Welcome to the Pot Illuminati…..shhhhh…..

The Pot Illuminati is a dogma-free society devoted to stealing the magic of the evil Illuminati. It is free to join and free to attend our ceremonies but you have to be invited and you cannot have a history of violence or abusing people. You also have to promise not to hurt anybody.
If you’re interested in this concept, watch my facebook page, and you might get some hidden clues on how to find us.
You can recognize members by the golden pins we wear, It’s all very hush hush at this point, and it’s a miracle I can even put this much online about it.

14 Replies to “Welcome to the Pot Illuminati…..shhhhh…..”

    1. Of course you and Fred were the first ones granted Illuminated Master after me and Flick and Brian and Dino and Jay. We will have your pin soon and invite you to the Opening of the Grand Lodge, when we will be holding the first annual Pot Illuminati Cup.

  1. i dont believe this is true , and besides something like that has already been made matter of a fact its been around since the 90’s and considering you think you an innovator of the idea is a smack in the face to the real underground community , and next to that why would you name a group after the people who want to destroy cannabis , the temple

    1. Because that’s the way magic works Stacie, it’s like capture the flag in the telepathic universe. You take the sigil away and make in your own so it radiates the energy you want to put into it, not the energy they have.

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