Joseph Milteer is a key to the JFK assassination

On the morning of November 9th, 1963, two weeks before JFK was assassinated, right-wing extremist Joseph Milteer was in a Miami hotel room talking with Willie Somerset, an undercover police informant who happened to be wearing a wire. This conversation was turned over to the FBI immediately, although it would not surface publicly until four years later. Here is what Milteer had to say:

[Killing Kennedy] “was in the working” and would be accomplished “from an office building with a high-powered rifle”….that could be “disassembled” to get it into the building and they will “pick someone up within hours if anything like that happened just to throw the public off.” Milteer also mentioned “the Cubans” were involved.

Did you know JFK visited Miami within a few days of this conversation, and word of this potential assassination was well-known to the local police who enacted extra precautions to protect the President when he arrived on November 18? In fact, an even earlier assassination attempt had been planned for Chicago on November 2, but that plot had been foiled by someone named “Lee.” Coincidentally, two of the men involved in the Chicago plot were former Marines who’d been stationed at Atsuki, the same base where Lee Harvey Oswald was likely programmed by MK/Ultra-style brainwashing.

After the Chicago plot was thwarted, the conspirators intended to kill JFK in Miami and since the assassination was being run through the CIA’s JM/Wave station there, that plan saved considerably on travel expenses. But after Milteer’s comments became known by the local FBI, more stringent protection was afforded to protect the president. Strangely, zero precaution seem to have been taken to protect him a few days later in Dallas. This seems extremely suspicious given the precise details provided by Milteer.

Maybe you know Frank Sturgis was accused by Marita Lorenz of driving a car with high-powered rifles and scopes in the trunk from Miami to Dallas right before the assassination. Apparently they returned to Miami by plane the day before the assassination after delivering the weapons used to kill Kennedy. Immediately before and after the assassination, Milteer was contacted by the FBI and afterwards openly celebrated the President’s death. He later told Somerset: “I guess you thought I was kidding when I said Kennedy would be killed from an office building with a high-powered rifle.”

Don Adams was the rookie FBI agent sent to interview Milteer before and after the assassination although he was severely limited by his bosses to asking only five questions, which struck Adams as extremely odd given the situation. In fact, the FBI seemed more interested in sweeping this incident under a rug than exploring how Milteer got his information. Adams was supposed to determine where Milteer was during the assassination, but could not conclusively establish his whereabouts during that week. Adams would eventually write a book about his investigation, one that was severely critical of the Warren Commission.

Here’s a photo of someone who looks like Milteer standing along the parade route in Dealey Plaza, as if he’d come to watch the assassination. That fluffy hairstyle seems unmistakeable doesn’t it? If so, I’d imagine Milteer attended some sort of celebration later that day. Clint Murchison held a big one on his ranch, but I’m sure there were others as many on the right hated JFK with a purple passion.

But if you delve into Milteer’s connections, you can uncover how he came to his inside information because he was the leading right-wing organizer in Georgia and helped establish both the National States Rights Party and the Constitution Party there. Among his cohorts was General Pedro del Valle, the first Puerto Rican to rise to the top of the US military, and someone later put in charge of ITT in Latin America. Del Valle fought in the Banana Wars that made South and Central America more exploitable to Wall Street bankers.

If you’ve been paying attention to my posts over the last month, you realize the John Birch Society played an important role in Kennedy’s assassination. H.L. Hunt was a major source of funding for that organization. And if you delve into the Birchers, you find a mix of rich industrialists and high-ranking military. When the Pentagon was created right before WWII, they already knew a world war was coming and the economic power in America shifted almost immediately to this newly-formed military-industrial complex, the very alliance President Eisenhower warned us against while departing office. After WWII, the CIA, our American Gestapo, was created and became the covert military force responsible for assassinating heads of state around the world if they believed too much in democracy and were soft on Communism.

Did you know Henry Kissinger believed the Joint Chiefs were a bunch of dummies easily manipulated through propaganda? One mystery for me is trying to figure who on the right-wing knew Communism was a scam from day one, a complex set of dogmas used to mind control a generation so they could be more easily pitted against other dialectically-driven oppositional forces like Fascism and Christianity? Russia was a burnt-out rusted shell with no spare parts after WWII, and not in a position to threaten the US in any way. But they were transformed into this sinister boogie-man through propaganda.

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  1. The real importance of this statement is not that Milteer knew how the President would be killed, but that he knew the cover story before it was served up. This is even more damning evidence for those in our Government who put that story out and then foolishly backed it with 70+ volumes of parlor lies sanctified by a group of clowns who ceremoniously signed off on this version to pacify a grieving nation. We’re grieving alright, still to this day.

      1. The owner of the Super Bowl winning KC Chiefs Clark Hunt is HL Hunt’s grandson. i wonder if he realizes how evil his grandfather was. He wanted Kennedy killed because he was doing away with the oil depletion exemption, which would of cost him and Murchison millions.

  2. There were originally better photos of Milteer in Dallas, watching the motorcade. In the 80s, there was a book commonly found in public libraries (maybe one of the ones by Canfield?) that had a shot of the onlookers, and there he was, unmistakably.

  3. It is unconsciousable that the FBI did nothing about the Milteer Somerset conversation about President Kennedy’s assassination. They could have saved his life, but Hoover was one that probably put a lid on it just as he did when Richard Nagell wrote a letter telling him about the plan to kill Kennedy. If Nagell or the Miami police called JFK’s assistant or Bobby Kennedy he would have probably lived.

    1. Over the decades, I’ve come to believe Nagell was a rabbit hole that was inserted from day one as back-stop/misdirection. He never provided anything more than cryptic clues. Mark Lane, Fletcher Prouty, James Files, the list of fake whistleblowers is long and keep on growing all the time.

      National security is a bizarre mindfield dominated by garden paths that lead into rabbit holes, and hidden laws you can never hope to penetrate.

  4. James Fetzer, William Orchard and Rob Reiner have listed potential shooters at Dealey Plaza. Frank Sturgis, James Files, Mac Wallace, Jack Lawrence, E Howard Hunt, Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, Ermenio Diaz Garcia and Charles Nicoletti. Who do you think were the shooters?

    1. I guess we should have known this podcast was going to be a disinfo op. So Fetzer is their expert? The guy who went on Alex Jones to talk about how the Sandy Hook shootings were faked? John Roselli, Lucian Sarti, Charles Rogers and David Morales were the shooters.

  5. Thank you Mr Hager for your fast response. Did you listen to the Reiner podcast? I believe the kill shot was from the south knoll. That’s what CSI Sherry Feister said on the documentary “From the Oval office to Dealey Plaza”. If you watch the Zapruder film on the Assassination and Mrs Paine documentary, which has the best resolution you’ll see the bullet coming from the left of JFKm which I believe is the south knoll. Where were the shooters located and who fired the kill shot! Thanks. I didn’t know Fetzer said the Sandy Hook shootings were fake. I have no respect for him.

    1. I won’t waste my time listening to a fraud like Fetzer. I have many blogs on this site examining the case. The kill shot was by Lucian Sarti who was standing behind the picket fence. The other shots came from snipers high up in buildings east of the plaza. Could have been the Schoolbook Depository or the Dal-Tech building.

      1. Sad that the government will never do anything about this and they still think that Oswald did it. As far as I’m concerned this should still be an open murder investigation. I’m ashamed at my government it was such a massive cover up. I’m trying to figure out LBJ and dulles’s part in all this.

      2. Ed Hoffman said he saw a man with a blue suit on behind the picket fence hand the rifle to a spotter. He tried to notify the police, but he was deaf. The killer was thought to have police uniform on. So Sarti was wearing a suit?
        What kind of a secret service let’s a president drive through an enclosed place like Dealey Plaza without agents all along the perimeters?

  6. William Orchid said Bernard Barker was the shooter that killed JFK behind the fence. Whoever it was they had to be an expert marksman to not hit Jackie Kennedy.

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