The Truth About Food

In 1983, a joint team from China, Cornell University and Oxford University began a 20-year study into the relationship between diet and disease. The results were astonishing: heart disease and obesity are the result of food toxicity and malnourishment and do not even exist in those communities that consume primarily fresh vegetables and fruits. In 2004, one of the lead researchers, T. Colin Campbell, published The China Study, a book summarizing the results of this massive research effort. This book should have made the front pages around the world, yet few seem to realize its significance.
A few doctors, however, took note and began treating heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity as food-borne illnesses. Predictably, many of their extremely ill patients completely cured themselves of their health problems simply by switching to a plant-based diet and avoiding processed foods. These results were recently dramatically revealed in the documentary, Forks Not Knives, released in August, 2011 and now available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. These miraculous cures often took as little as three months to take effect.
One is left to ponder why this obvious solution to childhood obesity is currently being ignored? And why do most of our schools offer nothing but deadly food to our children? The current situation is very similar to the 1960’s, when most intelligent MD’s realized smoking tobacco had already created an explosion of lung cancer. Yet this information was largely ignored as the tobacco companies continued to reap huge profits for decades, despite the trail of misery and death created by their products. Now we have a trail of misery and death created by our food industry. I do not believe the current food industry is capable of reform, and will only seek to keep increasing its profits through factory farming of animals and bioengineering toxic products to protect their monopolies. We need a massive conversion to organic farming, ban GMO’s, and remove subsidies for corn, wheat and soy beans (the three most toxic crops at this point).

If there’s anyone out there reading this who’s had any success introducing healthy food to school cafeterias, I’d appreciate hearing from you. Since marijuana will soon be legal, I’m looking for a new cause to work on, and getting a safe alternative menu introduced into our school systems asap is high on my list.

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