Colorado Coalition Wants Legalization Repealed?

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The political establishment is firing back at legalization in Colorado by forming an alliance of business lobbyists and civic leaders to encourage the Feds to intervene and restore order. The front lines on this assault on democracy shows zero support from any legal drug industries. Although they’re probably the biggest hidden opponents of legalization, they remain in stealth mode for obvious reasons.

The logos here represent some of the groups that sent a letter to the Attorney General urging intervention. I couldn’t help but notice the biggest banking lobbyist in the state is included. That dude is married to the CEO of the billion dollar Daniels Fund. Some of the signatories seem to have been recruited through the well organized anti-drug parents movement, which has been so carefully cultivated over the last two decades.

Unfortunately, what these misguided parents fail to realize is that the law against marijuana is doing more harm to kids than the plant ever could. That’s because every day in America families are broken up because of the law against marijuana. In almost all these cases, when children are taken from their parents for whatever reason, the trauma that results is difficult to gauge. Losing custody of a child can be a sentence worse than death for some. For most marijuana users, consumption of the plant does no more damage to their ability to raise children than a prescription to Prozac or any other mood-altering medication has on others, much less the problems created by alcohol use and abuse.

So if you really want to do something to save our kids, please educate them about the dangers of drugs, starting with the most dangerous of all, Oxycontin. Meanwhile, please stop using the cannabis plant as an excuse to lock people in jail and place their children into foster care.

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  1. It is nice to see someone recognize a situation I have talked about for years. Marijuana and foster care. Marijuana is probably one of the largest tools used to destroy families. Personally, I feel that the war on drugs should be ended and money rasied from taxes used to fix the very broken Child Protection System.

    Another area that few people realize is how prohabition has crippled our manufacturing capablities. It has robbed us of our craftmanship knowledge base. How many times over the years have we trained, retrained and retrained agian over our workers being incarcerated or failing drug screens. Over the last 4 decaides our skilled workers have progressed and retired, so who do we have to train the youngsters? Certainly things most people do not think about.

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