comment, you wont even get a fukin ‘like’. That to me is group mind following a leader. They only hear and see what HE does, and daren’t spread out lol. This is what I see. When he censored my little post, there were no objections whatsoever from ANYONE (and he has a lot of followers on his FB)–no reaction, but his post get several likes. I am just noticing this, and think it is relevant for what is being talked about here. It is quite remakable that talk about occultist goings on is now even more taboo than psychedelic talk. Not so long ago the latter was quite controversial.

          1. There is no difference between what you call religion and occult and there is no taboo about talking about magic. The issue is the manufacturing of a fake illuminati conspiracy using the concepts of Aleister Crowley as the foundation. This op is an obvious hoodwink and almost everything you see, hear and read about the illuminati is manufactured disinfo. You talk about one person (who you refuse to identify) and act like that is everyone else’s experience, when, in fact, it is not.

          2. you pronounce as though what you say is ‘THE truth’. It aint. I have already told you I have experienced taboo/silence when trying to talk about the freakin occult. Didn’t you read what I said?

    2. I just found you recently, and have been watching some of your videos. I’ve been reading this article. I noticed the poster you have put at the top of this article includes a photo of Jamie Henshaw. I’ve just read all her books and a lot of books that she recommended About Satanic abuse that frightened the life out of me. I was really quite taken with her and to see her picture on this poster just makes me shake my head. I’m so glad I finally decided to stop following these people 6 weeks ago. I don’t have words for how foolish I feel for falling for all this.

  14. Look up Steve Jackson’s Illuminati Card
    Game. He made it in the 90s. Looks like a pictorial version of current events . They mock us in this way as they do their sick rituals. May Allah protect us all.

  15. Here’s a list of resources he mentions. There are hundreds, not four!
    2012 2012 Prophecy 911 Inside Job 911 Truth A AIPAC Alchemy Amen-Ra Anarchism Anarchy Apocalypse….U
    UFO Ufolog Unification Of Church And State V Vatican Sex Crimes Vril W Waco Weather Modification WTC 7
    Z Zero Point Energy Zionism Zodiac

    1. I doubt many of my readers are interested in this comment, but I will post it anyway, although I edited your list of hundreds of names because it is basically useless and one wonders who would have spent all that time making that list anyway, other than Passio himself of course. And if you are not Passio, one wonders if you even watched his video because he starts his video listing his four biggest influences, which is what I am talking about. Of course, a lot of this nonsense will dovetail into 9/11 because it’s a way to confuse and misdirect people about that event. I am not talking about all the various rabbit holes Passio supports, only that his main memes track into the UFO community, which has been run by intel from day one.

        1. I am considering deleting all your useless comments Juliano as you are now bringing absolutely zero to this conversation and are likely just one of Passio’s many sock puppets.

          1. My reply was a very legitimate response to a post I just received in my email box. Why do you have a problem with it?
            Do you need me to copy what was posted or can you find it yourself?

    1. It’s odd. I did receive a comment from here in email which ended with ‘Allah protect us all’, but I have looked through list of my emails and some of posts above and now cannot find it. I was simply inquiring whether his allah included gay people.

      1. Actually, your comment was about “gay sex” and wreaks of intolerance. What anyone does with consenting adults is not anyone’s concern but their own. Our society has a huge problem with gay bashing, and there’s tremendous abuse of young ones when they start to manifest, and many end up contemplating suicide as a result of the abuse.So please try to be more sensitive to their feelings.

    1. Hager, YOU are a dis-information agent, or ignorant, or both. You have ignored the material of Passio by not watching it, yet feel qualified to pass judgement. What an ass.

      1. Actually I have a 45 year history of counterculture journalism and my life is an open book. I spent the last 25 years working on cannabis legalization, and created the Cannabis Cup, the Freedom Fighters (the first hemp legalization group), The World Hemp Expo Extravaganja (WHEE!), the Doobies, and a bunch of other stuff. What has Passio done, aside from spread a bunch of obvious disinfo? I usually ignore comments like this, but since this post now draws hundreds of views per day, I will let you in on a big tip: there’s more disinfo than real info, and the disinfo system works together to divide and confuse. Passio is playing on memes constructed by obvious disinfo agents, that’s why I don’t even need to watch the boring 4-hour mind control video. I also don’t need to watch anything by David Icke or Alex Jones, and they produce a virtual motherload of disinfo on a regular basis. But that’s the beauty of this enormous controlled fake opposition. Once you know who they are, and which side they are on, you get an idea of where they don’t want you to look. If you want to read something real about deep political conspiracy I suggest you pick up a book by Antony Sutton. You just might wake up.

  16. Steven Hager, how can you possibly claim that you do not need to properly research and study the works of Icke and Passio because in your ‘opinion’ (how can you even form one without study and thorough investigation?) they are “obvious dis-info agents”? That is simply absurd of you.

    Maybe if you read even half of Icke’s 20+ books, and listened to at least a few dozen of Passio’s podcasts, your ‘opinion’ might just change.

    You sound like my mum who’s mind is firmly shut and calls Icke a “nutter” and is convinced somehow that he has been sectioned. She has not read one of Icke’s books. She believes he thinks he is Jesus the son of god thanks to the bullshit mainstream media. I bought her ‘Human Race Get Off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More’ and she refused to read it because of the absolute shite she has heard through people calling him a nutter/dis info agent. How ignorant of her and how equally ignorant of you to think you are above the information these researchers present.

    Even the wildest of Icke’s claims, ‘the reptilian agenda’ the concept of reptilian beings that most people can’t comprehend the most, is actually backed up by evidence all over the world whether people like it or not.

    What exactly makes you so utterly convinced they are dis-info agents? Is it that both Icke and Passio expose satanism and dark occultism? Is it that both Icke and Passio expose ‘The new age movement’? Is it that they expose mind control?, The banking cartel?, The bloodline families who have dominated human civilization throughout our known history? Is this dis-info? Do they make us subscribe to any belief system? No they do not. And unlike the new age movement, both Icke and Passio empower the individual and teach that in order to take action we have to first look at the problem and to be informed through knowledge and understanding, not just being ‘opinionated’ and remain in a state of denial.

    I guess all of the great researchers of our time must be dis-info agents. How ridiculous. If it wasn’t for these researchers the ‘truth movement’ would be reduced to cowards pretending that there is no evil or negative in the world and if we focus on flowers and waterfalls things will be fine in one’s own bubble of ‘you create YOUR OWN reality’ What bullshit. Perhaps we will be left with the DIS-INFO that we are going to be saved by a race of divine beings who have pity on our failure to ‘grow up’ and take true ownership and responsibility for ourselves.

    1. There is zero forensic evidence to back up anything Icke says about human reptiles from space. Zero. What’s amazing is the time and effort spent into trying to justify this sort of absurd nonsense. I feel sorry for the honest people who have fallen down this rabbit hole, but most of this territory has to be defended by knowing agents of disinfo. I would never go to Icke, Jones or Passio’s website to post comments, yet their fans (or sock puppets) spend an enormous amount of time on my humble blog. Why?

      1. ‘Sock puppets’? seriously? I put my real name in this forum, my name is Robbie, i’m from Brighton, U.K. I have no reason to hide my identity, i am an individual seeking truth and i do not believe anything in it’s entirety because i understand that we are like a tiny speck in an unlimited, infinite universe of potentially billions, trillions or more earth like/life supporting planets. And from what i have learned so far, things happen for a reason, cause and effect. I definitely do not believe we are some cosmic accident and that no other ‘intelligent’ life exists. I do not believe in chance either.

        I am open to entertain ideas without fully accepting them. I have an open and i do my best to have a critical mind also. I understand it is hard for 99.9% of people to entertain the ideas of possible aliens/e.t’s/interdimensional entities. But that does not mean that something does not exist. Even if no forensic evidence has been discovered YET, by humans right now living on earth at this time that does not mean something definitely does not exist. If you are using that argument, then you must fully admit that evolution as we know it is wrong, because no forensic evidence of the ‘missing link’ has been found. And if they are so sure we evolved naturally from ape-man then why have we not found the physical evidence/missing link? They can find all of the other links in the chain, it’s just that most recent one we can’t seem to be able to find, hhhmmmm… funny that.

        What i can tell you from spending the last 4 and a half years traveling around South East Asia, New Zealand, Australia, central Asia, North America and Europe, ( and i havn’t even been to South America yet) is that this idea of a reptilian/serpent race of ‘gods/beings’ is not David Icke’s invention. There is evidence all around the world. The so called ‘reptiles/reptiods/reptillian race’ are just one example of an intelligent (perhaps not fully intelligent but more intellectual when you do the research) race of beings that have been reported by endless sources of people.

        Has it ever occurred to you that the dis-info also lies in the deceptions and lies we have been told about our own history as human beings? There is so much evidence to support the argument that ancient advanced technology existed on this planet. Is this all dis-info too?

        I arrived at this blog because of someone i know linked the David Icke ‘debunked’ video. It amazes me that despite what he has written about previously continues to surface as truth, and is later backed up and accepted (look at the Jimmy Savile story as a more recent example), people will try to debunk him because they can’t agree with one area of his research, i.e the reptillians. Does that mean that we should leave all of his incredible research behind? Absolutely not. And to call it dis-info just because it is not yet proven is ridiculous.

        And anyway, you didn’t answer my previous questions. Why not?

        Back up what you are saying by accusing Icke and Passio as dis-info agents. Support your argument.

        1. Why I dont like Icke and think he is either deliberate disinfo or a useful idiot for the occultocracy is his view about the natural world. he claims things like the moon is artificial and we are in a 3 ED prison designed by evil entities etc. This philosophy is New Age. It disrespects nature. And this MASSIVE dangerou of this info–made to look factual because he seems to get other more mundane stuff rigght–is that it contribues to an over-all disrespect for nature, So example, we got the traditional religions which see nature as fallen and humans as inherently sinful and long for some end of days catastrophe where their god puts-things-right. Then we got mainstream science which claims nature is a random mechanical even which has no spiritual meaning. So all that AND the so-called ‘alternative’ ‘New Age’ philosophy all inculcate the idea that nature is there to be used and abused. Throught these ideas there is no understanding that nature and our bodies and consciousneses are sacred and we are in *relationship* with nature and each other. THIS I think the insane controllers love us to feel because it means we look to them and their “transhumanist” philosophy and technology as our ‘salvation’. Soon they will be putting out advert, cartoons, films 9already are) telling you how cool it is to get implanted technological devices. check this out What will you say when it’s your turn to make that decision? Will you feel left out not to get a technological device implanted? or for your child to have one ‘so he can be a success at school?’ we HAVE to look at the bigger picture where all this is coming from. CONTROL

          1. 2—ooops. I meant to say that this deep relationship with nature and others the insane rish do NOT want us to feel because they want to DIVIDE and control which means divide us from nature and even our bodies and consciousness, each other, and other species.

          2. The idea that we could very well be living in a holographic computer simulation is not new age philosophy, it is now being widely accepted by mainstream science. Think about that for a minute or two.

            Again, the idea that there is a lot more to the moon than we have been lead to believe is not Icke’s invention, he sources where he received his information from. But people are so brainwashed and apathetic most don’t even dare to go and read from the information, sources, arguments and anomalies pointed out by other researchers, philosophers and scientists which in actual fact, back up Icke’s ‘wild’ claims. Of course it is going to sound ridiculous, we have been conditioned from birth to believe certain things are true. But it really is not that difficult to engage in opening the mind a little more to new ideas and information, no matter how far-fetched they may seem on the surface, to read and properly study the information, then form an opinion after contemplation.

            I think it’s laughable how people can just rubbish these ideas without any real RESEARCH. Juliano, have you read Christopher Knight’s ‘Who Built The Moon’? Have you also read Norman R. Bergrun’s ‘Ringmakers Of Saturn’? If you havn’t i suggest you do, and for anybody else reading this, those books will really shake your current views and opinions.

            David Icke has been long exposing the agenda to microchip the human population, surely you must already know this if you have read any one of his recent books? Have you?

        2. Until Icke produces a video of a royal shape-shifting into a lizard, I’ll continue to brand him a fraud and his followers sheeple. Why not approach this from another direction: if what Icke says is true, how easy would it be for a shape-shifter to silence him and instead he has captured the center of energy on conspiracy research and maintains an enormous global presence? That should tell you all you need to know. So if you are not a sock puppet, you are certainly deep in a rabbit hole constructed by intel, but then, that’s nothing new, and there are plenty of others who have been sucked into one too. I have zero interest in continuing this useless debate and nothing either of us could say will make any difference in our opinions. The onus is entirely on your side to provide one shred of real forensic evidence, something that should be quite easy if what Icke says is true. However, all you offer are myths from various cultures? As if that proves anything? Your “evidence” is no different than some right wing Christian pushing their dogmas and beliefs through the Catholic bible. You’re entitled to your opinions, and me to mine. The difference is my investigations involve real evidence and can result in real enlightenment, and not just another hoodwink scim scam, like the one David Icke and Alex Jones are pushing.

          1. Steven Hager you said this which appeared in my email but not on this page strangely, did you delete it? anyway i will reply to it, here is what you said;

            “Until Icke produces a video of a royal shape-shifting into a lizard, I’ll continue to brand him a fraud and his followers sheeple. Why not approach this from another direction: if what Icke says is true, how easy would it be for a shape-shifter to silence him and instead he has captured the center of energy on conspiracy research and maintains an enormous global presence? That should tell you all you need to know. So if you are not a sock puppet, you are certainly deep in a rabbit hole constructed by intel, but then, that’s nothing new, and there are plenty of others who have been sucked into one too. I have zero interest in continuing this useless debate and nothing either of us could say will make any difference in our opinions. The onus is entirely on your side to provide one shred of real forensic evidence, something that should be quite easy if what Icke says is true. However, all you offer are myths from various cultures? As if that proves anything? Your “evidence” is no different than some right wing Christian pushing their dogmas and beliefs through the Catholic bible. You’re entitled to your opinions, and me to mine. The difference is my investigations involve real evidence and can result in real enlightenment, and not just another hoodwink scim scam, like the one David Icke and Alex Jones are pushing.”

            If Icke suddenly died now, how obvious would it be? It would attract even more attention and interest to his work, to many it would add credence and validity to Icke’s work. It seems they left him out to ‘die’ from the years of ridicule that followed his Wogan interview. I think he must be the most ridiculed man in England of recent times. Why would they need to kill him? In the eyes of the ‘powers that be’ he was as good as dead, and he is still getting it from the British press, they try all kinds of ridiculous, sad and pathetic attempts to dis-credit him. Such that is mainstream ‘journalism’ in this country, they are truly pathetic.

            My point is, lets say even if Icke is completely wrong about the existence of a reptilian race of beings, he is being proved correct continuously about so many other subjects that involve the right here, right now in this ‘physical’ 3-d domain. That includes exposing the monetary system, the satanic paedophiles linked to the British monarchy, parliament and world governments who take part in satanic ritual abuse of children (and who believe in beings outside of the 5 sense reality whether fact or fiction), the history of the occult, and the agenda to enslave humanity. Icke has been exposing the agenda(s) to poison and dumb the people down through fluoridated water, gmo’s, chemtrails, electromagnetic radiation, vaccines, weather manipulation, and so much more. Icke covers all of these issues in great depth and has been the spearhead of this information as a whole in this time we are living in. He does not subscribe to the new age deceptions which Mark Passio exposes in his own incredible work either. Both of them teach for us not to believe anything, to research for ourselves, to be eclectic in our research of information, and the importance and practice of discernment.

            Steven Hager, you consider yourself an intelligent person? Yet you are going to disregard ALL of Icke’s research because you don’t have forensic proof of the reptilian theory?


  17. Steven Hager, i ask you to reply to this post separately to my previous when you are ready.

    If Icke, Passio, Tsarion, Maxwell and Mckenna are dis-info, then in your so called ‘opinion’ who is really pushing the truth in the ‘truth movement’? Is anyone on the right track, or are they all leading us astray? What exactly are the real truths? What is the real empowering information you have come across? what directions should we be heading in? and what actions should we be taking? I am fascinated to hear what your response will be and how it differs from what your so called ‘dis-info agents’ are promoting.

    1. I never said McKenna was disinfo, but he could be and there are many layers to disinfo, some knowing, most unknowing. Of course the 9/11 research movement is flooded with spooks, just like the JFK assassination research movement. Notice the first book to get international attention was written by Army intelligence officer Mark Lane, who directed all attention onto Howard Hunt, who was in Dallas no doubt, but not really involved, which is why Angleton floated him as the backstop. Notice Lane never went after anyone at JM/WAVE, or Angleton, or William Harvey, or tried to track the conspiracy through a chain of command? Most of what is published on 9/11 is probably disinfo in one form or another and I would look closely at anything produced by any high ranking member of any religious institution, and that includes Scientology. But I have written a few blogs on 9/11, and I’ve tried to find the most reputable source material I can. The devoted researcher will read everything as everyone brings something to the table, and sometimes you actually learn more from the disinfo because once you figure out where they want you to look, sometimes you can figure out where they don’t want you to look. Passio is just an update on the “Satanic Panic” put into play by Ted Gunderson to keep a lid on the Franklin Child Abuse Ring and Iran/Contra/Cocaine, because those two scandals were connected.

      1. The 9/11 research movement is flooded with spooks? You mean the ‘9/11 truth movement? Can you please explain and expand on that?

        Steven Hager, do you believe the official 9/11 story?

        “The devoted researcher will read everything as everyone brings something to the table”

        Yet you refuse to read/research Passio’s work? And Icke’s also? How can we take you seriously when you are hypocritical?

        If you are unaware, David Icke has been exposing satanism/satanic ritual abuse and it’s web of power that stretches all over society for years in his books. The truth is coming out, and the people backed/funded ‘The People’s Voice’ is going to name and shame these individuals in positions of power/politics and government for anyone in the world to see with an internet connection.

        1. The words “9/11 Truth Movement” were likely invented by intel and is used in the media as a derisive term. The 9/11 op involved a number of intelligence agencies but the Pentagon played the leading role. Before Icke, the Knight in Shining Armor on ritual child abuse was a former FBI agent named Ted Gunderson, who led researchers into a rabbit hole until we figured out he was a disinfo specialist. Icke has simply replaced Gunderson in this role. You are very naive if you think the whistle blowers are not manufactured as the lightning rods of change. The real dangerous whistle blowers simply get whacked, while fake ones end up on the cover of Time magazine. If you read my blog, and maybe someday you will start to study my work instead of Icke or Passio, you might pick up on some real enlightenment and not just another scim scam.

    2. The media is controlled and most conspiracy media is no different. When you arrived at the pinnacle of British Freemasonry long ago you were told the royal family were the true ancestors of Jesus Christ and thereby hold a divine right to rule. Strange how Icke has just put a new twist on a very old idea: raising the elite to the god status? Of course, in modern times, gods don’t work as good as they used to, so let’s just call them shape-shifting lizards from outer space? And thousands of people swallow this with zero forensic evidence? The overpowering information that you find so startling and difficult to comprehend is that your Knight in Shining Armor secretly works for the system he pretends to attack. I have a lot of ebooks, and many are free. I write about the importance of ceremony and ritual, and also about deep politics. And I don’t attack any religion. I only attack hatred and war, because wars are manipulated for profit and the religions are players in the game. That is the real inside story. The lizards are a scim scam.

  18. no you are right about all these people. but expect to get a lot of flack because there’s apparently this whole cadre of scam artists who are really acting like vultures in my opinion. they are all just trying to make a buck off people’s ignorance. typically really good people who are extremely confused and have no idea what the hell is going on around them (hence “what is going on”). there’s nothing else to it than this. when you post shit like this you may be robbing them of a potential “customer”. I know you know all this. but just to add another comment in support of what you are saying because all this shit is ridiculous. especially the fake “ghost hunter” businesses that are scamming victims of electromagnetic, psychotronic and direct energy weapons/tech.

  19. I agree that Icke’s reptilian theories are not backed by evidence and he certainly profits from them. Same with Jordan Maxwell’s history. However Passio? He’s a guy into philosophy, Tarot, quantum physics, Kabalah, theory of knowledge, freedom of the mind, magic, and esoteric symbolism. There’s nothing new, but who cares- his style is different and he combines old stuff with new stuff.

    I’m not into his 9/11 or NWO conspiracy stuff, but to accuse him of being a disinfo [agent] implies he’s being paid to mislead people or profits from lying. He has a donations button on his site and his body of work is freely available (more so than your body of work, sir).

    Based on a few Youtube videos and podcasts I’ve come across from Passio, his whole angle is to question everything. He has ranted against fear itself. He seems somewhat of a lonely yet thoughtful guy. He really is in a super small niche as he tends to ramble and lecture for hours at a time. He’s not an entertainer like the faker Alex Jones. There’s no harm done by this guy, because we should give the benefit of the doubt to his listeners that they will indeed research and question any theory he postulates.

    If you believe truly in non-harming, peace, conspiracy theories, and counterculture- as you continue to toot your own horn by saying you have 40 years of being an open book-you are certainly not coming across as that by making personal attacks against Mark Passio’s reputation. And accusing people of sockpuppeting or creating new accounts to post doesn’t come off as being cool, friend, it comes off as being insecure and defensive.

    I’m very sorry you bashed Passio so flippantly and wouldn’t budge an inch, because I will not read your body of work now due to your Baby Boomer Dead Head brain.

    1. This is more thoughtful than the usual retort, so I’ll approve, and I’m glad you agree with my major points. We are in a mind war. On one side, there is the “official reality” and on the other “what really goes on” and when people attempt to bridge the gap they are confronted by a diverse conspiracy community, most of which quickly feeds people down dozens of phony rabbit holes. To say Passio is disinfo is not to say he is paid to spread false knowledge, only that his knowledge is false and built entirely on structures created by previous disinfo experts, who probably are paid as such, people like Ted Gunderson and David Icke. Most of my writings are free, by the way, and I have numerous blogs like this one and a YouTube site with 3 million views, all free video. I’ve self published around 25 ebooks in two years, around half of those are free. Yes, I promote peace, and Passio promotes fear. I understand fear sells, and he’s probably doing fine, without or without my critique.

  20. stumbled across this blog looking for Mark Passio work… personally I stopped reading a few comments down when Mr Hager admitted he hasn’t even watched the Passio video presentations he is commenting on! Bit like slanting a book without even bothering to read the content just because it has a particular author. What a sad attitude.

    1. I am commenting on his source material, the four primary researchers who built the foundation his ideas reside on top of. And I seriously doubt your real name is Richard Phillips. But if you are a real organic person looking for enlightenment, and not just another Passio sockpuppet, I urge you to check out some of my ebooks, many are free. Unlike Passio, I did not construct my career on the back of four notorious disinfo artists, so here’s hoping the real people out there can crawl out of the rabbit hole.

  21. I have only visited this blog for the first time, but after reading two paragraphs it has already lost all credibility for me. The writer states: “Icke is an obvious disinfo agent who claims contact with giant reptile creatures from another dimension that only he is allowed to see?” This is false.

    I’m not one to follow Icke or anyone, and I’m actually skeptical of many of his theories. But the above is a distortion, as he never claimed to be personally in contact with reptilians and he certainly doesn’t claim that “only he can see them.” In fact, he frequently quotes others who claim to have seen them. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant for the moment. The point is, the writer of this piece is engaging in the kind of propaganda and sloppy logic that we commonly get from the mass media. If he’s misrepresenting things in the first few sentences, why should I believe anything he says?

    1. When David Icke began this story many years ago, it was because he had witnessed a glimpse of one of these transformations, why else would he start promoting it so? Please check out my blog on Dorothy Kilgallen and JFK to understand how deep the rabbit holes go. When she began leaking deep political information, a higher up in the British military floated her a tall tale about spaceships and little green men as if it was real. In fact, most of the UFO information was seeded by counterintelligence ops and initially released by people inside the military. I wrote this post many months ago and predicted Passio would soon be pushing an alien meme. Notice that is exactly what has happened? If you want to investigate deep politics for real, the first you thing you have to do is sift out the ops, and clearly Icke is one of the biggest and Alex Jones would be second on that list.

  22. It is obvious you have not put much time into researching the work of Passio. Although, he may quote the people you mention, the crux of his work is way, way beyond the scope that those 4 men work from. Specifically, he has very in depth understanding of the white and dark aspects of the occult, this is not regurgitation of anyone elses work, his insight is original and above and beyond all these others- including Crowley who hid what he was saying in his own word games, while Passio comes right out and says it. You ,however, look like a New World Order disinfo agent yourself, except to those who like yourself, do not actually investigate the works they support or criticize. Then, you appear logical only ,because, those people have been duped into thinking anything that sounds conspiratorial in the world must be a lie…tsk tsk…..that is exactly the arrogant and idiotic attitude that will lead us into enslavement by those who are involved in them. Look at history and it is clear that conspiracies to gain power, control and wealth over others have ALWAYS existed. I want to know where the fucking candy land you people come from who think evil and greed is only in the mind of conspiracy theorists? Hmmm, where is that land of goodness located where conspirators never actually existed against innocence and humanity and we are each free to be everything we could be and access the resources we need to live freely? It sure they hell is not in the USA or any other country on this prison planet, we are born into slavery, have to earn our right to access the land and even water, the problem with our world is people just like YOU wasting our time tearing apart those trying to raise awareness and discrediting these people, the problem with this society is sure the hell not people like Mark Passio. It is assholes who hate freedom and free thinkers.

    1. No, I don’t spend time reading the disinfo sites and the fact Passio based his world view on disinfo agents is enough in my book, why this bothers you so you have to insult me I don’t know. I do not say Passio is a paid agent, only that his ideas have been embraced by the disinfo network. There’s a tremendous noise to signal ratio when it comes to conspiracy theory and ID’ing the noise is key. I wonder have you done any research into my life?

      1. Unlike Passio, I do not conduct jihads on any culture as this is the dialectical game of divide and conquer. Passio’s current meme of attacking the “new age” is a fundamentalist assault on freedom of religion disguised as enlightenment. People should be allowed to practice any spiritual culture they want, provided they harm no one. End of story.

        1. Passio exposes the deceptions and ‘dis-info’ within the New Age Movement. He clearly states that we have freedom to choose, but we can not escape the consequences of our actions according to Natural Law. He is exposing the New Age Movement as the new religion that has been hijacked by dark occultists and satanists to mislead those waking up, and has also been designed to eliminate the ‘sacred masculine’ principle (Taking physical action). How does he know this? Because he was one of them.

          You could argue that deciding to never look at the negative or to never take action will only add to the pain and destruction in this world, it can only breed ignore-ance to the level of violence and harm that is already existing, which will ultimately result in MORE of it.

          Passio attacks the deceptions, and explains how religions hold/tie people back from forward progress. And he shows how the very word religion means exactly that.

          What are your views on the New Age movement Steven Hager? And what is your take on Mark Passio’s 10 Deceptions? I’d love to hear what you have to say about them.

          1. I do not attack “the New Age Movement” any more than I attack Christianity, Scientology, the Mormons, OTO, or any other form of spirituality. There is no such thing as this monolithic new age movement, just a collection of various ideologies, some of which are undoubtedly operations under control, but then so is every other social movement of any significant magnitude. If they don’t start out as operations, once they become successful, they are immediately penetrated and subverted. I’d afraid your dismissal of everything under the “new age” umbrella pretty much includes any attempt to forge any original ideas about spirituality not already under the blanket of some established culture. Attacking every form of spirituality invented or manifested in the last 50 years is a dialectical game of divide and conquer. I have my own ideas about magic and spirituality and I am under no one’s control but my own. Am I supposed to part of this new age plot? Passio is treading a tired disinfo trail that leads into “the aliens are here” memes already well-established by disifno agents. If you can’t figure out people like David Icke and the rest of Passio’s horsemen are disinfo, you are still on square one.

  23. Steven,

    Good work bro. A lot of the things Mark says are TRUE. But as you probably already know:the best place to hide a lie is between two truths.

    As you predicted he started pushing the alien agenda! His ccurrent idea is that the humans are slaves some sort alien that feed of us.

    But even if we ignore all of this. Ask yourself why are people like David Icke, Alex Jones..etc still alive?

    How? They are talking about evil killers who kill nations but they can’t kill a few fat ass writers.

    1. So because Passio, Icke, Tsarion, Pye, Maxwell and many others speak of an alien ancestry, they are dis-info agents?

      Where is your logic here? Where are you coming from? Do you believe we are all alone in the infinite universe?

      Why does it matter if these researchers have their own individual theories and ideas of our ancient origins and history? None of them are telling us to believe them, they all encourage critical thinking and individual research. Why does it matter if they come to their conclusion that other intelligent life exists?

      This seems really bizarre to me, that you are to dis-credit these researchers who have dedicated a large portion of their lives in pursuit of truth and our true origins as Human Beings. Where is your proof that they are wrong?

      You only need to look up at the nights sky with any level of common sense or intuitive capability to realize in your own mind it is impossible we are alone.

      Let me ask you this, if they are all dis-info agents, where are they leading us? What is their agenda? And more importantly, what is really going on in this world on the deepest level of your understanding if these ‘dis-info agents’ are all wrong?

      1. There’s growing awareness and evidence of a cabal of Wall Street lawyers running a shadow government. Real researchers like Antony Sutton peer behind the wilderness of mirrors this cabal has constructed to shield their primary activity, which is manufacturing war for profit while selling guns and drugs to both sides. Meanwhile, they also manufacture tons of fake conspiracy information to hide these ops, and there’s far more fake info than any real info. What’s the purpose you ask me? Like you can’t figure this out? To misguide and confuse and mostly to scare people because fear is the basis of mind control. When intel wants to misdirect, the easiest thing in the world is to leak some fake info about aliens have landed. But they will not discuss the Wall Street lawyers or their connections to the royals of Europe or the Vatican assassins. Instead they tell you these shape-shifting aliens really run the system? And if you can’t see how this would misdirect and confuse any real research into the perps who are causing us to go to war endlessly so they can make more profits then I can’t help you. Why come here at all and post on my site? You obviously don’t believe a word a say, and likely never will, and you’re obviously intent on pursuing your rabbits holes to nowhere forever and lead others into them as well. I care not whether you open your eyes for real, or continue to follow obvious quacks and intel spooks running the fake conspiracy complex.

        1. So what makes a ‘real’ researcher for you Steven? What does a real researcher and investigator actually do?
          [They investigate facts. One thing they don’t do is read magic messages from the media, or read tea leaves, or talk about UFO’s or aliens from another dimension. Real researchers don’t do any of those things.]
          Is it somebody who dismisses information before they have thoroughly processed it and used methods of critical thinking?
          [I don’t have to “process” anything. When it comes to “aliens” are here, since the info in entirely imaginary and made-up, it’s not necessary to study it in any detail at all.]
          Or is a real researcher somebody who takes the time to absorb the information/claim and who then seeks to investigate the evidence for themselves through contemplation and critical thinking before coming to a balanced conclusion?
          [No, real researchers only deal with real things, and not fantasies like this, especially ones that paint some satanic religion as running the world. Religion is always a hoodwink.]
          Would you consider yourself to be a ‘real’ researcher? I think it’s a child-like mentality to dismiss these people because their research stretches beyond your own, especially to dismiss them entirely and all their years of work because they touch on an ancient alien presence on this planet part of human history.
          [Let me know when you are ready to go to court to indict this satanic alien life form for running the Illuminati. I guess you know how far those accusations will go in a court room? No where.]

          Why come here at all and post on your sight? Because i am researching, i am investigating, i am questioning. I do not blindly believe anything anyone says, and i am seeking truth.

          I am interested to see how you answer my questions for all to see. If you are so sure that you are right, bring forth your own evidence based on your own research and level of understanding on these subjects and researchers individually.
          [Please stop posting here….you are not the least bit interested in investigating anything in my opinion, only hurling personal abuse at people that don’t want to follow you down an obvious rabbit hole.]

          1. There’s no way for me to prove there are no aliens here on earth, and the onus of such evidence is not on me, but you who claims they do exist. There are no aliens because there has never been one shred of evidence proving their existence. You could also ask me to prove God doesn’t exist, at least in the form professed by any major religion. Your belief in Passio and his alien life forms is no different than someone’s belief in any religious dogma, which is why you hold so tight to it. So go ahead and believe whatever you want. It matters little to me and I am certainly not any threat to your beliefs and why you feel the need to constantly attack and insult me is beyond my comprehension.

          2. So far I’ve counted 4 comments of mine that it seems are not visible to the public. My comments have a “Your comment is awaiting moderation” in a yellow highlight. None of these comments are offensive or aggressive, so why are they not allowed to be seen by everybody else? Are you afraid of facing specific types of questions Steven? I am only after the truth, you can’t make such ludicrous claims without having done the research. If you are so sure of Passio, Icke, Tsarion, Maxwell, Pye etc to be dis-info agents, then you should better be prepared to back up your argument.

            You; “They investigate facts. One thing they don’t do is read magic messages from the media, or read tea leaves, or talk about UFO’s or aliens from another dimension. Real researchers don’t do any of those things.”

            – Real researchers don’t investigate, read or talk about UFO’s or aliens. Right. And ‘real’ researchers at the time of Christopher Columbus wouldn’t dare even think, let alone speak about the possibility of the world not being flat. But then they discovered?…

            Real researchers and intelligent people investigate the evidence and the facts with an open and critical mind. Here’s a fact for you; There are at least 176 BILLION observable galaxies! 176 BILLION GALAXIES! Not planets, not stars, but entire galaxies. And That is merely what we are able to see. It is an absurdity to dismiss the possibility of intelligent life existing outside of planet Earth.

            You; “I don’t have to “process” anything. When it comes to “aliens” are here, since the info in entirely imaginary and made-up, it’s not necessary to study it in any detail at all.”

            – No it’s not necessary to study new information at all. You must have it all worked out then Steven. Entirely imaginary? Have you traveled the world much? The ancient and indigenous peoples all over the planet must have all imagined their history then. And for some odd reason went through all the efforts of recording their imaginations for future generations to discover. It’s not necessary to study outside of your limited 5 sense perception of ‘reality’ really? So what, nothing exists and nothing can effect you and your life outside of what you can perceive?

            You; “No, real researchers only deal with real things, and not fantasies like this, especially ones that paint some satanic religion as running the world. Religion is always a hoodwink.”

            – So who is running the world according to you? And how far above the influences of satanism are they?

            You; “Please stop posting here….you are not the least bit interested in investigating anything in my opinion, only hurling personal abuse at people that don’t want to follow you down an obvious rabbit hole.”

            – I am, i have been asking for your opinion many times in my questions to you. What personal abuse?

          3. I think i have already stated quite clearly that i do not believe anything anybody says. I am learning and investigating all the time. I do intuitively feel however, that Passio is delivering many hard-hitting truths and is exposing the dark occult forces like no other. And he is doing it for free straight from the horses mouth. He exposes mind control more than anybody else on the internet who i have come across so far.

            His radio podcasts are extensive and immense. Much of his work is full of verifiable information. Whether he comes to his own theory on our true history or not, who cares? Truth is nobody knows for sure, nobody has the full view of the bigger picture, he says this himself, so does Icke, so does Tsarion. And Icke, Tsarion, Passio all have their individual opinions based on their own in-depth research. Their work only inspires me more as a truth seeker to dig deeper. I do not believe what somebody says, i research, i ponder, i contemplate, i evaluate, check the sources, and i think more importantly, i follow what feels right to me and investigate on those things further.

            [Investigate away Robbie, just keep in mind 90 percent of so-called “conspiracy theory” is a hoodwink and wilderness of mirrors constructed by intel to mislead and misdirect. And if you don’t think Icke, Jones and Passio are part and parcel of that operation then try and figure out exactly who it might be. You are too deep into his dogma to have a clear view of reality. You think Passio and his cohorts haven’t been hurling abuse at me? They call me every name in the book and practically every day some new insult comes along. You insult me when you refuse to even acknowledge I have a reasonable perspective and every right to hold it. Now will you stop trying to argue with me? Because you’ve been going in circles. And it’s pretty boring.]

  24. Robbie Allen….

    Marc Passio is a fake fraud that wants to cause people to raise and revolt. THIS IS WRONG! Why?

    It’s quite simple: Chaos Out Of Order;

    The guys who run the parade are the strongest when we are the weakest. We are the weakest when we revolt the way they want us to revolt.


    A lot of the things Passio says are 100% correct. However, it’s end idea that’s wrong. What are aliens and how do we know that we are not aliens ourselves? The whole idea that every psychopath on earth is an alien is bogus.

    Passio may very well be still part of the Satan Church.

    Those who are a real danger are either dead or in Room 101. (hope you get this one)

    1. Ask yourself this simple question:

      how on earth is David Icke alive? he organizes event for 9 hours on England’s Wembley. It’s the brainwashing of the brainwashing.

      There’s only one possibility: he is one of them.

      No other way around it and justifying him being alive is an insult to human intelligence. Please, save your bullshit ideas.

      The same holds true for all sources of Marc Passio – all bullshit. Jordan Maxwell, Tsarion, Alex Jone – all shills and half truthers.

      Truth be told the only good source of Mark Pass-me-the-lies is Manly P. Hall. Yes, he was a mason and God knows what else, but you could learn a lot from that man.

      If you listen to Pass-me-lies he constantly provokes people to revolt. That’s stupid. You can’t beat them in their own game. The only thing is proper education and awareness.

      1. It’s complex. of course we need to revolt. it is very easy for people not on the front line to think we don’t need to revolt, but when they are on your doorstep getting ready to poison your water, what are you gonna do? You HAVE to revolt. We already KNOW that water is the staple for all life and we cannot exist without it. We don’t need educating about THAT. We already know it naturally.
        When they come to stick a chip in you and threaten you that if you don’t comply you wont have access to money? What will you do. Has every person who has revolted and been imprisoned been working for the otherside? I dont think so.

        But yeah, today I read about the ‘technology of chaos’. This something they apparently have been doing and continue doing in the Crimea, ie staging for the preparation of WW3 according to this source So yeah they know how to INFILTRATE revolt, but this does not mean that revolt also does not exist authentically

      2. How is David Icke alive? I am honestly getting so bored of hearing this from people. It’s so narrow-minded and honestly quite sad. Are you serious? Would it not make things more and more obvious if everyone who spoke out just suddenly died or continued to be assassinated? Icke was left out for dead when he became the most ridiculed man in England. That was their chance to kill him, they underestimated him and failed. If he died tomorrow his work would only hold more validity and attract more people to it.

        And for all we know, in this grand game of chess that the elite like to play ( as we can clearly see on the floors of masonic temples), certain rules may be in place where they have to allow certain moves by the opposition to happen. Maybe they already tried to kill Icke and failed and for some reason they can’t do it again? Who knows? But i think its ridiculous to think that it is impossible for a truth seeker/researcher/author and teacher to survive and thrive in this crazed, psychopathic game/world/illusory reality. Otherwise their wouldn’t be a GAME at all would there? What would the point be in the game of chess if they can stop all the moves of the opposition and render them useless? May as well not have a game right?

        So, something i would like to ask you. If all of these researchers are bullshit, WHO is speaking the actual truth? Who should we learn from? Who teaches us the most empowering information? Who truly educates us the most? And i’m not referring to those already dead, because the researchers your condemning already source them.

    2. [You keep pushing this “sacred masculine” dogma, which is just another name for that old hoodwink of separating the sexes so populations can be more easily divided and conquered. Why don’t you try getting in touch with the sacred feminine. That’s the element most disrespected by society. Certainly I wish you few trolls would stop coming here to post your dogmas, because anyone who follows my work will not be sucked in by this crapola. But I know nothing I say will stop your tirades (which contains zero evidence of anything, but just more and more silly new age dogmas, most of which are designed to attack other silly new age dogmas in a managed dialectic). But since I control this site, if you don’t go away, I’ll probably ban you and delete all your messages as they are quite boring and tiresome. So don’t be surprised if you insist on continuing your exercise in futility.]

      Mark Passio is teaching us about the divine masculine aspect of taking action, not violent revolt. In order to change what is wrong in this physical domain we have to act with force (not violence) and when we are threatened with violence we have the right to defend ourselves and put down that act of violence by any means necessary. And from all that i have heard him say from his 148 podcasts, he has not once said get up and revolt/riot. Yes take to the streets, but in peaceful protest if anything.

      From where do you get this idea from that Mark Passio is telling us to revolt? Name the podcast and the time where he says this or the video particular video presentation. Yes raise up and take action, use your word, your ability to make sound, create, design, hand out flyers, educate/make presentations, speak to people. But not initiate violence. He teaches us true morality and Natural Law (what we have a right to do) and that we have free will but can never escape the consequences of our actions.

      Mark Passio explains that anger is just as important as any other emotion as it has the potential to “light a fire under your ass” as he says, and channel the energy into creating positive change from the negative. And that we should get pissed off if we have to, Get up and do something, even if it is communicating the truth with your voice. That is taking action. I have already begun as a positive influence with the people in my life. Everyone i now live with does not drink fluoridated water, they are all more aware about nutrition and many other things because i educated myself and spoke out and i do so to the people i meet and know everyday constantly. I get incredibly frustrated and angry when i see what is going on in this world and it spurs me on to work on my creative skills/ sharing information with others/ and speaking to people and raise awareness.

      Yeah of course we shouldn’t fight them in the streets at these protests, it plays right into the hands of the elite who will just command the police and military to stamp down on us harder with greater violence. But as a very last resort, yes we should fight them in self-defence (IF WE HAVE TO) otherwise you and your family might end up dead!

      What’s your interpretation of his end idea? Explain it.

      Passio also does not say that the psychopaths running the world are aliens. But he does say they are not like normal human beings, that they are a different species or kind of human being which makes up less than 1% of the worlds population. And they are not normal human beings, they are sick in the mind.

      Passio still only speaks to small crowds. He explains that he told the church of satan that he was leaving them to teach the truth to people and they laughed in his face because they consider us as good as DEAD!. Passio says the satanists at the highest levels refer to the general population as ‘the dead’ and ‘the un-begun’. ( the un-initiated) because we are under heavy mind control and dosed up with numerous poisons and toxins. And they refer to the the police and military as their ‘dogs’.

      “Good luck waking the dead” is what one of them is supposed to have said to Passio.

      1. I have problems with his ‘psychopath’ idea. It seems to me to not be based on any medical evidence, and lets lots of people off the hook by such scapegoating.
        Ever spoken to a kindly little old lady and asked her opinion about people being tasered, executed, watched 24/7, imprisoned for taking drugs, etc? often you will get the most reactionary view which supports all that. What’s THAT mean? Is *she* ‘psychotic’?
        What about all the people that supported and saluted that obvious hysterical maniac Hitler, and stood by while his henchmen persecuted people on the street, even shooting them?
        To say some people are born evil IS evil, and breeds a possible scenario where someone could decide who is an evil baby or child and carry out Eugenics on them.
        All Passio ever does when he talks about his psychopath thesis is present this dodgy pic, and that that. So for Icke it is the Draconican reptilian hybrid elite who are evil, and for Passion its ‘the psychopaths’. It is far more complex than that.

      2. You keep pushing this “sacred masculine” dogma, which is just another name for that old hoodwink of separating the sexes so populations can be more easily divided and conquered. Why don’t you try getting in touch with the sacred feminine. That’s the element most disrespected by society. Certainly I wish you few trolls would stop coming here to post your dogmas, because anyone who follows my work will not be sucked in by this crapola. But I know nothing I say will stop your tirades (which contains zero evidence of anything, but just more and more silly new age dogmas, most of which are designed to attack other silly new age dogmas in a managed dialectic). But since I control this site, if you don’t go away, I’ll probably ban you and delete all your messages as they are quite boring and tiresome. So don’t be surprised if you insist on continuing your exercise in futility.

        1. So agree with you here Steven. I was tempted the other day to say something similar. Was gonna say that the so-called ‘divine masculine’ is every freeakin where, what they need mo for???

    1. Robbie Allen…

      Don’t trust Mark Passio’s bullshit about the masculine.

      Force=violence regardless of what you think.

      They wants us to revolt. They want us to be brainless chickens screaming with slogans in front of the parliament.

      THEY WANT IT !!!

      The real way out of this is EDUCATION.

      An educated person is 10 times more scary than a person holding a Molotov.

      I agree that people are lazy retards that don’t want to do anything but this does not mean that you should accept MarK Pass-me-lies for granted.

      If you believe David Icke is not a fraud you are insane. You all keep on underestimating the enemy.

      Keep on looking for your Reptilians, aliens, entities and all the other fake shit they present you.

      There is more evidence that God exists, than there is evidence that there are Reptilians.

      Alex Jone, PAssio, Tsarion, Icke, Maxwell, Cooper…etc are all frauds.

  25. I really found these criticisms over the top and disappointing. I came to CT quite late and am a reluctant convert having started with the works of EdGriffin and Carol Quigley,the famous Aaron Russo interview etc.I read Icke expecting to find him a fool and was impressed by his honesty and ability to join dots,even if I am reluctant to accept all his premises.Michael Tsarion was a revelation and I think a true genius in his ability to weave a deep understanding of symbolism,ancient history and human psychology.Again I am not saying I buy his whole story,rather that I applaud him for his courage and willingness to “put stuff out there” for others to investigate.
    And another thing….why is it that any mention of aliens provokes laughter and incredulity from you guys ?

    1. No one is laughing about anything James. There’s a mind war going on and far more disinfo than real info is being produced. A key rabbit hole are the fake alien stories that have been planted by intel and worked for decades. Another key rabbit hole would be chemtrails. Another would be “we never landed on the moon.” Another would be “Madonna is part of the Illuminati.” If David Icke and Alex Jones are not part of a controlled disinfo network spreading muck over the major conspiracies like 9/11 and JFK, then who exactly would you place at the center of the disinfo network? Because this network obviously exists. Real whistleblowers get whacked pretty quick and don’t live to write books or create websites. The fake whistleblowers end up running global websites with massive views or on the cover of Time magazine. All evidence points towards aliens as being a manufactured rabbit hole started in the 1950s and probably used as a cover for MKULTRA experiments in mind control. Ed Griffin cannot be trusted. Carol Quigley is a different story. Applauding a disinfo spreader for “courage” is about as ridiculous as it gets. Icke and Jones are not the least bit courageous and their primary aim is to manufacture paranoia to keep people paralyzed with fear. And if you don’t “buy into” the whole story, why the hell are you defending them, because you must realize disinfo always contains a lie embedded in grains of truth. So agreeing with part of their story is a very weak defense of their position.

  26. I like Icke. Long may he continue to shine a light on Zionism, fake environmentalism, MSM propaganda, false flag events, elite paedophilia etc by any means necessary. Weirness gets him into mainstream media, and allows him for instance to name alleged paedophiles whereas others face litigation merely for allusion – witness the Sally Bercow case.

    1. I could not disagree more. Nothing will ever come of anything Icke exposes. He is the safety value and backstop, and puts aluminum siding on the scams instead of actually tearing them down. His cornball act is easily exposed, as well as the strategy of turning elites into all-powerful creatures from another dimension. You say the “weirdness” “protects” him, but I say, he contaminates conspiracy research with rabbit holes to nowhere. And if you love Icke, you certainly have no need to come here. Little I can say is going to influence your belief system.

      1. Steven, you are doing a great job at exposing those Quakers.


        On Icke

        On his web-site David Icke has ADS OF CANCER TREATMENT. That cancer treatment is some kind of a bogus piece of shit.

        The cancer treatment even offers a FAMILY pack offer. Can you imagine this? Oh! your whole family has cancer – we have an offer for you.



        On Marc Passio

        Marc Passio is a disinfo agent – VERY GOOD ONE. His openly talking about owning fire arms and advises people to have fire arms in order to protect themselves against the new world order.

        This alone is a big sign of his retarded thinking. Do you really think in this day and age wars are won with fire arms? Seriously?

        The whole idea is to cause people to panic. They want CHAOS. THEY WANT IT. They are much smarter than your average idiot on the street who can’t sleep after watching an episode of some reality show!!!!!!!

        Passio is also talking about this alien bullshit. Who gives a fuck about aliens?



        Those fake disinfo agents take a real idea and shit on it in order to hide it. They shit on truth to hide it. That’s it.

        THE REAL TRUTH does not come easy to you. You search for it. In this life all that you want will never come to you alone. You go to it. That’s the truth.

        Reading underground info like this blog is where the truth could be found. Mainstream sources contain no truth. At least not complete.

      2. Yes, a good thing to investigate is the question ‘what do the ones on control hate?’ And what I have found is it is the natural world. Look at all their myths which form the matrix, from mystery schools of the past, traditional religion, philosophy, eastern beliefs, the new age philosophy, scientism. ALL put-down nature!!
        So let’s look at what Icke pushes—he claims that nature, or as he puts it, the ‘5 sense/3D prison’ is created by evil aliens, and even in death you cannot escape them and they appear as shining beings or people you know and have you keep reincarnating to be slaves of the elites who he’s claimed are hybrids of these evil aliens, and that the moon is artificial and a base for these evil aliens who send down telepathic waves designed to fuck us up. I mean FUCK this is total paranoia. And THIS is what the insane shits in control want you to think. It is called fear-based mind control.

        1. The idea about the limited 3D reality is real. It’s true that what we experience could very well be a matrix. However, David Icke has put so much shit around it that its no longer a valid theory. AND THE MOON EXISTS. What a fucktard….

          Mark Passio is probably still a satanist under cover.

          The thing that exposes him is that he advises to fight fire with fire. That’s mentally ill.

          Carlin said it: Fascism = Nike sneakers and smiley faces.

          Those guys are just sick faggits.

          1. depends what you mean by “The idea about the limited 3D reality is real.” Care to explain in more detail what you mean? And then I will know if I agree with you or not 🙂

      3. No one who is permitted to speak at a mega event at Wembley Arena is an enemy of the elite, in my estimation. Nor are those who are invited as guests on ABC, CNN, etc. , because that is major promotion, regardless of whether they try to make the guest look bad, as a large # of people are going to see through those sort tactics.
        This is one reason that I think the 911 truth movement (+ truth movement in general) was a psyop from the start – because it disables those who follow it to realize that they are hopelessly surrounded by droid – they are actually alone in the world without allies, except for an online movement of the similarly disenfranchised – A movement that never will or can go anywhere. I happen to agree with ted kaczynski that slavery is the inevitable outcome of technological progress, so all of these movements, even if were 100% truth, are a futile exercise.

  27. I noted right off the bat about Passio – He takes a venomous spit at potential critics, calling them clowns, armchair activists (this is a typical red flag) And at the same time, he’s disabled comments on his youtube channel. His type are interested in getting on a soap box and telling ‘what it is’ – they are not interested in a give and take discussion, especially from what he no doubt considers ‘little people’ – the rogue’s gallery of important researchers he shows near the end of one of his videos hints at how his mind works in terms of ‘somebodies and nobodies’ – I also happen to think his theory on Natural Law is delusion, but that is another topic.

    1. it is a bit silly to write off the whole 9/11 movement because of some disinfo agents! For example some claim Judy Wood, and the no planers are disinfo. They like you will slam the 9/11 truthers. IE they consider THEMSELVES an inner core that is really knowing what is what
      Just try and challenge Judy Wood and she takes you to freakin court! The fact that the truthers are ‘alone in the world’ is because the ‘world’–which is the elite world of business and commerce, NOT planet Earth–is corrupt and may players in top positions are all part of this globalization plan. In occult terms ‘the great Work’
      “The Trilateral Commission doesn’t run the world, the Council on Foreign Relations does that!”
      ~Winston Lord, Assistant Secretary of State, the US State Department

      “The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in England, and which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established.” ~Carroll Quigley, mentor to Bill Clinton, Tragedy & Hope

      “The ultimate aim of the CFR is to create a one-world socialist system, and to make the US and official part of it.”
      ~Dan Smoot, former member of FBI headquarters staff

      George Bush’s 9/11 New World Order Speech 11 years before THE 9/11. 9/11 was their launchpad for their 21st century NWO agenda! it is as plain as the nose on your face. BUT they got –via mind control tactics–many people laughing at those who point this out, and calling them ‘conspiracy theorists’ (like errr duh, yeah…?) and ‘mentally ill’, and they infiltrate the search for investigating it also.
      So my advice, do not be concerned beingpart of an isolated group seeing through their toxic bullshit, even if it is only you, because the only other alternative is living a lie.

      1. No one writes off the entire 9/11 Truth Movement. There are plenty of honest people involved. But that doesn’t mean the spooks don’t have the center of energy.

  28. Reasons why Mark Passio is a fraud

    1.He is alive.

    2. He got his research from frauds like Jordan Maxwell, Icke The Lizard Rappist, Tsarion the Astrology Crapshitter and many more frauds.

    3.He advises people to get fire arms and promotes social unrest. He wants people to be scarred and ready for a revolution. That’s just super revealing of his agenda. You can’t beat fire with fire.

    4.He was a satanist. Once a satanist – always a satanist. He still looks like a satanist actually.

    5.His natural law has major flaws because he does not take into consideration the fact that we have animal part also which mean one thing – the stronger rules, the weaker obey due to physical reasons.

    6.His Astro Theology ghey shit is just wrong.

    No where in the bible it’s said that Jesus is born on Dec 25.

    He is twisting Egyptian mythology. Horus vs. Set blah blah blah….that ghey shit works only in English. What about other languages?

    7.He talks about aliens…JUST RECENTLY – revealing sign of a ghey shill.

    8.He claims to eat healthy and exercise and yet he and his girlfriend are fat as chit.

    and many more

    the main thing are the fire arms…..

    The truth:

    There is such thing as GOD but his teachings and ideas are covered in shit and used against us.

    What comes around goes around.

    1. Since I couldn’t make it through any of his incredibly boring videos, it’s nice to know my suspicions are true. I don’t believe in religious persecution, so being a satanist is no crime, and plenty are just pagans who don’t commit evil acts, but prefer to balance the energies of light and dark. Also, do not attack him for being overweight, as that’s really no crime either. However, if he does urge people to arm themselves to prepare for violent revolution, that would be a way to neutralize any social movement because the minute you go violent, you can easily be controlled or eliminated. It’s nice to see people coming here to agree with me finally, especially since Passio and his sock puppets have spent so much energy trying to prop up this transparent hoodwink. The main thing I keep hearing about Passio involves awaking your sacred male energy, a transparent scheme for leading people into violence.

    2. “5.His natural law has major flaws because he does not take into consideration the fact that we have animal part also which mean one thing – the stronger rules, the weaker obey due to physical reasons.”

      that is social darwinist propaganda, and also reveals a misunderstandings of animals, and more-then-human life

      1. I forgot to talk about something very important.

        A clear sign of a disinfo is that in all of his videos Mark Passio never argues with anyone. Everybody is supposed to love this reincarnated satanist who is a bad boy gone good. Give me a break.

        Do me a favor. Go search for a video of David Icke where someone actually argues with him. You will find 1 or 2. THat’s on purpose but people are too blind to see it and keep on jumping on his d*

        Same for Passio – no one is allowed to argue with him. The God Almighty


        A good source that is not disinfo would be Manly P.Hall although he was a mason and God knows what more…

  29. You are right about Icke and some others, but sound like an ignorant Christian trying to defend the ones who blow the lid on your sun god Mithras worship on SUN -day. By the way, Tsarions’ REAL name is BRIAN HEATLEY and he was funded by the American Rosicrucian Paul Solomon foundation, this can be 100% verified.

      1. I’m not anything like an ignorant Christian, quite the contrary, and nobody has blown the lid on anything I’ve done. I solved the JFK and Lincoln assassinations, invented the seven medicine candles, and have done more to expose deep politics that any reporter I know, Meanwhile, as you point out, Tsarion is a spook with strange connections, but then satanism is like Communism, UFO and Masonry… other words….full of spooks….to the brim….

    1. I have some shit on this. Reading your post got me reading this: I have had contact with Chris White. he once inteviwed me via Skype for 3 freakin hours. At the end of it I lost my voice but his warbly voice knows no bounds. He would not budge. He believes absolutely the literal version of the Bible, that there is a Father God whose Only Son Jesus Christ was born in Nazareth and was Crucified and Resurrected in the third day and returned to his Father in heaven. The fact there is no historical evidence whatsoever for a Jesus of Nazareth he will not accept
      Regardless, I was subbed to his channel at Youtube, and I must have freaked him out, because I very much agreed with his expose of the New Age and characters like BRIAN HEATLEY, BUT also questioned HIS belief. So…he blocked me. So he did exactly what he is saying Tsarion is doing. Blocking free speech.

      So where AM I coming from? Well a much better expose of BOTH NEW Age and Theosophy, and Christianity and the whole Patriarchal matrix is Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon, by Monica Sjoo. To really get to grips the mind controls being played you you have to understand the patriarchy which goes way back to Babylon and includes the solar cults.
      In the ‘truther camp’ there APPEARS to be ‘choices, eg ‘Christian’ OR ‘New Age’ or ‘Scientific materialism’ OR the Occult, but when you scratch the surface they all diss nature and your own nature and the body and other species. Authenic Goddess spirituality which Sjoo represents understands nature and the body to be sacred. There is no duality between spirit and nature or matter. Whereas what Heatley and White and Dawkins advocate in their own branches of mindcontrol is fear-based DIVIDE and RULE. Divide you from nature. You ARE nature. yes I am aware the Satanists go on about being an ‘animal’ etc but their interpretation is typically negative and they use it as an excuse to be total shits without any empathy. it is the flipside of their fear of turn the other cheeek jesus. So they adise “crushing” those who get in your way. I bet they all got pitbulls!

  30. Among notes of greatest intrigue, is this brief mention in passing – refreshing anecdotal (rather than theoretical, intellectual, etc … ponderously or otherwise):

    “In my one face-to-face meeting with Terrence, I could tell the guy didn’t like me for some reason.”

    Have you written about this encounter elsewhere, perhaps? If so, a tuppence for your kind direction. I’d love to read about the occasion, on such indications. Any/all details – especially your impression, apparently vivid. How you picked it up, or how the ‘didn’t like’ was signaled to you (as you perceived).

    I realize its the ‘theories’ and ‘ideas’ that are supposed to fascinate or intrigue, or cast whatever spell on those crossing paths with ’em. And nothing against all that reputed ‘brilliance’ (and ‘contribution’ etc you know the discourse). But the relational aspects and values undergirding them, as emerge in such anecdotes – that I find of most interest. Especially in terms of a character study, relating the man to those witnessing for his genius, or wonderuflness or whatever.

    As noted in a recent (less-than-enthused) review of SCREAMING ABYSMAL BROTHERS (

    “Dennis puts it, Terence ‘seemed not to have an empathetic bone in his body’ (95, cf. 86); got angry when someone disagreed with him or challenged his ideas (25); and was incapable of forgiving people (93): ‘once you got on his shit list, you stayed there; there was no going back’ …”

    Likewise in TRUE HALLUCINATIONS, among the most intriguing passages is his account of dealings down there in the jungle with a guy he didn’t like, who somehow joined his little entourage. But TM’s story as he tells it, is all about how bad (‘mkay?) that guy was – curiously mercurial, as if no reflection on the author telling it, no question about the story teller laying out the rap. A weird staged innocence in the feeling one gets reading – the tale itself saturated with dubious irony, drowning in questions that can’t be answered.

    I had some correspondence (mail) with him – inquiry I sent him, way back 1970s. In reply he kindly made pretty clear, that he’d love to hear back from me … IF anything I might have to tell him (about my experiences with his mushrooms) would help ‘support his theories.’ The conditions were pretty clear.

    Thanks in advance for any further, my curiosity about your personal impression, that occasion – sky high.

    1. It was at Chef Ra’s barbecue at the art gallery Psychedelic Solution. I had recently run an interview with him, so I assumed he would be a fan of High Times and what I was doing. Instead, I found him distant and unfriendly towards me. But then I’ve always been pegged as a “cannabis” person, and frequently have communication problems with people who concentrate on alternative sacraments, even though I think everyone is entitled to pick their own power plants.

  31. Actually after reading Hager’s comments on everything, his dismissal of “Ufos” (like what do you mean by that–people, including scientists, pilots, businesspeople, hard-nosed reporters, peasant and Indians–is hard evidence. Richard Dolan, a historian, has tomes of hard evidence of the government’s attention to this “nonsense” they have the press ridicule. As for “religion”, it has been used for good or for evil. If people actually followed the basic precepts (do under to others…), we wouldn’t have a half bad world.
    So you know what I think. I think Steve Hager is disinfo. You know they’ d recruit a hiphop journalist. Peerless credentials. And I’m not being facetious.
    I’m outta here.

    1. Good riddance. Yes, the UFO meme has been seeded by those inside the intelligence community, starting with MI6 telling Dorothy Kilgallen about the little green men. Sometimes the intelligence community makes up stories in order to cause confusion in the conspiracy community. I wrote the first book on hip hop in 1984, and have written nothing about hip hop since, although I have written extensively about the JFK assassination.

  32. I guess mark passio spreads a truth and bull mix.
    Most things he said made sense, but the illuminati and alien stuff i tend to take not that seriously….

    1. That is the very definition of disinfo: a little truth with a lot of bull mixed in. I would not watch the videos because it is a mind control operation and they reason it takes 7 hours to deliver the message is he is trying to hypnotize you.

      1. Same is so with this guy called Freeman Fly. Some stuff he says makes sense to me, but then he goes on about satanic aliens. MAYBE these experiences people have reported having with beings in spacecraft are truth. But the calling them the antichrist and satanic seems to me this Christian paranoia thang going on which makes me uncomfortable

  33. Thanks for the post Steve. I briefly checked out Passio’s videos but before I got into a lecture in-depth, wanted to see what others had said.

    If he’s citing Icke as a source, then as far as I am concerned, he can go sling it.

    Icke’s “research” as you point out, doesn’t produce a whiff of anything resembling tangible results, except of course to inflate Icke’s own back pocket via book sales and conference tickets. The man is an obvious con and a parody of anything resembling true alternative news and/or research.

    If Passio has his nose up Icke’s rear end, then he’s as dumb as dogshit too.

  34. Very interesting comments.. lots of food for thought! I have read Icke since 1989 when he put out a green party leaflet with what at the time was an incredible piece on the genocide of animals! Im still reading his work alongside dozens n dozens of people with your name now added Steven.. I couldn’t agree more on Professor Anthony Sutton.. Incredible researcher..deeply fascinating! I take all of what I read and try to come up with the ‘answers’ within my own self!
    I beLIEve nothing! And stopped CONsidering everything!
    I suppose my point is only ourselves can do it.. most people are trying there best..we want peace n contentment for our families n loved ones whether ya more into eastenders or icke etc..
    Ya most definitely correct about its a mind game!
    For the father whos lost his wife n 4 children in a bomb dropped by Israel life is maybe now not worth living..for the father whos children are playing on the beach whilst watching the sun arc across the sky life is amazing!!
    Its an incredible roller coaster journey we are all on and maybe we are not meant to know the ‘truth’..
    I think there are roughly 7 billion people on earth which means there are 7 billion opinions.. and I will defend everyones right to have that opinion..

    All the best to all!!!

    1. I would start with Antony Sutton. Other than that, please keep in mind, it’s a mind war and the whistleblowers who get attention in the media are probably manufactured as rabbit holes.

      1. The very term disinfo means that people who spread it do it either unknowingly or knowingly mixing good info with false info. So rather the thing to do is be able to learn the difference. OFTEN they may have good info, and that gives them their power. because they draw you in and then also push you the bad shit. A good example of this is Noam Chomsky. He is supposedly this elder who has great insight into the covert machination of mass media etc, YET ask him about false flag the JFK assassination or false flag 9/11 and he’ll come back with ‘so what?’ ‘who cares?’ What does that do? Well his follwers would have invested time and effort and concentration on this old dudes words often for years, reading his books and whatnot, so he becomes a great authority for them. So for him to say ‘so what’ about the massive 9/11 event affects them to think tthe same. For to go against his ‘great judgement’ means all their time and effort trusting this man would be threatened. Their very worldview. But does this mean other insights he might have had suddenly become nullified? No. But you have to be FREE to discern yourself. So it is having this flexibility that is most important and to always be asking questions. If someone says ‘so what’ about some thing that means a lot to you, do not leave it at that but make then sweat!

  35. A dis-info agent could lead you down a rabbit hole, well isn’t that where we all are, now? I’m sure some people might have all the answers for all the mysteries of life, but few do so it’s about taking what resonates as truth for you from as many sources as possible and piecing things together. All I do really know about this world now is there is evil and it’s trying to control every aspect of life and it’s done via deception and conspiracy. Personally I first got into searching for truth because history as taught didn’t make sense, that is, the Mayans as taught in school. It lead to some good stories that let you think, like Childress’ Lost Cities series (read pre-internet days). One of his books he included a story by Richard Shaver from Amazing Stories in the 1940’s about the hollow earth and Lemuria. It seems to me people were once more open to unexplained events or the supernatural or alternate history until about the 1960’s and the rise of the tv programming, maybe the internet has been a bit of rebirth. Looking at old newspaper clippings from late 1800’s you find many stories that don’t fit the narrative as taught like 7 to 12 foot skeletons found in MN, WI and IL or Egyptian artifacts in Grand Canyon and other oddities. Each one of these stories ends with the Smithsonian Institute coming along and then you never hear nor see these things again. The question why all the cover up? And here we are, why all the cover up and control?

    1. With respect, maybe you are finding yourself led astray ALSO by theories which make out they are giving you the ‘real hidden history’ too! An example, the ‘ancient astronauts’ theory. But when you look deeper you find that the ruling elite BELIEVE, via their secret mystery school beliefs that they came from outer space. And you see this theme in may Hollywood films suggesting that. So in other words, under a pretense that you are ‘uncovering secret hidden history’ they are STILL playin ya, to believe their agenda, their myths. Same is so with the Lemuria nonsense. All that comes from that Helena Blavatsky, and her CLAIMED ‘channeling’ of ‘Master adepts’ etc., which pushed the racist idea of ‘root races’ and this crap influenced Hitler, as we all too know.
      These people are *extremely* devious and will play not just two sides but more than several. it is as tacky and gross as in their corporate advertising world where they pretend that you are getting many choices of such and such a product, TV channels, etc but one company owns all the brand names. its all the same shit!

  36. Steven,

    Maybe you have written about it but how do you think about the ”cremation of care” at Bohemian Grove, (secretly filmed by ALex Jones ),

    Is it truly a serious satanic ritual or just a a ritual to symbolize the politicians over there can take a break of the ”weight” they are carrying ?

    To me it’s more likely the last but in that light it’s such a satyric goofy ritual that i don’t understand why they would do that,

    Altough : If it’s the last then would be more likely satyric and goofy then serious of course,

    Whats your view on this ?

    1. I’ve never written about the Grove, but it’s basically a summer camp version of the Bilderbergers. It was interesting that when Hearst became the power of the West Coast, he resigned in a tiff from the Grove and began his own secret society in San Francisco. Most often when people try to play the “satanic ceremonies” card it’s a hoodwink. Doesn’t matter whose picture is on the altar, all magic runs under the same rules and when they try to scare you with magic, it’s a game. My take on the Grove is there are lots of unsuspecting “porch brethen” not invited to the secret councils. Another thing is the gay element. Something you find in a lot of the upper crust societies it seems. Not to bash gays, just to suggest there’s a concentration of very powerful ones at some interesting nexus points, and the ones that are secret gays can be trusted to keep secrets because they have one.

      1. Ok thanks,

        But why would they perform such a weird and for the majority satanic ritual when they know this wil ”leak out” ? To me it’s so strange for serious politicians to do,

        Or is there maybe a secret agenda (don’t mean the illuminatie conspiracy theory) they are trying to cover up with this nonsense and so spreading and encouraging all kinds of disinfo ?

        Or is it just what it seems to be ? : a summerkamp to let things go ?

        1. It’s a hooded ceremony around an owl statue. Perhaps the Owl of Minerva, really doesn’t matter. Nor does any leaking out. It spooked you didn’t it? Yes, there is a cabal at the center of power, but it’s not the cartoon show of Passio, who is just giving you a new scare-you-with-religion meme to replace the old one that’s worn out.

          1. It didn’t really spooked me but it’s interesting,

            to me the cabal at the center of power as you mention is something i wanna know more about,

            I will start reading the books of Anthony Sutton,


          2. I disagree with your decree that Mark Passio is providing a new scare tactic, and here is why:
            Regarding this ceremony, he explains this as a ceremony of the immolation of care ritual, whereby this is a symbolic offer of penance and cleansing of these solar cultists sins, so to speak. It’s the fact that the solar cult is alive and well, and that the more things change the more they remain the same. Power has stayed concentrated and the rituals have continued, as well as mass murder rituals that others dismiss as terrorism.

            But as far as scare tactics, that if pure rubbish. The information is presented in the following format: here is the dark, here is the light, this is what you are up against and here are some ways to stop the continuation of this foul conditioning and behavior.
            Most notably, rediscovering the lost word of no! In combination with balance. Balancing our thought, emotion and action to be in accordance with each other so that our will is strong enough to say no to these orders and edicts, to stop paying taxes which are theft plain and simple, to live a consent based life and respect each other as equals with love and compassion.

            If you walk into a dark room filled with sharp objects, would you rather walk blindly to your peril or have the tools to protect yourself?
            Know thy enemy. Know those patterns. Take personal responsibility and don’t steal. I’m struggling to discover the error in this message

      2. these people are not ‘goofy’. These people are completely insane, and immoral and think nothing of eviscerating babies, infants, children, women, men, and all life for profit and power . The definition of goofy ‘North American
        foolish or harmlessly eccentric.
        having or displaying protruding or crooked front teeth.’ Like said. These people are most definitely NOT harmless. They are the epitome of harmful! And they will take all forms of control and power VERY seriously. When they fund the torturing of countless animals to find ways to control humans, many of which they equate with animals (already having a derogatory view of animals) they do not PRETEND to do it. When they give MILLIONS of pounds to corporate marketing to mind control you into being a mindless consumer, and all the rest (read up on Edward Bernays etc), it is for real, and not pretend. Same is so then with their occult shit. they take it extremely seriously. The measurements of the architectures, and so on is inclusive of numbers and symbolism we see popping up in their other evil doings, including their false flags like ‘9/11’. They may WANT you to see it all as ‘goofy’. I mean their symbolism is all over MTV muzac vids etc. ‘Goofy’? NO. It is REAL fukin mind control. Pushing their Luciferian beliefs on the youth and you.
        9/11 Numerology

        1. Not everyone who attends Bohemian Grove is evil, and ops like 9/11 are run under spook rules, which means no one is told anything more than they have to know. The real crimes are embedded high up in the power structure, and those inside the system know enough to keep their mouths shut if they want to advance their careers.

          1. there are people who if you remind then the dropping of nuclear bomb on thousands and thousands of babies, children women and mean and ALL life they will shrug it off and justify that it was needed to end the ‘killing of Americans., Not only is that unimaginably without any humanity or feeling, they have not even looked into the real reason. Is that evil? You could argue no, if you insist on your image of evil. Does that attitude SUPPORT evil? Y E S!!

  37. ”The measurements of the architectures, and so on is inclusive of numbers and symbolism we see popping up in their other evil doings, including their false flags like ‘9/11”

    Ok Juliano,

    but that’s what i mean, maybe they are having an agenda and doing what they do with the symbolism and numbers ( like the plains of 911 ) to spread all kinds of rumors, disinfo and confusion with the result that people not know what’s true and false.

    If they really seriously are using black magic with actual results in mind then i agree that they are totally mental but how do you know that ?

    You can’t really know that, its all assumption.

    1. Comon Michel, you seriously think they would go to the trouble with all the measurements, and dates, for starting their buildings etc ‘to spread all kinds of rumours’? When they use that number ’33’ for theor highest Freemasonic degree they are not using it to spread rumours. They are VERY serious about it! What you are suggesting makes no sense whatsoever. MANY people do not even believe this, so all their efforts ‘tp spread rumours’ would be utterly pointless.
      Ask your parents, you friends, your partner about this and see their response. I bet many people you ask will have no knowledge of it. This is why it’s called ‘hidden in plain sight’

  38. It’s just a suggestion Juliano,

    The buildings are based on freemasonery and freemasonery is actually good and from the little i know of it there were in the early days serious freemasons amongst the politicians,

    Who says that they were not sincere in creating buildings with this symbolism but i know to little from it to judge that,

    I am not saying they are building buildings with symbolism in it to spread rumors, i was refering to the numbers of the plains on 911,

    Maybe they are using old symbolism ( like the numbers of the plains ) to spread disinfo and keep us talking about it and not seeing whats really happening , thats what i ment.

    1. I had to laugh when you say ‘and freemasonery is actually good and from the little i know of it …’ I am afraid what I know you are right. In fact the higher degrees are utter control freaks and into Luciferian and Satan worship which is really a worship of the self.
      Your proposition is that they have included all the numbers and symbolism to have us talking about to obscure the real deal and who dunnit? But as said, that doesn’t make any sense. If these people are into the occult, which I believe they are, then their doings will involve their belief whether YOU believe it or not.
      I encourage you to also research corporate marketing and what that is all about. They do not spend millions on it to divert us away from some assumed hidden secret. What they DO is to target our minds, especially the unconscious–what we may not be aware of so as to control us—have us but shit we don’t even know why we want it. To accept wars and fight in them because we are led to believe they are for a just cause. I mean study the techniques of Edward Bernays etc. That is in continuum with the occult. Occult actually means ‘hidden’. These people who belong to Freemasonry and secret societies see their beliefs as connected with the ancient mystery schools where only the initiated were allowed to know the ‘mysteries’ and those on the outside were the ‘profane’. They take all of that shit very seriously because it makes feel important and powerful, and having power over you. heard ‘knowledge is power’?

  39. I am not saying that freemasons are all good and freemasonery is not used wrongly by higher degrees but what i did understand of freemasonery that it’s good in itself, ( correct me if i’m wrong)

    How they use it is something else,

    I agree with you that our minds are targeted but i wasn’t talking about that,

    i was talking about the belief of many people that there are satanic rituals (like the Cremation of Care on Bohemian Grove, 911 etc ) and i just made a suggestion, thats all,

    Something like ” could it be like this ?” or” could it be like that ?”

    If i belonged to a group of evil politicians with an agenda to control and sell all kinds of shit (like war) and seeing all the conspiracy theories i would use that to cover up and confuse,

    You say :

    ” If these people are into the occult, which I believe they are, then their doings will involve their belief whether YOU believe it or not”,

    Thats exactly what i mean : you BELIEVE they are in the occult and so you are going to see all kinds of proof,

    ”I am afraid what I know you are right. In fact the higher degrees are utter control freaks and into Luciferian and Satan worship which is really a worship of the self.”

    How can you be so sure ? There’s a difference in believing and knowing,

    I don’t know if they are in the occult, it could be or it could be not. I don’t know if some are in the occult and others not,

    I just don’t know and as i see it and already said :

    you just can’t know.

    1. You guys are getting way too caught up in the dogma. Religion and black magic are just two sides of the same coin. The people in charge don’t believe in either except as tools to manipulate the masses. Numerology works only on those who believe in it. The number 33 didn’t become part of Freemasonry until Albert Pike rewrote all the degrees to make them more complicated. For centuries, there were only three degrees in masonry. It doesn’t matter what icon you put on the altar, all magic runs on the same rules and when they try to scare you with magic, it’s always a hoodwink.

      1. “You guys are getting way to caught up in the dogma. Religion and black magic are just two sides of the same coin. The people in charge don’t believe in either except as tools to manipulate the masses”

        EXACTLY. The last bit! ‘TO MANIPULATE THE MASSES’. They believe in it alright, to do that, and to –they believe–help their operations like 9/11. As you may know there are quite a few 11s to do with that day, and multiples of 11 which is what 33 is (3×11). They take the occult seriously, and a major prophet of theirs, Aleister Crowley says of that number 11: ‘“Firstly”, 11 is the number of Magick in itself. It is therefore suitable to all types of operation.

        “Secondly”, it is the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon. As it is written in the Book of the Law:

        “…11, as all their numbers who are of us.”[1] ‘

        The freakin Towers resembled a gigantic figure 11. Each tower had 110 floors, drop the zero and you got 11. Who were responsible for the Towers? The Rockefeller brothers, David and Nelson;s surname in simple gematria. Rockefeller adds up to 110.
        These evils believe in what works to bring in the profits which is their true god.

        1. Just started watching this. The real meaning behind Illuminati symbolism
          am up to 9:14. Some thoughts. I previously was reminded that the Sphere sculpture at the WTC was a work by a BAVARIAN artist. As you may know Bavaria is where the Illuminati came about in 1776. Did you know that the building which replaced the towers is 1776 feet tall? The birth year of the Bavarian Illuminati

          1. Ok,

            `Well, i agree with you it’s interesting but you willl never know really what the deal is,

            The only thing you can do is work on yourself, if it is true or partly true or total nonsense which again : you will never know (maybe after dead)

            then we are all in it together and the only way to change things is from within,

            things wil not change if everyone believes a theory from which you can’t be sure if it’s true or partly true etc

            It’s a theory,

            In general people know nothing and we can’t really KNOW,

            You can only work on yourself.

          2. I have problems with your approach. IE you start with the conclusion we will never understand. I say, never say never. First LOOK. Notice what is being presented to you by your diligence and openness and natural inquisitiveness to see it. To see patterns and connections and associations. ‘working on yourself’ MUST include a waking up to the structures of suppression surrounding you, and those VERY much involve various forms and levels of mind control–the occult being a deep level. The change IS the beginning to look and become aware of these patterns etc which are intended to be hidden and/or blatantly in-the-face so as to make OUT they are meaningless and merely faddish—like for example all the occult symbolism and ritual in popular music videos and stage shows

  40. I agree with you Juliano and it’s only good to keep searching and noticing patterns,

    what i mean with knowing, really knowing, you have to have a total overview of everything ( to really know),

    The only one who can do that is the force or the person (?) we call ”God” or ”Supreme Being” or whatever you call this force (and besides that you have to believe in a ‘Supreme Being”in which i personally belief and my belief is so strong in this that you can almost call it ”knowing”, tricky….. ; ) )

    As people in the form we are we don’t have this capacity.

    1. I don’t fee that. To conceptualize a being’ who has total knowing is to me a static concept. It begs the question what IS ‘knowing’, and also we must understand that WITH ‘knowing’ always must be ‘not-knowing’. Patriarchal myths make out that there has to be a ‘God’ or a knowledge which is all-knowing. In its secualr form, such as scientism, it is that we know now, and ‘we’—-eg science– will eventually know all, and from that authority it is meant to disenfranchise your individual unique sense of knowing. So if you have a deep meaningful spiritual experience, it will state that you are delusional, and that science will eventually explain what you experienced in materialistic terms! So materialistic science or scientism is meant to undermine experience, and this is exactly what the Church did. it claimed that only it knew what ‘spirituality’ meant, and if you had a deep experience not accepted by its criteria that what you experienced was the work of the ‘Devil’. Again this is meant to undermine your own experience.

      ‘Overview’ does not HAVE to be total. It can be *ongoing* exploration which frees one from mind control in the very exploration of it.
      Take the war racket. To see through that, you don’t have to read ALL the books, and to have experienced war, etc, you can click on how it is a con concocted by corporate olgharchy to make vast profits from abuse of humanity and animals and nature. Your view of it can also BE whole, if you get me. Insight can include the infinite IF you realize that the ‘infinite’ is not a static concept, or a thing.

  41. What i mean with overview is overviewing the whole of everything including all kinds of ”exploration and experiënces” and seeïng whats happens in a total overview constantly + ( and thats very important and maybe i didn’t make that clear enough) a total understanding of the nature of things which offcourse in my view is bigger then the dualism knowing/not knowing,

    I said that i personally belief in such a Beïng, there’s also the idea ”GOD” is always developing but i don’t dig that but then again, it could be like that,

    “‘Take the war racket. To see through that, you don’t have to read ALL the books, and to have experienced war, etc, you can click on how it is a con concocted by corporate olgharchy to make vast profits from abuse of humanity and animals and nature. Your view of it can also BE whole, if you get me. Insight can include the infinite IF you realize that the ‘infinite’ is not a static concept, or a thing.”

    If you would have it all (in the example of the war racket ) then it would be stiil your view and NOT the whole view.

    1. What i mean : your experiënce is maybe a part of the truth but not the whole truth and that’s something we can’t experiënce, we are not build for it.

  42. I don’t think it is bigger, because not-knowing means you can never know everything and nor can ‘God’. There is always mystery from which the known arises. It is a dynamic. All you need to do to see through the war racket is to see it is pointless to join up, and that is all you need! a ‘whole’ view of course would include the views of those who believe in it and think they have ‘God’ on their side, but you see through that. I just think your getting lost in concepts ‘whole’ and ‘part’. Just SEE and FEEL. that’s enough. What is the whole truth? Do you come to it and then say ‘that’s it’? End of–No. Life is full of mystery, and always changing

    I think it is good to take into consideration the whole field of marketing, because that is mind control and connected with the occult. So take this example—they want to sell a sugar saturated water to children. Now, the understanding that as product is water that is full of sugar is not attractive, right? So what they do is put a cartoon on the packet and call it a name that kids can relate to emotionally and then the kids want to drink the crap. But IF they saw what was going on hopefully they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t have to know where the factory is that makes it, or the exact recipe, and who creates the cartoons. They just need to know that it is mind control–it is harmful sugar which won’t do their health any good. Information. From there if they want to look more into how the product is made and manufactured that is up to them, but the important thing is getting the GIST.

    1. mark passio is a fucking liar , i called him on the phone on a live radio episode and asked him a few simple questions , i asked him if he knew who terence mckenna was he said yes in a happy voice , i asked him if he was familiar with terence mckennas concept of a linguistic disease ( concept he learned of from shamans in the amazon to describe how people can be blinded by culture) , mark replied no , so i explained it to him , he was then confused , then i asked him if it was possible if his membership to satanic or luciferian groups or secret societies has compromised his opinions , he immediately yelled that he was never a member of any luciferian or satanic group and then hung up the phone , he then proceeded to talk 45 minutes worth of shit about me then the very next day when he archived the audio he edited out my questions and his 45 minutes of shit talking and left only parts of it that made him sound good , he admitted he was never a member of a satanic or lucifierian cult or brotherhood or order and yet his videos are labeled “ask an ex satanist” , marks research on law is not accurate and anyone who follows that legal advice will end up getting themselves FUCKED , i had jamie hanshaw personally ask mark passio about the situation and he lied to her face about it , he is such a worthless LIAR , i dont like how you badmouthed cooper for being HONEST but then you put all these other assholes on a pedestal , cooper put more verifiable info out there than anyone in the game , cooper had 1500 episodes and you probably havent listened to more than 3 of them because “you dont have time for that” because your just a fucking lazy ass bastard , its not even work to listen to it , its work to verify the information but your probably to lazy to do that , all those people you talk about are nubes compared to coopers team of researchers and his thousands of caji members and his thousands of intel members , he had a chain of command where intel was coming from thousands of people and he had a team sitting in a room verifying it and sorting out the mumbo jumbo , the people you listed are rumor mongers , cooper spent a thousand bucks per episode for the ones that were aired on national radio and not short wave , which is about 700 , not take 700 times 1000 and you get 700,000 dollars , has mark passio or any of these other people raised that much money to support the cause of defrauding the conspiracy against america ? mark passio is a god damn idiot his etymologies are fantasy and his legal advice is dangerous because anyone who follows and believe him is a fucking idiot sad to say cause i got friends that will sit there and listen to marks punk ass and not even give cooper a chance , pathetic … no proof of the illuminati in the 20th century BULLSHIT you want proof read the 68th convocations of the rose cross order written in the early 1900s , ralph epperson wouldnt read it because hes a fucking stubborn idiot , i suggest you read it and fucking start doing your own research and quit fucking around listening to FAKES

      1. no proof of the illuminati in teh 20th century my ass , mark passio is a fucking idiot , read this fucking book its written by the rose cross and it lists off the rose cross , illuminati , order of alchemists , the magi , priesthood of aeth , and the order of osiris as the six points on the six pointed star on the seal of the united states , read it and wheep god damnit and fucking join the right team , dont be decieved by some assholes like mark passio who betrays his friend freeman by wanted to get in jamie hanshaws pants , freeman iss a good guy his ideas are a little far out sometimes but hes a good person and not a LIAR like passio

  43. ”All you need to do to see through the war racket is to see it is pointless to join up, and that is all you need!”

    That makes sense,

    I agree with most you are saying but i am talikng about all those conspiracytheories etc etc … and that you can’t really know how thinks are,

    ”There is always mystery from which the known arises. It is a dynamic.” – Not for a Supreme Beïng that overviews everything,

    Maybe it’s a surprise how things turn out (could it ?) but this Beïng knows where it comes from and where it’s goïng,

    ” I think it is good to take into consideration the whole field of marketing, because that is mind control and connected with the occult. ”

    This is an example of what i mean : You simply can’t know that,

    I know there is marketing trying to target our minds cause they wanna sell off course but connected with the occult and mindcontrol like you see it ?,

    Could be.

    1. I see it that if you create this concept of a ‘Supreme Being’ as if apart from you? That this will disempower your own unique being.
      I just explore as I go along. of course I realize that there is a Mystery. But it is me that is navigating it, and so I want to explore it as deep as I can. The way I do that is just try and ask questions.

      take the very TERM ‘conspiracy theory’ ‘ i am talking about all those conspiracy theories’. That is looking deeper, right? Suddenly you say eg ‘wait, what does that term even MEAN? Where does it come from? Why are people in authority warning me not to believe ‘outrageous conspiracy theories’?’ So you look, and find out that the CIA popularized this term soon after the JFK assassination so as to quell questioning of the Warren Report. Do you see their tactic? Do you see how since then presidents like W Bsuh used it to quell questioning of the official 9/11 Commission report etc? And how this now has pervaded debate throughout with supporters of the official 9/11 narrative calling people ‘conspiracy theorists’ for daring to question the absurd narrative, which REALLY, is itself a conspiracy theory, but one that is full of holes. But the term is a tool, a tactic, to shut up those who question authority.

      ‘Maybe it’s a surprise how things turn out (could it ?) but this Beïng knows where it comes from and where it’s goïng,’

      Please read this: How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare: ‘Israel strategists rely on game theory models to ensure the intended response to staged provocations and manipulated crises. The waging of war “by way of deception” (the Mossad’s motto) is now a mathematical discipline…. Such “probabilistic” war planning enables Tel Aviv to deploy serial provocations and well-timed crises as a force multiplier to project Israeli influence worldwide… For a skilled agent provocateur, the target can be a person, a company, an economy, a legislature, a nation, or an entire culture- such as Islam. With a well-modeled provocation, the anticipated reaction can even become a powerful weapon in the Israeli arsenal.’

      ” I think it is good to take into consideration the whole field of marketing, because that is mind control and connected with the occult. ”

      This is an example of what i mean : You simply can’t know that,

      I know there is marketing trying to target our minds cause they wanna sell off course but connected with the occult and mindcontrol like you see it ?,

      Yes they both use same formula FEAR SOLUTION. Create, induce fear, and then proffer the ‘solution’. In advertizing it may be worry that you have lost or are losing your youth (FEAR) and then they try and sell you the product to alleviate that fear (SOLUTION). In false flag 9/11 they create a very dramatic Hollywoodesque scenario which induces trauma (which they repeat showing, repetitively, just like adverts on the media) and then offer the ‘solution’ ‘the war on terrorism’.

      1. ”I see it that if you create this concept of a ‘Supreme Being’ as if apart from you? That this will disempower your own unique being.”

        Not necessarily, i think that if we were created (from scratch) then it is the meaning we evolve in our own autonomous beïng,

        And that’s the question : is this Supreme Beïng apart of us or are we part of it ?,

        I believed for a long time sort or less the story that there in the beginning was only one
        consciousness who split up to evolve and to know itself,

        If that is the case then knowing is dynamic and evolves, (or maybe our knowing is dynamic and there could be still a higher consciousness that really knows), then it’s a level we haven’t reached yet,

        Then i started reading books and story’s of people with a near death experience and some of them say this Beïng is apart from us,

        Eben Alexander says there is a Supreme Beïng who had a total overview of everything from the beginning of creation till the end of it (so including evolving ) and really knows and that we are attached to this Beïng,

        What is the truth ? Personally i attach more to the story from Eben Alexander (and besides that : it’s his experience ) but it could be also something else,

        I agree with you there must be something going on off course but how can be sure it’s this or that ? And then i still come to working on myself,

        Off course you can change the obvious things like for an example avoiding all the bad foods they are trying to sell you and make people aware of it, etc etc ..

        1. ”Yes they both use same formula FEAR SOLUTION. Create, induce fear, and then proffer the ‘solution’. In advertizing it may be worry that you have lost or are losing your youth (FEAR) and then they try and sell you the product to alleviate that fear (SOLUTION). In false flag 9/11 they create a very dramatic Hollywoodesque scenario which induces trauma (which they repeat showing, repetitively, just like adverts on the media) and then offer the ‘solution’ ‘the war on terrorism’.”

          I don’t understand why you are connecting these together,

          It’s human nature trying to sell things, it’s surviving but i agree many people aren’t honest, it’s a shame,

          But marketing doesn’t have to be bad if your honest, it’s how you use it that makes it good or bad and i agree it’s mostly used in a dishonest way. ( besides the possibilty that the government is using it in the way you are describing which is sickening )

  44. I accidently ran into this guy during Youtube’s annoying random next suggested video feature. God what an asshat. Thank you for summarizing this windbag’s bs. His talks are full of inaccuracies and generalities that are designed to mislead the public into seeing things from his point of view – that of a paranoid ego maniac.

  45. I responded somewhere in the mid of these comments and wanted to follow up directly under it but this will have to suffice.

    One question I have is in regards to cointel:
    If the CIA is charged with putting out 90% of the source material for disinformation and ultimately confusing tactics, would it be fair to view this merely as the means to prevent unity of the masses who are waking up to this global agenda? Can we logically arrive at that possibility? It appears to me that the cry of disinfo is a very effective tool to continue the divide and conquer strategy. The in-fighting oh the desire for truth is most damning to shattering the current paradigm.

    Regarding Mark Passio, I would like to shed light on a few (of what I consider) of the most critical assertions he puts forth. Additionally, I believe it appropriate to weigh all sources of information and contemplate what we read, digest and process the information, discard what doesn’t logically follow and gain spiritual/mental nutrition from that which does.

    1. Mark has a very direct delivery, ” get as offended as you like”, “period, end of story”, this type of speech. Most will dismiss the message because of the delivery, but that doesn’t make the information less accurate. I happen to enjoy his strength of conviction. Most of humanity (at least in America) wants comfort and to be talked to so sweet and kind in order to continue to justify their immoral behavior, rather than take personal responsibility for those wrong actions. This is part of his message. Take Personal responsibility, challenge yourself, regardless of the tone or severity of the messenger.

    2. Natural law. There is objective truth. Simply put, “Don’t steal”
    All morality and objective truth can be broken down and simplified to this universal law.
    Any transgression against another at its core is theft (I won’t get into this here, research it if you are not familiar.)
    Therefore, solipsism vs. Objective truth. He asserts objective truth exists, the opposite is man’s attempt to play God.

    3. Symbolism. He dissects arch type symbolism and claims that these fundamentally affect our subconscious. He claims they are employed for the purpose of manipulation to illicit a response that is acted upon consciously, mostly without the direct recognition by the average person. Ann example that I found interesting was the star of David, broken down this is the two main archetypes of gender: upward triangle is the blade which represents the sacred masculinity which is action and logic, or left brain modality. The downward triangle is the chalice, or sacred feminine which is the generative force, creative, emotional, compassionate. The combination illustrates the alchemical wedding of right action coupled with proper thought/emotion. In effect, once this is recognized within the human consciousness it embodies unity consciousness: as I think, so I feel, so I act. Individual. Without internal division.
    Additionally, he constantly reinforces that all of this is there for the personal journey and not some external force acting upon us. These are teaching methods.

    4. Occult. Simply meaning hidden. The hidden knowledge of the ancients, almost exclusively relating to the human experience to attain that alchemical wedding of the mind, body, spirit. The symbols we see point to this and the occult draws from that knowledge. Astrogeology, kabbala, the Torah, tarot, Islam, Christianity, Buddha, ancient mystery traditions, etc, these are all steeped and originate from these arch types and the esoteric message is the same, referring to what what I just mentioned. As above so below, the universe is self similar across scales. Additionally, the occult has both dark and light. Look at even the few following examples: free masonry, the tree of life, kabbala. If you study them you will find they can be used for selfish purposes or for a greater purpose that serves all, not just one.

    5. Mind control:
    The dark occultists keep these basics truths for themselves while hiding them in plain sight as a cruel form of mockery. They believe they draw power from building these symbols into form and they laugh at our ignorance and refusal to research this information.
    They then use a combination of mind control techniques (divide and conquer, Hegelian dialectic, word sorcery through media aka NLP, and various other soft and hard techniques) to suppress the consciousness of the masses si they remain unified and we remain divided, because, after all as he claims,
    There universe respects unity consciousness, whether good or bad.

    6. Order following and personal responsibility:
    This topic is lengthy but can be reduced to this:
    There are very powerful, wealthy individuals who believe in dark occult and they give orders to people on paper or edict, but without the action of those who obey for a paycheck without question, the orders don’t happen. In effect the worst humans are the blind order followers who don’t question the morality of those actions, they would rather abdicate personal responsibility because somehow this provides relief from those ownership of said actions. Police, military: these are the guilty party when it comes to violence. All the rest of us who comply and do not resist by using the word no are also culpable because implicitly we provide false credibility to these aggressors.
    Simply put, everyone is responsible for the action they take and there is no excuse to claim otherwise.

    7. Consciousness: he simply brakes down this to the spirit of our existence and that man is not God. We are all connected and we need to raise our collective consciousness to progress as a species by refusing to transgress on another because if one suffers, all suffer.
    There is more to it but this is the main crux of the purpose of what everything else is founded.

    8. Crop circles, UFO, Tesla technology, noon physical entities/beings :
    I’m not going to dive into this but I will remark that your dismissal of these subjects, or at the very least refusal to investigate the potential of these as existing illustrates a bias toward a left brain imbalance. To not even question what the Phoenix lights could be out the countless eye witness testimony across the globe of unidentified flying objects is not very academic. I don’t really know about any of these because I’m more concerned about showing the message about freedom and having an honest discussion about liberty with the masses, but I certainly don’t employ the logical fallacy of ad hominem in order to dismiss the people, not the message. It based derision and schism. I would urge you to at least consider the vast amount of other knowledge presented and discard that which you don’t agree, but also entertain the possibility that we do not everything and some things may not be provable with our current technologies.

    1. Mark is re-treading memes of known disinfo artist spooks while encouraging people to arm themselves and prepare for war. End of story. We don’t need to waste a lot of time or words on this obvious to anyone hoodwink. PS, not interested in stupid flame wars and will delete further useless dogma-ridden posts from you from here on.

  46. I’ve just come across your work and it’s quite refreshing so thanks for the effort and energy.
    Also funny to see all the butt-hurt in the comments “but muh Passio/but muh Icke” or “you don’t understand” etc. People don’t like it when you challenge their idols becuase they take it personally (I can’t possibly be wrong!)….well i say, please keep going, and i would be interested to see what you think of a few of these ‘flat earth gurus like Eric Dubay et al.
    Thanks again.

  47. damnit i replied in the wrong spot im sorry everybody , and i just noticed this article is hating against mark passio , omg i feel retarded lol sorry its 4 in the morning and ive got the flu and ive got a terrible temperature and i always spam mark passios shit because i fuckign hate his stupid lying ass

  48. damnit this is actually a great article i applaud , give bill cooper a listen please , i was under the impression that this article was promoting mark fake ass passio due to my google search and seeing one of the comments coming up , please read my other comments but take no offense to what i said and please read that 68th convocations of the rose cross book , i am still undecided on whether or not the secret societies are for or against the royal families and european aristocracies and if they are truly trying to destroy the constitution because of a pamplet by the scottish rite from june 1963 called the new age which both promotes the constitution and speaks out against communism simaltaniously , i respectfully asked ralph epperson (once a very close pen pal) to comment on the subject and to read the article and he refused , over the years i would show ralph epperson supreme court cases which contradictd with his research and he would be come furious and refuse to address it , i finally blocked him due to his “name calling” and hatred of bill cooper , he told me why him and bill cooper were no longer friends and i promised to never repeat what he said , but bassically he holds a grudge against cooper for a pretty lame reason and wont let go of that grudge and no matter how nice he is to you if you bring up william cooper in a good way he will instantly start hating on you , also he refused to even investigate coopers later research a tiny bit just select episodes out of pure spite , i could care less what the royal families do or what religious cult fanatics do as long as their not fucking with our constitution , the united nations runs our military pursuant to the participation act by the security council of the united nations , the writer of this article is right but to go into detail , the united nations operates the international monetary fund which is basically the bank of england , and the secretary of the treasury of our country gets money for the treasury dept from the international monetary fund from himself because he simaltaniously holds the position of governor of the fund for the international monetary fund , he recieves a check from a foreign power , as do many people in our country , then perpetuates unconstitutional currency under unconstitutional coinage acts , then distributes unconstitutional currency under the color of law and they neglect to tell us 12usc411 that federal reserve notes are “obligations” and “redeemable for lawful money on demand at any federal reserve bank” , they dont have any lawful money or anything other than federal reserve notes in their bank , and 31usc3124 states that “obligations of hte united states are exempt from taxation by the state or political subdivisions , and they used that one to cover up 31usc742 which is possibly still in effect but not anywhere in writing to the public which states any obligaiton of the united states is exempt from any form of taxation , the constitution is supreme law (marbury vs madison , supremacy clause) and anything in conflict is null and void and not enforcable in law , bears no power to enforce no obligation to obey and would purport to settle as though ti had never existed , (carl miller talks about this in his video called know your constitution , quite long but very solid info quotes every law you cant think of but is his only video besides a radio interveiw i scoured the web for and uploaded on youtube ) we are constitutionally immune from using unconstitutional currency defined by the gold silver clause in the constitution , no state shall tender anything in payment of debt other than gold or silver coin , congress has the write to COIN money not print it , the forefathers were specifically against paper money , not only that the supreme court rules that there are more rights of the citizens than just those listed in the bill of rights and the amendments and well we have a right not to be involved in unconstitutional commerce , i said this to a judge once and he didnt understand what i meant , i told him commerce is money and the money they wanted me to pay with was unconstitutional and a listed off a few supreme court cases , he wouldnt allow the stenographer to type anything that i said and he would not allow me to ask for a declaratory judgement on the constitutionality of the case which is against due process and i have a right to due process under the 5th amendment , we live in a world of economic slavery where inflation robs every american in america , where soldiers die for lies , where congress hasnt declared war for over 50 years yet we are constantly at war ? they have no delegation of authority to have anything other than a navy if congress hasnt declared war … im trying to paint a picture to get your attention because i know anyone who comments on this article is obviously smarter than the common person regardless of their opinion about mark lying sack of shit passio , alot of people died for us to have this constitution and by god were going to keep it and if we cant get the information out to the people to stop this conspiracy against the constitution then our country will go into civil war by the socialist communist brainwashed idiot “liberals” who want to wine and wine about the stupidest shit but have no idea that liberal used to be pro constitution and will not give a rats ass about tthe inflation of unconstitutional currency and the law , judges in our country are bribed by federal bonuses to rule cases in a certian way thus making them have a financial interest in every case and thus violating their oaths of office and judicial cannon (i learned alot of this from carl miller and william cooper ) , if we dont stop this then we are doomed and our childrens children are doomed , most people are like “waht can i do im just one person “well you could at least talk about it dumby , or “why should i think about such things when it will only bring me negativity ” and its like god think about your fucking children you idiot , im sick of people saying “i dont have time for that ” , well even though my dad wont listen to a word i say about the conspiracy against the constitution he has a good saying and he says ” make time god damnit” , i want all of you to make time and start studyhing as hard as you can we must save our constitution , so many people walked through 4 states barefoot so we could have it , lost their farms lost their fortunes had their families butchered by england for being a part of the revolution , so many people lost their lives and dedicated everything they had so we can have it and idiots just want to flush it down the fucking toilet like worthless children , maybe the secret societies are right , maybe people are just unthinking masses , goyem , chattel , maybe they are just useless eaters , maybe they are steaks on the table of their own consent , maybe they should look in teh mirror and change something about their fucking life before its too late for all of us , wake up to being a slave in the land your forefathers conquered (im part indian so well thats a whole can of worms lol) but you know what the fuck i mean , god damnit this isnt some fucking game we are the adults we need to be the change like all those stupid facebook posts “be the change you want to see in the world” god i hate facebook but its the only damn tool to communicate to the masses and because of these damn computer programs youtube videos and facebook posts are purposely ignored due to algorithms , evgen terence mckenna was pro constitution regardless of all the things he speaks about , and i can tell you mark passio has no idea of the mechanics of the constitution and i demand you listen to carl millers know your constitution video

  49. I would like to say in regard to Mark Passio. I was very taken by his teaching until I started noticing that he was pushing Michael Tsarion and a few others. I cannot stand Jordan Maxwell, what a freakin idiot. The things he says are so obviously nonsense. Tsarion is a real jerk, I have corresponded with him and he has a bad temper. Most of these guys just seem angry all the time. Most likely due to their alcohol consumption. I like that Steve takes a stand for MJ and against cocaine and the other substances that destroy our health. Things have gotten so bad since cocaine was spread about. I remember how nice it was when we just sat around and smoked weed and liked each other. Now everyone is so paranoid and sociopathic….cocaine created a world of liars. Anyway, I see where Mark just went on Alex Jones. Well, there you have it. Such a shame we don’t have genuine teachers but more of the same thing. The wolf in sheeps clothing. Everything is a religion if your following some cult leader. One other thing, all these guys that change their names, well thats another red flag.

  50. 2019, Impeachment, law and Passio, check Jordan Maxwell for a sound like Passio makes about law.

    2019, Impeachment, with congressional inquisatorial virgin Adam Schiff having his whistle blown like Kim Philby by JJ Angleton, deja vu now by Angleton’s wife’s Sikh army kundalini cult leader’s child by Angleton’s daughter, giving us JJ Mahdi Christ Angletonne III aka Eric Ciaramella. Schiff has bud Ed Buck, three black men dead between those two joyous participants in an Egyptian Isis cult. Two more dead, helicopter crash, Standard Hotel figures, Schiff’s partner in AEROS drones guarding Trump Wall, the leading suspect there. Thus, Pink SS burns Reichstag again for Nero to fiddle on.

    If Mark Passio’s principal sources i.e. “four” include Jordan Maxwell, whatever he says about law would sound like Jordan Maxwell. I think what Maxwell says about Land vs Sea law is substantially correct. Compare to Black Sea pirates, Iliad pirates, Venetian and Amsterdam and London and Norfolk/NYC. Barbary pirate ships were captained by English and Dutch, so Iliad-Venetian pirates. Henry Sinclair was not a violent ahole so we must hear of Columbus who was a genocidal white supremacist. District of Columbus, law, impeachment.

    I had heard 69 and yin-yang, came across Passio who explained male and female, left and right brain, balance, prefrontal, maybe he said DMT. All the CIA brats had DMT, STP, woodrose etc(ANDCO). “Hitler hated the Forty-Eighters” of Oakland Belmont oak land, so, SS gave them the first Acid Test. Passio helped me by explaining left-right balance vs double-male ill human naughty pyre amidst aka 322 L3 Am-en AB Alpha-omega(lower case is like m) Henry VIII(upper hand) Ann 3oleyn(upper hand) Golden Dawn then Vrill black sun just same VIII L3 but under-handed for De Sade and Gils de Rais and NOLA LaLaurie and Lindo-Palmer Montego JFK HQ hell house–Meet Joe Black sheep silence of the lambs. Nothing, in a sense, is in a sense, correct to say! I call them morons. Oh, Arnold’s TIME covers were Totenkopf and Mano Fico which is Boston Marathon’s American Sniper L3 with 1/0 Turing Focker and a hint of State Street(SS) via their new building shows Alpha-omega(lcase m) or L3. Henry the VIII H-eroin Am-erica BEIC. Gaga Alejandro, sun ken, sun king, wine and rosary pills for Jimi Hendrix, but, her vid made after the fact at direction of ill human naughty pyre amidst, two templars one riding one Horus of sun ken prostate massage. Templar scionists are kind of bankers, one may say.

    What often goes by the wayside is that over half of those murderred at UCLA Jolly Jonestown, Colston Westbrook Phoenix black studies, were black children in fostercare and possibly picked up by UCLA studying black elementary school children. SS USN CHATTER UCLA CIA SLA squaring the circle alchemy OINCTELPRO blackmailee vs black male MLK/BP. Eric Ciaramella bleaches like his grandpa, add that to Schiff and Buck love black Horus gnostic demi-urge squaring their circle, for another Pink SS burns Reichstag op, for Nero, so don’t let your guard down after Pink SS comes out–that could have been a plan.

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