Origins of Christianity Timeline

All dates are approximate.

BC 4000…  Horses domesticated near the Black Sea; hemp, cannabis and horses linked during the alleged time of Adam and Eve
BC 3100… Sumerians cultivate the Joy Plant (opium poppies) and invent pictographic script, Egyptians soon follow
BC 3000… Narmer unites Egypt becoming first Pharaoh
BC 2000… Vedic Sanskrit spoken
BC 1754… Code of Hammurabi written in Akkadian, improvement on Sumerian script
BC 1500… Eleusinian Mystery cult created in Greece for worshiping the Goddess of Fertility; ritual bathing in the sea at Phaleron; includes theater, spectacle, and at least one sacramental substance, probably cannabis; lesser mystery in Spring, greater mystery in Fall; men, women and children initiated
BC 1336… First documented monotheistic religion created by Akhenaten in Egypt; opium cultivation introduced in Egypt; Moses allegedly departs Egypt for the Promised Land, although Moses is a mythical character based on Zoroaster and the Jews were never slaves in Egypt
BC 1200… Phoenician script appears; Troy falls allegedly; spoken Greek and Sanskrit related
BC 1000… Rig Veda published after thousand years of oral tradition
BC 900… The Aramaic language appears across the Fertile Crescent and then subdivides into Syriac which becomes the literary language of Persia for centuries; alleged birth of Krishna
BC 890… First historical reference to a Kingdom of Israel; Old Testament composed as oral tradition
BC 850… Homer allegedly born
BC 832… Solomon builds his Temple
BC 800… Phoenician alphabet brought to Greece by Cadmus and becomes first written language in Europe; Mahabharata published in India
BC 776… Olympic Games begin
BC 753… Rome founded
BC 700… Aramaic script invented, Samaritan script appears to compete against it; Etruscians introduce their alphabet to Rome, which becomes Latin; Old Persian language appears
BC 624… Zoroaster and Buddha allegedly born, bios are filled with magic, indicating stories are mythical
BC 612… Rise of Babylon; Jews enslaved there
BC 589… A Scythian named Anacharsis visits Athens, is inducted into the Eleusinian Mysteries and inspires the Cynics before returning home and being executed by his brother for spiritual treason
BC 587… Solomon’s Temple destroyed
BC 539… After 70 years of captivity Jews return to Promised Land, Ezra the scribe invents classical Hebrew while Aramaic is made official for Torah
BC 530… Pythagoras is educated by the Zoroastrian Magi and returns to create a secret society based on the mathematics of harmony in music
BC 521… Darius I is king of Persia, first known fire temples appear; Written Sanskrit appears in India, while the Zand, a synthesis of Sanskrit and Old Persian, appears in Iran and becomes language of the Avesta
BC 512… Arabic writing appears, an improvement on Syriac
BC 509… Roman republic created
BC 420… Pericles standardizes the various Homer poems
BC 400… Height of Persian Empire under Darius; Laws of Manu and Ramayana published in Sanskrit; first known Brahmi script, although Brahmi believed to pre-date Sanskrit
BC 399… Stonecutter and philosopher Socrates executed, possibly by Eleusinian Mystery cult as he refused to join and may have been caught with their secret sacraments; Bhagavad Gita published by Vyasa
BC 390… Rome sacked by Gauls
BC 380… Plato publishes The Republic
BC 336…  Alexander the Great spreads opium use throughout Persia, while defeating Darius III and making Alexandria the world capital with Greek as official language, brings Buddhism back from India; educated by Aristotle, he’ll soon declare himself a god and be poisoned; priests in Egypt invent Coptic writing to compete against Greek; first known written Iliad dates from this period
BC 264… 60-years-war between Rome and Carthage; Maurya Dynasty makes Buddhism state religion in India and initiates free education and free healthcare
BC 165… Meander becomes king of the Greco-Persian Empire and makes Buddhism the state religion.
BC 147… Judea gains independence; some scrolls in Aramaic discovered in a cave near the Dead Sea date to this period
BC 70… Virgil born
BC 63… Roman troops occupy Judea
BC 29… Oldest known Buddhist documents date from this period
BC 20… Herod begins rebuilding Solomon’s temple
BC 1… Zechariah rediscovers Moses’ holy anointing oil, sires John the Baptist while advanced in years; Buddhists begin appearing in the West
18… Calaphas named High Priest by Herod
19… Jews and astrologers expelled from Rome
27… End of republic, Augustus declared emperor after bringing free bread to Rome via Fertile Crescent breadbasket
28… John the Baptist creates a 5-part ceremony that starts with a ritual bathing in the Jordan River and includes drinking a sacrament
30… Alleged crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, an obvious invented story with no believable evidence it ever happened
34… Saul of Tarsus appears in Jerusalem, stoning of Stephen after Sanhedrin trial
41… Imprisonment of Peter
49… Jerusalem Council allows gentile converts, Passover riot in Jerusalem leaves 20,000 dead, Paul accuses Peter of “Judiazing”
50… Paul writes letter to the Thessalonians; cuts his hair, writes another letter to the Thessalonians
54… Philip crucified
56… Letters to the Corinthians attributed to Paul
62… James the Just murdered
63… Simon the Magus lured to Rome and murdered by Peter and Paul, both of whom will soon allegedly die
64…1st letter to Timothy attributed to Paul; Peter is allegedly crucified upside down on Nero’s order after great fire is blamed on Christians
65… Letter to Titus, last letter attributed to Paul who is allegedly beheaded by Nero
67… Linus becomes Bishop of Rome (later all Rome’s bishops will be regarded as Popes, and 30 of the first 31 will die martyrs’ deaths)
70… Destruction of 2nd Temple; Jews scattered to winds by Titus in the 2nd year of Emperor Vespasian’s reign
74… Simon the Zealot crucified
80… Gospel of Matthew composed in Greek
85… Gospel of Luke, The Acts of the Apostles, both written in Greek
90… The Gospel According to John, Revelations also known as the Apocalypse, written in Greek
117… The Roman Empire encompasses 2.5 million square miles, and the city peaks with a population over a million
132… Bar Kokba revolt fails, ending Jewish resistance in Judea, which is renamed Palestine
150… Valentinius narrowly defeated for Bishop of Rome, moves to Alexandria to create his version of Christianity; Ptolemy publishes the Almagest, securing him as heir to Pythagoras; Hegesippus composes Memoranda
170… Dionysius, Bishop of Corinth claims Gospels have been altered, a new translation of the Old Testament by Symmachus the Ebionite
189… Pope Victor expels Eastern churches over controversies regarding Easter versus Passover, and dates of resurrection.
190… First Christian university founded in Alexandria
200… Sign of the cross on forehead widespread
210…Mani born
220…Gospel of Judas written in Coptic in Alexandria
250… Emperor Decius orders first empire-wide persecution of Christians and execution of all bishops, starting with bishop of Rome
258… Valerians massacred
261… Persecution of Christians relaxed
270… Anthony begins monastic movement
274… Mani lured into Persia, skinned alive and decapitated
285… Diocletian, son of a slave, becomes Emperor, rules from Nicomedia, ends 50-year civil war, proclaims himself Jupiter, appoints Maximian to rule West with capital in Milan
299… Sorcerers in Antioch blame Christians for their difficulty in reading the entrails of animals to predict the future
302… Manicheans burned in Alexandria with their scrolls; Eusibius composes Ecclesiastical History
303… State persecution of Christians in Rome recommence with destruction of churches and execution of 1,500 Christians
306… Constantine assumes the throne in the East and stops violence on Christians
312… Constantine sees cross in sun and words “by this sign conquer,” and fashions a battle pendant with a “P” and “X,” first two letters of Christ in Greek (Chi-Rho) above a cross with a red banner with three golden circles; opposing armies soon fear his Labarum
313… Edict of Milan, restoring citizenship to Christians
324… Constantine founds Constantinople in Turkey
325… Council of Nicaea, Jesus and God declared “one substance”
359… Constantinople becomes capitol of unified empire
380… Christianity declared official religion of the empire
383… Theodosuius divides empire in two for his two sons to share
387… Augustine appointed Bishop of Algeria
402… Capitol of Western Empire moved to Ravenna
410… Rome is sacked by Goths
438… Imperial decree sanctions death penalty for all homosexuals
476… Last Roman Emperor in the West deposed by Odoacer
480… Rome’s population has declined to under 100,000
529… Plato’s Academy closed by Justinian, riots in Constantinople will soon take 30,000 lives
537… Justinian deposed Pope Silverius, replaces him with Vigilius
542…. Plague decimates the empire
570… Muhammad born
608… Heraclitus makes Greek official language of Byzantine Empire; first crosses appear but will not become popular on altars until around 1300
610… Qur’an composed as oral tradition
634… Qur’an published, Muslim invasion of the West commences and will continue for 1,200 years
794… Council at Frankfurt
809… Council at Aix-la-Chapelle by Charlemagne
1207… Rumi born
1300… All mention of opium disappears for 200 years, while cannabis is long forgotten in Western history
1494… Francois Rabelais born; he will be the first in Western history to document the healing powers of cannabis, but must speak in code as the Vatican forbids all talk of cannabis, so he calls it: Pantagruel
1798… Napoleon invades Egypt, and brings back hash, igniting the enlightenment

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