New book on JFK fails to connect the dots

You know the CIA brought out some big guns to create a cloud of smoke around the JFK assassination for the 50th Anniversary. Former New York Times reporter Philip Shenon has worked for years going over all the recently released documents. He was on Face the Nation yesterday and went over some of the more bizarre details of the case, dots that he just doesn’t seem to be able to properly connect. The book has already been the subject of a massive review in the Washington Post.

If you’ve been following my analysis of this case, you understand that the murder of Win Scott is a key element because Scott did his own investigation into Oswald’s trip into Mexico and wanted to shine a spotlight on his relationship with a woman who worked at the Cuban Embassy, a woman he suspected may have even been a double agent for someone.

Shenon did cover some of the incredible destruction of evidence that started two weeks before the assassination when Oswald delivered a note to the Dallas FBI, a note that was quickly destroyed. The destruction continued for months afterwards. Never has so much important evidence in a murder case been so recklessly destroyed. Oswald’s note may have indicated a plot against the President, or revealed his role as a deep undercover informant for CIA counterintelligence chief James J. Angleton. We will never know what was in Oswald’s note, just like we will never know what was written on the official autopsy, the notes of which were immediately burned. Oswald also tried to leave a note at the Dallas police after he was taken into custody, and that note was also immediately destroyed by the police.

There were tremendous machinations inside the Warren Commission to conceal and destroy evidence and limit the investigation. This critical woman from inside the Cuban embassy in Mexico was not interviewed even though she seemed to have crucial knowledge of the plot. The reason? According to Shenon, Chief Justice Earl Warren explained: “We do not interview Communists.” This seems especially odd since one of his staff actually contacted Fidel Castro about the case. There was a lot of early effort to paint Castro as a possible controller of Oswald, an effort that was quickly abandoned when it was decided he would forever remain a “lone nut,” which is the preferred way for intel to conduct assassination ops.

Bob Scheiffer intro’d his segment on the book by stating upfront it comes to the “right” conclusion, which is Oswald acted alone, even though the evidence of a massive coverup is overwhelming at this point, which just goes to show how controlled the US media is. After 50 years no cracks in the official story are allowed, even though the entire disinfo facade has crumbled and even people like me are cracking the case open now that so many whistleblowers have come forward over the last 50 years.

The Executive Action Team Richard Bissell and Angleton assembled to kill Castro that involved Johnny Roselli was diverted for the Kennedy hit. Immediately afterwards, a trail of dead bodies began appearing around Angleton, one that included some of his friends, as well as his old buddy Win Scott, who had become dangerous because he was doing his own private investigation into the assassination.

But there is no way Angleton would have pulled this off without the complicity and instigation of his superior, Allen Dulles. And the conspiracy also required the complicity and tacit approval of J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson and some highly placed people inside the Pentagon. I’d assume the cabal reached into the upper ranks of the oligarchy that really rules America. The Texas oil crowd (Hunt, Murchison) put up the $200,000 cash to pay the four shooters, who certainly included Roselli, although Murchison was soon busted down to near-nothing.

I’m sure the first thing Bobby Kennedy wanted to know was where was Harvey that day since he and JFK ordered Harvey sacked for engaging in murder plots to kill Castro. They wanted those plots ended so they could make peace with Cuba. Harvey was soon a broken alcoholic, hidden away in Italy, although he seemed to have advance knowledge of the hit and may have tried to recruit QJ/Win.

World peace is not what the oligarchy seeks, since the highest profit involves manipulating religions to make war for profit.

Understanding how politics and religion really work to keep the masses in line is key to achieving enlightenment in the modern age and I write about spirituality and deep politics because you need to understand both to achieve real enlightenment.

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  1. i never read the book but mae brussel gave some credence to “the 2 oswalds” about the oswald doubles. what do you think of the hunt confession taped by his son ?

    1. Mae is not a reliable source. Paul Krassner caught her feeding him disinfo about Charlie Manson. The Hunt confession was a limited hangout, but he did point a finger at the CIA Cuban affairs office in Miami and that group was certainly employed. It was actually Angleton who leaked the story that Hunt was in Dallas that day, something that was probably done to deflect attention away from Angleton’s Executive Action Team (Harvey, Roselli) and lead a wild goose chase on Hunt and Sturgis as the shooters when really they were propaganda people. There were certainly a few people using Oswald’s ID and Charles Rogers, who may have been a shooter, looked a bit like him I guess. There’s a incident at a shooting range where someone was probably posing as Oswald.

      1. i remember the range thing. also , the purchase of the carcano seemed odd , since a winchester 270 he got would have been much more accurate and a real sniper. i didn’t know about me’s disinfo. i first heard of her when paul published “the sla is the cia”, which made a lot of sense. that limited hangout does seem to be a possibility and has been used many other times. hunt’s son sounded pretty sincere about noticing the poster of the tramps looking like his dad and believing his confession. perhaps he was duped.

        1. Hunt as one of the Tramps was a complete rabbit hole. That old dude that looks somewhat like Hunt is a forger who worked for Lanksy named Chauncey Holt, and he ID’d the other two tramps as Harrelson and Rogers. He also said the paper bag he carries had a CB radio in it. Yes, like many fake whistleblowers, Mae Brussel arrived on the scene with what seemed like really good solid info. But what she knew, I have no idea, although if you ask Paul Krassner, he will assure you Mae started leading him off a cliff, telling him stuff he later found out not to be true. As I said, elements of Hunt’s confession were correct. The Miami station (biggest CIA office in the world outside Langley at the time) was involved. Why does Hunt not talk about Angleton, Harvey and Roselli?

          1. real good questions. didn’t roselli end up in an oil drum ? i remember he was a key figure in the mob . what do you think of the book, “mafia kingfish” about carlos marcello ? i gather it’s rare now. i have quite a few books that are hard to find now. mae did say that she had been led down some rabbit holes and there was even an attempt , she thought , by the gov’t to get someone to be close to her to influence her thinking. maybe that eventually worked but i think she was sincere, though perhaps mislead on some issues. she never trusted mark lane or some other researchers who she thought were controlled .

  2. Yes, Roselli lost protection of Giancana after he testified and said too much. I think he went to Florida seeking help but ended up in little pieces in a oil drum. Most of the mafia books try to paint the Mafia as in control, but really they are often an arm of the Pentagon and intelligence or running their own scams. As for Roselli and the assassination, look for the book about the publisher of the News Gazette, The Countess and the Mob, she was Roselli’s secret lover and he whacked her husband, the Count, when he threatened to divorce her and take half the family fortune.

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