Why Mark Passio is just another rabbit hole

In the fall of 2012, I was asked to check out an emerging conspiracy researcher named Mark Passio, former member of the Church of Satan, who claimed to have uncovered the secret mind control formulas being employed by the Illuminati to secretly manipulate the world. I couldn’t make it through to the end of his extremely long, extremely lightweight video simply because Passio is so full of crap, starting with his acknowledgements towards the “masters” who taught him most of everything he knows, especially David Icke, an obvious fraud and professional disinfo artist. Icke pretends the world is controlled by shape-shifting aliens from another dimension? And somehow, thousands are hookwinked into believing this transparent nonsense? Obviously Passio is one of Icke’s hoodwinked true believers.

If you are looking for the trail into the real Illuminati, it runs through Yale University’s Brotherhood of Death, aka the Order of Skull & Bones, as proven by Antony Sutton’s America’s Secret Establishment. Sutton did real research on real people and his mind wasn’t clouded by occult dogmas. The dogmas are just what is used to hoodwink the true believers. Real history is the study of economic forces, not occult wisdom, which is just the flip side of fundamentalism and no more credible, and both sides of that dialectic are controlled by spooks.

Just looking at the evolution of the distribution of wealth, it should be obvious there’s a concentration of power that is increasing power through the generations, an operation going on for the last 2,000 years. In a true participatory democracy the opposite would be taking place: wealth should become better distributed over time and not monopolized by the already rich.

In Europe, some of the wealthiest families can trace their ancestors through 30 or more generations, while in the United States, some of the wealthiest families are descendants of the Robber Barons who emerged after the Civil War. The biggest international corporations have interlocking boards of directors and these people live in a world of secret clubs, secret societies and secret monopolies.

They don’t want us investigating this world because they don’t want the masses to start conspiring to vote away their wealth, so they create a lot of fake, garbage, click-bait to confuse the subject, much of which involves trying to scare you with magic symbols and spooky soundtracks, the same way some religions try to scare you with imaginary concepts. Occultism and Fundamentalism are flip sides of the same coin, and equally controlled. All divisive issues are carefully mined with spooks on both ends, who drive the conversation between two designated poles, thus establishing the center of gravity on that issue. Left and right are an illusion because both sides work for the same masters.

All of Passio’s work is a continuation of a long line of counterintelligence disinfo, and the mere act of watching hours of his video is the equivalent of undergoing mind control, so my suggestion would be to avoid his scary stories.

One thing I pointed out a year and a half ago is Passio’s four major influences are all tied to the UFO community, a meme likely orchestrated as an intel rabbit hole op. UFO’s have been used as cover during MK/Ultra brainwashing experiments, something done to hide the identity of the real perpetrators doing the brainwashing, while providing a backstop no serious person would swallow. When you start accepting the tall tale that powerful aliens are among us, you immediately lose all credibility in the real world and pretty soon will be rendered unable to effectively investigate anything because you’re too busy looking for little green men from outer space.

And that is precisely where intel wants to lead potential citizen researchers. What they don’t want are serious investigations into 9/11 that involve tracking real forensic evidence into Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to uncover CIA, MI6 and Mossad links to the event.

The first person who questioned my original blog of Passio was a credible researcher and publisher who complained I’d dragged UFO’s into the conversation, while Passio didn’t mention UFOs in his original videos. I predicted that would soon change, based solely on Passio’s source material.

You see, Passio’s “research” is built on the backs of notorious frauds and disinfo artists, which is why I can dismiss it so easily. You cannot construct anything real based on “research” of people like David Icke and expect anything but bullshit to emerge the other end, because Icke is pushing total bullshit. Yes, I know some of the stuff Icke says is real, like there really is a conspiracy of power at the center of the banking industry. That’s obvious. But it’s not being run by aliens from outer space. That’s a hoodwink rabbit hole that serves only to protect the perpetrators by placing a false mirror over them. If you’re busy looking for shape-shifting aliens, you can look for a long time, because there aren’t any, and if there were, they would have killed people like Icke and Passio a long time ago.

For those who didn’t believe my prediction Passio would soon be pushing “aliens are here,” check out this recent comment I found on his website:

“Mark links ancient accounts of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet with the manifestation of the psychological conditions in which the human species currently finds itself. Questions explored include: Were we actually created by non-human entities as a hybrid slave species? Did our extraterrestrial “parents” inadvertently create a slew of genetic anomalies in the human species, including primary psychopathy, as a result of their imprecise genetic modifications? Did our extraterrestrial forbearers provide to us our systems of government, money, and religion; and to what ends did they do so? What effect did our “cosmic parents” sudden disappearance have upon the collective human psyche? What does humanity need to understand to rectify the deeply-seated psychological trauma that it has amassed over eons, as a direct result of our troubled origins?”

I can assure you none of these questions matter and I don’t need to pay $10 to attend this lecture to know everything in it is bunk. The only point of material like this is to lead people into a rabbit hole and make them feel powerless to control anything, because how could you affect a system being run by all powerful aliens? In truth, Passio knows little about the real oligarchy that runs the Central Banks, because if he did, he’d have real info involving real people to share, and not just a bunch of hocus pocus nonsense based on imaginary evidence.

So free your mind from this crap and climb out of the rabbit hole and start dealing with reality. It’s a lot more interesting than this garbage.
Of course, you could prove me wrong by just providing some real forensic evidence of an alien invasion. But please, no pictures of gargoyles, dragons or reptiles from ancient cultures, because that sort of stuff doesn’t prove anything. Just post a link to some video of a real shape-shifting alien in action and if the video is authentic, I will take back everything I’ve said. And if what Icke says is true, that footage should not be hard to locate. After all, Icke claims to have seen these shape-shifters many times before. And if that’s true others must be seeing them as well. So how hard is it to whip out a smart phone and shoot some video? And why hasn’t that video emerged after all these years? And please, don’t bother sharing that ridiculous video of Justin Beiber’s snake eyes. Justin is neither an alien nor a member of the Illuminati, because if he was, he wouldn’t have to take shit from anyone, and that is obviously not the case.

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  1. Steven, i have been aware mark’s work for a couple months now and i was drawn to this page b/c i have been trying to expand my perspective of mark, trying to find the “bad” things or explanation of what exactly his “game” is, and this is one of the only web pages i can find that attempts to do that. Saying that, i agree with mark’s view about how mind control works (fear and how it affects the balance of our neo-cortex), how freedom works (we have a current system of dominators and order-followers, masters and slaves), and his teachings of natural law in general. I see mark as someone trying to spread knowledge and truth to all, teaching us to search for ourselves for answers (especially regarding right and wrong). That is the main thing i get from mark and i don’t see how this has a negative impact. Again, that is why i am here looking for answers, i don’t see a negative to what mark is teaching yet i wonder, so if you could please explain or give your insight as to what is “really” going on here that would be great. I feel your article doesn’t really do it for me mainly because you admit you are not very familiar with his work and your main argument is that “Passio’s “research” is built on the backs of notorious frauds and disinfo artists, which is why [you] can dismiss it so easily.” I don’t think this is completely fair, Mark even states that he doesn’t endorse 100% of what his sources believe. I don’t recall him “endorsing” aliens or anything of the sort, never even heard him mention shape-shifters. He stated that he agrees with a lot of Icke’s work yet doesn’t agree totally with him, especially with the latter of his work. For instance, take someone you love and trust dearly, you will not agree on 100% of everything but you still love and trust them, also if you believe you and someone else DO agree on 100% of everything, does that mean that everything they say for the rest of their life is true? People change, i think we can agree on that, so you cannot believe everything, yet what resonates as truth to you. So what is true? That is what i am searching for. So, again, a lot of what mark teaches resonates as true to me, maybe i’m missing something, and i hope you can explain or enlighten me as to what is really going on, b/c all i get is him spreading knowledge, truth, freedom, and wisdom, through our thoughts and actions. I feel you may be on to something but like i said, completely dismissing HIM entirely (and not what he’s teaching) is not fair in my opinion, and also the argument that he is promoting the alien agenda has no substance to it (mainly b/c he doesn’t really talk about aliens and when he does its not in a way that would bring about fear of them). I am indeed NOT a sock puppet to mark or anyone for that matter, just to be clear. I just want to see truth and you may be on to something, please enlighten me. Thanks for your time Steven, I am a fan of your contributions to humanity and I am very interesting in your response to my opinion.

    1. Check Passio’s website and you’ll find ancient aliens are what he’s pushing right now. The river of disinfo created by intel is embellished and decorated by each new generation, mostly by mind control stooges and not paid agents. Do you think David Icke is a real researcher? Or Alex Jones? If not, who are the major fountains of disinfo right now, because you know big money will always keep their ops in the forefront? If you truly want to study this apparatus, you’d be far better off identifying and investigating the disinfo ops. For example, when 9/11 happened, the first thing to go out on the internet was: no plane at the Pentagon, then came no planes anywhere. These memes were seeded by intel to create a rabbit hole. It was most likely a drone at the Pentagon painted to look like a plane. The major disinfo meme going on right now is to read the mass media, especially blockbuster movies, for signs of mind control ops. This is simply ridiculous and I feel sorry for people who swallow this sort of garbage. For decades they have been painting Aleister Crowley as the Grandmaster of the Illuminati. Crowley died in poverty and practically friendless. Had he truly been the inspiration behind the spiritual enlightenment of the real Illuminati, Crowley would have had a most comfortable death and glorious funeral at Illuminati expense. I do not subscribe to any religion, unlike Passio, and I have not been drawn into any paradigm but my own. You can focus on non-violence and peace and manifesting that energy, or you can amplify fear and paranoia like the mainstream. Our kids and our culture are being driven to the dark side, this is obvious, and Passio is part of that process, not a solution against it. He is not tearing down the walls of disinfo, but putting aluminum siding on them.

      1. Although I agree with you a lot in your critique of Passio and his dodgy influences like David icke, I think you are dead wrong dismissing the occult stuff. You seem to think that is all made up to create a rabbit hole to put others off looking at the ‘real meat’ of the case?
        Rather I am seeing LAYERS. IE, you do agree that propaganda exists, right? And that propaganda can be at its most powerful when sub-liminal. And that the advertisers wet dream is when a ‘consumer’ does something like buys a certain product, and doesn’t know why they do. Well can you not see THAT as a form of sorcery, Steve–for want of a better term ‘ sorcerer,” literally “one who influences fate or fortune,”‘. Now if I get you to smoke ciggies because they make you feel ‘liberated’, and so you become hopelessly addicted to them (which is the antithesis of liberation) and they cause you cancer and you die, I have certainly influenced your fate IF I used various ploys including subliminal to influence your fate and fortune. Do you agree? I am assuming you know about Edward Bernays and the ways he influenced millions of women to smoke cigarettes.
        So along with propaganda, which you surely must accept as reality, and used INTENTIONALLY for a PURPOSE, and not as some kind of mirror or smokescreen. or rabbit hole, can you therefore not entertain the idea that the occult is a deeper layer of that very same sorcery for INFLUENCE OF FATE AND FORTUNE?

        1. There is a huge difference between analyzing the propaganda efforts of Bernay’s to the sort of games played by Passio. You simply can’t start with a thesis and then connect dots that support your thesis. You must analyze the actual people involved and their actions and effects. Reading tea leaves is all Passio is doing and it is useless and will never amount to anything.

      2. Also I have just seen your video Magic, Religion and Cannabis in which you say: ”Along this voyage I learned a lot about magic and spirituality (they are the same thing)’
        I am confused then Steve. IF you discount the occult purported to be being used by the ruling elite as being a ‘rabbit hole’ created by spooks, and by that I am assuming you mean it is of no consequence but simply serves as a distraction, then how come you accept magic as a possibility? And you do not see a connection between Crowley;’s ‘magick’ and these people’s doings.
        Your confusing me maaan

        1. Magic runs through us all naturally and is most evident in your ability to hold ceremonies or lack thereof. Crowley worked for MI6, was a hard drug and sex addict. Most of the occult is no different from fundamentalism, why would it be? There are exceptions. Like Rudolf Steiner. Magic is the study of telepathic energy and the field is stuffed with hoodwinks, same as religion is stuffed with hoodwinks.

          1. I am still not clear of your position on this.
            Do you accept that a cabal/ruling elite/ whatever you want to term them, are occultists and use symbols, numbers, (numerology, gematria) etc in a very serious way to both mind-control others, and as some form of magic to support their operations, buildings, agendas, etc etc?

        2. They use all those devices to create mind control videos like Mark Passio’s, which are used to trap people’s minds similar to the way fundamentalist religion traps minds. Nothing like that is going on with the real Illuminati. Mass mind control is manipulated by events and news memes, and when people like Passio look to movies for clues to future ops, they are completely deluded.

          1. I am trying to understand where you are coming from Steve, but admit to struggling a bit. So let me try and rephrase you to see if what I understand your saying is WHAT your saying? Your saying they use ‘these devices’–you mean occult means?–to mind control? Yet I feel your not meaning it like me. But wait…isn’t mind control mind control HOWEVER we interpret it?? ‘Used to trap peoples minds’? yes we agree with that. In the way organized religion does. Yes, I am very aware organized religions do that. They encapsulate the believer in a lot of delusional beliefs so as to destabalize the sense of themselves and of the natural world and reality. We seem to agree there. But then you say ‘nothing like that is going on with the real Illuminati’. THAT throws me. What do you mean?
            haven’t you just been saying that they use ‘those devices’ to entrap peoples minds? Who? Didn’t you mean the Illuminati?
            Where have you learnt that? What is your evidence to support what I think you mean (though I am still not clear what you really mean yet)
            You go onto conclude: ‘ Mass mind control is manipulated by events and news memes, and when people like Passio look to movies for clues to future ops, they are completely deluded.’ you seem to contradict your self there. Claiming mass mind control IS manipulated by events, news memes, but THEN do not include movies?? Why not. Isn’t getting loads of people in a darkened room, and multimillion dollar/pound ‘adverts’ in the silver screen not a good opportunity for mind control–on many levels of propaganda including occult shit and ‘predictive programming’?

          2. Passio’s foundation is occult and counterintel hoodwinks and it’s obvious his magic is working on you but it doesn’t work or me I have my own variety of magic not based on past hoodwinks. You are not interested in anything except picking a flame war with me only because you don’t like my dismissal of Passio as a fraud and lightweight. Move on bro. You are not really looking for enlightenment and that seems very obvious and I am getting really bored talking to you.

      3. Interesting. I like your post on this guy. I have seen a few videos I like. He tends to break down words and there meanings sometimes and I appreciate that from him but if he is a David Icke, or Jordan Maxwell or Zecharia Sitchin supporter than I will discontinue watching his videos. I just cannot buy into any of that especially Sitchin. I couldnt even get past the first paragraph of his book. Sitichin wasnt even an archeologist. He was an economics major. Same thing with guys like Graham Hitchcock. He’s another crank who studied journalism but yet wants to write books about ancient lost civilazations and peddle his work as truth. What are your thoughts on L Ron Hubbard? I think he was another crank but I know people who swear by Dianetics.

        1. Hubbard was a fraud who found a way to get inside people’s heads by asking probing questions while checking their responses on a machine not unlike a lie detector. Obviously, his ideas about the universe were all quackery, but you can see how effective the mind control ops really were. The company he founded is completely ruthless and run from the top down, like most secret societies.

  2. I find your work on Passio, Icke, and other such figures to be eye-opening. I’m wondering if you know anything about a man named Thomas Sheridan, who is best known for his work on psychopaths and pop culture. While I liked this man’s work in the beginning, I feel as if he has been going off the deep end a bit in his later interviews and works. Do you know who I’m talking about, and if so, what is your opinion about him? He has a lot of videos on YouTube.

      1. Started out w/ solid info, from a former Satanist?? Sounds like he started in the deep end and dropped off the waterfall! 😀 Satanism and Christianity and all the Judeo-Christian, Islamic cults are just that, brainwashing mechanisms of social control, i.e. brainwashing that Mark portends and pretends, to know everything about. He’s just as phony as a Christian pastor and prob. makes a lot more money for his talks than he leads on.
        However, it seems there could be a deeper agenda for his talks, that could very well have to do with a conspiracy of sorts, that spreads disinformation and fear, the usual MO. “Watch out for them there women! They want to take your free-dumb away!” sheeze! Yeah, right, WE’re the ones who are the major geo-political military advisers, We’re in control of the major corporate industrial complex, and WE’re the ones holding back progress to stop global warming for the sake of mining and big oil cos. We’re the ones who are responsible for most the gun violence and domestic violence. We’re such sexist pigs! God, save me from your satanists too please!! BTW, just about a week ago, a man blew his wife’s head off and then killed himself here due to a domestic dispute in good ole misogyny mecca Montana. I’m certain she convinced him to do it!! Gimme a break!! This is not an unusual event around here!
        Don’t get me wrong, I love men, sometimes more than my own gender, but pig-headed, dis-informing assholes like Mark piss me off!! Then there’s the dumbshits in my own gender who fall for this crap!! Oh, don’t get me started! lol! OK, ok, I’m cool. 😀

  3. Don’t you understand by now that a perfect information source simply does not exist? Hasn’t 9/11 taught you that? I’ve listened to a lot of Mark Passio, and very little of it was about aliens. I do not agree with his alien views either, but that does NOT automatically allow me to handwave away everything else he says as you have done here. Have you seen his presentation about the occult symbology of 9/11? It is BY FAR the best presentation I have ever seen on the subject. It’s on Youtube, and I highly recommend that you watch it. Closing your mind to this presentation because you’ve decided it can’t be true is absolute folly.
    And just because he has subscribed to views you find illogical, is NOT sufficient evidence to accuse him of being paid disinfo! That type of paranoic world-view is more harmful than the belief that life exists outside this planet. Just pat yourself on the back for being clever enough to discern between fact and fantasy, and move on with your life. Bitching in a blog about other activists is highly counter-productive to say the least. It’s like a fist-fight in the locker-room before a football game. Save that venom for the actual enemy.

    1. I’m not bitchin’ about anything. I am exposing disinfo. When people try to scare you with religion or magic (they are the same thing) it is always a hoodwink. Passio is following the trail of disinfo artists, knowingly or unknowingly, he is part of the problem and not the solution. If you don’t like my opinions, don’t read them.

  4. Thank you Steven for your work in covering Mark Passio. I have been a LaVey Satanist for a long time and when I listened to Mark Passio saying that the Church Of Satan exists to recruit psychopaths into power I started to dismiss him as a con. I have never seen or heard anyone being approached by another Satanist being given privilege to become powerful. Nor only that, Mark Passio also rants about the eugenic agenda within Satanism. There is nothing in the Satanic Bible that promotes one race instead of others. I have not even seen that ideology being practiced among Satanists. I think Mark Passio takes advantage of the fact that he was once a member of the Church Of Satan to gain credibility and the fact that many people would not even bother with leaning or getting involved with Satanism gives him a lot of advantage.

  5. Passio is a creep, a hairy little creep, lost in a world of delusion, wishing that he could muster an original thought. I feel for the lives and families he has destroyed with his bullshit.

  6. I have tried to watch his 7 hour video, but in the first ten minutes I got the feeling he is a cult leader or an aspiring one.
    Stating; toss aside all your personal filters and thoughts, just take in the information.
    This program has been made to be viewed in it’s entirety. Not in chunks. As if it is meant to numb and overwhelm you, as to reprogram the bullshit in your head with his bullshit.
    I don’t trust him, or all persons that try and let people cast aside their scepticism.

    1. Thank you so much. I tried to watch his first video, and I was appalled by him talking about mind control, when it is SO OBVIOUS if you listen with a critical thinking perspective that he is just trying to brainwash people too: tells you to ignore you emotional response if it is a negative one to the/his truth, and just continue to listen- that is hypnotism in a fucking nutshell (“No matter what, just listen to the sound of my vooooooice” and then suggestibility ensues). Like how in the fucking hell do people not see his telling you to straight up ignore you intuition. You know it’s a scam if someone tells you not to trust yourself. JESUS.

  7. hi….wish i had the capacity to start a stats website to bypass all the bitchin and get closer to actual truth….but i guess i’ll leave that to persons possibly working in the field of statistics or and to that group of ppl called graduates from universites that offer those courses…………….thanx

  8. Passio is full of BS indeed. Starts out kind of sincerely, then proceeds to teach occult ideas instead of debunking them as promised. Besides the ‘occult’ that he thinks he ‘explains’ has already been available through numerous publications; anyone who wanted to get acquainted with those phony ideas could have done so on their own. What Passio does not do – is what he promises he will – demystifies the occult. He instead talks about the Occult as if it were relevant. For most critically minded people a switch goes off fairly early into Passio’s presentation and the words oh b*sh* appear. You’d expect Passio to explain the delusions of the occult teachings; instead he teaches what he said he rejects. Some of us are immune to neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, and have aversion to manipulation. We expect logic and arguments, not a long lecture that someone asks us to listen to. Yet another rabbit hole.

  9. Disturbingly funny that “ex-satanist” Passio has never denounced the Church of Satan or Lucifer in any of his “lectures”. Instead, he spews terms such as “reptilian brain”, “magic”, “vibration of love”, “expanded consciousness”, “unified conscience of dominion” (whatever that is) and other large quantities of new age bullsh!t… a substitute for satanism. His creepy cult of followers and defenders is even more disturbing.
    Passio also appears to have severe anger management issues if you watch the video of his “arrest” and subsequent video of his reaction to the “arrest”. Quite disconcerting. His pent-up anger is evidenced by the manner in which he speaks in clipped tones. Must he always remind everyone that “he’s a man!”… Napoleon complex?

  10. M.P.’s malignement of Christianity, with zero mention of Judaism, is what alarmed me. He’s psy-ops. Also his rambling presentations… When you know your stuff, you do NOT need to ramble forever to get to it. Also, negative. Life is about discovering what is good, not obsessing over what is bad exclusively. Finally, nwo hates christianity because it emphasizes pursuing virtue and ridding oneself of sin. People like MP never talk about that. He is luring people to “positive satanism”, he talks at time JUST LIKE the figurative snake in the garden of Eden : “why should YOU not get to know everything?”

  11. Mark’s work is so bizarre sometimes. I can see mystic teachings, I enjoy his confrontation of New Age nonsense and his Natural Law stuff is interesting. But he claims symbols have an objective, predictable impact on the population’s psyche. That is ludicrous and unfounded. He claims the two hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different tasks however, research has shown conclusively that many sections of both hemispheres are required for tasks. His work on fear based mind control is pretty good. Order following is definitely immoral if you give up personal responsibility. But he claims rights exist and there are natural laws which govern their use.
    Look, I may not have a “right” to punch you in the face but I am still capable of doing such. Nothing is going to stop me from doing that simply because Natural law is present. So, if there are no consequences for transgressing natural laws, what use is it?
    Morality can be demolished philosophically in a hundred ways. But my view on morality rests on morality being an aesthetic appreciation of the human mind. Beauty governs morality. Beauty and harmony create proportion and balance which we find moral. It’s not a matter of “why should we find any thing in particular beautiful?” It’s a matter of finding things beautiful as an innate quality of being alive. The equivalent question is, why should we breathe? We breathe implicitly. We don’t need justification. It’s quite a childish line of reasoning to me.
    The real evidence should be in health. When the brain and body are at peak health, what type of behavior do people of this calibre tend to engage in? I think we can learn a lot about morality that way.
    Mark Passio never comes close to touching this material.

  12. A more “enlightened” satanist might be be able to do his bidding with only one lie for every ten truths. Passio’s ramblings are like two lies for every 9 truths. Don’t get trapped in that trapezoid. The masters want you to be stuck in that trapezoid. Well, how do you get out of the trapezoid? Go up the next level of the pyramid? Gee, it’s another trapezoid, one level higher. Get to the top of the pyramid? Gee, you would aspire to be master of all that is trapped and enslaved in the trapezoid below. Who or what could be at the top of that pyramid that a satanist might idolize? Could it be… uhmmm. Remember Dana Carvey Church Lady?

  13. So do u believe that in this infinite universe that humans are the only intelligent beings? Im not saying passio is right or aliens do exist, but to say that they definitly dont exist because theres no evidence of an alien invasion or because u have never seen them on our planet is ignorant. Keep in mind that while sir issac newton was discovering gravity there were people doing the same thing your doing to mark. I would like to hear more of your opinions on occult teachings and their ties in all of the worlds theologies.

    1. There are undoubtedly intelligent being throughout the universe, but so far we haven’t met any others than the ones here on earth simply because the problems of space travel and distances involved are just too immense. As for the occult, keep in mind magic and religion are the same thing and both equally deployed to mind-trap people. Don’t fall for the hocus pocus unless it’s your own. If you study the history of intel disinfo it should be easy for any intelligent person to see through Passio’s hoodwink simply because it is lifted and based off work of previous intel stooges.

  14. And god said: look inside the deep web and you will find the truth! When your followers become one, you will see me!
    (Warning: bad english ahoi! 🙂 )
    Oh god, people always search the truth in the maya.. All religions started as a good thing to help people to find god… But life pretends itself..soooooo….
    Search into yourself, not in the “outside”. All holy books are about our brain, heart and body. Hidden in storys to keep it timeless and to keep it safe for/against (?) rubbish, moneyhungry and demonic people… It doesnt matter if buddha/jesus/krishna was alive…buddhistic monks say: there never was a buddha
    Dont know much about david icke, but I think he saw those aliens on a DMT trip.. But vaping DMT doesnt make you spirituelly. Yoga,meditation, reading and psychedelics… They all are beautiful things to find god into you. Work on yourself, and dont judge other people.. Or demons/aliens or whatever 🙂
    And never forget your humor.. Be like dan harmon ;P just kidding
    I hope I could help someone..
    And good article steve 🙂 greets and much love from berlin, germany.
    I’m sry for my bad english 🙂 !!! (Shame on me ;D but I never give up to learn it from music and blogs :’D)

  15. I agree with some of your points.
    But to dismiss that there’s hidden knowledge (occult meaning) is ridiculous.
    Try Ayuhaska or Dmt a few times (I have
    Several times) you’ll see there’s something we just can’t explain going on right under our noses, there is a creator of such intelligence and love and compassion, we can’t explain or put into language.

    1. You fail to comprehend the history of magic and religion is a managed dialectic and both sides claim special access to god that neither has. Hallucinations are projections of your mind not visitations from another dimension. That being said, the numerous multi-universes are entangled in ways we can never understand. Anyone who claims to is hoodwinking. That’s the history of occult knowledge. Meanwhile, intel operatives like David Icke, Alex Jones, Passio, are all birds of a feather flocking together who’s sole aim is to create confusion about the deep state which keeps us divided against each other so we don’t vote away the power of the oligarchy. Urging people to obtain guns and filling their heads with paranoia is a prescription for tragedy. It also helps create mass shootings. Who knows how many young, impressionable minds have been driven to madness by this dude with his fake stories? Maybe some can get together and launch a lawsuit for their nervous breakdowns. Lawsuits seem to be the best possible defense for characters like Passio and Jones.

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