A Craft International Rabbit Hole Emerges

images-2Before the second suspect was even captured, I noticed a rush of judgment on some conspiracy sites that the two Russians were patsies and the real bombers were mercenaries from Craft International. The evidence for this was a photo of a cap worn by a man wearing a backpack, who seemed to be a part of a group of military or undercover law enforcement types standing near the finish line.

Craft International was founded by the most prolific sniper in American history, Chris Kyle, who was only recently murdered in a bizarre incident on a firing range in Texas last February.

I immediately suspected this story as having been planted as a rabbit hole to lead citizen researchers astray.

Let me digress for a minute: It was at the second Whee! festival in 1998 that I realized the massive ceremonies I was manifesting were having some sort of an impact on my telepathic abilities. That year I decided to disappear from Mission Control, where I’d been trapped during the first WHEE! and just walk among the people unidentified, as just one of the undercover security team, only my Batman belt was way better than the others, except for maybe 6/22. I became a hippie cop for a few days and polished my hippie shakedown techniques. I was really good at spotting perpetrators, intercepting them and neutralizing their movies. I had invented an elaborate scheme for handling all the cash, none of which I ever touched of course, but all of which flowed into a secret trailer, while everyone else thought it was going into a cashbox at Mission Control that actually only held a few hundred dollars.

I learned that if you tune yourself up right, you can amp up the ability to suss out the disinfo.

One thing you always have to be ready for is a tsumani of disinfo immediately following a major op. The intel apparatus is always first on the scene with what looks like the best info. That’s how they flush the citizen researchers away from the danger areas.

The obvious solution is to identify and question the man with the Craft cap and determine what his story is, does it make sense and is he telling us the truth? Because if he has a completely plausible explanation for his appearance at the finish line wearing a backpack, then you know this story was manufactured disinfo, which means it is a tail connected to a head that knows more than they are revealing. And when you can successfully ID disinfo, it can be very helpful in revealing exactly where they are trying to lead you and what they are trying to lead you away from. It’s a complex game played between the intelligence apparatus and the citizen researchers. In my opinion, professional spooks do not show up at undercover ops wearing their ID bracelets or real company logos. They will always have well-thought-out fake ID’s and costumes. It is part of their game, which is why I don’t buy into the Craft story.

images-1Here are the basic facts as we know them:

1) Law enforcement said they had no record of either brother, yet the FBI obviously has massive files on both, as they should. Post 9/11, how could police say they had zero records? This is very, very suspicious and makes me think their files may have been disappeared or sanitized already.

2) It makes no sense to go on a crime spree after escaping the scene. All that did was bring the entire Boston Police to their location and make their death or capture inevitable.

3) Why were two middle-eastern looking men allowed to enter the area without a search of their backpacks? Post 9/11, isn’t this standard procedure to have inspection stations posted leading into mass public events? You can’t get into Times Square on New Year’s Eve carrying a backpack.

4) The response on TV and the lock-down on the entire Eastern seaboard was beyond what was necessary to capture a wounded 19-year-old. And considering he was bleeding profusely, I don’t understand why dogs weren’t available to track him to the boat immediately.

5) The parents and friends of the pair say they saw zero signs of terrorist behavior? This suggests one of two possibilities: they were sleeper agents under hypnotic control or they were being manipulated and were set-up as patsies. The second possibility seems less likely simply because of the crime spree shootouts. Had they been actual patsies and not willing participants in the endeavor, they would have been far better off surrendering and volunteering their side of the story immediately, which is what Oswald was attempting to do before Ruby killed him.

Don’t think disinfo isn’t important. It brings a lot of information to the table, you just have to invert it to read it properly. It will be interesting to see the next torrent of disinfo. Meanwhile, I am very thankful the boy was taken alive so at least we have hope of getting to the bottom of this incident and what his motivations may have been.

2 Replies to “A Craft International Rabbit Hole Emerges”

  1. those who think the bros. are patsies might point out that the police say the store robbery was a coincidence and the cop they shot just happened to be there. but a confession is made to the person whose car they stole. unlikely they were planted there just waiting to get carjacked. the story makes no sense , so far.

  2. why didn’t any reporter question what that big blue box-tarp covered thing on the scissors crane was ? right at the finish line, it dominated many video shots of the explosion scene. i call it the blue elephant in the room, studiously ignored.it looks like a photography platform. i’ve been on them. at best, a tarp overhead to keep reflections from the sun down is present. they never cover all 4 sides. no way to poke a camera out. no cameras from that site were used at the finish line . so what’s it doing soaking up so much valuable real estate ? a very desirable spot, right next to the hotel also with blue awnings-tarps on the front of it.
    this may mean nothing but the craft guys have a wire going to one ear(not headphones, like an i-pod etc.), then, just after, they are on cell-phones too.

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