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How much will this cost? Nada. In fact, I do it all day long and have over 30 self-published books in print covering a huge variety of platforms, although Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords and Nook are my biggest.

I recently combined a dozen of my top ebooks into five print-on-demand paperbacks. Of those my best-seller is Hip Hop: The Complete Archives, and a significant number of copies are being purchased in Great Britain, which makes me happy because that’s a cool place to get recognized. In the case of ebooks and print-on-demand, you should keep updating and improving constantly, and take instant advantage of the feedback. Your audience always has access to the latest version via the cloud so they have an incentive to help this process of constant improving. This process is a huge game-changer in the world of publishing and a lot of people have yet to realize its power.

Meanwhile, I plan to publish my Art After Midnight as a color photo book sometime, as well as updates on The Bitcoin Revolution and Cannabis Cures Cancer, both of which are drawing global sales but are in need of updates.

So don’t sit around waiting for some publisher or agent to discover you. Just blaze your trail and keep moving forward.

Reflections on Slavery

moor_painting3The current revelations about teenage sex slaves employed as entertainment perks by the rich is nothing new. And slavery has always been one of civilization’s most dirty secrets.

England outlawed slavery in 1807 by purchasing all the current slaves inside the realm, something that created vast fortunes for future Lords. But did you realize, the prime motive for outlawing slavery was actually to attack the Barbary Pirates of Africa, who’d seized over a million white slaves from the European coasts? In fact, entire towns had been captured and brought back to work in slave labor camps, except, of course, for the super hotties, who were sold to the harems, as the above painting reveals.

Funny thing happened on the way to banning slavery, however. Profits went up exceedingly and the price of slaves suddenly soared! Prohibition makes profits! This was an important lesson not lost on the shipping families who’d made vast fortunes in slavery, first legal and then even bigger ones when it was illegal, when much of the slave activities went underground into secret societies like the Knights of the Golden Circle. This “prohibition makes profit” scheme would soon be transferred to the opium trade as well, and then alcohol for a time. The North had its share of slaves, but most were indentured servants and able to eventually work themselves free supposedly. The advantages of slave systems became obvious regarding economic growth, and after the invention of the cotton gin, the South’s GNP began to outpace the North. Outlawing slavery was the first step towards breaking down the “white gold” economy of Africa, but also turning the South into a banana republic run by the North, otherwise Wall Street would be located in Richmond today.

Both Hitler and Lenin were financed to create slave systems and some of those profits were earned by the Western banks that secretly backed them. After Hitler was installed, the international banking community that had done everything possible to sink the Weimar Republic, suddenly began investing huge sums in the Nazi slave system, something that would soon be repeated by Stalin’s labor camps.

There are at least 30 million slaves today, so you can see the problem has not gone away, although the two million in American jails are not counted, even though they represent the modern form of slavery, at least the ones that reside in for-profit prisons. And even though some of our citizens are not officially called slaves, if they work at fast food restaurants or Wallmart for minimum wage, they are really no better off than those indentured servants who had little hope of rising above a hand-to-mouth existence.

What really happened to Princess Diana?

1101960311_400England may have been a matriarchy when Diana died, but some strings of power were firmly controlled by grey-haired men. When Diana married Prince Charles, she became the second most powerful female in the land on paper, but in reality, never understood her primary role was as breeding machine and little else. After Diana realized Charles had no intention of dumping his girlfriend, she was hoodwinked into a BBC interview where she complained about the marriage being “too crowded.” As a result, the Queen sent letters to them both requesting a “quick divorce.”

Prince Phillip played the bad cop and warned Diana her titles could be taken away if she behaved badly. Diana replied her titles were older than his. Diana had been attached to over 100 charities, but quit all but six. She wanted to use her influence to build a better world, and had identified banning landmines as her primary cause. This raised hackles because Honeywell, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, and Rockwell were all making billions manufacturing mines. She was commanded to “stop mucking about in affairs you know nothing about.” At that moment Diana became an official loose cannon in the files of her Majesties Secret Service.

Diana’s second son’s passing resemblance to dashing cavalry officer James Hewitt, with whom Diana later had an affair after Harry was born, became grist for the gossip mills, although in truth Harry looks very much like a Mountbatten. This campaign was likely planted as a misdirection. There are also some suspicious books salted with disinfo that claim Diana was murdered. These contaminated books only made it easier to swat down any accusations SAS was involved.

Since Harry was caught smoking pot at age 17, one wonders if he’ll be the one to take up his mother’s cause of ending the hoodwink manipulating religion to manifest war-for-profit. Soon after her death, her efforts to ban landmines came to fruition as 40 nations (including the United Kingdom) signed a treaty banning the devices. However, the US, China and Russia all declined.

In February 1997, Diana’s friend Simone Simmons had been with her when she received a telephone call, allegedly from Nicholas Soames, the Minister of the Armed Forces and long-time friend of Prince Charles. When this call began getting ugly, Diana motioned for Simone to come closer and listen in. “You never know when an accident is going to happen,” said the voice. At the inquest Soames denied making the call.

Speaking of which, Diana was certainly not murdered because of her anti-landmine campaign simply because of the speed with which the campaign moved forward after her demise, reminding me of the speed with which the Civil Rights movement moved after JFK’s murder by the CIA. Diana was more likely killed because powerful forces feared she was about to marry a Muslim and have his baby. But even more threatening, this Muslim was a talented and successful film producer who planned to move to Hollywood and open his own studio.

The couple had already allegedly picked out a Malibu beach estate. Dodi Fayed had a interesting pedigree, as his father was a billionaire businessman while his mother was sister to Octopus bagman Adnan Khashoggi, who had profiteered greatly off arms dealing and also from his Iran-Contra-Cocaine connections. For his first major film, Fayed had chosen Chariots of Fire, the story of a Jewish athlete who overcomes racism to become a British hero. The film’s success cemented Fayed as a serious player. But Diana and Dodi never made it to Malibu.

The designated patsies in this saga are the driver of the death car and the paparazzi photographers, and most of the world swallowed the cover story. But in 2004, Australian investigative reporter John Morgan published How They Murdered Princess Diana: The Shocking Truth, the most exhaustive examination of the evidence and the book detailed the many shocking anomalies in the official story.

Interest in Diana is growing thanks to the British miniseries The Crown, which paints Prince Charles as an unrepentant bully who was incensed by his mother’s refusal to allow him to marry his lover Camilla and who flaunted the affair to humiliate Diana. It appears Queen and company became agitated by Diana’s growing popularity.

Strange indeed Harry would marry a B-list Hollywood actress and move to Los Angeles to produce films, carrying on the disrupted legacy of his mother’s lover. As soon as Meagan and Harry began getting more popular than William and Catherine, attempts were made to curtail their fame by any means necessary. Meagan’s character has been under intense attack ever since. This can of worms threatens to open all over again, so one wondered how The Crown would handle Diana’s suspicious death. Will they delve into the behind-the-scenes machinations to rush her body to England and embalm it twice before any investigation by French police? Would they show the vehicle being followed closely into the tunnel? Would they show the enormous flash that blinded the driver, causing him to swerve into a pillar?

One thing The Crown did do is reveal William and Harry’s suspicions their mother was murdered by their father, making them real-life Hamlet figures. The show paints Dodi’s father as an unhinged wannabe royal making up unfounded conspiracy stories. Anyone who believes an independent investigation was conducted by England is deluded.  In 2007, the French police concluded a massive re-investigation into the case, producing a 6,000-page report that will remain secret until 2082. That investigation probably holds more penetrating details than we currently have now.

Volcanoes and Climate Change

Arenal-VolcanoMany scientists have been perplexed over the obvious slowdown in Global Warming, something that shifted the name of our global environmental crisis last year to “Climate Change.”
Yet, despite a rising volume of greenhouse gas expelling into the atmosphere, global temperature plateaued, and some scientists are suggesting the reason may be the planet’s soaring volcanic activity, which cools the planet while affecting the chemistry of the upper atmosphere.
Is the Earth a self-regulating system and humans merely a component and not even necessarily the most significant? My feeling is there are likely checks and balances that regulate this system, and when one component starts over-producing, others will appear to help modulate.
It’s certainly a comforting thought that even though our governments are ruled by psychotic corporations with zero scruples who manipulate religion to manifest war for profit, our planet may be ruled by a much more appealing power: Mother Earth.

End of the Age of Oil

The Age of Oil began at the dawn of the Civil War, shortly after the formation of a new secret society at Yale University inspired by a Masonic-style secret society in Bavaria. I only mention this because the Boners took command of the nation’s emerging oil industry, although before they got into oil, slave trading and opium seemed to be their big profit streams.

Although portrayed by Bill O’Reilly as a lunatic, John W. Booth was a capable spook, and also an early investor in oil, which just shows how intelligent he was. Unfortunately for Booth, however, his nest of Confederate activists based in Washington DC included more than one mole working for Union Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, which is why it was possible for Stanton to turn Col. John Mosby’s presidential kidnap plot to murder. It’s not difficult to penetrate the truth of Lincoln’s assassination, except of course for the dogma patrol that viciously rejects any hint of an inside job. One wonders whose agenda is served keeping Americans in the dark concerning the manipulations and machinations of those in power.

A few years ago a great false panic was created called “Peak Oil,” a theory the world’s oil supplies were about to run out to great catastrophe. This fake crisis was employed to double the price of oil during a time of surplus, but that hoodwink has expired.

The oil industry is rife with frauds and scams, and peak oil was just one of many. Did you know that oil is abiotic and some reserves thought to be empty are slowly refilling? Around the time peak oil was invented, Germany began switching over to renewable energy with amazing speed and they have proved oil is not necessary to financial success.

Many health problems can be traced to use of oil as a primary energy source. Another problem is our health system, which unfortunately only recognizes synthetic single-molecule medicines. Consequently, oil refineries are a major source of the most toxic industrial pollution and the most toxic medications. Our agriculture industry was also corrupted by this cartel and they are genetically modifying plants to withstand epic applications of toxic chemicals. And we wonder why cancer, autism, dementia are exploding?

But what happens after the wheels fall off the oil scam and this cartel stops running the world economy? The media keeps saying falling oil prices is bad, but I have to wonder, bad for who?

The world is changing and China and India, two countries with limited oil, will soon command bigger GNPs than the United States. The new super powers will be located in the east. Eventually, toxic vehicles will be outlawed, as well as toxic herbicides and pesticides. Just as cigarettes were promoted as being healthy when they first appeared, and their deadly nature not revealed for decades, the truth about chemical pollution will force changes, but only after millions of casualties.

The oil company execs must be worried, but I’m sure they already have a game plan for keeping profits alive, and it probably involves a major war somewhere.

Terror or Love?

Charlie Hebdo normally prints 60,000 copies a month, but they are planning a run of three million for the next issue. Clearly, this incident has galvanized France behind the magazine and profits are about to explode. I’m not a fan or avid follower, but from what I can ascertain, the magazine delights in pushing buttons and sacrificing sacred cows. In fact, it reminds me of the Radical Republicans in Congress who baited slave owners with a tone so harsh and insulting that Charles Sumner was beaten senseless with a walking stick on the Senate floor. Now Sumner was certainly in the right on the issue, but did he have to make it such a personal attack as to provoke violence? In hindsight it appears the Radicals who took over Congress wanted to manifest a bloody Civil War, not negotiate a peaceful settlement.

State terror is a game few people get into and it usually starts with a school somewhere preaching jihad. When Russia was our enemy and trying to quell a rebellion in Afghanistan, the CIA created many jihad schools, always through their proxy, the Pakistan ISI. We gave millions in tax dollars to print jihad training books. This indoctrination is best if it begins early in life, starting in elementary school, so I don’t think it’s correct to entirely blame the patsies who get sucked into this operation, since most have been carefully mind-controlled and may even be under hypnosis when fomenting their evil deeds.
Here’s another other important detail about state terror operations: they usually come as false flags, and when they do, media coverage will be particularly intense, as well as any anti-terror laws that have been prepared in advance, and possible invasions of any offending countries, which in this case would by Syria.

Terror is not an effective tool for ending persecution or conflict and really only serves to manifest blowback on its perpetrator. If ISIS did create this incident, ISIS will suffer greatly, and the incident has only served to galvanize most of the world against ISIS, so when the leaders of ISIS are hanged the world will celebrate. And I hate the fact a jihad group has stolen the name of the Egyptian Goddess of Magic.

How different this all could have been if Muslim activists had responded in a less violent manner, although I’m confused how masked gunmen could stroll into a magazine everyone knew was a jihad target. Why weren’t appropriate security measures taken to safeguard the staff? Like a steel door between them and the outside world, as well as armed security watching that door.

ISIS wouldn’t exist today had we not invaded Iraq and destroyed its social fabric. Before we showed up, Iraq was one of the most prosperous Muslim states, and now it is the most chaotic. After 9/11, practically every known jihadist in the world was rendered to a secret CIA torture site, and the worst offenders sent to Guantanamo Bay for a decade or more of continuous torture. No doubt some of these unfortunates are now running jihad training camps somewhere, and you’d be naive to think these camps aren’t all well-penetrated by double agents from a variety of sources. Of course, the most feared are the Mossad, and Israel has double agents in every Muslim jihad group of any size. But I have a sense the Mossad, CIA and MI6 share information and probably work hand-in-glove on monitoring this jihad movement, something they’ve invested considerable time and money in building up because the best way to penetrate any jihad group is to offer them guns or money. So please don’t pretend that the tens of thousands of spooks operating with the most high-tech equipment and limitless black budgets cannot keep track of a few hundred jihadists capable of manifesting attacks on the West. The perpetrators of this incident were high enough on the watch list to merit constant observation, so why does French intelligence act like they were off the map?

I’d urge Muslim activists to take a different path and respond to Charlie Hebron-type ridicule with cartoons, or even cream pies, not bullets. In the early 1970s, Tom Forcade was called to testify at a Congressional hearing on obscenity, and ended his brief statement by throwing a pie in the face of the chief commissioner. This was a very successful media statement against obscenity laws. Very soon afterwards, Jean Michel Basquiat imitated Forcade’s stunt at a City-As-School graduation ceremony, but substituted a cardboard box filled with shaving cream, which he dumped on the principle’s head. These are appropriate reactions to being insulted by a cartoon. Killing innocent people, on the other hand, guarantees complete isolation from civilized society.

So this is why I hold judgment on who might have fomented this evil deed. It could have been true-believing jihadists mistakenly believing it was beneficial to their cause. Or it could have been exteme right-wing elements of Gladio up to their old tricks again.

For those who support Palestinian rights and seek to find a non-violent solution to our current global mind game, I’d suggest building a non-violent Muslim rights alternative to jihad. I remember when there was a pro-Palestinian-rights peace movement inside Israel. If only someone could find a way to turn all this terror into love, alternative solutions to violence would be within reach.

Mosby is a clue to the Lincoln assassination

Colonel John S. Mosby was one of the great counterintelligence officers of the Civil War. He served briefly as a scout for Jeb Stuart before forming his own unit known as Mosby’s Rangers in the South and Mosby’s Raiders in the North. Their area of operations in Northern Virginia became known as Mosby’s Confederacy during the war, and retains some of that aura today so strong was his imprint.

Mosby had an extensive spy network operating in the North, mostly focussed on penetrating the Radical Republican cabal running Washington DC. His most valuable secret agent was dating the daughter of the Senator from New Hampshire and was a famous actor and matinee idol of his day. For the first few years of the war John Wilkes Booth had been mostly involved with smuggling quinine to Mosby so it could be distributed to Confederate troops, which greatly endeared him to Southern belles in Washington and Richmond. Many attractive women also worked as secret agents during the war.

John Beall was a Confederate agent based out of New York City. Despite pleas for clemency from inside Congress, Beall was hanged on February 24th, after a failed attempt at releasing Confederate prisoners-of-war held near Chicago.  Booth signed the clemency petition and likely did his best to get his secret fiancee and her family to sign it as well.  But Lincoln let Beall swing. A few days later, on March 2nd, a Union cavalry detachment arrived on the outskirts of Richmond, where the leader was shot and killed by the home guard. A 13-year-old found documents on his body that indicated the raiders were to torch the city and assassinate President Jefferson Davis and any of his cabinet they could find.

These two events in quick succession moved Mosby to retaliate, and he began plotting the Lincoln kidnap. We know he was in on that plot because his troops moved to the border the day of the planned kidnapping, movements large enough to alarm Union troops near the border.

Mosby never realized Secretary of War Edwin Stanton had slipped numerous double agents into the Confederate spy network, the most important of which was Louis Weichmann, who later became star witness at the tribunal responsible for hanging Mary Surratt. Weichmann took up residence at Surratt’s boarding house and volunteered to assist the kidnap as soon as he got wind of it, but had been rebuffed by Mary’s son John Surratt as he “could neither ride nor shoot.”

Mosby sent a hulking giant with heart of stone to make the actual snatch. His name was Lewis Powell. Apparently, Mosby was a deeply moral soldier and feared Lincoln might be killed during the attempt due to his size. Mosby wanted Lincoln alive so he could be put on trial for fomenting the Davis assassination attempt.  And he also wanted the prisoners Beall died to save returned to the Confederacy. Powell was the only one large enough to handle Lincoln solo and you can date the origins of the kidnap plot from the day Powell crossed Union lines and signed the loyalty oath so he could enter Washington.

It’s telling when Powell arrived, he went straight to Surratt’s boarding house to make contact with Booth, whom he always referred to as “captain.” And just as telling, Booth and his team only referred to Powell as “Mosby.” The kidnap plan was intricate and involved a team of agents along the route to create obstructions to slow any pursuit. Fallen trees were to appear as soon as the carriage with Lincoln passed by. Meanwhile, Mosby’s Rangers would be racing North through enemy lines to provide escort. But this elaborate plan never materialized because Weichmann told the War Department everything, and Stanton simply changed Lincoln’s itinerary at the last moment.

George Atzerodt was a minor figure in the kidnap plot, tasked with providing a boat for crossing the Potomac. He seems to have suddenly been drawn into the assassination plot the day it unfolded, something that catapulted him into a state of panic. Powell was tasked with murdering the Secretary of State, who was recuperating from a recent carriage accident. Two murders were timed to create confusion for the getaway. Booth must have known all protection for Lincoln going to dissolve, else he would not have shown up armed with a single shot derringer.

Mosby’s Rangers

Atzerodt’s first confession was suppressed and not discovered for 117 years. In it, he admitted that a New York element had paid for Powell’s transfer to Washington D.C. The day after the assassination, a local newspaper was already printing the Mosby connection to Booth.

“He has been in Washington for some months past, ostensibly for the purpose of organizing an oil company, but really for the purpose of consummating his scheme of wholesale assassination, under the direction of Mosby. There is no doubt that Booth contemplated the act long ago, and only delayed its execution because of some private instruction from Mosby,”
The Evening Telegraph, Philadelphia, PA, April 15, 1865.

One important element to keep in mind is there is no free press in America during the Civil War, and stories like this were fed from the Union War Department. Just as Oswald’s biography went out on the international wire services very quickly after JFK’s assassination, the press began laying a trail to the Confederacy. In fact, the military tribunal would find the Confederate leaders guilty of plotting Lincoln’s murder, a conviction tainted by bribes and false testimony. The trial, in fact, was a kangaroo court, yet this fact has never seeped into the American imagination, probably because it reveals the likelihood that Lincoln’s killing was an inside job.

To solve these riddles, one only need examine who in New York thrived the most post Lincoln’s assassination. The financial center of the nation moved from Philadelphia to New York during the war, thanks in part to the rise of Jay Gould, who made his great fortune during the war. It seems Gould had a knack for knowing the outcome of battles before anyone else on the street.

Powell had been captured at the Surratt house the night of the assassination only because the dim-witted conspirator tasked with watching his horse while he killed the Secretary of State had panicked and bolted, leaving Powell riderless. And since he had little knowledge of the streets of Washington, it took hours to wend his way back to Surratt’s where he was immediately seized on arrival as his excuse for being there at such a strange hour was not credible.

Powell was moved to an isolated cell aboard an ironside in the Potomac, a heavy canvas and leather bag locked around his head to prevent contact or communication with anyone. Only one man was ever allowed to interview Powell, Thomas Eckert. Soon, they would completely rewrite Atzerodt’s original confession in order to remove all mention of New York City. After the tribunal, Eckert resigned from the military and accepted Gould’s offer to become head of Western Union.

Return of Babushka Lady

Babushka-LadyThe overdressed and remarkably calm Babushka Lady stands out as one of the most mysterious figures in JFK’s assassination. She was methodically panning the kill zone before the shooting started and continued to document as events unfolded. I have to wonder if she was James Angleton’s eyes and ears on the ground in Dallas that day, so well-positioned was she to capture the murder. Whatever film she shot has never seen the light of day, although it likely remains deep in some repository at the House of Langley.

Penn Jones was a veteran who owned a newspaper in a Texas town with a population 1,500. He was the first honest journalist to start investigating the assassination, and immediately suspected a military intelligence operation. Mark Lane, a former Army intelligence officer, quickly arrived on the scene, and elbowed Jones off the national stage. Meanwhile, Lane’s book was a confusing mess of details that failed to expose the plot’s center of gravity at JM/Wave, the largest CIA base outside of Langley at the time.

The spooks keep at least two steps ahead of any media coverage, and since they control most of the media, this is easily arranged. Jones was blacklisted from the national media, but he did pick up a young admirer named J. Gary Shaw, who claimed to have discovered the Babushka Lady.

Here’s a close-up of Babushka Lady from the front. Keep in mind it’s 67 degrees in Dallas and undoubtedly feels hotter in the full sun, yet Babushka Lady wears an enormous trench coat, fully buttoned, with a scarf wrapped around her head and neck.

She appears attractive and middle-aged. One must never discount the power of honey-traps in spook world and she could have been a player and certainly exudes self-confidence.

According to Shaw, Babushka Lady was really 18-year-old Beverly Oliver, an exotic dancer at a club across the street from Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. Shaw and Oliver were members of the same Christian sect, and Oliver was filmed singing Amazing Grace for a documentary on the assassination featuring Shaw. Oliver took center-stage at a few JFK assassination conferences but her story grew more convoluted and less believable as time went on.

The art of hypnosis being what it is, it’s impossible to determine how many JFK assassination whistleblowers are real, fake, or delusional. Like all deep political events, however, this landscape is dotted with frauds and rabbit holes, and while I concede Beverly bears a resemblance to Babushka Lady, I can’t believe that photo above was her at age 18, nor would an 18-year-old dress like that on a hot day in Dallas.

Most important, nothing in Beverly’s story explained how she’d remained so calm when such incredible turbulence was taking place around her.

A few years ago, Judyth Vary Baker appeared on the JFK assassination scene and captured a significant amount of attention claiming to have had a great love affair with Lee Oswald. In fact, if you believe her story, the pair were about to be married. I didn’t know what to make of this story, so I asked Dick Russell, an expert in the field whom I trust and he said he checked her out and couldn’t verify her story, which grows increasingly convoluted and less believable as time goes on. Baker is supported by James Fetzer, who writes for Veterans Today, which has taken the place of The Spotlight as a fountain for CIA misdirection ops.

The Spotlight leaked an Angleton memo mentioning E. Howard Hunt that began a staged confrontation between Hunt and Lane, a meaningless rabbit hole since Hunt had nothing to do with the operation, other than being placed in Dallas that day by Angleton as a potential rabbit hole. This was soon reinforced when photos of the Three Tramps were first released and mistakenly ID’d one as Hunt.

Meanwhile, Veterans Today claims Sandy Hook never happened and Fetzer tries to position himself near the center of the 9/11 Truth Movement. I put him in the same bag as David Icke and Alex Jones.

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story.)

Duke of York facing child sex abuse charges

Virginia Roberts recently made a life-changing decision. Long ago, when she was still a teenager, she ran away from home and ended up working at a Trump casino, where she was discovered by Jeffery Epstein, a former Bear Stearns executive who’d created his own company to profiteer on the exploding medical-industrial complex (an industry that has over-vaccinated and pumped kids with paxil, prozac and ritalin, greatly contributing to teen rage and school shootings).

Upon seeing Virginia working a lowly coat check position, he immediately recruited her into his teenage harem, a harem made available to visiting dignitaries. Epstein’s favorite site for sexual ceremonies was a private island he owned off the Virgin Islands. Many famous and powerful people visited him here over the years.

That’s Virgina in the photo above with the Duke of York wrapped around her sexy waist. The person taking the photo is undoubtedly Epstein, and that’s his accomplice and sometime sexual partner Ghislaine Maxwell looking very pleased. She’s likely smiling because she knows what a compromising photo this is, a card to be held close to the vest forever. Unfortunately, the cards were confiscated when Epstein was convicted of child abuse a few years ago and given an 18-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to reduced charges.

But did you know Ghislaine is the youngest daughter of Robert Maxwell, who had relations with almost every intelligence agency on earth, although no one knows where his true allegiance lay, if anywhere other than himself? Maxwell was assassinated by Mossad frogmen shortly after helping move tons of gold out of Russia into an underground bunker in Israel. So the fact Epstein made an alliance with Ghislaine is interesting as she arrived in New York with a $120,000 annual inheritance, not nearly enough to pay for the investigation of her father’s death, much less rocket her to the front lines of Manhattan social life.

So I suspect Epstein bankrolled that highly confidential investigation by former Mossad super spook Juval Aviv, a man made famous by Stephen Spielberg’s film Munich. I spent an hour with Aviv a few years ago, and he told me about the gold and the Mossad assassination of Maxwell, although he may have been speaking in probabilities and not certainties (wink, wink).

Here’s what’s certain: The people in power pleasure themselves however they please, and consider themselves above any rules of mere mortals like me and you. Thus the abuse of children is just one of many diseases afflicting their minds. Although Virginia was 17 when most of her abuse occurred, she bears testimony to girls as young as 11 being involved. Virginia escaped because once she reached 19, Epstein sent her to Thailand to study massage techniques, where she met an Australian who rescued and eventually married her. They have three children and live in California.

The British press is going beserk dealing with these revelations and it’s funny how they gloss over the Maxwell angle and keep printing he “fell off his yacht,” as if his death was some unfortunate, avoidable accident.