End of the Age of Oil

The Age of Oil began at the dawn of the Civil War, shortly after the formation of a new secret society at Yale University inspired by a Masonic-style secret society in Bavaria. I only mention this because the Boners took command of the nation’s emerging oil industry, although before they got into oil, slave trading and opium seemed to be their big profit streams.

Although portrayed by Bill O’Reilly as a lunatic, John W. Booth was a capable spook, and also an early investor in oil, which just shows how intelligent he was. Unfortunately for Booth, however, his nest of Confederate activists based in Washington DC included more than one mole working for Union Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, which is why it was possible for Stanton to turn Col. John Mosby’s presidential kidnap plot to murder. It’s not difficult to penetrate the truth of Lincoln’s assassination, except of course for the dogma patrol that viciously rejects any hint of an inside job. One wonders whose agenda is served keeping Americans in the dark concerning the manipulations and machinations of those in power.

A few years ago a great false panic was created called “Peak Oil,” a theory the world’s oil supplies were about to run out to great catastrophe. This fake crisis was employed to double the price of oil during a time of surplus, but that hoodwink has expired.

The oil industry is rife with frauds and scams, and peak oil was just one of many. Did you know that oil is abiotic and some reserves thought to be empty are slowly refilling? Around the time peak oil was invented, Germany began switching over to renewable energy with amazing speed and they have proved oil is not necessary to financial success.

Many health problems can be traced to use of oil as a primary energy source. Another problem is our health system, which unfortunately only recognizes synthetic single-molecule medicines. Consequently, oil refineries are a major source of the most toxic industrial pollution and the most toxic medications. Our agriculture industry was also corrupted by this cartel and they are genetically modifying plants to withstand epic applications of toxic chemicals. And we wonder why cancer, autism, dementia are exploding?

But what happens after the wheels fall off the oil scam and this cartel stops running the world economy? The media keeps saying falling oil prices is bad, but I have to wonder, bad for who?

The world is changing and China and India, two countries with limited oil, will soon command bigger GNPs than the United States. The new super powers will be located in the east. Eventually, toxic vehicles will be outlawed, as well as toxic herbicides and pesticides. Just as cigarettes were promoted as being healthy when they first appeared, and their deadly nature not revealed for decades, the truth about chemical pollution will force changes, but only after millions of casualties.

The oil company execs must be worried, but I’m sure they already have a game plan for keeping profits alive, and it probably involves a major war somewhere.

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