Inside the Despicable Family Guy/Boston Marathon Hoax

When I first met Jesse Ventura, the first question out of my mouth was, “how can you support an obvious demagogue like Alex Jones?”

“Maybe Alex feels he has to act that way to get his point across,” smiled Jesse, who is an intensely charming and likeable guy, but, after all Jesse was also in show business for a lot of his life, so I’m sure he understands the importance of role playing in good theater.

But Jones is more than that, he’s the leading edge of disinformation, and constantly getting caught playing despicable tricks on his audience, like the time he claimed Madonna’s halftime performance was an Illuminati Ritual.

More recently Jones tried to connect a Batman movie to the Sandy Hook tragedy, but yesterday he crossed the line when he doctored two clips from a Family Guy episode to make it appear that TV show predicted the Boston Marathon bombing. We need a new word in our vocabulary to describe Jones’ activities. To callously mine such tragedy in order to pretend the media is being employed in some sort of clumsy Satanic Mind Control system has to be one of the most despicable trades known to mankind.

And as disgusting as it is, unfortunately, it’s also about as difficult as falling off a log.

Coincidences are the fabric of the universe and there’s no escaping them or their potential power as lightning rods. This is also how a lot of phony prophets and psychics work, because if you can be vague enough, the coincidences will pull you through. The popular media is an immense stream of data, therefore anytime anything happens you can search that data bank for random coincidences and find plenty. Even between conspiracy stories a century apart you will find plenty, as in the Lincoln assassination and the JFK assassination. In fact, the current stream of disinfo mostly mines coincidences to draw lines to dots that don’t connect. This is really the state-of-the art of disinfo today, which I like to describe as the chaff and flares tossed out behind a jet to pull the heat-seeking missile off target. Only in this case, it’s citizen researchers who are seeking the heat, and the inevitable bizarre coincidences? Well, that’s another flare going off.

As soon as Jones put up his doctored video, someone post a question on Quora asking me to answer how come the national media doesn’t even discuss Jones allegations?

As for the media not giving any credence to any conspiracy story unless it involves unprotected people, like the Sicilian men of honor society: there’s a pretty intense filter on the material presented in the mainstream and whatever David Icke and Alex Jones (two largest fountains of disinfo today) are saying is not going to be covered, except possibly to ridicule it, and then it would be very brief. This is a staged clash of manufactured paradigms designed to draw the centers of energy to their own control. But it will never happen in public. The two sides must be kept isolated because if they share info, they may start to wise up.

I have to wonder who posted that question on Quora anyway? I guess they didn’t know it was a hoax?

I often find myself in Internet duels, sometimes with a guy in Boston who works for the Ford Foundation. He plays multiple roles it seems, all with different online identities. In one he cleverly makes a case for the Rothschild control of the financial system (a played-out gag launched by the John Birch Society). In another he dispatches that same viewpoint with intense accusations of antisemitism and a lot of posturing but few facts. I’m sure many sock puppets are available to help drive and inflame the online dialogue. Instead of drawing people together in harmony, it seems the CIA might be more interested in fostering hostile, negative energies that polarize people. How many jihad sites on the Internet do you suppose are secretly controlled by someone other than the figurehead who supposedly runs that op? You could say the same thing about any violent hate group. I’d imagine many of them trace right back to Langley.

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  1. How do you (impersonal you) know disinformation when you see it, Steven? Are Jones’ and Icke’s versions of it reducible to marketplace motivations? You gain notoriety with reference to hot spot issues and in come the receipts? Or, beyond the profit motive, are Jones-Icke players in the game of intelligence, a game that cannot exist outside of state and network rivalries? Jones-Icke have their respective public agendas, “enlightening” the rest of us as to what is “really” going on. But on another level, are they part of the push and pull matrix of rival factions playing mind-games with one another?

    1. I’ve been studying the major deep political events since 1969 and I look for patterns. In any major operation, the rabbit holes are prepared in advance so those who grab the center of energy are manufactured. It is easy for them to control the release of information in a way to distract and confuse. Also, I don’t spend most of my time in research, I spend it manufacturing peace magic. I think this helps me stay clear and not be led by the paranoia.

      1. I suppose I should have read your dispatch of 4/19 before asking abt the nature of disinfo above. A lot of my questions were answered there. I surely get that study with an eye to pattern discernment is essential. Tarpley has dropped the dime in this regard. I inquired abt Tarpley once before. You admit that he is, at the very least, a scholar, a serious researcher. Moving ahead, if I may, to “A Craft International Rabbit Hole Emerges”, you seem to be saying that intel goes to some, or great, length to lead citizen researchers astray. I suppose this means that intel finds such movements and journalistic efforts of some concern, or at least, some use. I am no researcher. I guess you could say I’m a consumer of such material these days. I used to read philosophy and literature. Get Back, Jojo

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