On the road to world peace

One of my current missions is to spread my meditation device around the world as quickly as possible, and you don’t have to get one from me because you build your own and it will work better than anything I could make for you.

Funny how the fake scents have much stronger smell, while the real deals are much more subtle. I usually put Frankincense in my center candle. The device forms a pyramid, which is important because it points up and contributes to creating a positive vibration.

How many drone bases are there worldwide right now? Dunno, that’s classified, but I can tell you it’s less than 500, although expanding at a frightening pace. I’d like to place a seven sacred candle altar as close as possible to every single one of those bases.

I put expensive gems selected by Garrick Beck on my most exclusive sets. The Hammer calls them attenuator buttons, or something like that, but I really think of them as the batteries. I am hoping the stones can pick up vibrations and store them long after the candle wax has melted away.

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