Lies About Alzheimer’s


There’s an article in the New York Times today pointing out advances in dementia detection have greatly outpaced treatment and most patients feel they have few options confronting their impending spiral of doom.

The testing is expensive, by the way, and not covered by insurance. Unfortunately, our medical establishment has a very strong disposition against medical cannabis. When the government and/or pill companies get around to finally funding some studies, cannabis will probably be proven the best possible medicine to stave off dementia. Even today, however, many doctors will tell you a Prozac prescription may help ward off symptoms. But then Prozac comes with a lot of unwanted side effects, like decreased libido and a 5 to 10% chance of psychotic reaction and/or suicidal thoughts. That number would be more exact but the companies who paid for the research shredded the results. In fact, 9 out of 10 studies on SSRI’s had to be shredded before they could enginner 1 % with amazing results. Well, truth be told, the results weren’t that amazing as SSRI’s work no better than sugar placebo pills. So I guess that explains why half the country is being put on SSRI’s, the eventual downstream damage of which will not be fully known for decades?

But you don’t have to pay thousands for a brain scan or a Prozac prescription. Just started eating some high quality cannabis oil as a preventive measure. It works.

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