Did Romney Take a “Go” Pill?

Mitt Romney seemed unusually peppie and high energy last night and several people have commented on his somewhat pinned pupils. I couldn’t watch the entire show; it didn’t really hold my attention, and the moderator didn’t seem to be in control, but I could see Romney’s energy level was clearly higher than Obama’s. Also Romney kept his head high, while Obama spent too much time staring downward, as if Romney’s penetrating gaze was wearing him down. My first thought was that Romney took a “go” pill, which, as long as it was prescribed by a physician would have been entirely permissible for a devout Mormon like Romney.

Early on, when Obama realized he was dealing with a moving target, he delivered his best line, something along the lines of, after months of campaigning, Romney’s new strategy is “never mind,” (referring to Romney’s often touted tax relief for the rich, a plan suddenly abandoned along with a lot of his other Republican talking points). Romney moved so far towards the center last night, it was difficult to tell who the actual liberal was. If the other two debates continue along these lines, Obama can start sending out his resume. He’s so much more effective when reading off a teleprompter and really needs to memorize some stock answers that shift his demeanor to an offensive position.

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  1. Obama had his hands full last night. Sometimes if you can’t hit a ‘moving target’, the best thing to do is ‘wait’ so the target comes to you. When sparring with rules, fighters adhere to the rules. If there’s no kicking and your opponent kicks, you don’t start kicking, you back off and look to the official to officiate. Last night when romney stated new lies, all Obama could do is….less. You can’t fight someone by the rules if that fighter isn’t playing by the rules. I’m glad there will be more debates. I’m confident the truth shall be revealed. The pupils say it all. If romney’s using drugs to get up for these debates, I hope the people prove and exploit it. Professional boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. tested positive for marijuana usage AFTER his title fight a couple of weeks ago and was fined $20,000. Ridiculous? Absolutely. Let’s fine romney shall we?
    Thanks for another great article.

    1. Steven I feel your pain it was awful but I made myself stick it out and at the final remarks Romney was doing this really weird thing of rhythmically rising up and down on his toes you could see his shoulders going up and down, dude was ripped.

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