Who Really Runs the Federal Reserve?

Federal Reserve
Maybe you think banks own themselves, but, in fact, our biggest banks are owned by a small group of investment companies, a concentration of power likely beyond your imagination. Sadly almost nothing is known about the people who own and run these corporations or who they might be answering to (although I can assure you the banking world is peppered with spooks of all stripes). While headlines may talk about people like Donald Trump or the Koch Brothers, they never seem to peer very deeply into our banking system do they? But you can figure out some of this on your own because the data is available to anyone with access to the web. Just type in the name of any bank or Fortune 500 company, and the bigger they are, the more likely they’ll be owned by a combination of the companies below. Lots of people talk about the power of Goldman Sachs, but that company, for example, is owned by Capital Group, Vanguard and State Street.
Vanguard is the biggest mutual fund company in America and their president doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. This is the case with many CEO’s of our most powerful financial firms. What does that tell you about the Brahmins who run the system? They don’t like publicity. In fact, avoiding wikipedia and the media is likely considered a badge of honor in this culture. Frederick William McNabb III makes Philadelphia his home and his connections into the top tiers of the economy are too vast to list. Vanguard is the second biggest stockholder in Bank of America, JP Morgan and Citigroup. How’s that for covering the bases?
Fidelity CEO Edward Johnson III and his daughter Abigail own 49% of the stock of this privately-held corporation. They both went to Harvard and live in Milton, Massachusetts. Fidelity is the third biggest shareholder of Bank of America.
State Street: You won’t find CEO Joseph L. Hooley on wikipedia and he possesses but a lowly BS degree from Boston College, yet his company is the number one shareholder in Bank of America, JP Morgan and Citigroup, as well as the third largest shareholder in Wells Fargo. Check out any major blue chip stock and they are likely big investors. It’s a Boston-based company so you know some old Brahmins are probably associated somewhere along the line.
BlackRock: This is the largest investment management corporation in the world with a name certainly worthy of a proper Illuminati cut-out. Naturally, CEO Laurence Fink doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. Initially, this company was part of the Blackstone Group, but spun off in 1988 by specializing in mortgage-based securities. Then, after the 2008 meltdown, they were given a strategic position in “fixing” the problem they created. They are well-vested in all the biggest banks, being the third largest shareholder in Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, while coming in fourth biggest in Wells Fargo.
Bank of NY Mellon: This is the oldest investment bank on Wall Street and got an enormous bail-out after the 2008 meltdown. Gerald L. Hassell is a Duke graduate who came up through the ranks to run the firm. I would imagine the New York Tories had a hand in this one although Alexander Hamilton initially founded the bank through his Dutch connections.
Capital Group: David I. Fisher runs this powerful investment company, which formed in 1933 as a renegade to Wall Street. Fisher attended college at Berkeley and, like most of these CEO’s, has no wikipedia page.
Massachusetts Financial Services (MFS): Although started with funds from the Boston Brahmins, this company is now owned by a Canadian Company called Sun Life Financial, which is mostly owned by American Funds. And herein lies the problem of this shell game. You see, there’s obviously an intense concentration of power and wealth that has been accumulated by these dominating investment firms and since they all have invested into each other, while buying up control of most of the blue chip corporations, the real ownerships are nested inside an endless series of boxes. These CEO’s are truly Masters of the Worlds they inhabit and all of them measure their annual compensation packages in the tens of millions of dollars.
Many fake conspiracy sites will try to hoodwink you into believing all these banks are secretly owned by the Rothschilds and to prove this point, they’ll point to an executive officer (not even a CEO) in each corporation that has past experience working for a Rothschild company? I find that logic pretty absurd. Executives of large banks move around and prior employment is no proof of anything. You’d have to look at the actual stock held by relatives of that family. And while I’m sure their holdings are vast, like other banking dynasties, I don’t believe it eclipses the combined wealth of all the other dynastic families of North America and England. Plus the fact that known disinfo groups like the John Birch Society keep pushing the Rothschild meme makes it all the more suspicious. The puppet masters need a managed dialectic to advance their economic agendas, so keeping Bluebloods and dynastic Jewish families at seeming odds is a big part of the op, and those divisions can be played against each other when circumstances warrant. Meanwhile, instead of investigating this nexus of extreme power, our media carefully avoids talking about the owning families or even the chosen CEO’s who run their companies. It’s a shadow world of secret societies and private clubs that you’ll never be allowed into.

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  1. Good article on the Banksters and thier hidden banksterism. IMO it would take a couple of life-times of manhours to figure out all the shares and ownerships going on all over the world in the Bankster business.

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