Reflections on Slavery

moor_painting3The current revelations about teenage sex slaves employed as entertainment perks by the rich is nothing new. And slavery has always been one of civilization’s most dirty secrets.

England outlawed slavery in 1807 by purchasing all the current slaves inside the realm, something that created vast fortunes for future Lords. But did you realize, the prime motive for outlawing slavery was actually to attack the Barbary Pirates of Africa, who’d seized over a million white slaves from the European coasts? In fact, entire towns had been captured and brought back to work in slave labor camps, except, of course, for the super hotties, who were sold to the harems, as the above painting reveals.

Funny thing happened on the way to banning slavery, however. Profits went up exceedingly and the price of slaves suddenly soared! Prohibition makes profits! This was an important lesson not lost on the shipping families who’d made vast fortunes in slavery, first legal and then even bigger ones when it was illegal, when much of the slave activities went underground into secret societies like the Knights of the Golden Circle. This “prohibition makes profit” scheme would soon be transferred to the opium trade as well, and then alcohol for a time. The North had its share of slaves, but most were indentured servants and able to eventually work themselves free supposedly. The advantages of slave systems became obvious regarding economic growth, and after the invention of the cotton gin, the South’s GNP began to outpace the North. Outlawing slavery was the first step towards breaking down the “white gold” economy of Africa, but also turning the South into a banana republic run by the North, otherwise Wall Street would be located in Richmond today.

Both Hitler and Lenin were financed to create slave systems and some of those profits were earned by the Western banks that secretly backed them. After Hitler was installed, the international banking community that had done everything possible to sink the Weimar Republic, suddenly began investing huge sums in the Nazi slave system, something that would soon be repeated by Stalin’s labor camps.

There are at least 30 million slaves today, so you can see the problem has not gone away, although the two million in American jails are not counted, even though they represent the modern form of slavery, at least the ones that reside in for-profit prisons. And even though some of our citizens are not officially called slaves, if they work at fast food restaurants or Wallmart for minimum wage, they are really no better off than those indentured servants who had little hope of rising above a hand-to-mouth existence.

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  1. When you talk about the “North” and “the South” is that England?
    Because that is unclear to me and it seems to be in the same paragraph, so I assume England at first, but then it seems to be “north” and “South” USA as the writing goes one.
    I seek clarity.

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