Guide to starting your own religion

I grew up in Champaign-Urbana in the 1960s when it became a hotbed of counterculture activity. You won’t find much of that today, unfortunately, and the University and town seem like a foreign land almost, despite the fact my beloved cannabis plant has a very long and storied history in the town (more on that in the second video below).

Many people have read my conspiracy theories and how I think a web of secret societies often pulls strings from behind curtains, and they love my analysis of the black magic sorcery going on inside the central banks of the world, but when I veered off into suggesting a possible solution to our religion problem was to start manifesting our own corruption-free religions, I may have surprised a few. Actually, I think most everybody makes up their own form of spirituality these days, only some attempts are more effective than others. Starting your own religion is pretty simple really, no more difficult than starting your own garage band, and in fact, music and religion work hand-in-glove and always have. So do mathematics and religion.

It’s important to discard all dogma.

Bell, book and candle have been the foundation for ritual for millennia, so I created 7-candle sculptures as a focal point for ceremonial altars. Seven colors, seven scents and seven symbols drawn from a variety of cultures to signify unification of all religion under one rule: “Don’t hurt anybody.” This followed my belief cannabis was the original sacrament that launched peace culture, which created Buddhism and Christianity.

Aum and Amen are the same thing, just different ends of the Silk Road.

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