Same old, same old

Did you know the Internet is awash with documents and photos relating to the Civil War? The History Channel is often called the Hitler Channel due to its unrelenting fascination with all things Nazi, but a similar case could be made for the Internet’s immense fascination with the Civil War.

It makes sense though because while the war freed the slaves, it also created the personal income tax, the draft, and the first nationalized currency. When the smoke cleared, a half billion dollars in shady profits had been captured by the profiteers who exploited the carnage for personal gain.

The evidence to solve the case is freely available, although scattered across dozens of websites, many of which are also rife with disinfo. Like JFK and 9/11, the case has been salted with rabbit holes and every wrong turn leads to a box canyon. The most important evidence is buried under meaningless details parading as important clues, so it’s not that the facts haven’t been revealed, just that nobody is digging them up.

I spent the 150th anniversary year investigating the case not knowing what I would find. Having spent decades investigating the JFK assassination proved invaluable and helped me avoid rabbit holes. I treat disinfo as important information because once you know where they want you to look, you can turn 180 degrees and see where maybe they don’t want you looking. The first people who salt major rabbit holes should be investigated for suspicious relationships and that’s how I solved the Lincoln assassination.

It’s not the definitive book on the subject. I’m sure that tome will follow eventually. But for 160 pages it marshals crucial evidence that has been revealed over the decades, but never promoted nor advertised. There’s a cottage industry designed to lead you away from believing Lincoln’s assassination was an inside job, and very little addressing the now overwhelming evidence that it was, but slowly, the hoodwink is unraveling, just like JFK’s assassination and 9/11’s are.

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